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The Dark World and the Tower ebook

Jean Harvey



The Dark World and the Tower Who goes into the Ghostworld goes for himself or someone. He lets something back as a Pledge for his return. It is easy to get in and out again. This is not the point, it is only the question, how long you can stand it there. How many hours or days.An Hour for Immortality when you give your Life. An Hour for the Resurrection when you give your Soul. A Day for Immortality. A Day for Resurrection.Five Days, and what do you leave as a Pledge?   If it is your life and you return to the Ghostworld in 6 Days, so you only die in a World. The one you left. If you do not, you die in both Worlds, the one you leave, and the ones you enter.*English Edition with 9 more Chapters*

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Jean Harvey

The Dark World and the Tower

Chapter 1-31

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The Dark World and the Tower


The tower in the dark world

Where the dark world begins,stands the tower.The tower of shadows,where love also has no entrance.

If you love and enter the tower,he eats your heart

do not let him eat your heart

1.0 Harper

My heart is calling for you

in this cold night

I'm dying

I feel like I'm dying

you were only here

to hold my hand

and could take away

my fears






My soul is now there

with you

all my feelings for you

enclosed in it


I'm afraid alone

I feel like I'm breaking

everything would be simpler

I could just say

I love you



I have to go


I feel like I'm dying

and play them over there

with my soul catch

in the dark

the cold

and still



Day One

I've crossed the threshold,

it was easy.

as if you were just walking

through the door

into another room

it was so easy.

here it is dark and ice cold.


I had briefly thought

about simply going back,

to talk with you

and to find another way


because I suddenly

got such a deep inner

anxiety which I expected.


I've heard a lot

about what's happening here.

but what happens is

always depends on

how long you can stand it here,

and I have to take it long

for you.




2.0 The thirteen Eyes

Cold hands

(on my neck blood melts)

piercing looks

(I'm losing myself in the death)


I´m in the dark world

close to the tower

need only a few steps

and am free


Thirteen eyes

(watch me continue)

thirteen voices

(talking and talking evil)


Pursue me in the dark world

to the tower

want to stop me

and not that I am free




3.0 Melting Blood

My blood is melting