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Build your own city ebook

Joachim Klang



This book addresses all LEGO enthusiasts from 6 years up who are looking for a real challenge: why not build a complete town out of LEGO bricks? After explaining basic techniques and simple models for younger kids this manual provides detailed step by step building instructions for all items necessary to build your own Lego City. From streets, cars, trucks, houses, bus stops, supermarkets, people and animals, trees and plants - a must have how-to manual to build a city using the bricks from your collection at home. Besides providing comprehensive explanations for building with LEGO bricks it also contains four more complex, larger and complicated projects: a helicopter, a racecar, a ship and a large truck.

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Joachim Klang · Oliver Albrecht

Build yourown City


For Falcon

For Jasmin

Thanks to some pioneers and revolutionaries, some of whom we know in person and admire:

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Our special thanks go to Lutz “El-Lutzo” Uhlmann for his support in preparing the construction instructions and the building of the models. Of course, we also thank the community for the programs with which to create building instructions.

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The authors


Tips, Tricks and Building Technique

Midi City

Caddy (Joe)

Car (Joe)

Police Car (Joe)

Cab (Joe)

Station Wagon (Joe)

Pickup (Joe)

Convertible (Joe)

Sedan (Joe)

Stretch Limousine (Joe)

Bus (Joe)

Digger (Lutz)

Truck (Joe)

Ambulance (Joe)

Fire Truck (Joe)

Tractor (Joe)

Forklift (Joe)

Dumper (Joe)

Container Carrier Truck (Joe + Lutz)

Container (Joe)

Cement Mixer (Lutz)

Plane (Joe)

Helicopter (Joe)

Fir (Joe)

Broadleaf Tree (Joe)

Steam Train (Olly)

Electric Locomotive (Joe)

Wagon (Joe)

House (Olly)

Department Store (Olly)

Professional Models

Cab (Joe)

Ferrari (Joe)

Convertible (Joe)

Truck (Joe)

Helicopter (Joe)

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