First published in November 2017, Yoni Schwartzman's "Stones, Seas, and Memories" is the second installment in a series of collective writings since his first book, "The Pursuit Of Happiness", in 2015. Enticing visuals and provocative writings such as "A BetterTomorrow" and "Love Lost" await you in this incredible selection of photography and poetry. Yoni Schwartzman is also a gifted lamp artist and sculptor. His recent works in lighting include "Beauty Of Green" and "Sea Glass Alight". As in all his works, "Stones, Seas, and Memories" is overflowing with a rich display of creativity that must be seen to be believed.

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Yoni Schwartzman

Stones, Seas, and Memories

A collection of writings

BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich





Stones, Seas,




A collection of writings



Yoni Schwartzman



Copyright © 2017 by Yoni Art














A dedicated haiku:

To everyone who

Encouraged me to follow

My passions and dreams







A Better Tomorrow

Why can’t we

stop the rain of hatred

that lands as rockets

on the face of Israel?


Why can’t the world

be free of all the differences

that we say are true

but are really illusions?


Every nation on Earth

is a part of one race

started from one birth


Racism is insanity

mankind’s greatest vanity

inflating all our egos

destroying all of humanity


Making us think

that we’re better

when in reality

we’re all the same



Let’s finally knock down

the Berlin Wall

for real this time,

So the Western Wall won’t fall

into ruin


Together be free

of the faults you see

and love everyone

for the person they can be

not for the person they’ve become


Live with every life

beat with every heart,

sing with every voice

so that world peace can start


Find a connection, show true affection

even if that person isn’t a reflection

of your beliefs


Understand every view

Put yourself in every shoe,

love every face

Bring peace to the human race

Bring peace on Earth.


Blinded to Death

A clear tear drops off a high cliff

poured forth from a man at his lowest point.


It fell past all the man accomplished;

Every plateau he reached,

every obstacle he overcame.

Past the sunset, whose last rays set the tear ablaze

with a flash of orange flame,

until it finally hit the ocean’s traitorous waters.


The man collapsed onto his knees despite all he achieved,

crushed by the mountain that loomed before him.


In desperation he screamed

“Why did I ever start climbing

when all along this Everest was here to stop me?”


If only he looked down and saw all that he conquered