Errors in Imaging - Haris Chrysikopoulos - ebook

Errors in Imaging ebook

Haris Chrysikopoulos

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This book offers a thorough, clear and practical guide to identifying, preventing and correcting any error or bias that may arise during the interpretation and reporting of medical images. It combines information and insights from the fields of radiology, expertise theory, cognitive psychology, and advanced learning practices with the author’s considerable clinical (radiologic) experience. In addition, the book features an extensive “Teaching Cases Section” that simulates real-world situations, giving readers an opportunity to practice what they have just learned.

The purpose of the book is to provide readers with essential information and strategies, and to point out the deficiencies of the current radiology education system, in order to minimize the occurrence and the clinical impact of Errors in Imaging by offering the proper education and training for imaging professionals.

It offers a valuable guide for diagnostic radiologists and all other imaging professionals, whether in training or in practice. Though the main emphasis is on computed tomography and magnetic resonance, the general principles are applicable to all conventional imaging modalities. 

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