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Secret Code - Spiral of Success ebook

Christine Hofmann



It does not matter in which area of life you wish for positive changes; the secret code of the success spiral can be applied at all times. Learn more in this book about: The 12 digits of the secret code, How the success spiral works, Why procrastination won`t get you anywhere, What blockages do to you, How to solve your blockades and success killers on your own, Effective and sustainable problem solvers "Instead of the big visions and mega-goals, it is precisely the small steps that make up the big picture. You will grow with the book, develop, be amazed to see that the spiral decelerate and accelerate you and after a time of DOing carry you almost weightlessly" (Torsten Will, The Success Coach)

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Never, never give up!

Important note

The advice published in this book has been carefully prepared and reviewed by the author. However, no guarantee can be given. Likewise, the liability of the author or the publisher and his representatives for personal injury, property damage and financial loss is excluded.

This is what’s included!

Foreword by Torsten Will

The Secret Code consists 12 numbers!

Determinate your Location

Discover 12 numbers of Secret Code

Number 1 - Your destination

Number 2 - The Basis

Number 3 - Your positive space

Number 4 - Your Vision

Number 5 - The Path

Number 6 - Your Focus

Number 7 - Giving comes before taking

Number 8 - Courage

Number 9 - Thoughts and feelings

Are there successful victims?

Number 10 - Authenticity

Number 11 – Belief and Faith

Number 12 - The Key to Success

Spiral of success

Emotions - both inside and out


Strength lies in peace!

Giving comes before taking

Discipline instead of procrastination

Your success diary

Conscious choice of words

A.C.T - Action Changes Things

Positive thinking for success?

MY personal recipes for success

Reversal exercise

How long does it take to work?

Blockades, what are they?

How can you remove blockages?

The inner child release blockages

Inner Child - Meditation Exercises

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing The individual steps


Forgiveness Technique


My wish for you


About me - Christine Hofmann

You can find me here

My book recommendations

Let me start....

With these words I would like to welcome you very warmly and congratulate you, because with this book you hold a key to success for a happy and successful life in your hands.

What will you get from this book?

Discover the 12 numbers of the Secret Code of the Spiral of Success

Experience the turbo switch for more success and happiness in life

Learn about my personal laws of success and some of my best achievement tools that guarantee my success over and over again

Foreword by Torsten Will

Success spiral... up or down? "Up, of course!", is what you’ll probably shout out!

Mathematically, however, a spiral is two-dimensional-flat and compared to a screw without a third dimension.

So, the question is : How fast do you want to get to the “core” of the spiral?

Maximum speed! For what other reason did you choose this book written by Christine Hofmann?

In psychology, a spiral always describes a development that leads to an escalation. In this case: the escalation of success. Should the word "escalation" irritate you - in its Latin word origin this merely describes a staircase leading you either up or down.

All of us will find ourselves on these stairs if you haven't already traded the spiral for the rat race and the vicious cycle. In order not to be victims of gravity, all your energy needs to be mobilized, to reach the top of the stairs, step by step and to discover the heart of the spiral, because other things will bring us down without a problem.

Specifically: This book asks you to trade the rat race for the spiral of success and in balance with your personality move forward to the core of your success.

For Christine Hofmann, success is easy and flowing. At the same time, raising awareness of the obvious is the key to success. Not the great visions and big goals, but the small steps are what make up the big picture.

You will grow with this book, evolve and be amazed when you experience how the spiral will decelerate and accelerate you. Then after a time of WORKING with this book it will carry you almost weightlessly.

Don't set a limit on what you think you can achieve but link your personal development with growing goals and desires.

Set your own pace and then look forward to your self-determined life. This I wish for you with all my heart.

Your Torsten Will

Success Training

The Secret Code consists of 12 numbers!

Only 12 numbers? Yes, but let me tell you: These 12 numbers are in a class of their own. Each of these individual numbers are part of the secret code and are essential for you to be truly successful.

Imagine the combination on a lock: Only if all numbers are set correctly, the lock opens completely. Take each individual number and use it. Crack your personal 12-number code and you will receive greater success, wealth, happiness and satisfaction in your life - promised.

Successful people make other people successful. This is also a reason why I am sitting here and writing this book for you and others. It gives me unlimited pleasure to serve other people - also a secret of success that one can live by.

Right here at the beginning I want to thank the people who always supported me, and these people, when they read this sentence, know who they are. “Thank you for being part of my life!”

The times were not always as wonderful in my job, in my private life and financially as they are today. Through my teachers, mentors and self-application I have found a simple and effective way for myself to achieve everything I really want. If you too want to get to know this path with simple, effective and sustainable tools, then read on.

I wish that you have an exciting time reading and putting this book into practice.

Your Christine Hofmann

Determinate your Location

At the beginning of each journey there is a start and finish. Why is it so important to know your current location? Do you know of a captain who sets sail without a destination? No? Neither do I. What do people do when they have a GPS system in their car? Exactly, they enter a destination and because the satellites record the current location and connect to the destination, the GPS system can calculate the best route to take. You even have options to choose from. How should the route be: fast, short, interstate, country road? You can even enter intermediate destinations - everything is then calculated optimally.

The best thing is that we humans have a similar function in us. Yes, you also have an inner GPS system. You only need to determine your current position in life, have a destination and off you go. It's really so simple, that it's hard to believe, isn't it?

So, it is quite clear that at this point you need to determine your personal location to see where you are now.

What you will find below is a wheel of life. I want you to decide where you are in every area of your life.

Simply place a dot for each area on the line. The "1" in the middle of the circle stands for absolute need for improvement and the "10", on the outer edge, for excellent. Place the dots quickly and spontaneously; there is no right or wrong.

Once you’ve set a dot on each "spoke" of the different areas of life, then connect the dots with each other.

What do you see?

You might see a very interesting graphic or quite simply a small or large wheel.

Let’s assume that it's a small wheel. What does it mean?

It means that although you are doing quite well, things could be moving much faster.

Does your wheel have spikes? Then it's time to take a closer look at them. Where do I need improvement, where can it be simply improved so that the wheel is round?

You have a large, evenly rounded wheel? Congratulations! Tell other people on how you live your life; maybe you should write a book about it.

Bravo, you now have a starting position and to some extent you have also have a destination.

Thank you for your immediate action. At this very moment you already learned more about yourself than 90% of the rest of humanity. How does it feel?

On my website you will find a success wheel with instructions on how to print it out:

Why don't you enter it right here?

Discover the 12 numbers of the Secret Code

Number 1 - Your destination