Recurrent Erosion Syndrome and Epithelial Edema - Helena M. Tabery - ebook

Recurrent Erosion Syndrome and Epithelial Edema ebook

Helena M. Tabery

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This book presents high-magnification in vivo images of the morphology of recurrent corneal erosions and epithelial edema as captured by non-contact photomicrography. Part I of the book, on recurrent erosion syndrome, displays images covering a broad spectrum of epithelial changes, including manifestations of the ongoing underlying pathological process and epithelial activity aimed at elimination of abnormal elements or repair. The dynamics of the interplay between these opposing forces are captured in sequential photographs that aid interpretation. Part II of the book demonstrates typical features of corneal epithelial edema and also covers the contemporaneous occurrence, and dynamics, of phenomena indistinguishable from those commonly seen in recurrent erosion syndrome. Both parts include case reports illustrating typical features and documenting variability in symptoms and findings over time. The presented morphology will facilitate understanding of clinical appearances and assist in differential diagnosis.

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