The Growth of Firms in Less-Developed Countries - Fadil Sahiti - ebook

The Growth of Firms in Less-Developed Countries ebook

Fadil Sahiti

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This book contributes to the microeconomics of growth among SMEs in less-developed countries. It begins with an overview of the Kosovo economy, and takes the case of Kosovo to explore the dynamics and determinants of firm growth. The author does this by exploring dynamics of firms' creation; survival and exit; organisational capabilities of firms; and looks at how external (environmental) factors affect firms' growth. The author pays special attention to innovation capabilities. This study makes a major contribution to European Studies by dealing for the first time with economic development in Kosovo. 

This book will be of relevance to development specialists including policy makers, researchers, consultants, students, and field staff of donor organisations active in Kosovo, the wider Balkan region and other low-income countries. It will also be of value to policy makers working in fields of economic development, entrepreneurship, industrial policy and innovation policy, and European and EU studies. 

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