New Earth - New Human - Stephanie Bunk - ebook

New Earth - New Human ebook

Stephanie Bunk



What is going on the Earth? It is now noticeable to everyone and it can be seen that a great change is taking place on Earth. The key lies in understanding the larger relationships in nature. They make the current events comprehensible, give orientation and help to find the right way to deal with them. The one who knows about it has a clear advantage. He will use this special time wisely. This book contains an important message to humanity!

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Chapter I

Way of realization

Journey to Mexico

A decisive encounter

The palm leaf libraries

Agastya Rishi

A life-changing decision

Journey to India

Agastya Rishi and Lubamitra come into my life

Return to Germany

Babaji enters the Siddhacenter

Any doubts will be deleted

A new World is going to come

Second journey to India

The blessing

The earth will purify itself

Chapter II

Current processes in nature


Soul-consciousness vs. Ego-consciousness

Process of awakening

Consciousness and the Individual

Consciousness and afterlife experiences

Consciousness and the collective

Consciousness can be transformed itsself

Cosmic cycles– The four ages


Inner and outer encounter forces in Kaliyuga


Transition from Kaliyuga to Satyayuga

Dimensions of consciousness

A misconeption

Purification of consciousness

Increase light in consciousness

The purification process of the earth

The essential in overview

Chapter III

Prophecies for the coming time

We are the creators of our future

Perspective I: Prophecies from Babaji

Perspective II: European prophecy

The prophecy resarcher Stefan Berndt

Alois Irlmaier

Perspective III: American prophecy

Edgar Cayce

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Perspective IV: Christian Prophecies

Bible verses

Further Christian sources

Perspective V: From the view of the Hopis

Perspective VI: From a view of a Jewish boy

Perspective VII: From the view of Nostradamus

Perspective IX: From a scientific view

Summary of the essential

Chapter IV

Healing for the Earth-The work of the 19 Siddhas

The 19 Siddhas are part of unity

A great chance for humanity

A Blessing and Warning at the same time

What is «Maha Poorna Atma Yoga»?








Chapter V

The new cosmic human

The conscious creator

Healing of the female energy

The work with the inner child


The inner observer

The neutral perspective

Inner peace

Unconditional love


In harmony with the laws of nature

Be happy!





Spiritual Community

Living the own soul plan

Listen to the inner voice

An indiviual relationship with the divine

Ways to the divine

Karma Yoga


The power of the name of God

Following the heart

Respect creation

Building up power places



New schools and new education concepts

Integrative medical system

Aftercare of the deceased

Chapter VI



On December 10th, 2015, after the book was almost finished, I received the message from my spiritual teachers, Agastya Rishi and Lubamitra, who are guiding me since October 2013 through the palm-leaf-library, Jiva Nadi, that this work has been blessed and will spread worldwide. I would like to thank my beloved spiritual teachers with all my heart for their wonderful guidance and the great love with which they bless my life and that of others. This book is dedicated to them.

From which spiritual or religious tradition someone comes from is not important for this book. The message is universal. May God´s light, unconditional love and peace spread throughout the world.

Chapter 1

Way of realization

My inner journey started in 2009 with a prayer. In that prayer, I decided to dedicate my life completely to God and to follow his plan for my life. At this time, I couldn´t even imagine what impact this prayer would have on my life in the following years. It was the beginning of an intense inner journey. I didn´t know what kind of miracles were going to come.


My name is Stephanie Bunk. I was born in 1982 in Höxter, North Rhine-Westphalia. I studied Rehabilitation-Psychology at the University Magdeburg-Stendal in Stendal and worked as a family consultant for about four years for Caritas in Allgäu, Germany. Why I put a part of my biography in this place is intended to help the reader to understand that the realizations of this book are the result of an intensive and three years the long-term process of understanding. They were gradually revealed to me by the guidance of my spiritual teachers Agastya Rishi and Lubamitra.


In 2011, I traveled to Mexico for the first time for about three weeks. We came with a group to work to strengthen the bridge between the spiritual Mexican traditions and Europe. During this time, a fundamental change took place in my life. During my journey, I felt I have to come back soon. Through clear inner images, I saw which places were waiting for me. After these intense weeks, I returned to Germany and left my old way of life in the coming months.

In 2012 I returned to Mexico. At that time I came for a year. From the beginning, I knew already that it would be an inner journey. I surrendered that journey to the divine guidance and traveled by following my intuition and the inner impulses I received. All the people I encountered at this time, all the places I visited were like a great gathering of an invisible force that conducted the event in a perfect and harmonious way, as in an orchestra. Sometimes I could not believe what was happening.

During this blessed time, I was able to participate in ceremonies of the Aztecs and Maya and to learn the Aztec dance in Mexico City. I traveled to Guatemala, attended a longer yoga retreat in the south of Mexico and lived for about three months with the Hare Krishnas. All these experiences were part of a training and preparation for what would follow in my life. I understood this only in retrospect.

In the last days of my trip, on 21.12.2012, I was led to a meeting. Shamans and healers from all over North and South America gathered in Cantona, a very ancient pyramid city in Mexico. Throughout the night, I sat with people from different nations and the elders of different traditions around the sacred fire. The elders talked about a coming new world.

In the morning at sunrise, we went up together to the pyramids to welcome the new time quality in a beautiful ceremony. At this time, I felt for the first time intensely that something very special is going to happen to the world. During this ceremony, suddenly a higher perception opened up, and I could feel something that I had never felt before. This feeling consisted of pure love, bliss, unity, light, peace, and harmony. After about two hours, the vision left me and a profound, unrecognized longing in my heart remained. I could not classify my experience at this time. I became aware of its significance and depth only three years later. I was able to feel the new time quality.

In February 2013 I returned from Mexico and rebuilt my life at Lake Constance in Germany. I moved into a beautiful community, got a job in a clinic and taught yoga at different places. Everything was as I always wished. But some part inside me knew ever since my return from Mexico, that my time in Germany would be of short duration.


In June 2013 I went to a lecture and met Sriraman for the first time. Sriraman comes from India and has been guided by Agastya Rishi through the Palm Leaf Library (Jiva Nadi) in India since he was 25.


The palm leaf library was founded by the Sapta Rishis about 7000 years ago. «Sapta» means «seven», «rishi» means «seer». They are considered to be direct students of Shiva. In the oldest Indian writings, Agastya, Bhrigu, Athri, and Vashishta are mentioned to be among the Sapta Rishis. A rishi is a seer who is able to receive absolute knowledge directly from the divine source and to teach it in its pure way. Absolute knowledge is characterized by the fact that it has universal validity and is timeless.

In total there should exist twelve official palm leaf libraries which are distributed throughout India. There are more in Sri Lanka and Bali. Also, there are private rooms, which keep individual palm leaves. The palm leaf library includes a large collection of palm leaves, which were described in parts over several hundred years, by the rishis. They are written in ancient Indian languages like «Tamil», «Sanskrit» and «Telugu». On the palm leaves are described the soul journeys of millions of people living today, as well as the history of mankind. The information comes from the Akashic record, an ethereal library where thoughts, words, and deeds of every human being are stored.

The purpose of the palm leaf library is to give companionship and guidance to those souls that come to visit one of the libraries during their lifetime. In a serious Nadi reading a person receives impressively accurate information about their past lives and how past life actions impact the present life. Furthermore, they also get information about how to harmonize their internal imbalances, to be able to create a happy and harmonious future.

There are two different types of palm leaf libraries. They are called Nadi Shastra and Jiva Nadi. The Nadi Shastra is similar to books that are already written and kept on a shelf, waiting patiently for their intended recipients to receive. They were already written down hundreds of years ago.

The other type, the Jiva Nadi («Jiva» means «alive») is like an online connection. Different spiritual masters like Agastya Rishi guide various people directly from the subtle world. The incoming messages relate to the current life situation of the led person. They are either received and written down in a channeling by a Nadi reader or appear spontaneously written by themselves by light on palm leaves. The information is then interpreted and transmitted by the palm leaf reader to the respective person, via telephone or through a personal meeting.


Agastya Rishi is one of the founders of the palm leaf libraries and also the first Siddha of the master lineage of the 19 Siddhas. The 19th Siddha is Sri la Sri Mahananda Siddha. He lives about three hours’ drive from Bangalore near Vellore. Since 2008, he is constructing a huge temple, which will be of great importance to mankind in the future.

The lineage of the 19 Siddhas comes from Tamil Nadu in South India. Tamil Nadu was part of the old «Kumari Kandam» (Lemuria). Kumari Kandam was a big country in the Indian sea. It disappeared few thousand years ago by a gigantic nature catastrophe. At that time man and nature lived for about thousands of years in their original natural state and in harmony with nature.

Agastya was, amongst other accomplishments, a great teacher of Ayurveda medicine, an alchemist and vedic astrologer. During his lifetime on earth, he was married to Lubamitra. Both work and lead today from the invisible subtle planes.

Sriraman is one of the closest disciples of Agastya. Since he aged 25 he is guided through the Jiva Nadi by Agastya Rishi.

After an intense period of two years traveling throughout India for fulfilling many tasks under the guidance of Agastya, Sriraman received a great blessing from Agastya. Whenever he will advise people, Agastya will stay in his consciousness to guide them, through Sriraman. Since that time, Sriraman is able to figure out by seeing the name and date of birth of a person, the potential of their soul, the internal imbalances that prevent him to express its power continuously and what instrumentality is needed to overcome that. Those who wish to learn more about the 19 Siddhas and the work of Sriraman are given detailed information in the brochure «The 19 Siddhas and Sriraman».


When I met Sriraman for the first time in this talk, I felt a completely undefinable feeling of being touched that came deep from my soul. On that day I felt intensely that I had encountered my spiritual teachers. Two days later I met Sriraman again in a consultation. Through the information, I received during this consultation my life changed again within a very short time. Sriraman said to me that I was ready for something, that I didn´t understand at this time. He recommended me to come to India because something would wait there for me.

To be honest, I was not pleased about that news. I had other future plans at that time. To be able to listen completely to my inner, I deviated myself from all external influences for several days and went into an inner retreat. The deeper I went into my process the more I came back to the point where I clearly felt that it was my way to go to India. Finally, after a long struggle, I decided to go. After three moves in one year, I left everything again and went back to India.


When I met Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha, the 19th Siddha, in August 2013 for the first time, I felt an indescribable feeling of meeting the Supreme Divine in person. I felt that the meeting with Sri la Sri Mahananda Siddha had been the reason for the last two challenging years and that all of my experiences before served as a kind of preparation.

The following time in India was full of blessings and challenges at the same time. I always had had doubts if my decision to go to India was the right thing to do.

In September 2013, Sriraman received a message from Agastya Rishi to travel with me to a certain temple. There I should light a pyramid with candles. Before I began, I prayed deeply to God. I asked him for a sign to show me clearly if I was on the right track and if what I was experiencing was really meant for my way. After all the lights were lit, suddenly a bright light went through my body. I could neither see nor hear for a short time. There were a loud inner rustle and a strong energy flow that streamed through me. Suddenly I fell to the ground. The priest of the temple interpreted this incident as a good sign.

The event was so intense that the doubts I had up to this time began to dissolve. First, the experience irritated me strongly. Afterwards, I knew that the impulse had been necessarily so intense that I began to believe.


In October 2013, I received the first messages from Agastya and Lubamitra through the palm leaf library. They told me that they wish to be my spiritual teachers, through Sriraman. At this time I didn´t really know who Agastya and Lubamitra were. The knowledge came much later.

However, when the news of these two beings reached me, I felt like a child who had landed gently in the hands of the Divine after a long time of inner free fall. The invisible leadership, which I had already received and perceived in Mexico, was not an imagination. It was real and my spiritual guidance finally got a name.

Since that time, my path is guided through Agastya Rishi and Lubamitra by the spiritual subtle worlds. On the one hand, they lead me through written messages that enter the Jiva Nadi and on the other hand through inner inspiration.

During my time in India, I received many tasks from them which I had to fulfill. Among other things, in October 2013 I got the assignment to work for NEW ENERGY WORLD. The significance of NEW ENERGY WORLD for the earth and the people will be discussed in detail later in the book.


In February 2014 I returned to Germany and opened in May the «Yoga und Siddhazentrum ZEITWANDEL» in Markdorf. This period in Germany was the most challenging time of my life. I had returned with these incredible experiences to the old world where I had to find my place again. I was also full of questions that would be answered much later. Sometimes I woke up in the morning, and it felt like all that I had experienced was like a great dream.


In March 2014, before I opened the Yoga- and Siddha center, I visited a friend. I had visited him a few times before. But it was not until that day that I realized in a special way a picture of Haidakhan Babaji standing on an altar in his apartment. Haidakhan Babaji is considered to be a full incarnation of Shiva. He lived and taught in Haidakhan in North India and left his body on February 14th, 1984. Shiva is one of the many names for the Universal Divine Consciousness that incarnates at different times on Earth. It can adopt any physical form without having to go through the process of birth and death.

Before I learned about Haidakhan Babaji, I heard from Sriraman about Babaji Nagaraj. As I learned later, Babaji Nagaraj was a former incarnation of Haidakhan Babaji.

Babaji Nagaraj had appeared to Sriraman several years ago, in his subtle body. About five days he walked day and night through his living quarters giving blessings to Sriraman. Sriraman was so touched by his appearance that he did not dare to leave his house. Once during these five days, Babaji Nagaraj looked deeply into Sriraman's eyes. At that time Sriraman did not know who had appeared to him. Only a few months later he saw a movie about Babaji and recognized him.

On the day of my visit to the house of my friend something extraordinary happened. I asked him about the picture of Haidakhan Babaji. He told me about him. When he had to leave the room in between, he gave a CD cover to me on which Babaji was depicted. When I looked at it, suddenly Babaji began to speak internally with me. He told me that I should take him to my center. First I felt very irritated, but I asked my friend for a copy of the picture. In the moment he gave the copy to me, suddenly a strong blessing energy flowed through the room. First I thought that only I felt it. But when my friend turned his face to me, tears were also in his eyes. We both had felt it.

From the beginning of the opening of the center, Babaji´s picture was part of the Yoga and Siddha center. He showed me even where to place him. Throughout the year I kept asking myself again and again, what is the connection between the 19 Siddhas and Babaji?


In September 2014, I received the message from Agastya that the doubts that I had would be erased in the coming months. Up to this point, I have had phases in which I strongly questioned my experiences. A part of me could hardly believe what was happening in my life. On the one hand, the experiences seemed natural to me, but on the other hand, they were also strange. But one of their features was that from a certain point of my journey, they suddenly made sense and were important, for understanding the greater context, on a deeper level.

In December 2014, I led a satsang in the center. At the end of the event, a friend came to me. He told me that a similar meeting would take place near Markdorf on the following Sunday. He asked me if I would also like to join. In a meditation, I received the invitation to attend this meeting. So I went.

When I got there, I entered a very beautiful and powerful house. I felt like I was entering a temple and I was deeply touched by the perceptibly sacred atmosphere. The owner of the house and administrator of the place is a direct student of Haidakhan Babaji. Like other students, he had called her to Haidakhan through visions. On this day we performed a ceremony (puja) in honor of Shiva. I listened at that meeting to this message again: that the earth and humanity would soon enter a «Golden Age».


In the first week of January 2015, I was led by Agastya and Lubamitra through a deep process of realization, which lasted six days. All the information I received over the past year, came together into a growing picture. During these days, I completely lost my sense of time. Under the impression of my experiences, I began to realize that this new world would really come.

In this six-day process, an inner sentence came up in my inner and has not left me ever since: «Oh my brothers and sisters, there is not much time left!» Only a few months later I was able to understand the significance of this sentence. In context with that inner voice, an intense feeling arose that requested me to work hard and with great speed. This was also a message which I received constantly throughout the following year from Agastya and Lubamitra through the palm leaf library: «Work!»

After these realizations, I gave a talk in the Center. 28 people came in total. For the small Yoga and Siddha center, where a maximum of nine people can practice yoga, this was a considerable number and remained unique.

The next day I expected a friend's visit. She was not able to come to the talk the night before. So I decided to give a personal talk to her to share this information. Before I started, we came into conversation. Without telling her about the content of the lecture, she told me that she regularly follows a homepage of a Russian professor. That professor receives messages from the divine source about the current processes in nature and shares them on his website. My friend told me that this professor would say that a new world would come. She only told me, in other words, what the essence of my lecture had already been.

It was fascinating. Both of us had doubts if the information she and I had received were true. After I had given her the lecture, we were both impressed by the large overlaps.

The decisive event, that caused my inner doubts to finally dissolve, was a meeting with the director of a Yoga center in Germany. For a long time, I felt a strong inner impulse to meet him. It was April 2015 when I decided to drive to him. After I had made the decision, everything fell into its own place. I got a ride and was able to reorganize my center activities effortlessly. Before I drove to him I tried to get an appointment with him, which was not possible. Therefore, I made my way with confidence that if it was the desire of the Divine that we should meet, so it would come about.

When I was there, he made a few minutes available, for a conversation for the following morning. I was very grateful for it. In this conversation, we exchanged our experiences. Through his spiritual master, he had also learned that a new world would come.



In August 2015, I went to India for another four weeks. During this time, further puzzle pieces were added to the overall picture. In India, I learned that, according to Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha, the 19th Siddha, the temple will become one of the most important places in the new world. I also was informed by Sriraman, that according to a message of Agastya, Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha is Shiva personally, in physical form.


In July 2015, Sriraman received the message from Agastya Rishi that, in addition to him, further persons will be authorized to initiate people in Maha Poorna Atma Yoga. Maha Poorna Atma Yoga» means «great cleansing of the soul». It is a simple practice that cleans the unconsciousness of old impressions (samskaras) and frees access to the soul´s inner knowledge by reducing the energetic charge on destructive reaction patterns and emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, shame, etc.

Furthermore, Sriraman received the message that once the soul is initiated, the cleaning frequency of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga remains activated for several lives. Also, he was informed that the practice of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga will increase light in collective consciousness rapidly. Why this is of so much importance will become clear in the course of the book. On August 19, 2015, during my stay in India, I received the blessing from Agastya to initiate in Maha Poorna Atma Yoga.


After Agastya´s authorization, I began to deepen the question why Maha Poorna Atma Yoga is coming to people at the present time. I felt, and already knew, that something gigantic is going to happen on earth, but I couldn´t take it at that time. My internal question led me to a further process of realization in September 2015. I hoped to find an answer and started researching. In these days, I found out that several independent sources consistently spoke about a «cleansing process of the earth». This purification could be associated with great geographic upheavals and would introduce the new era on earth.

I asked Sriraman to ask Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha if this cleaning process would really come. Sriraman told me that Sri la Sri Mahananda Siddha had already announced this several times.

With this information, the picture became suddenly clear and complete. I understood the inner sentence, which had not let me go since January 2015. «Oh my brothers and sisters, there is not much time left!» I also understood the outstanding importance of the work of the 19 Siddhas and the importance of Maha Poorna Atma Yoga, NEW ENERGY WORLD, Agastya's work through Sriraman, and the importance of the temple that Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha built.

May all humans awaken NOW, engage themselves and work together and selflessly for the good of the earth and of all mankind. The time available to initiate changes, that will avoid greater future consequences and challenges, is both urgent and limited. May this book awaken all of you and serve as a source of inspiration to you. OM SHANTI!

Chapter 2

The current processes in nature

Nearly all spiritual traditions and religions around the world, but also many spiritually open-minded people, know that the earth and mankind will enter into a new era of time and that a great transformation process is currently happening in nature. This process is expected to accelerate towards a peak event. To give a better understanding of this, it is important to give some background knowledge.


Every human being and every living being is surrounded by an energy field which contains their complete energetic imprint. This imprint was planned by the soul itself before taking birth and is brought by being born, into the present life: mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses, life tasks, karma, vitality, the soul potential etc. All these aspects of our consciousness are connected to each other and interact. Together they create our reality and determine how we are looking at ourselves and the world. Through experiences which we make during our lifetime, the energy imprint can be changed.

Our consciousness creates a powerful energy field that is comparable to a broadcasting station. We continually send out information in form of energy frequencies to our environment and receive them from other beings. The information exchange takes place within milliseconds and on a non-verbal energy level.