Capital Markets and Investment Decision Making - Raj S. Dhankar - ebook

Capital Markets and Investment Decision Making ebook

Raj S. Dhankar

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This book discusses capital markets and investment decision-making, focusing on the globalisation of the world economy. It presents empirically tested results from Indian and Southwest Asian stock markets and offers valuable insights into the working of Indian capital markets. The book is divided into four parts: the first part examines capital-market operations, particularly clearance and settlement processes, and stock market operations. The second part then addresses the functioning of global markets and investment decisions; more specifically it explores calendar anomalies, dependencies, overreaction effect, causality effect and stock returns volatility in South Asia, U.S. and global stock markets as a whole. Part three covers issues relating to capital structure, values of firm and investment strategies. Lastly, part four discusses emerging issues in finance like behavioral finance, Islamic finance, and international financial reporting standards.

The book fills the gap in the existing finance literature and helps fund managers and individual investors make more accurate investment decisions.

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