Wastelands - Darren Hobson - darmowy ebook

Love has won many wars and conquered many things, but can love now conquer its greatest enemy? When the end of the world comes what will happen to love? This book takes you on an adventure outlining the birth and demise of love and all of its conquests and all of its finest hours, prepare to be surprised.This upcoming indie poet deals another piece of class in a journey never seen before.

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Darren Hobson


Dedicated to the love of my life, who brought me back from the brink of my own war and paved me a new destiny.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich


It was just the beginning,

Or so they said,

And now we look before us,

Long before the beginning,

Had ever begun,

Standing here in nothing,

We shouldn’t really be,

In here, ever,

This is before anything began,

Everything is pure,

In this vacuum,

In this space,

In this vast expanse,

Of nothing,

This is too much to comprehend,

Too much nothing makes nothing,

We can’t start to understand,

The void,

Without life,

Without cosmos,

Without stardust,

Totally dark,




No more or less,

How can this be our past?

When there is no source,

Nothing is visible,

Nothing is endless,

The void without light,

The void without science,

The void is nameless,

Without our presence,

Nothing can be measured,

As measuring is not heard of,

We cannot weigh up the scene,

Because weight hasn’t become,

This place is not thought of,

As there is nothing here to think,

This is vast and wondrous,

No galaxies no stars,

No Milky Way or Mars,

No constellations not even a planet,

Just an empty void of nothing,


No distance A to B,

Nothing solid,

Nothing free,

Nothing turning,

Nothing burning,

No periodic table of elements,

No masterminds,

No intelligence,

Just a space, void of everything,

Beautiful and elegant,

It is far beyond our grasp,

It is far away in our past,

We cannot bear the thought of it,

To imagine it is out of our grasp,

There are no black holes,

There are no single colours,

The whole design of the universe,

Has yet to be drawn,

The whole era of what we now know,

Has yet to be born,

Nothing filed, nothing stored,

Nothing pictured, nothing scored,

No risk no hazard,

No end of the world,

Nothing nuclear,

Just all peculiar,

Just nothing,

A void,

A vacuum.

How can our story start here?

How can civilization be born here,

With nothing to stand on,

And nothing to hold you up,

Nothing to grab you from floating away,

No gravity to keep you grounded,

No technology nothing divine,

No atmosphere no cloud nine,

No heaven or hell,

No dynamic wizards spell,

Just something endless,

Just something timeless,

Just nothing,


It is so hard to describe,

But what I see is so poetic,

It is tasteless and fruitful,

And so energetic,

Knowing what we know now,

It is so orgasmic seeing this,

This great bunch of nothing at all,

Is so unreal but nothing amiss,

It is like waiting for the first kiss,

And waiting for lightning to strike,

It is like sitting on a mountain top,

Watching the day turn to night,

We can look back on a memory,

And remember what was before,

Laughing at our paranoia and doubts,

Getting stronger than before,

All those feelings that came true,

All of the what ifs before the me and you,

All of the void I now see before me,

Reminds me of our darker days,

Before the glory of the story,

And all of the love we made,

Knowing from this void,

Came many beautiful things,

Our brightest engineering feats,

Can never be compared to this,

To build something you need structure,

You need the will and some balls,

So how can all life as we now know it,

Be born from nothing at all?



Just when nothing got too much,

Just when the void got out of touch,

Just when the vacuum sucked the life out of you,

Something appeared from out of the blue,

A spark, a fireball something unexpected,

Over an arc of uncalculated time,

A pyrotechnic display of force,

Something we will never see in our life line,

It could have happened in a minute,

More likely over a million years,

But we are watching on playback,

Skipping through images to see the best bits,

In fast forward we see the result of the spark,

An explosion of evolution in a moment,

Where before there was nothing at all,

We now have a full menu to choose from,

Gases and minerals of all shapes and forms,

A cloud of hope entwined with debris,

This was the start of everything we now know,

Way back in time before you and me,

This was still a random mess of nothing,

If you happened to take just a glance,

But if we had scientists watching on,

They would be jumping up and down and pissing their pants,

For the joy,