Globalisation and Leadership in Africa - Okechukwu Ethelbert Amah - ebook

Globalisation and Leadership in Africa ebook

Okechukwu Ethelbert Amah

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Focusing on both pre-colonial and post-colonial eras, this book aims to cultivate a greater understanding of globalisation processes in the context of leadership behaviour in Africa. Analysing empirical evidence and theoretical frameworks, the author evaluates the role of leaders in the failure of African globalisation and seeks to propose an initiative for change. As emphasis shifts from world control to regional and sub-regional control, the new face of globalisation offers an opportunity for Africa to grow and develop with a new leadership perspective. Presenting servant leadership as a solution to Africa’s global failures, this timely book explores the challenges of governance, resource management and regionalisation, and will be of value to anyone interested in the development of Africa as a continent.

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