Red-Blooded Risk - Aaron Brown - ebook

Red-Blooded Risk ebook

Aaron Brown

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An innovative guide that identifies what distinguishes the bestfinancial risk takers from the rest From 1987 to 1992, a small group of Wall Street quants inventedan entirely new way of managing risk to maximize success: riskmanagement for risk-takers. This is the secret that lets tinyquantitative edges create hedge fund billionaires, and defines thepowerful modern global derivatives economy. The same practicaltechniques are still used today by risk-takers in finance as wellas many other fields. Red-Blooded Risk examines thisapproach and offers valuable advice for the calculated risk-takerswho need precise quantitative guidance that will help separate themfrom the rest of the pack. While most commentators say that the last financial crisisproved it's time to follow risk-minimizing techniques, they'rewrong. The only way to succeed at anything is to manage true risk,which includes the chance of loss. Red-Blooded Risk presentsspecific, actionable strategies that will allow you to be apractical risk-taker in even the most dynamic markets. * Contains a secret history of Wall Street, the parts all theother books leave out * Includes an intellectually rigorous narrative addressing whatit takes to really make it in any risky activity, on or off WallStreet * Addresses essential issues ranging from the way you think aboutchance to economics, politics, finance, and life * Written by Aaron Brown, one of the most calculated andsuccessful risk takers in the world of finance, who was an activeparticipant in the creation of modern risk management and had afront-row seat to the last meltdown * Written in an engaging but rigorous style, with noequations * Contains illustrations and graphic narrative by renowned mangaartist Eric Kim There are people who disapprove of every risk before the fact,but never stop anyone from doing anything dangerous because theywant to take credit for any success. The recent financial crisishas swelled their ranks, but in learning how to break free of thesepeople, you'll discover how taking on the right risk can open thedoor to the most profitable opportunities.

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