Henry the Hedgehog - Small but Useful - ebook

Henry the Hedgehog ebook

Small but Useful

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Age : 6-7 years old   Reading Level : 1st GradeDiscover Henry the Hedgehog's daily life!After the tremendous success of the paper versions, the Small but Useful series is available in digital format! A unique series of 4 titles recounting the adventures of 4 little animals in their day-to-day life. Amazingly illustrated, not only are these stories really cute but they also reveal the usefulness of small animals in nature!A perfect series to practice reading and learn more about small animals.EXCERPTHenry the hedgehog sleeps throughout the day hidden in a hole in a trunk. He likes to wander around the woods during the night. As he walks, the thousand spines on his body seem to shout : “Do not get near, I can prick you!” However, truth be told, Henry is tired of being alone. He would love to have some friends.In the Small but Useful series:• Amy the Ant• Ana the Spider• Buzzy The bee• Funny the Caterpillar• Henry the Hedgehog• Lucky the Worm• Niki the Frog• Rosty the Bat

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