This collection of poetry is a lot more than simple verse, the poet cleverly takes the reader on a journey through humankind, pointing out the numerous eccentricities and where it will all lead us.You may have been walking through this world blindfolded but with this book you will be left with your eyes open wide and ready to make the changes neccesary to avert disaster.Prepare to be shocked by twelve volts of eccentricity.

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Darren Hobson

12 Volts Of Eccentricity

Dedicated to my own substation of power Elisa. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

12 Volts Of Eccentricity.

We all need power it seems,

We all need a reason to live,

In a film with happily ever afters,

Everyone lives to give,

They the ones with perfect lawns,

The ones with not a care in the world,

Everybody a clone of 1950s America,

All living the American dream,

Fast forward to the apocalypse,

The year 2014,

There is total chaos out there,

There has always been,

A power house and a substation,

Something to generate the supply,

The whole world has gone eccentric,

The whole world is about to die,

This is no blockbuster movie,

Arnold and Bruce do not make an appearance,

Rocky cannot win this battle,

And the Terminator looks lame compared to this,

There is a community meltdown,

We have lost all loyalty,

Welcome to the end of days,

And 12 volts of Eccentricity.


We will jolt you into thinking,

We shock your treatment,

That tingling in your nervous system,

Is my voice of wisdom and justice,

We need to educate the kids,

In a proper decent way,

The politicians should be fined a week’s wage,

For every single bad day,

The food we eat should be natural,

And the cats should be left to dance,

We should stop hunting our predators,

And we should embrace everything’s plight,

Money should be used when necessary,

And not for the means of corruption,

We should be environmentally friendly,

And far away from every volcanic eruption,

We should leave rivers to run their natural course,

And public hospitals should not operate and fund,

Vain plastic surgery which is unnecessary,

Only the dying should head the queue,

And not some big breasted out of date top model,

We are plugging you in to reality,

With my 12 volts of eccentricity.

Read it,

Learn it,

Memorize it,

Correct your mistakes,

The future and dignity of the human race,

Is what is at stake,

We need to have more harmony,

And less eccentricity,

Teach people what you know,

Without being big headed,

Then learn something from your neighbour,

You will not regret it,

Playing with eccentricity is like shooting dynamite,

Someday, some way you will not make it,

Let us get our standards back,

And stop behaving like beasts,

Let us find the real human in us,

Let us shine in humanity,

Everybody is equal and a book to be read,

So let us turn the tide of greed,

Turn the page here and now,

There is another poem to be read.

Throwing Stones In Already Broken Greenhouses

You had to do it again,

The damage was already done,

Backstabber Cesar style,

Obviously it was not enough,

You had to twist the knife,

Damage multiplied,

With your cold heart evil stare,

Manipulating lies,

Just when your battle was won,

Let us forget the way you did it,

You have to leave the teeth marks,

That you just had to inflict,

You are throwing stones,

In an already broken greenhouse,

With your victim dead or dying,

You are the type to give,

Just one last kick,

You are common in this world,

So common it is sick,

Once upon a time,

An argument freshened up the air,