Handbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products - Andrea Roncoroni - ebook

Handbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products ebook

Andrea Roncoroni

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The comprehensive guide to working more effectively within themulti-commodity market. The Handbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products isthe definitive desktop reference for traders, structurers, and riskmanagers who wish to broaden their knowledge base. Thisnon-technical yet sophisticated manual covers everything theprofessional needs to become acquainted with the structure,function, rules, and practices across a wide spectrum of commoditymarkets. Contributions from a global team of renowned industryexperts provide real-world examples for each market, along withtools for analyzing, pricing, and risk managing deals. Thediscussion focuses on convergence, including arbitrage valuation,econometric modeling, market structure analysis, contractengineering, and risk, while simulated scenarios help readersunderstand the practical application of the methods and modelspresented. Gradual deregulation and the resulting increase in diversity andactivity have driven the evolution of the traditionally segmentedmarket toward integration, raising important questions aboutopportunity identification and analysis in multi-commodity deals.This book helps professionals navigate the shift, providingin-depth information and practical advice. * Structure and manage both simple and sophisticatedmulti-commodity deals * Exploit pay-off profiles and trading strategies with adiversified set of commodity prices * Develop more accurate forecasting models by consideringadditional metrics * Price energy products and other commodities in segmentedmarkets with an eye toward specific structural features As one of the only markets strong enough to boom during thecredit crunch, the commodities markets are growing rapidly.Combined with increasing convergence, this transition presentspotentially valuable opportunities for the development of a robustmulti-commodity portfolio. For the professional seeking deeperunderstanding and a more effective strategy, the Handbook ofMulti-Commodity Markets and Products offers completeinformation and expert guidance.

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