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This book is not about what is good or what is bad, it's about how humans conform to their societies. Opening up to higher awareness changes perception. We then self actualize our own truth and our own way. I was once a slave to my own matrix codes. The brain is like a computer, it writes programs from external stimuli, then I followed from my conscious mind. This way we keep experiencing the same things every day, mundane. The glue to the third dimension of awareness is shame. This mental emotion stuffs out our personal power. The mind element is fire, lower it's frequency easily we shoot down our own dream. As long as the power-hungry can keep the masses in shame, keep citizens trying to avoid self embarrassment, they will keep control. Believe it or not, this system is falling apart. We are all moving to a higher awareness. Humanity is just following the rules, what seems normal because everybody is doing it, get in line to avoid not fitting in. TV and other popular media teach us what is reality. Anything outside of society's program, like certain groups, faiths, jobs, and religion are bad, scary or evil. This is why some try hard to fit in. I asked myself, why am I so ashamed? What do I do now since I am liberated? This book can help you move up to the 4th and higher dimensions of love, this is where love moves us to experience self-liberating experiences. Without Shame of self, we are left with unconditional love for who we are, no more self-judgment. When we fully express our light which is who we are, this will bring us good fortune, good health, wealth infinite abundance or whatever you can imagine.

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Mumin Goodwin

Follow The Crowd

The Unconscious Comfortzones

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Third Eye

The third eye or better yet the mind's eye is not a chakra, it is still an energy center. The mind is easily manipulated by flashing lights and images, such as sitting in a dark room like a movie theater. Images in magazines also affect our mind. Images are subtle lights, the third eye functions off of light, this is what comes out as site. Light is coming out of our eyes from the mind then returns back into the brain. The mind is what makes objects appear the way they are. These lights are taken into the mind, then the subconscious mind validates what is seen as truth. The conscious mind gives the subconscious mind info for programming. 


So TV (programs) can alter our perception. Now everything is even worse because of HD, more concentrated colors and lights for us to absorb. Sound and colors affect our moods. If my subconscious mind was programmed that I have to look flashy to get the type of girl that I want, if I do not come flashy no matter how hard I try, my vibes would repel her. Once I reprogrammed my subconscious mind that I can dress simple and still attract what I want, then my vibes will change. Where we are currently vibrating at is what we attract into our lives, our subconscious feelings about ourselves is where the power is stored. We may ask how come this person is experiencing that, no matter how hard I try I can't receive it.


Words like, I can't, when I, if, I wish, can affect us on a subconscious level. I fooled myself into thinking that something whitin me was still lacking. I onced allowed self-doubt to weaken my vibes, I onced stayed trapped in my old vibration of mental slavery.


That is because in that person's subconscious mind they feel worthy, they don't have doubts about their worth in their vibration. So they naturally attract or manifest what they want because everything is energy that is constantly in motion. If I say I want freedom, freedom has its own frequency. I had to match my vibes with the same frequency as freedom to slowly experience it. I realized that I had to perform and do things as if I was experiencing freedom now. I cut my hours, I lowered my rent, I stopped over spending. We must sackrafice certain things to do better.


We must act on our emotions, this is when our feelings are at its strongest, we slowly manifest change. This made me feel free then I began to have new ideas for my life. The man with the Benz frequency matches the car's vibration, He feels that he is worth it because of something that is great about him that is natural, this didn't mean that he did not have to push himself. Do the action.


I may have a smile on my face showing happiness, but my vibes are I am depressed and feel worthless, so I can only pull in things based on where my mood or vibes are at. If I subconsciously feel unattractive or unworthy of something, no matter how hard I try I would not experience it.


In order to reach a higher state of awareness, we must declutter all of the junk that is attached to our DNA. We have to take time to reprogram our own mind if we want to move past our self-limiting beliefs. This will give us our personal power back and move us out of our comfort zones. It is said that ye are gods and we are created in the image and likeness of the creator. The creator spoke and things came to be. We have the same power using our subconscious mind to create the reality that we want. Speaking and thoughts create things and situations, this is why it's said that negative thinking works against us, also be careful what you wish for, and be careful of what we say. 


Are we using positive words to create a new change in our lives, are we thinking of the things we want or focusing on the things we don't want? If you want wealth, prosperity, joy and happiness you must focus on a positive outlook, that is site. Can you see yourself in that position using your third eye, which is dedicated for our immagination. We must speak and do positive actions to get there too. This way our vibes change and pull in newer opportunities.



Self Acceptance

 Self Acceptance Is The Cure


If you can accept who you are, that is the gateway to self-love. Your Divinity.