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Everyone needs a helping hand to travel this long twisting road called life, not everyone can travel alone, there are too many dangers and disorders out there, it doesn't matter if you are are the weakest female or the strongest male, everyone now knows these are not the correct phrases a female can be strong too and a lot more men are weaker than they seem.A band that vomited onto the music scene in the early 1990s did not want to be boxed or pigeon holed by the establishment they almost ended up destroying themselves with their mind abuse and crude raw tragedy that was played out before the British music press, in all this anarchy and doubt the band survived and the band leader, Ginger in turn saved so many music listeners, they became family it was not just Earth versus The Wildhearts anymore, it was the band and their fans fighting against all the crimes this world was guilty of.This is the story of that fight, of that war, this is a story through the eyes of one fan, of one of the survivors standing side by side with the rest of the legion, growing strong with support from others, all wild in heart and willing to take a stand against what the world has become.

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Darren Hobson

Just a Touch of Ginger.

Dedicated to everyone who is suffering right now from a mild cold to the real painful mind blowing diseases that our sweet governments have sponsored . Dedicated to my favourite redheads in my extended family and this is my get well card to all of you. This is of course dedicated to the man himself, Ginger Wildheart the person who has opened so many doors, who has helped in the kitchen in so many ways. This is my thank you.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Soul Searcher.

The news is basically shovelled down your throat by various media and just like everything these days the big news always sells, the terrorism, the earthquakes, hurricanes and being a cold-hearted dumb ass president who has no idea of the damage he is causing with his bigoted tweets. The real news is the events that are not on the front page, that are not sponsored by our governments that are pushed onto our plate like a sour tasting processed burger from Fcdonalds .

It seems that are a lot of people are ill or sick but these small little words do not describe the pain and torture these people suffer, I believe that the governments are fucking us over, just like Trump is adamant that climate change is not real yet two huge hurricanes have torn the States apart in this last month, can we safely say that Cancer is a natural monster? Can we say that Aids is a natural monster? I believe that like the recent hurricanes that although they existed before, it is Man who has fuelled them, made them bigger and made them more aggressive.

What is in our water? What is in the air we breathe? What is in the processed food we eat? Can it be that the Government makes a person poor so that poor person can only buy certain types of manipulated food pushing them into a trap that the ones in power have orchestrated? Are we being dumbed down? Schools are becoming less dependent on core studies and the universities have become so expensive for the average Joe, and what about the ones who got away? The talented free thinking people who question authority and demand a better world where everyone is equal?

How come mental illness is now growing ? can it be that bad that half the people you know are suffering in some kind of form? Having therapy , taking pills twice a day, feeling unwanted and alone, depressed and suicidal, is this the new breed of super humans the Governments wanted us to become?

How many people have committed suicide you can remember that had fame, fortune and so much going for them yet they had to end their life? If the rich folk can’t keep alive then there is no hope for the average factory worker with a mortgage to pay because maybe is boss is a total cunt but you can’t tell him to go fuck himself because the bank would not accept that as payment and will quickly make you homeless.

Sometimes there is something to keep these people alive, a spokesperson for the masses, for all the people that have been fucked over by somebody, somebody who writes it how it is, telling us about the problems of life, of headfuck girlfriends, of drinking about life, about being sick of drugs , how to sober up with a Caffeine Bomb when you can’t do right from doing wrong, you turn on your Vanilla Radio and you turn up the volume and you listen to the Wildhearts, the singer Ginger has saved me from turning out my lights and he has saved many other people as well, bringing them back from the loneliness and despair that depression and anxiety and other mental illnesses dish onto you.

All those people proud to be living because of Ginger, but Ginger is not superhuman he has the very same issues as the average bloke on the street , he is not living in some fancy castle he is one of the neighbours, when he found himself in a dark corner, and said some bollocks on the social media it was us the fans he saved, who slapped his hand and told him to behave and thanked him for keeping them alive, we demand that Ginger got better, got fitter and we demand that he keeps writing songs for us, for him and for his dog.

This eBook is Just a Touch of Ginger , some of it is tongue cheek a bit of fun but it also explores the issues of mental illness and government corruption, it is about my problems, Gingers problems, everyone’s problems and how this mix overlaps and how we all survive, are you ready to blast off?

Darren Hobson September 2017

Blast off

I don’t know why

But I am feel sky high tonight

So many little things

Have started to go right

But I know

This trip will not last long

Just like one of my

Favourite Wildhearts songs


it always has been

Earth versus us all

Been that way

For me two decades or more

Once I play one of their tunes

I blast off into ecstasy

And do two laps of the moon


I am in orbit between real nice ladies

Got to be careful of them and their sky babies

When you are looking for a different kind of love

You got to get sky chaser high and far above


All the things that bog you down

In the swamps and quagmire of every day

Routine that circle around your being

Like flies around a dead creature

And life sure stinks like a decomposing soul

But we all can get a little high

Listening to Gingers rock n roll


And we are up there surfing on cloud nine