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Jin Shin Jyutsu is a Healing Art originating from Japan to harmonize life's-energy and to solve energy blockages. By selectively placing hands on 26 points on the body, the so-called Energy-Locks, anyone can strengthen his health, alleviate dieseases or experience the healing effects. From A-Z complaints are specified and the precise hand positions are explained. This book offers Self-Help without prior knowledge: Easily and immediately applicable.

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Felicitas Waldeck

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Guide to Quick Aid and Healing from A – Z

Through the Laying on of Hands

No previous knowledge necessary

Immediate use on yourself and others

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Jin Shin Jyutsu. Guide to Quick Aid and Healing from A-Z Through the Laying on of Hands

by Felicitas Waldeck


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Table of Contents

The Knowledge is Already Within You

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

The Foundations of Jin Shin Jyutsu

Disease - What do You Want to Tell Me?

Symptoms from A – Z

Index of Symptoms from A – Z (with clickable links to symptom chapters)

The 26 Energy Locks and Their Meaning

The Organ Flows

Important First Aid

Further Information



→ Energy Locks-Front (Illustration)

→ Energy Locks-Back (Illustration)

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List of Symptoms

A ↓ B ↓ C ↓ D ↓ E ↓ F ↓ G ↓ H ↓ I ↓ K ↓ L ↓ M ↓ N ↓ O ↓ P ↓ R ↓ S ↓ T ↓ V ↓ W


Acid-Base-Balance (ph Value)






Arthritis -> see: Rheumatism



Back Pain




Blood Pressure







Constipation -> see: Diarrhoea


Cough - Croup


Dental Pain -> see: Teeth - Gums








Edema -> see: Oedema

Endeavour - Effort




Feeling Cold


Fever - Temperature



Flu -> see: Influenza






Gums -> see: Teeth

Gynaecological Disorder



Hay Fever -> see: Allergy





Hyperactive Children


Influenza - Flu

Insomnia - Relaxation




Legs - Heavy and Swollen



Lump in the Throat










Nasal Cavity

Neck - Throat




Oedema - Edema









Relaxation -> see: Insomnia





Sciatica -> see: Lumbago




Slipped Disc



Stomach Ache


Sweating -> see: Feeling Cold


Teeth - Gums - Dental Pain

Third Eye


Throat -> see: Neck

Thyroid - Parathyroid

Tonsils - Inflammation

Tummy Ache -> see: Stomach Ache


Varicose Veins





List of the 26 Energy Locks

The 1 - One

The High 1 - One

The 2 - Two

The 3 - Three

The 4 - Four

The 5 - Five

The 6 - Six

The 7 - Seven

The 8 - Eight

The 9 - Nine

The 10 - Ten

The 11 - Eleven

The 12 - Twelve

The 13 - Thirteen

The 14 - Fourteen

The 15 - Fifteen

The 16 - Sixteen

The 17 - Seventeen

The 18 - Eighteen

The 19 - Nineteen

The 20 - Twenty

The 21 - Twenty-One

The 22 - Twenty-Two

The 23 - Twenty-Three

The 24 - Twenty-Four

The 25 - Twenty-Five

The 26 - Twenty-Six

List of Organ Flows

Lung Flow

Large Intestine Flow

Stomach Flow

Spleen Flow

Heart Flow

Small Intestine Flow

Bladder Flow

Kidney Flow

Diaphragm Flow

Umbilical Flow

Gallbladder Flow

Liver Flow

The Knowledge is Already Within You

You may have always wanted to do something about your health but perhaps you did not know what, when and where to do it! Are fitness centres, jogging or cycling the right way or are gentler ways like yoga, the ‘Five Tibetan Rites’ or meditation the desired approach? Our brain likes to get challenged: for instance, travelling and communicating in other languages widens our mental horizon. The best would be a mix of everything for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Jin Shin Jyutsu offers this. It is an innate healing art gathered and collected in Japan by Jiro Murai, who extensively tested and checked out its efficiency. Jin Shin Jyutsu literally means: Human, Creator, Art. Reading it backwards means:

The Art of the Creator through the Human Being.

When you start to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu you are on a journey of discovering the interrelations between your physical and spiritual self, which leads to self-knowledge and self-help:

The Art of the Creator becomes your personal Art of Life!

Initially Jin Shin Jyutsu appears to be new and strange, yet this knowledge has always been innate and just needs activation. For example while thinking intensely, you support your head with your hands. With this gesture you intuitively activate the brain waves, you are simply not aware of it. Nevertheless, you can easily awaken the potential of Jin Shin Jyutsu for your daily well being.

Mary Burmeister said: “Be your own witness.”

Start the first practice right away by putting your right hand over your left shoulder and your left hand in your left groin. Perceive how relaxed and free of tension your left shoulder is compared to the other shoulder.

This process of perceiving is Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I wish you joy and success in achieving improved health and balance.

Felicitas Waldeck

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu originated thousands of years ago. It harmonizes life energy by releasing blockages in the body. This innate art of healing is also called ‘one of the Royal Paths’ towards a mindful way of living.

The Japanese Master Jiro Murai researched and studied this old art at the beginning of the twentieth century. After his research, he revived and reintroduced this amazing art back to society. His student, Mary Burmeister, introduced this wisdom into the United States and her students then spread this knowledge all over the world.

Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonizes the energy of body, mind and spirit equally. This deep wisdom is innate in everyone’s inner self and accessible to everyone through experience and practice. We do it intuitively all the time by putting our hands on the hurting body, be it the shoulder, the hip or any other part of the body. This way our hands serve as ‘jumper cables’ to support the energy flow.

Without thinking we expect that the body is able to absorb and process appropriately everything ingested and then to direct it to the corresponding body parts and organs. For example, a stomach medication is expected to be effective in the stomach only and nowhere else.

To delegate all entered substances, the body possesses an integrated circulation system of blood, lymph, nerves and messages to regulate and control the entire bodily functions, also known as the energy system.

Energy has many names and many slightly different meanings. Energy, however, is something essential, something vital and always omnipresent. All explanations of energy are incomplete and can only be an approximation. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, energy outside the body is indicated as universal or cosmic energy and within us, known as energy of life. The mediator between the outer and the inner energy is the central flow. This flow keeps us always connected with the universal energy and therefore our vitality.

The foundation of the Jin Shin Jyutsu knowledge are the 26 energy points also called ‘Energy Locks’ located throughout the body. There they develop their own vibration and have an important function within the complicated interconnection of body, mind and consciousness. While touching and holding these energy locks with our hands, we activate the energy flow and therefore induce harmony within us. Our body is comparable to a house with 26 rooms which can be opened with the Jin Shin Jyutsu keys. By doing this, these rooms are again put in order so that our soul can live in them and shine.

The easiest way to bring the energy flow into motion is to hold each finger individually with the other hand, because almost all energy channels move through the fingers and therefore can get harmonized. Children demonstrate this unintentionally by sucking their thumb which automatically influences the energy of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the art of self-knowledge and self-help; it keeps you in the flow of life.

To implement this art, we simply need:

Our breath

Our hands

And the knowledge of the 26 energy locks.

Our hands touch gently two indicated body parts at the same time, even on top of the clothing. A noticeable connection is established when we perceive the energy as a pulsation in our finger tips. We have 26 energy locks on each side of the body. Their position and numbers correspond to the functions of the particular body parts (see: The 26 Energy Locks and Their Meaning).

Hands and fingers serve as a key to open these energy locks to make energy flow without hindrance. Now our body receives new impulses and energetic strength which activates the self-healing process. The energy locks receive their energy through the central flow that establishes our connection with the cosmos the same way the umbilical cord nourishes an embryo.

The conscious touch on the specific body parts is called ‘streaming’. Hands or fingers touch lightly the indicated spots over our clothes without exercising much pressure. Being aware of the finger tips you will notice a rhythmic pulsation of the energy waves. The time of the application can vary depending on how pleasant and beneficial it feels. It is advisable to leave the hands / fingers on the spots chosen for at least two to three minutes. Hence it is important to aim for a relaxed posture.

For your daily improvement of harmony and energy we recommend:

The 36 conscious breaths (see: 36 Conscious Breaths)

The main central flow (see: The Central Flow)

Holding all fingers individually (see: The Hand, Finger)

These three basic practices are recommended as a daily program for your energy momentum to be always optimally recharged.

In addition you practice the individual needed recommendations which are the:

Finger practices

Short versions

References to organ flow

References to individual energy locks.

Choose your own preferences that make you feel wholesome. ‘Holding the fingers’ is practiced while one hand holds the finger of the other hand. There are no restrictions, it can be done everywhere even with your gloves on.

Streaming / flowing can be applied any time. When you notice a change for the better, it will become a daily ritual. To make this ‘holding the fingers’ more understandable, the next page contains a detailed hand illustration of each finger with the related organs, its theme, energy locks and element. It is ideal to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu one hour each day. You can also divide this time in three twenty minute periods or two thirty minute periods.

An interruption in your practice, though regrettable, won’t affect the energy flow.

A sequence of conscious touches is called a ‘flow’, better expressed as ‘Energy–Function–Flow’.

The Hand

To choose the appropriate energy locks for certain symptoms, look at the individual key words in the chapter ‘Symptoms from A – Z’ (Index). To practice the entire flow, follow the numbered hand positions row for row, either the left flow or the right. You cannot go wrong when you change the hands because everything in the body is connected. The indicated hand positions are just a selection of many possible combinations. If you cannot touch a mentioned body part for any reason, try to touch the same point on the other side or go to the next step.

When you practice Jin Shin Jyutsu on a daily basis, you contribute to your own wellness and happiness.

The Foundations of Jin Shin Jyutsu

The Breath

Mary Burmeister: “In the Breath that I am, I am always renewed.”

The breath is our life’s source and our ultimate healer. We can consciously lead our breath to certain body parts to activate the metabolism and therefore induce a change in our well being. But essentially we should be aware that we are oxygenated and that the breath is a gift to us.

Mary Burmeister: “Our Inhalation is the Exhalation of the Universe and our Exhalation is the Inhalation of the Universe”.

One of our daily practices therefore is our 36 conscious breaths. In just a few minutes we are replenished with new energy. With this practice we experience a deeper and lasting connection to the universe and to our inner source that provides us with all elements needed. We are part of the universe and made of the same matter. Our body is a miniature universe. Likewise only one drop of blood reflects a small mirror of the human being, as the human being is the mirror of the universe in his condensed energy.

36 Conscious Breaths

Get comfortable

Embrace yourself (big hug) while the hands rest in opposite arm pits with the thumbs on the chest.

Get both feet grounded.

Calm down as much as you can and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Concentrate and be in your breath, let it come and go in its own rhythm.

Breathe 36 conscious breaths and you will notice all your worries dissipate.

Being aware of this practice helps get well again, because health starts in our consciousness.

The Central Flow