Farewell to MumWhen Mama was diagnosed with COPD,we thought everything was going to be okay,and if you slowed everything down, it would work.   But the Breathless was getting worse. She could not evenput on her shoes because it was so hard on her. And then she spoke of dying ....

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Jean Harvey

Farewell to Mum

For my Mother (1953-2015)BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich


I felt well in Berlin.

It was nice.

The phone call with my sister,


developed in a sad direction.


She'd taken care of me

during my absence.

Our mother fell ill with COPD

with emphysema 5 years ago

a chronic obstructive disease of the lungs

caused by coughing,

increased sputum and respiratory distress

is marked.


As pulmonary emphysema

is an irreversible hyperinflation

of the smallest air-filled structures,

such as

Alveoli, referred.

When mom got the diagnosis,

We were not really sure

what it would entail.

What a burden for mom,

us and everyone involved.

It worked well for a few years.

Almost normal.


Mama kept working,

and we had less to do.

As usual, they met occasionally,

or on the phone,

and as a result,

this disease also slipped into the


As long as everything goes well,

then why worry?

As long as you can catch your breath

and breathe, why worry?

Mom needed some help with showering

because it was hard work

and she preferred having someone with her

went shopping,

but otherwise everything seemed normal.

And then about two years ago,

everything changed.



My sister called

and told me mom was in the hospital.

Of course,

I was home every 3-4 months

to take their work off the nursing

Activities to shopping,

but that was with the intensity

they had to afford until then barely


She talked about how difficult it had become

and hardly bearable.

Not because our mother was a burden, no!

Because the many work

still dragged to her.

We had the promise that

I would come back

she should not take it anymore.

It was so far.


When I hung up,

I knew it would be time to say goodbye to Berlin,

and booked a ticket home.

I thought about how everything had developed.

Mama's illness and our life changed with it.

I remember sitting in the kitchen