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Blu Room® - a field with unimaginable potential With foreword by Dr. Matthew Martinez, Co-developer of the Blu Room The author takes the reader on an exciting journey through the world of blue light, the sound spheres, architectures and the frequencies that unite in the Blu Room®. Irmgard Gräf provides answers of such clarity that anyone who is curious can understand them. A unique book with many photos and graphics. "The book vividly introduces us to the invisible mechanisms of light and frequency. Gräf enlightens us with the new Blu Room® technology in an exciting way. Light, frequency and sound combine and the reader feels carried by the blue light. Absolutely recommended for the entrance into the groundbreaking Blu Room® technology". Alexander Martens, graduate sports scientist

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Human life begins with fireworks


The Sun – the Bridge into the Invisible

Quantum physics – the bridge to invisibility

The Photon – the smallest light quantum

Coherence – order by light

DNA – the photon controlled master plan

Green leaf – red blood– blue light


Vitamin D – the Hidden Potential

Immune system and photon carrier vitamin D

Nervous system and the photon carrier vitamin D

Metabolism and the photon carrier vitamin D

Cardiovascular system and the photon carrier vitamin D

Life Activities and the photon carrier vitamin D

DNA, life’s building plan and vitamin D

Blood – the bridge into life


The Creative Bridge

All that appears separated is one

The Bridge-Medium – the Connecting Medium

UVB-Light – rich photonic wealth


Blu Room – the Blue Fountain

Oktogon – the Final Balance

Floating on Invisible Sound Waves

Brainwaves – optimally structured

Vitamin D – key and lock

Unrivalled - the reports are individual

The Author

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Blu Room is an extraordinary creation of light, sound, frequency and majestic architecture. Blu Room is a gift for self-healing and discovery. Here we can discover the deeper causes of our illnesses, we can perceive them attentively and lovingly and begin to heal.

The Blu Room is much more than light therapy. It affects the body, the DNA and all body fluids. It will help us to heal mind, heart and soul. Thus the Blu Room is a companion for every human being and can help them on their way to heal themselves – physically or mentally. Ultimately, we are all made of the same material and share the same essence. Until today these aspects have been neglected in medicine for healing.

"What is the bridge?" I asked Irmgard Gräf when we first talked about Blu Room and DNA. From this first moment I recognized her genius and knew that she would get to the bottom of this question with her heart, mind and soul. In this book she introduces this invisible bridge, the medium that liberates from diseases, problems and worries.

Blu Room is where the gold meets the blue.

Blu Room is where dreams become reality.

Dr. Matthew Martinez

Co-developer of Blu Room® technology

Human life begins with fireworks

Tension! The heart races, blood vessels swell, the pulse rate rises. A male sperm meets a female ovum. The two are destined for each other. The code matches. Around 200,000 mitochondria, the small energy power plants, run at full speed in the ovum.

The tension grows. The potassium-sodium pump starts and the blood-brain barrier opens. Endorphins flow out and set the pace for a happy union. A grandiose fireworks display, triggered by 600 billion zinc atoms, announces the fusion of the male with the female egg cell. The cell lights up and proudly presents the foundation of a new life in the form of an omnipotent stem cell.

Done! Following a wonderful direction, the stem cell divides and migrates as an embryo to its new nest in the uterus. Now it's time to 'take root'. The egg membranes begin to form amniotic fluid. Soon the tiny embryo floats in a ball of protective, cuddly warm amniotic fluid, like in its own mini ocean.

Amniotic fluid is the first protected atmosphere of the young embryo. It is a field of becoming and growing in love, acceptance and timelessness. It breathes in it and performs wonderful movements - unencumbered by a world with all its possible challenges and potentials.

These pictures of the amniotic mini ocean lead me back to one of my early Blu Room experiences.

The door locks gently, music waves fill the octogonal room, my back sinks into the padded couch and the mirror surfaces absorb my restlessness. My eyelids close, my chest lifts and lowers with the breath. The ultra violet light embraces me. I am hardly aware of the music and my breathing calms down.

A deep relaxation flows through my body. Like in the amniotic fluid I feel in resonance with life, protected and carried by love and benevolence. The daily workloads, the many chores and everything on my long “to do” list suddenly lose their challenge. My outer peace is an expression of my inner balance.

Is an atom visible? Molecules are made up of atoms. Cells are made up of molecules. Humans consist of cells. Is man visible?

If you change an atom, you change the human being.

Welcome to the world of quantum physics.

This book The Blue Fountain takes us on a journey to discover the hidden workings of the Blu Room. We meet secrets of life and creation - and recognize ourselves as creative beings in them.

I refer to the many scientific explanations and detailed background information in the master book: Blu Room - Experience the Future. (1)

In this book, The Blue Fountain, we will encounter the invisible at every turn. This will be done in an easily recognizable and measurable fashion.

Bathing in the sun

Sunbathing Creatures

The mythical sunbird Caladrius

An early Christian theory of nature describes Caladrius as a pure white bird. It gives him the reputation of a prophetic, swan-like creature that heals all diseases and is at home both in the sun and in the ruling dynasties. The Caladrius can heal. If a person is seriously ill, the bird is called. Should the bird look away, it is a sign of inevitable death. But when he looks into the eyes of the sick person, he takes his illness and flies with it to the sun. The sun, so the myths say, burns and destroys the disease.

The sunbather, the Chinese nightingale

The sunbird with its bright yellow plumage owes its name to its hunger for the sun. It likes to take extensive sunbaths in large containers and widely spread his plumage. His beautiful, uniquely imaginative singing brings joy to the heart. He is also known as a Chinese nightingale.

Radiant Sun Animals

The spherical sun-animals (Heliozoa) are unicellular beings. They are beautiful, very delicate microorganisms. From a small, spherical core, thin pseudopods are stretched out in all directions, which are reinforced with so-called axopodia, which are axial threads. These can be melted down at lightning speed in case of disturbances and can then be formed again. A sun animal cannot lose its rays due to mechanical influences.

Majestic sunflowers

The sunflower originates from Central America, Peru and Mexico. In its homeland it is regarded as a symbol of the sun god and his male power. Majestically it wears his unfolded crown of rays on the up to 5 m high stem.

Symbolically, it strengthens the spine both physically and metaphorically and helps all those who need more assertiveness. In its clarity it stands for mature individuality, for personal strength and strong charisma. Aztec priestesses wear crowns of sunflowers as a symbol of fertility, health and wisdom.

Young sunflowers await the sunrise with their petals facing east. In this way they catch the first rays of the sun, warm up faster and attract their pollinators. The young flower follows the course of the sun to the west. At night it swings back to the east. Once the sunflower has grown up and the flower is wide open, overall growth slows down. She begins to store sun and life energy to strengthen the seed of the next season.

Sun bathing and sun healing

Since time immemorial, people have been fascinated by the radiant ball of the sun in the sky, without it no life would be possible here on our planet. In all cultures the sun is worshipped as divine, primarily as a giver of light, warmth, power, then of course also as a sign of confidence, continuity, hope, as a sign of the passing of time.

The sun god Helios is regarded as the bringer of sight, as the healer of the blind.

The ancient Egyptian depictions show the king and Pharaoh Akhenaton with his family sitting under the rays of the sun, receiving life’s information.

Aesculapius, the god of medicine, was a son of the light god Phoebus Apollo, the "shining one". Already in Apollos’ sanatoriums the doctors exposed their patients to the sun.

The first written news about the effects of light can be found at the "Father of History", Herodotus (490 BC). He noticed that the Egyptians dried meat, small poultry and fish in the sun. He could also convince himself that the skulls of the Egyptians were harder than those of the Persians when exposed to the sun. (2) Egyptians lived outside under the sun, while Persians were known as stay-at-homes.

Hippocrates, the Príncipes medicinae, born 460 BC, noticed that the inhabitants of sunny regions had a more cheerful character. People in northern climates tend to be sadder, especially in winter. Thus, for the first time, he established a connection to the currently recognized disease of seasonal depression (SAD).

The Greek-Roman physician Galen (ca. 150 BC) recommended that patients with skin diseases stay in the south, where the sun's rays are stronger.

Already the doctors of the Roman Empire used sunlight treatment for certain indications such as general weakness, obesity and arthritis.

"Get out of my sun," Diogenes said to Alexander the Great. The enjoyment of the sun was more important to him than anything else.

"Where the sun shines, the doctor does not come", a German proverb clearly states.

A German colloquial phrase describes particularly beautiful weather: "that is weather to father heroes".

An ancient Roman tradition of sunbathing after a meal is still being held today in the Italian Alpine valleys. So it is the Ticino custom to go out to the sun after a meal: "prendere il sole".

In the Middle Ages, the spreading Christian faith prohibited both sunbathing and sunlight applications. All-time chaste body covering was required.

During the industrial revolution in northern Europe in the 17th/18th century, the link between sunlight and human health became evident. People moved from the countryside to the city to work in the factories. The miserable living conditions of the industrial workers, especially their children, who were forced to work in dark factory halls and mines even in their earliest years, led to a massive lack of sunshine and vitamin D respectively. Severe bone deformities such as rickets were the result.

It was not until the end of the 19th century that people began to understand the connection between sun exposure and malnutrition and vitamin D synthesis.

In colonial times English doctors observed that patients with psoriasis had fewer relapses in sunny India than in their homeland

Sunbathing really came into fashion around 1900. The Zurich city clerk noted in the 1907 minutes of the city council: "The success of the many air and sun baths that are taking place everywhere is a striking proof that we are dealing here with a quite popular movement".

"Soon the sun-tanned complexion was transformed from a stigma of agricultural workers and seafarers into a coveted code. Sun tan stood for sportiness and naturalness, for health, success and sexual attractiveness, for feminine beauty and youthfulness and for male performance and immunity," writes the Zurich historian Niklaus Ingold in his book Lichtduschen. (3)

Oskar Bernhard opened the first clinic of heliotherapy in Switzerland in 1895. Auguste Rollier specialized in heliotherapies for tuberculosis patients at his Swiss clinic in Leysin. The infectious disease caused by bacteria was a major and unsolved problem until well after the Second World War.

However, Rollier supplemented therapeutic sunbathing with fitness and work. Almost naked, he let his patients exercise in the open air. And that had an effect. Sunlight stimulates the formation of vitamin D, which in turn strengthens the immune system.

The British physician Sir Edward Mellanby received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1928 for the discovery of vitamin D. The production of vitamin D marked the beginning of a new era in medicine. Industry also began producing products enriched with vitamin D.

In 1936, the large brewery in Milwaukee brewed a winter beer enriched with vitamin D with the slogan: "Drink Schlitz all winter - and keep your sunny summer health" and "Schlitz - with sunshine Vitamin D".

A variety of vitamin D-enriched products entered the market.

The doctors of that time registered about 183 different diseases associated with a lack of sun rays or vitamin D. These include diabetes type 1, high blood pressure, breast cancer, gingivitis, influenza, rickets, pregnancy risks, sickle cell anemia, gestational diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, asthma, fibromyalgia, obesity, congestive heart failure, Parkinson's disease, dementia, cystic fibrosis, Raynaud's syndrome, hip fractures, aging, prostate cancer, Crohn's disease, allergies, obesity and many more.

Then came a disastrous turnaround. With the discovery of antibiotics in 1941, these natural, well-tried healing methods were being replaced.

In the following 50 years, medicine and the world of bacteria developed further. Bacteria became smarter, recognized the mechanism of antibiotics and were no longer so easily impressed by this 'wonder weapon'. The first antibiotic resistances frightened patients and doctors. A partial return to sunlight began. The scientists used this break from the antibiotic realm to develop new methods of light therapy in the form of UV technologies - with excellent results.

What is in the sun that allows plants to grow, attracts bees, makes hearts happy, heals wounds, takes away the sting of aging and illuminates the rooms?

Part 1 The Sun – the Bridge into the Invisible

Spring. The first rays of the sun brighten our day, the heart beats effortlessly, and the heaviness of winter has disappeared. Spring is a happy time. Hormonal balance also adapts to the brighter frequency. Love, light, buds, green, blossoms, birdsong and spring-cleaning - we wake up from winter density, coming out of low sun intensity.

With the naked eye we see the sun as a huge fireball. For thousands of years researchers, philosophers and above all astronomers have been studying this star of the outer third of the Milky Way. With a diameter of 1.4 million kilometers, it is said to be 149.6 million kilometers away from Earth. A ray of light from the sun to the earth takes about 8 minutes to the earth. One square meter of sun shines brighter than 1 million light bulbs.

Sunlight is part of electromagnetic radiation comprised of Infrared, visible and ultraviolet light are among others. On Earth, sunlight is filtered through the Earth's atmosphere and is perceived as daylight as soon as the Sun is above the horizon.

Only 5% of the sun's rays that hit the earth are UV rays. Two types of UV rays reach the Earth's surface, UVA and UVB.

UVC rays of 100 to 280 nm are the shortest wavelengths of ultraviolet light. These are blocked by the ozone layer. UVC light damages the human body.

UVB rays, 280 to 315 nm, are strongly absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. Its range is a very narrow segment of the entire ultraviolet spectrum. But it is precisely these rays that are important for vitamin D synthesis in humans and animals.

UVA rays, 315 to 400 nm, make up 95% of the ultraviolet rays that reach the earth's surface. UVA radiation is not absorbed so efficiently so it penetrates deep into the dermis and can cause skin damage.


315 bis 400 nm


280 bis 314 nm

Direct tan lasts only hours No skin protection through pigmentation Causes skin aging Produces many free radicals

Delayed, long lasting tan Good skin protection through pigmentation Vitamin D production - DNA specific Minimal production of free radicals

Only UVB radiation is responsible for vitamin D production by the sun. Thus equaling 1 - 5 % of the total UV radiation of the sun.

On the one hand, the sun is a mediator of life and yet it destroys life on the other. We measure the sun by its effect. The sun brings the day the brightness and its disappearance leads to night’s darkness. Only quantum physics has the power to grant us a deeper understanding of the sun.

Quantum physics – the bridge to invisibility