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Love Acts & Talks ebook

Abbyan Ali



This lyrical poetry collection - Love Acts & Talks- is an inspiring, joyful book. The poems are written in the Somali oral tradition of poetry recitation and singing technique - Gabey. Renowned as a nation of poets – the author's attempt at writing Somali Gabey in the english language has produced a collection of beautiful texts. The verses are truly striking, giving a joyful, organic feeling, with contrasting yet very harmonious textures as they are written with an intelligent, playful and creative use of the english language. It is this lyrical style that lends the poems a depth and allows the reader to consider possible multiple meanings of many of the poems. The poems have strong vibrant messages, a celebration of life. Discusing serious issues like human relations and values, respects of freedoms and rights, including children's rights. But the artistic and simple story-telling design makes it effective to relate to such strong messages in hopeful and inspiring ways.

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Love Acts & Talks

Abbyan Ali

© 2016, Abbilen Publishers, Abbyan Ali

© Cover design & Art work, Abbyan Ali

All rights reserved. 

Author: Abbyan Ali

[email protected]

ISBN: 978-91-87475-11-5

Table of Contents
Doing right, by some
See my hope
That love
Story BE
Love Human
New seasons
In diamonds to trade
All young
God IS, what God IS
A tribute to loves
Do Dream
Battles in times
Common senses
I feel happiness
Keep the Beautiful
Silently money serves
Sh sh sh and glow
The helper stranger
Master own
The Colour of love
With reasons
Now bother, Mature!
An apology – hear this story
Valued strength
”Tolerate” one said
The falsely accused
That the lesser
Loyal as Time
I give in time
Did you meet?
The social breed
From simple choices
Night skies
The securities in – “If”
I release
Honeyed tunes
I nurture my nature
Love talks & acts
Fuck you! I said
Author’s note

Doing right, by some


Of lions with their pride

That are said to have heart

Seen as bold, some with might

At times lesser of sight

Fierce when right

Protecting their pride

Not in slaughter, claiming one


Of the lambs that are wolves

That are known to thrive in packs

Not for lies dressed to pass

Respecting the order of ranks

Theirs is one for life

Of family relations and publicties

Bowing down when not right


Of domesticated dogs and cats

Loyal, friendly, social and liked

Independent, free of minds

Different lives and also kinds

Housed, trained, prettywell fed


Allowing each to prosper and thrive

For suitable, each having their own


Of elephants and mighty matriarchs

With strong, loving family ties

That of size, acted on in times

Keeping own, remembering one’s home

Holding memories of new and old

Time after time

Triumphs the right


Of birds in love, mating for life

Serenading with songs and dance

Loyal, playful keeping the romance

In pairs, a family, two makes to rise

Colorful, bright, different of sounds

Freely migrating, north or south

Abidingdevotedly,to nature’s calls


Of humans these stories relates

Not of lions, sheep and wolves

Nor the domesticated dogs and cats

Nor mighty elephants and loving birds

Of dictating loves, the always child

Individual stories, of onemother,oncechild

Respecting freedoms, having rights

Whose kinds of loves, acts and talks



See my hope


I saw of dark clouds

Worries and frowns

I felt the need

To avoid the reasons

This was not sleep

The reasons were lived

By other’s than me


Yes, I do dare dream

Dream of sweet dreams

And not only in sleep

I hope and I reason

I have many seasons


See my lights

My hope is always lit

The truths with times

These lights do not lie


I give many reasons

The pleasures in life

– And so I dream

I dream as I live

The wakeful, the sweet

This hope that feeds

Makes all life so sweet


So see my lights

With hope’s lights

I dream

I hope and I dream

To live my sweet dreams


So see my hopes

See my lights

To prosper as I live


That love


We love the notion

That one is more than

Where there is love, like and life

Is where there is lust, love and laughter


One is somewhere to be

If there is some love to feel

In love and in life

Most love to love


As with life?

More know that love

Love, truly is



Story BE


See of glory

Of passion and extension

Sure there is a you

And the more inclusive we

We know the story

Of me and you


We like the bee

Are ready to be

The way we are meant to be

In life and in good health

As weallbe a me

Story be, as we

And we be, as reckoned


Or we be as story in glory

And be lively till morning

Excluding some from we

Or worry till morning

For glory and story


We and me, is story

See, talking we, is a single me

And soyou,some separate I

Story be, as we

And we be, as reckoned


So keep telling story

As story is, already

Sweet story be…



Love Human


One woman, the other man

This beautiful man, he is one

The other once girl, woman now

All once a woman’s young child

All have feelings of love

Loved humans

Woman, child and man

Human is, also child