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We live in complicated times all that we are and what we do is connected with everything that surrounds us, any action will cause a reaction and no matter how hard you try not to interfere in other people's lives it is totally impossible to do so.This book is about consequences about a person who may or may not be fragile in the mind, how every action will push our subject to the extremes, opening deep wounds and manipulating his paranoid ways. It shows how a simple smile can push a person gently through the day without hindrance from the usual problems that we all face, yet on the other hand just a misplaced word could cast our subject into a whirlpool of despair that will make the next twenty hours hell.There is a chain reaction in every second that we breathe, a knock on effect that like a domino run will continue rippling into the future colliding with unsuspecting victims, this is the our lives as we are all anchored to this earth and we are all interacting lost souls.The poet continues to explore the dark regions of our lives bringing the cockroaches into the open but for all the bad news in-between the chaotic verses there will always be a little hidden silver lining waiting to be found.

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Darren Hobson


and the interference that is poetry noise.

Dedicated to everyone who has connected with me and made my life a little brighter. Sorry for the continued fight with the demons.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich




And the interference that is poetry noise.

Copyright ©2020 Darren Hobson.


Who passes this point must have a strong heart and an open mind

There is anarchy in the verses and open scars to cure.


As this book is written by the poet Darren Hobson it is most likely to contain foul language that most adults use in their daily life, but when these fucking words are written down in a cunt of a book only then do these words become offensive. It is obviously not the poets intention to shock without a proper reason but as this poet is actually writing about real life and it’s daily dark dose of cruel reality then foul language will be generously sprinkled like parmesan on your warmed up overcooked dinners.






Geo is linked to the earth

The earth is our home

Everything we do has a consequence

All that we are is linked


It is a multitude of rusty chains

What comes around will go down

Every word or sigh or tear

Will be the start of your death sentence


We will all interact in some way or another

What I say here will be echoed through the corridors

Just saying it at the right pitch or tone

You don’t need to send a message by telephone


Like the planets that orbit the sun

Their paths are sophistically synchronised

If just one planet slows their rotation

The whole solar system will go up in flames


Just like me and a whole lot of yous

You are so dependent on what I do

Just waiting for the next literary surge

Satisfying every whim and complicated urge


We are linked up in the passages of time

To be free and independent would be a crime

It is a knock on effect like a domino run

Just a little touch and the damage is done


One earthquake in the southern hemisphere

Has a rippling effect on all the tectonic plates

Just another disaster will mist up the waters

Just like us humans when we make mistakes


Have you ever told a little white harmless lie?

Did you notice the snowball effect?

Before long that little fucker is out of control

How much time passed before you embraced regret?


This is the link between me and the geo,

This is what I observed when I was not watching

This is what it is like to be suffering an outpouring

Always complicated but never ever boring


Just like a little baby throwing out its toys

You are now subject to my poetry noise

I am mutilating words just for the hell of it

I will leave my footprint in your imprint.


Everything I say or I have done

Will be the outline of my death certificate

Every person I met I’ve stained their soul

Can’t undo it for it’s too late


Everything is linked from the moon to the tide

This is going to be one violent ride

All my energy and aura will rub off on you

You will be tainted when I am through


Don’t expect me to be all smiles and sweetness

You can’t judge a man just by his greatness

It’s about making a loud song and dance

It’s not about what’s in or out of your pants


This is a story and it’s a plague you will see

It is a legend and the start of being me

Let’s all link up and follow the chain gang

Saving our voices for the melodies we sang


By the camp fire

Carving our virus into the trees

Destroying everything that was great

It was all fault

All our graffiti


That was just great

That was with applause

That was just fantastic

That was gorgeous

Take the time to make a smile

Throw your attitude on the pile

Be the kid that you want to be

Just don't fuck with a cunt like me

That was just apocalyptic

That was with dirty claws

That was the way so drastic

What is mine is never yours

Take the time to make a friend

Say some bullshit to make it end

Be the cunt you need to be

Set yourself on fire be free

You’re are just so great

Knowing you was my mistake