Wound Management in Urgent Care - Brittany Busse - ebook

Wound Management in Urgent Care ebook

Brittany Busse

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This text outlines, from a surgeon's standpoint, how wounds can be expeditiously and effectively managed in the Urgent Care setting by physicians and mid-level providers with Primary Care training.  The main topics addressed include the principles of wound healing, wound types, types of primary repair, healing by secondary intention, wound complications, and special circumstances.  Under each of these subheadings, proper evaluation of the wound, techniques to facilitate healing, specific patient home care (aftercare) instructions, and pitfalls to be avoided are addressed.  In addition, a brief list of specific do's and don'ts for each type of wound and tips for effective transfer of care when necessary is included. This text provides a concise reference manual that can be used to provide quick yet structured information to improve patient outcomes.  As Urgent Care is a clinical setting that is growing in popularity across the United States,  Wound Management in Urgent Care will provide a useful resource for providers in the Urgent Care setting.

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