Retail Investor in Focus - Parimala Veluvali - ebook

Retail Investor in Focus ebook

Parimala Veluvali

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This book focuses on the regulatory aspect of retail investor protection in the context of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the Indian securities market. The book captures the salient policy changes that have transformed the IPO markets in India from their rudimentary structure at their present advanced structure. While primary markets reforms in India have been an ongoing endeavor, there has been a renewed emphasis in the recent past on reforming the market keeping the retail investors in focus.  Greater retail participation is the intended objective of the reforms agenda. The book assesses retail participation in all the IPOs that have been floated between the period 2012-2017 in terms of their subscriptions, size of investment and quantum of applications. The book also provides a concise overview of the significant legislative developments that have been enacted keeping the Retail Investor in Focus.

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