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La'a Kea Marlise Bühler

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It's a story for all - the small and the tall people - for children of all kinds. You dive into a world of magic and myths, where everything is possible and where you can walk through different dimensions and lifetimes. The story takes you on a journey of life and death, through different cultures and countries. It connects you with the infinite wisdom of the ocean, the whales and the dolphins. It builts bridges between people from different lifestyles and different times and it builts bridges between the hearts of all beings.

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ISBN Nr: 978-3-7375-8159-2

Printed in Germany

MAHALO – to Akua, the source behind everything

Aloha dear reader

My name is Maree and I am sitting in my kitchen – it’s quiet and early in the morning. 3 a.m. I am half awake, half in my dream with my ocean friends. Today is a special day – like the day before was, too. In fact, all the days are special since I almost died in Egypt in August 2013. I am happy.

I am still here on earth. Grateful to be alive after everything I went through. I feel blessed to tell you this story, which starts with fireworks and ends with a big reunion. Happy people with smiles full of wisdom and peace building bridges to different cultures and countries. Come with me to different dimensions of reality: the ocean-dolphin-dream-time, the whale-wisdom-world (the new www.), the Hawaiian wisdom, the world of the Egyptian Pharaoh and the dimension of myths and legends.

I was close to death, travelling through different stages of leaving my body. But I am still here – with experiences that made my life worth living even more.

I invite you to join my vision of conciliation and unity, because we are ONE. One race – the human race. We are all human beings. Let us be the Heart-Hugs-People – an ancient tribe full of love, peace, music, happiness and support for each other. Let us live from our hearts – the paradise within us.


Are you ready to read and listen to this story? It might be an adventurous journey and it might change your life – or your thoughts about it!


Do you like fireworks? I actually do like them. Not so much the noise, but the beautiful colors and all the glittering. It makes me feel like being in a fairy tale in which I can act like a princess, a magician or a queen and create all the glittering and the colors with my magic wand.

In Switzerland we celebrate the National Day on August 1st with lots of fireworks and a big bonfire up in the mountains. You see the Swiss flag hanging from balconies and windows. I remember this day as a nice and warm summer day, a special occasion that always happens during summer break. All the children love that day – so did I as a kid.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, a small country in the middle of Europe. I grew up in a privileged place, a beautiful small city, in an apartment that satisfied all my needs. A safe and solid country, where I have never experienced war or violence, where I have never been far away from any medical help. Just a cosy and friendly home with a lot of other children to play with. I played lots of games with my friends in nature. We climbed trees, built little houses in the forest, ran in the woods, played hide and seek and flew kites in the wind. I loved to feel the wind on my skin, to lay in the green grass and to observe the clouds, changing their shapes, telling me stories of animals, heroes, kings and queens. It seemed like the sky was presenting a fairy tale – just for me. In winter I lay in the snow – forming angels with my arms – wrapped in thick layers of clothes. I liked all the seasons in my childhood and I always found something to play with and something to create. Even the rain made me happy. I jumped in all the puddles and crowed every time. My favourite element has always been water, even though I love to feel all the elements – wind, water, sun, earth – directly on my skin. Walking barefoot made me feel so happy and free. Feeling the water on my feet or on my whole body has always been special for me. I am magically attracted by water, it is my best friend. I enjoy sitting by a lake, a river, a spring up in the mountains, listening to the sound of the water, watching it move and flow beautifully. I could play in the water forever. Most of all, I am attracted by the ocean and its waves. I don’t really know why, maybe because I could not experience it as a child. Switzerland has no access to the ocean. You can find beautiful clear lakes and rivers but no sea or ocean. My continuous request to my parents to spend some time near the ocean was finally heard when I was 15 years old. That’s when I swam in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. My body was sparkling happy!

I was sitting by the sea watching the waves. Waves, they always move to the shore – towards me. The wind caresses the water and pushes it gently – to create a wave. What a simple beauty. The movement of the waves is like meditation. It makes me quiet and humble. Nature and its treasures – my biggest teachers.


The movement of fire has a completely different energy. It’s more uplifting and exciting. The cracking noise tells another story, the flames go up in the sky, they dance in the air, joyful and happy. Like the fireworks on the Swiss National Day on August 1st.

Just not in 2013, this year was completely different for me.

The fireworks exploded inside of me that day. I felt like I was dying from an exploding fire inside of me and no pain killer could ease my pain. I threw up everything that touched my mouth. The tremendous pain lasted for about 12 hours. I was so weak that even the smallest movements were too much for me. There was no doctor and no hospital nearby, I was too far away from any medical help. A real worst case scenario. I was laying on the wooden floor of a motor boat out in the Red Sea in Egypt.

Since my childhood, I have always wanted to be near the water. Now I was there and could not really enjoy it. The sounds of the sea and the waves – I can usually listen to them forever, they make me feel very relaxed and comfy. But just not that day.

The waves, which I loved so much, were moving in their gentle rhythm. I heard them and I was longing to sink into the sea to be free from this major pain inside my body. I was ready to die and to be in the beloved ocean forever – like my favourite animals, the whales and the dolphins.

The dolphin whale dream August 2013, Egypt – on the red sea

Every breath I took felt like my last one. I was very conscious of my breathing. Like the dolphins and whales – they are always aware of their breathing. That’s their only way of staying alive – taking one breath after the other in a conscious way. No other choice – maybe that makes them so special, highly developed beings in the water.

I was listening to my breath, feeling the pain and sighing while breathing out. Slowly fading away – in another dimension of reality. In that dimension I was swimming in a warm and beautiful ocean. Very clear water. I saw myself with open arms, a smiling face and completely relaxed. Lying in the ocean of love being kissed by the sunrays. How beautiful! Free and whole. No more pain.

I don’t know how long I was in this other dimension and at which point these scary faces and pictures started to come to my mind and into my head. All my issues of fear and their different aspects emerged. It was a last test before dying – I thought. But everything changed when the dolphins appeared. They swam into my subconscious and told me a beautiful story. The dolphin-dream-story in dolphin-dream-time. As they circled around me, they ate all the scary faces surrounding me. They picked up the ugly pictures with their noses and played with them like they would play with a ball.

I felt my whole body relax while I was watching the dolphins play and was suddenly back in the ocean of love. Surrounded by love, trust, peace, luck, support and the dolphins. As my guides they navigated me through the landscapes of fear, doubt, war, pain and hate, showing me the way into the light, into a new life, a new chapter. They whispered in my dream, in my heart – messages of tenderness – and finally ended with a big squeaking:

“Remember your ocean friends. They are always with you.”

From deep down below I suddenly heard another sound come up, like a whale song. Beautiful! The following words reached my ears:

“We are many ocean beings and we are here for you. Call us, let us help and support you. And let us give you our advice – the wise advice from the beginning of everything – from the big blue ocean. We have stored all the wisdom and all the memories. Call upon us, we love to help and support you and all the human beings. Are you ready to receive? Are you ready to listen?”

After I heard these words I was surrounded by the vibration of the whale song. My jaw was shivering and my bones perceived the healing vibration of these sounds. I felt like I was in a big bathtub of melodies – they reached my heart and sang the song of the beginning of everything. My cells remembered and they got filled up with this information full of love, light and wisdom. As I opened my eyes in this vibrational field, I was facing the right eye of a giant whale. Right in front of me. He had come from the whale-dream-time into my energy field to teach me his wisdom.

I was amazed and deeply touched and I knew instinctively that the dolphins and this whale were my guides from the ocean-dimension. The ocean of love, peace, light, healing and the infinit wisdom.

Coming back into the other reality was not that easy for me. I was still laying on the wooden floor on the boat and I was not able to move my body without pain. The Egyptian crew members were very nice to me. They brought cold towels to relieve my hot head and at least one person was always with me, holding my hand or supporting me in another way. Their careful help eased my pain a little bit – but I knew that something was not good at all. I had never experienced pain like that before.

What could the dolphins and the whale do for me in this reality? I felt them as my guides, but did not know how they could navigate me through all these challenges I was facing right now. Would they give me the power to survive? Would they support me in my belief that everything will be fine in the end? Would they give me hope?

Because hope dies at last…


Ocean friends January 2014, Oahu – Honolulu