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my loves ebook

Ivan Danko



All my fealings I needed to express in my poem I want the world to say she can know what I think and want to share with him. I hope that in my collection of poems you will find interesting poems and I which you pleasant reading. 

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Ivan Danko

my loves

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my loves

I love you.

You're my lost,

and found.

I still think about you.

Your voice sounds

in me

like ringing bells

on the tree.


I love you

my love

moment lost,

I found a while,

and now I think of you.

I still have in front of me

your fiery hair

blowing in the wind.

I now see you

dancing on a cloud

in the sky

sparkling as the sun,

as my heart is boiling.



I am writing the letter

that shines

Like a yellow ears of

the land area.


The letter will find the addressee

and the person will help


Letter what pleases

your ears

When you mouth

starts to dry.


I am writing the letter,

what he says

When those verses

someone forms.


It consists of love

from the heart,

from the heart, what is burning.


Burning love,

when you are alone,

alone two

under the stars.


Under the stars

That have known

what was going on

in your ears.


I write you a letter

That promised

That you'll

ever love.


To love strong,

faithful love,

as they sing

our songs.


Let's say

That we are not alone

on earth.

Nowhere nothing.

Or phonemes.

And could

let's cry


a small voice rabbits.



Say we are alone.

The stars went out,

a month stopped.

Silence is

a desolate land.

And she could


at least

the wind into the wind.



Say we are alone.

I like