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Sharon Abimbola Salu

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Set in the '90s, this sequel to Dear Obajimi is told from the perspective of the missing spouse.
In 1998, the same year Morenike writes to her husband, Obajimi pens one long letter in response. His letter examines his own point of view of their marriage, dwelling on issues of identity, love, trust and commitment. Ultimately, he answers the question Morenike, his now estranged wife, asked in her final letter.
Told in the voice of the husband, this short story explores the challenges that threaten the fragile relationship of a young African couple.
Can there be forgiveness, healing and second chances after abandoning a spouse?

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A Short Story

Sharon Abimbola Salu


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DEAR OBAJIMI IS THE ORIGINAL short story, which precedes Dear Morenike. This free ebook is available on and online bookstores.

Synopsis: After the mysterious disappearance of her husband, a woman writes a series of letters in a desperate attempt to make sense of the calamity of a missing spouse. These letters provide insight into the life the couple lived before Obajimi’s disappearance and the hurricane of changes that occur while the Police investigate. By the last letter, will she discover what happened to her husband?



My New Abode

City of Lagos

September 9, 1998

Dear Morenike:

I warned you.

We both know the truth: this is not the first time I’ve left you. It has happened before, more than once, before we got married. The only difference is that this time, I’m not coming back.

You can’t threaten me with sending so-called incriminating letters to my relatives. In fact, you shouldn’t have said that because that door swings both ways. I can do the exact same thing: send this letter to all your relatives. But that’s not my style. No. Firing personal letters to all corners of the globe so that anyone who can read will know why our marriage went south is not a Jimi move.

Which begs the question: why am I, Obajimi, writing you a letter? Here’s the short answer: Morenike, you left me no choice.

You have gone everywhere, telling people that I abandoned you, labelling me as the villain in our story. If I am the villain, then that makes you the victim, right? That’s not fair. It is not fair for people to jump to conclusions without ever hearing my side of the story. And that is one of the reasons why I am writing this letter to you.

Another reason? Oh yes. For the past two weeks I have persistently tried to get in touch with you to no avail. I have been to the house, our former home, but the gateman, the man whose salary I paid for months, refused to let me in. He even had the audacity to tell me that I was no longer allowed in that compound. Obviously, he was acting on your instructions. Don’t even try to deny it, Morenike because this has your name written all over it. That vindictiveness is a classic Morenike move.