International Marketing Strategy - Giovanna Pegan - ebook

International Marketing Strategy ebook

Giovanna Pegan

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Consumers in most parts of the world now have global access to products beyond those offered in their countries and cultures. This new space for comparison defined by globalization can result in very different purchasing behaviors, including those influenced by the 'country of origin'. This book investigates this effect, one of the most controversial fields of consumer literature, from a company perspective. In particular, it demonstrates the strategic relevance of the country of origin in creating and making use of the value in foreign markets. It also addresses the challenges connected with utilizing the value of the country of origin by considering different entry modes and international marketing channels. Further, it considers the role of international importers and international retailers’ assortment strategies in terms of value creation in foreign markets. Combining theory and practice, the book features diverse company perspectives and interviews with importers and retailers.

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