Labor Markets and Multinational Enterprises in Puerto Rico - Ahmad H. Juma'h - ebook

Labor Markets and Multinational Enterprises in Puerto Rico ebook

Ahmad H. Juma'h

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This book expresses the reasons to embark on a production management system and begin a journey to a better social and economic life in Puerto Rico. Among the population of Puerto Rico there is a simultaneous presence of a high rate of unemployment and a well-educated workforce. How has this happened? How could the country overcome this economic situation and return to a path of sustainable economic growth in the short and long term? The study here presented introduces an objective and scientific input on these economic issues that are impacting the Puerto Rican society. Achieve greater economic and social welfare in a geographic area is based on increasing individual productivity that workers and employees can unfold in different workplaces, business and industries. The increase in productivity of the economy of Puerto Rico requires both individual effort and enterprise work.

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