Heal Your Fate - My Essential Works - Ursula Gestefeld - ebook

Heal Your Fate - My Essential Works ebook

Ursula Gestefeld



Gestefeld was a student of Mary Baker Eddy but had to leave the New Thought movement after a dispute with her teacher. She then created the philosophy "The Science Of Being". This edition contains her works "The Breath Of Life" and "How We Master Our Fate".

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Heal Your Fate

Ursula N. Gestefeld


The Breath Of Life



High Noon

When There Is A Sense Of Injury

When There Is Fear Of Accident

When There Is Fear Of Heredity.

When There Is Fear Of Death.

When There Is Fear Of Failure In Business.

When There Is Dread Of The Future.

When There Is Proneness To Anger.

When There Is TendencyTo Self-Depreciation.

When There Is LackOf Confidence And Trust

When There Is DifficultyIn Letting Go Of The Past

When There Is The SenseNamed “Insomnia.”

When There Is DissatisfactionWith Environment.

When There Is Need For Patience.

When The Sense Sight DiminishesWith Advancing Age.

When One Begins To See The Necessity Of A Higher Than Natural Affection.

When There Is DesireTo Lose Fondness For Money.

How We Master Our Fate


The Inventor And The Invention.

Law Or Chance

Ascension Of Ideas

Relation Of The Visible To The Invisible

The Common Ground Of Oriental And Occidental Philosophy

Living By Insight Or By Outsight

Destiny And Fate

Where The Senses Belong

Servant Or Master?

The Man And The Woman In Our Dreamconsciousness

How To Care For The Body

The Germs Of Disease

The Power And Powerlessness Of Heredity

Words As Storage Batteries

The Origin Of Evil

Letting The Dead Bury Its Dead

What Is Within The "Here."

The Hidden Body

The Way To Happiness

The Voice That Is Heard In Loneliness

The Language Of Suggestion

The Ingrafted Word And What Comes Of It

The Law Of Liberty

Constructive Imagination

Incarnation— The Purpose Of Nature Fulfilled

Heal Your Fate, U. Gestefeld

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The night of sense-consciousness is past, and I wake to the spiritual day--the eternal Now. In the light of God I see my self anew.

The shadows of the night are gone, and I am free from suffering, disease, and death. I am filled now with health, strength, and joy unspeakable.

There is no room in me for any unlikeness to the Infinite One, for that One vibrates in every part of my being from least to greatest, and fills me with pulsating, invigorating, deathless life.

I rise from the passivity of the night to the activity of the day, in which I work the works of him that sent me.

I wash away the last remnants of clinging mortality from before my Vision. and I see only the Son of God.

I cleanse my body from the impurity of false thought, and open every ‘pore to the inflowing Divine Energy and Infinite Love, whose offspring I am.

I feel within me their uplifting power.

I clothe myself with garments of light, woven in the loom of life by the ministering angels who show me his will.

They are with me now, they never leave me, and I will not forsake them.

I put from me all desire which could make me unworthy to wear the robe of righteousness, and their hands shall bear me above all temptation.

I descend the stairs which lead from the upper chamber of recognition of my God-Likeness to the lower room of experience, where I must manifest that relation to the world.

I eat the food which is the bread from on high, that certain and sure supply which is mine as the child o God.

I draw from the great storehouse that which I need in my work of the day. I feed upon the Word, the true Thought.

I assimilate it, I embody it, it works in me and through me. And naught can oppose or conquer it.

It is being made flesh, it is being made my flesh, and in my flesh I shall see God. In my flesh I shall manifest God. There is nothing to fear, for Love is in all, through all, and over all.

I give myself this day to my fellow-men for any and all service that shall show them their true selves.

In me and in them is no evil, no misery, no crime. I see only the divine which is awaiting the Word to come forth, and this divine I call forth by the power of the Word.

This Word is my word, and my every breath is a benediction—a message of good-will toward all men—for the Love which is God speaks in my word.

The Father and I are in unity, and through me He comes to His own.

Awakened, cleansed, clothed, and fed, I stand in the Now, and I know the Forever. I stand upon the Infinite, I look upon the finite, I feel the eternal, I breathe in the Absolute.

I am that I am.

With me is the everlasting Peace.


I have received my daily bread from on high and now I close the door of the outer sense while I digest and assimilate it.

I close this door in perfect confidence, sure of the divine protection which never slumbers nor sleeps.

I know Love is God and is Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

I turn from the objective world to the subjective knowing that I shall find my way, without harm or hindrance, to the green pastures and still waters of His beloved.

No psychic influence can turn me aside from this resting-place, for the Lord is my shepherd and him only do I serve.

I am free from all fear. I am free from all sense of injury. I have no enemies. No one has wronged me. I have in my heart no desire for retaliation. I feel only love for every human being.

I go to my rest in the desire to rise from it renewed and invigorated that I may still minister to my brethren.

I have laid aside the garments that belong to the outer world and I enter the soul-world clad in its own raiment, by which those who need me shall know me. I turn out the light of the material world.

I see the greater light which guides my footsteps. Its radiance shows me what I still lack and where to find the supply. In this light of God I take my journey for this night and wing my way to my real home, knowing that I shall find it and bring back from it what the kingdoms of this world can never give me.

For I go forth with only love in my heart, and this key will unlock all the treasures of wisdom and power and health and peace. The curtains are drawn; the world fades away. On the wings of love I am rising to the heavenly spheres. I hear their far-off music.


Because of what I am in being, I stand upright before God. Above me is the sun of righteousness, materiality is under my feet. I cast no shadow that can alarm or deceive me.

The night of sense-consciousness is past and 1 am awake to the light that can never be extinguished. In its rays matter is transparent to me and I see the soul-world which is molded and peopled by my thought. I know its nature and that it is subject unto me. I am no longer drawn by it but by the attraction of this sun, and I am held upright, for my face is turned toward it, and not toward the ground.

I am poised, and though my feet are upon the ground I have found my wings which have been close-folded so long.

I spread them wide and none of the assaults from the soul-world, none of the clamor and strife can overthrow my equilibrium, for they bear me up while the light is on my face.

I see no longer the likeness of my false ideal of man, I see instead the likeness of God. The distorted shadow has faded away and the real man is come to his own.

The heavens are opened unto me, I see and I hear that which dwells therein. I know my home and my wings will bear me there.

I hold my hands wide to help those brethren whose wings are not yet unfolded, because they are still weighted with that false consciousness that bows them toward the ground.

I desire to help them to stand upright and turn their faces to the same sun, for I know that my home is also their home and that we have one Father.

Even though my wide-spread wings and firmly planted feet form the cross of crucifixion, I will fear no evil for I know there is no evil to fear.

Thou art with me, even through that which looks like death to those who are not standing under this sun where is no shadow.

Though I walk among them who see the shadow, that I may minister to these my brethren, I live in the light, I know only the light, with me it is always high noon.

And though darkness is over all the land when I finally lift my feet which have rested on the earth, and use only the wings which belong to the heaven, I know not this darkness for I am not of that land. I am of the Father, I go to the Father. I came down from heaven that I might ascend up to it with my own wings. I read the riddle, there is no mystery, all is light.


I look upon a world filled with shapes of many kinds. I see in them no evil. They are good. Though with my outsight I look upon them, with my insight I see through them; and I recognize their nature and office.

I see souls, back of these shapes, who are being born into another world than that they look upon through the window of the physical body. I know that I do not live in time as they do, but that I live in the eternal, and that this eternal is now. For me there is no more time. To me all is good, for I see the divine purpose which is being carried out. I see the God-man and his gradual appearing. I stand at the centre of being and all in existence arranges itself according to this purpose which is good only. There is no evil. I see above, below, and on either side. No one point is farther from this centre than another. I am one with God and God is related to the whole circumference. God is Good and Good is omnipotent. I have no enemies. I have only friends. Every soul is my brother, for every soul is from the same God and has the same destiny to fulfill.

No one can do me harm or work me evil. No soul really wishes to do me harm or work me evil. I am free from fear, for I know there is nothing to fear. I have found the better way, the straight and narrow way; and with all my heart I desire to show this way and help others to walk therein.

I see, feel, and know only love, and “perfect love casteth out fear.”

I know that other souls will love me when I love them, will serve me when I serve them, will help me when I help them.

Standing as one with God in my individual consciousness, I lay upon the altar of the outer life all fear, jealousy, and desire for revenge, all selfishness and personal ambition.

I offer these a sacrifice to that Most high which is the over-ruling Good, the destroyer of all sense of evil.

I know that the “fire from heaven” will consume this my offering and that my purified sense of existence will make me a mediator for my brethren.

Love is my beginning and end, my centre and circumference, my substance and supply.

I have found my God.

I live and move and have my being in God and nothing can disturb my peace.


Though I look upon a physical body, I know that it is not I.

It is only the garment which I, as a living soul, wear, and which clothes my body, the body which would still remain to me did I drop the garment the next hour. I know that I am a living soul now, this moment; that I am not flesh and blood, bone and muscle. I am more than they. I am rooted in my real being, which individualizes God. I cannot cease to be, for no one and no thing can pluck up my roots. I am fed constantly from the infinite and inexhaustible source. All flows to me from on high, not from below, and my existence is not at the mercy of accident or chance. I know that if this fleshly garment were ground to powder, I could not be reached or changed by that which has destroyed the shape of the garment, but which is powerless to change its substance. I live in my real being, which lives in God. I exist in the soul-world, that Father’s house where there are many mansions.

This fleshly body is only the window through which I look out upon a moving panorama. Though the window be closed, I remain the same. There are no accidents; all is law. I shall never experience aught which I have not permitted; and if I have ignorantly and unconsciously, permitted causes which have begotten their effects, I can meet these as their master, not as their bond-slave. For now I know, and I am no longer the willing servant of mortal sense. Dominion over all belongs to me, because of what I am.

I lift my face reverently, but fearlessly, to the Almighty and claim my birthright. I claim the wholeness, perfectness, and power of my being. Here I dwell daily, hourly, under the shadow of the Almighty, and around me are the everlasting arms. Whatever comes, whatever goes in this panorama which passes before me, they bear me up above the plane and power of accident. I know that thought is creative and that if I think no evil I will experience no evil; if I think only good, I will experience only good.

I will think no evil, for “thou art with me.”

I attract no accident. it has no place in my orbit: for I am attracted only by the great central Sun.

I move in law, with law, by law.

My fleshly garment can never he taken from me, for I lay it down of myself.

I have power to lay it down as necessary to me, and to take it up again as the means through which I manifest my nature to those who have need of that means. I leave it in their hands while I dwell in my city of refuge, where no destroyer can enter.


Though the “sins of the fathers” are “visited upon the children,” I know that divine Love is also poured out upon them, and there is no power in the sins to extinguish or turn aside the Love.

They endure but a season, only “to the third and fourth generation;” while the Love that is God endureth always. I turn now and forever from the sins to the Love. The mistakes of ignorant souls have no power to fasten and feed upon me. I am surrounded and penetrated by the Love that is God. It destroys them as by fire.

They shrivel and die. I expand and glow in this white heat which purifies and redeems me from mortal sense inclinations. I am every bit whole.

I am the son of the Father and heir to all good things. I am taking possession of my inheritance, I am no longer self-disinherited. I am no longer beguiled by the serpent of self-deception. in my Father’s house there is enough and to spare. Full supply of health, joy, peace, plenteousness, is mine this moment.

I have left the far country of soul poverty. I shall dwell in it no more. My lost birthright is found. The ring of son-ship is on my finger. I see and feel the token of kinship with the divine.

I feel the new blood flowing into and through me and filling me with the vitality that is not at the mercy of circumstances. In it is no poisonous germ. It is all-potent, all-dominant, the blood of my royal descent.

In its strength I go forth to my fellow-men to help lift their self-imposed curse from off them.

In its strength I speak the word which shall lift them from the dust. In its strength I lift up the beguiling serpent, and they, looking up instead of down to the dust, shall truly live.

In its strength I draw them up to the true source of all health, wisdom, and power. Through me the infinite Love warms and feeds them as its own children, and they too shall know their heredity from God.

For me there is no dark world. There is only light. They too are in the light, and I see them in the light. All disease, pain, and suffering are burned up forevermore. These are of the world and I am not of the world. Now, “O Father! I come to thee. Glorify thou me with thine own self,”


Whereas I was blind, now I see, and I know there is no death. I see order where before was chaos. I see ascension into everlasting life where before was descent into death. I see birth, a becoming, not a ceasing to be. I see a Great Pulse which beats everywhere in nature and which is Life. I see my own unity with this pulse and that it fills me more and more abundantly with inflowing, invigorating Life. I feel this inflow now. It thrills me into new perception. I am laid bare to myself. The veil of the temple is rent in twain. I stand before it awed and mystified no longer. All graves give up their dead unto me. I have a right to demand this of them. No tomb can keep its secret from me. The tomb of death is the womb of life. I am, I was, I shall he, but I am being made—fashioned after the likeness of God. I must still come forth from my lesser self and go up higher. I must come forth from all selves less than the divine. I must ascend again and again, stopping for a season to see and know and going on toward divinity. I must leave my garment “in their hands” while I press forward to my enduring habitation. As a naked soul I mount higher and higher leaving to the dust that which is of the dust. I go whence I came. I walk through the valley of shadow; it cannot hold me to itself. I fear no evil in my journey, for there is no evil in it. I have put from me the sense of evil which gave birth to its kind.

I see the eternal Good which overrules this continuous birth that mortal sense calls death.

I feel the protection of this Good which never slumbers or sleeps. I am not made sad at the prospect of leaving those who love me; for I see that we are all one in Christ; and that as the Christ consciousness awakens and comes forth from the tomb in which it has been slumbering, it will find and know its own.

Those whom I love and who love me will never be separated from me because I leave my garment in their hands as I am born out of its world. For love is not of that world.

It is the fragrance of the soul that reveals its source. Though they see my garment silent and motionless, I shall be more alive than when I wore it.

And they shall some time leave their own, dust mingling with dust even as soul blends with soul. I have no fear. I see and I know. O! Death! Where is thy sting? O! Grave! Where is thy victory?


In all things will I glorify thee, O God!

Because of what I am in being I cannot fail in what I, with a pure motive, undertake. As a soul among other souls I use the things of the world for a time, and I know that this is right; I will not allow them to use me. I acknowledge but one overruling power, the Almighty Good. It shall lead me whither it will, but I will lead all less than I. I know that all circumstances are governed by law, not chance, and I have no more fear. I am free from all fear of what may happen, for I know that nothing happens. I will act honestly and honorably with all men, and do as I would have them do by me.

And I know that the thought and act which go out from me shall return again unto me; that only good can come to me, for I will let only good go from me. Failure is impossible for me, success is sure for me when I work with the good for the good, and allow no sense of evil to speak.

My heart is stayed on the Infinite Good, and no disaster can befall me. I see the workings of good everywhere.

“How manifold are thy mercies, 0 God! “.

No one can take from me what is mine.

No one desires to take from me what is not his own.

No one wishes to cheat or rob me.

All men desire good. No one seeks to do evil for the sake of evil.

I see the divine image in my fellow-men, and I know that this will help them to recognize it in me.

I am strong and of a good courage, for I know that with pure motive and desire all the resources of my God-being are at my command, and this Lord will fight all my battles for me.

I cannot fail, for I will obey all the commands that come to my soul. God and one are a majority. “He shall give his angels charge concerning thee.” I thank thee and praise thee, 0 God! for the light that is filling my soul and showing me how to walk among men as to thy glory. Thine is the kingdom and the power forever. I am thine and thou art mine, now and always.


I am free from the haunting shadows of the past. They have no power to project themselves into my future and appall me. There is in me no tension of unpleasant anticipation, no relaxation of fear. I have perfect confidence in the Supreme Justice and I know that no evil can befall me. Whatever enters into my experience, all is good.

Whatever confronts me in the way by which I ascend, it is but a part of myself, to be left behind and known no more if it cannot climb with me. I am thankful that my own sense-nature is thus laid bare to me. I rejoice and give thanks. With heart, might, mind, and strength. I aspire to know thee, 0! my God! I yield up all unlikeness to thyself. Mould me as thou wilt, so that I be like thee! There are no more shadows. I see the light. I am bathed in the divine effulgence. There is no past, there is no future. all is one. I am that I am. All that has been existence dissolves and melts away. I breathe in the infinite. I am come to my own. I breathe out Love upon every human soul. Not one would I injure. I gather them all into this ocean of Love. I hold them in this eternal presence, one with thee 0! God! Gone is all chance, all happening. Perfect love casteth out fear. The creatures in me are dumb. Thou hast stopped their mouths. Thankfully I go forward in Thy likeness, doing Thy will, that Thou mayest be glorified in me.

It is done.


Because of what I am in my real being, I, as a human soul, am greater than my parts. Even though the impulses of lesser natures are in me and make their voices heard, I am not bound to obey them.

I have power to rule them.

I call up this power now.

I call upon the Lord and I know he will deliver me.

As the Lord’s own I have wings and can fly above where these impulses walk with four feet. They have no power to tear and rend except I permit it. And this I do not permit. for I love my fellow-men. I have no desire to smite, but only to love and bless. I put from me all selfish desire, all vanity, all pride. No one can wound my self

love for I have none to wound. I am not stiff-necked and rebellious, I am meek with the meekness of Christ. No one can smite, or buffet me; they can but strike mistakenly at themselves. lf any soul believes itself to have this desire, in the light of the Christ-likeness it shall see its error.

The lion and tiger in me are redeemed. Their strength is taken up to a higher plane and use.

They no longer prey upon and devour me, they minister unto me.

I use them for ail there is in them worthy of perpetuation.

What is unworthy I leave behind and know no more.

They lie down in peace together because I have made peace with them.

I war no longer with my divine nature.

I let it have its way with me. while I give unto God all the glory. I open my heart to the heavenly Christ. His glory shines in and through me. No impatience and anger can live in his presence. I take his yoke upon me and the beasts are dumb. They lie quiet in the outer court while I pass into the sanctuary. I feel the higher love which dwells there. It is flowing into and filling me with its sacred fire. I can do all things, dare all things, for the love I bear to others. I lift my hand unto the highest heaven and invoke its blessings upon them. Let them pass over me, 0 Lord God Almighty ! So these are ministered unto Make me more and more a worthy mediator between them and thee ! Purge me utterly till all that is unlike thee is gone! I offer myself a living sacrifice. I lay the creature in me upon thine altar. Let thy fire consume it completely. I pour its blood upon the ground for it belongs not in thy dwelling-place.


In the darkness of mortal sense consciousness, at last I see a shining star. It stands over the house within me and shows me where to look for what I need. I see a tiny babe which smiles upon me as I gaze. In its face is the light of infinite Love, in its eyes a wonderful majesty. in the stillness of a mighty awe I bow before it even while my heart sings with joy.

For it is my Self, my divine Self, begotten of God within my humanity and born to me at last. Now I know I need have no more fear, no more lack, no more incompleteness, for the Father giveth all things unto the Son.

Within my God-given divinity dwells all power. all wisdom, all love. Though to me it is yet but an infant I know it will grow to its full stature. And because it is born unto me all things have become possible to me. To it every knee shall bow.

Whatever, as I stand in its presence, I will to do shall become established unto me. For me there is now no failure possible, for ”the government shall be upon his shoulder.” No longer do I feel that others are able to achieve what I can never reach. All this is good, all that is best, is sure to come to me, all that is wise and right I am sure to do. For he draws all treasures unto him. He is the born King, they belong at his feet. Right loyally I yield me his servant that he may rule in me and through me, and I know that great shall be my reward.

I see all my doubts and fears, my weaknesses and shortcomings, as but shadows in the outer darkness. In the light of this Christ-sun within me they flee and disappear. No more shall they torment me for they cannot dwell in this light. I am that I am which I look upon, to which this star has led me.

I have no more fellowship with the hosts of darkness. With all my heart, might, mind and strength do I welcome these glad tidings of great joy, which shall be for all men; for in the light of my own newborn divinity I see their divinity.

Henceforth I judge no more after the flesh. Glory be to God in the highest. With me, now, is peace, for the Prince of Peace dwelleth in me.


“In thee 0 ! Lord! do I put my trust,” for I know that in my real being dwells all power and might. As a pilgrim soul, I look to those eternal verities which are there. I know that they are at my command. I know that God has given to my being all that God is and has. From this great and glorious storehouse I can draw sufficient for my daily needs.

I know that thou wilt never fail nor forsake me. It is good that the mortal props fall away from me, one by one. Each is but a veil that hides thee from me.

I am willing to be taken up. I am willing to be forsaken of all that is merely mortal, that I may be taken up. “Thou art he who can do no evil.” Open thou mine eyes to behold thy glories. Though all that has seemed necessary forsake me, I know that thou art with me always. I can never fail because thou art at my right hand. I am free from all fear, for I feel thy presence. My confidence is perfect, I stand unshaken, though all around me seems tottering to a fall. My business cannot fail, my home-life cannot break, my loved ones cannot scatter and be lost to me; for I gather them all together to be taken up as I am taken up by thee.

Thou wilt save to the uttermost all who trust in thee, and my trust is perfect, my confidence is secure. My business is safe My home is safe. My loved ones are safe. I am safe.

All is safe with thee. All praise and honor and glory unto thee forever and ever, 0! Lord God of my salvation!


I am no more what I was. I am new-born. I am awake to my eternal being in which is all glory and all power. What I was when I was asleep is gone. It belongs to the dead past. in the recognition of my possible divinity I am resurrected from the dead. I leave in the tomb all that belongs there. I carry nothing of it with me; I desire none of it. I see that no soul cometh to the Father except by the resurrection and the life. I am quickened from on high and I rise above the region of graves. I am not beholden of them, neither indeed can I be. I am new, all things are new, my future is new. Though my soul-journey is not finished, I know that my face is turned in the right direction and the land of graves is behind my back. Through the quickening spirit in me I shall conquer as I go, and find my home. I have no useless regrets. In my heart of hearts I am thankful for the measure of wisdom which is mine to-day, and which my past experiences have brought forth to me.

They have borne some fruit; they will bear more. But in the strength of the Lord, by the help of His Christ, I shall gather this fruit with rejoicing and not. sorrow.

By it I am made strong.

By it I prove my power of mastery over all unlikeness to God.

I am exercising this power now. By means of it I get farther and farther from the dead past. I am resurrected continually into more abundant life. All is good.

There is no evil. All that I have called evil has been good for me, for by it I have learned something.

I have no sorrow, no regrets. I am filled with praise and rejoicing. I know that I am being weaned from my mortal sense self that I may show forth the divine likeness.

All that this sense calls affliction are but the growing-pains which are sure to be left behind. Nothing that anyone can say of me can hurt me or turn me aside. I press forward steadily. with no thought of blame for them who judge me according to the dead past. I know but one Judge and one Deliverer. All malice, hatred, and enmity are left with that past. I bow only love, I feel only love, for every human being. I begin to know God, for God is Love.