Present-Day Corporate Communication - Rudolf Beger - ebook

Present-Day Corporate Communication ebook

Rudolf Beger

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This book   serves  as  an  easy-to-read,  up-to-­date practical guide on professional corporate communication. The key market  for  this  book  is the  Asia-Pacific region, mainly  because there is a gap in know-how in corporate  communication  among  many industry sectors. In addition, at present, one cannot find a lot of educational  literature  about  corporate communication in the market.  Therefore, this guidebook closes that  gap.  In  Asia, companies are starting to realize the importance of corporate communication in all areas (external and internal corporate communication, crisis communication  (Example:  TEPCO)  and  political  communication / government relations / lobbying). This is triggered not only by the recent high profile and  success  of  targeted  (political)  communication  in  the  USA,  but  also  by  the  notorious  export-orientation of many Asian companies and their increasingly multi-national orientation (fostered by M&A and foreign investments). In addition, the increasing  importance  of  online  communication  and  digital/social media is an important reason why existing guidebooks on corporate communication have to be reassessed and modernized. This book focuses on all major aspects of modern corporate communication, including online / digital communication, and covers new developments, such as “fake news”,  “post-truths”,  “political  correctness”,  “the  art  of  bridging”  and  other  new  phenomena  in  the world of (corporate) communication. Simple cartoon-style  drawings  supplement the  text  in  order  to  facilitate reading  and  learning.  Corporate communication professional, as well as students and professors in business/management programs, will be given tools to effectively and successfully plan and implement corporate communication strategies and tactics in all major areas.

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