PACS and Imaging Informatics - H. K. Huang - ebook

PACS and Imaging Informatics ebook

H. K. Huang

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The definitive guide to PACS -- now with more clinicallyapplicable material In recent years, the field of picture archiving andcommunications systems--PACS--and image informatics hasadvanced due to both conceptual and technological advancements.This edition of PACS and Imaging Informatics: Basic Principles andApplications addresses the latest in this exciting field. Incontrast to the previous edition, this updated text uses theframework of image informatics, not physics or engineeringprinciples, to explain PACS. It is the only resource thatthoroughly covers the critical issues of hardware/software designand implementation in a systematic and easily comprehensiblemanner. To strengthen and update the book, the author: * Emphasizes clinical applications of PACS and integrates clinicalexamples throughout the text * Reflects the many changes in the field, with new chapters onWeb-based PACS, security, integrating the healthcare enterprise,clinical management systems, and the electronic patient record * Uses the framework of imaging informatics to explain PACS,making the book accessible to those without advanced knowledge ofphysics, engineering, math, or information technology * Explains how PACS can improve workflow, therapy, andtreatment With the most systematic and thorough coverage of practicalapplications available, this text is the complete guide for allthose involved in designing, implementing, and using PACS.Professionals in medical and allied health imaging informatics;radiologists and their technical staff; surgeons and oncologistsand their teams; medical and electronic engineers; medicalinformaticians; and fellows, graduate students, and advancedundergraduates will all benefit from this valuable resource. "An excellent book for people involved in the design,implementation, or simply the operations of PACS and an appropriatetextbook." --From a review of the previous edition in IEEEEngineering in Medicine and Biology "The strength of the book lies in the vast experience of theauthor, who has implemented PACS at numerous institutions in theUnited States and abroad." --From a review of the previous edition inRadiology

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