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Are Angels real, do they exist today? In this book you find answers you never dared to asked other believers. In his first book, Angels of the Lord, Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl takes his readers on a fascinating journey into the understanding of the realm of the angels of YHWH Echad. Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl covers fascinating topics detailing the origin, existence, and abode of angels, their names, ministry functions, duties, and the classification of angels, to name a few. As revealed by the Ruach HaKodesh, Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl describes in this book for the first time four different groups of worship angels creating so called fire tunnels for ministering deliverance and healing to the saints. Also described in depth for the first time in a book is when and how angels of YHWH Echad bless saints and ordinary people (Gen. 48:16). The revelations described in the book are backed up by real life angelic encounters and diverse angelic visitations alone or together as ministry team in his Ekklesia Consuming Fire & GFC in Cologne, Germany. Bible-based prayers at different parts of the book invite the reader to actively engage with these heavenly messengers of YHWH Echad to release protection, healings or blessings from the trading floors of heaven unto the heirs of Elohim according to the promise.

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The teaching course and both books are dedicated first and foremost to the glory of YHWH Echad. Without your salvation and the restoration of my life into chaim life, this School of Angels manual would not have been possible.

Special thanks to Kay Tolman and Jeff Jansen for believing in YHWH’s calling on my life and overshadowing in prayer and intercession my sonship so that I could mature more and more into Yeshua’s glory.

Special thanks to Kevin Basconi and Christine Pruitt for rapid help, their prayers, and for Kevin’s new training manual about angelic ministry so that I could include the revelations it contains in this school. Angels find everything that has been held up at customs or at post offices!

Special thanks also to the members and visitors of Ekklesia Consuming Fire & GFC Cologne, Germany. Your hunger and thirst for the deeper things of YHWH motivated me to search the scriptures, literature and revelations so that I could put together this manual and school. May angels be your fellow servants and friends!

A special thanks to Nicole Sametat, for inspiring discussions as well as shared journeys into the supernatural, meeting a lot of different angels in the heavens, the court- and council rooms.

Special thanks to Manfred and Janet Meyer for proofreading the manuscript, and helpful suggestions for the style and format of this book.

Let us all come into maturity and our calling to see awakening and revival in our meetings, in celebrating the moedim of the Lord, on the seven mountains of society, in cities, in regions and in the nations all over the world!

Heb. 6: 1-3: “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of the Mashiach, let us go on unto maturity; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgement. And this will we do, if God permits.”

Dr. Gunter Rappl, in the month of Adar II, 5776.

Manual and book finished August 31, 2016.

Cover design “Angel Wings” by an unknown artist. Image by Pixabay, public domain.


Prophet Jan Jansen, Global Fire Ministries (Jeff Jansen): “Awesome that you have written this Gunter! That is awesome! You just keep doing what you do!”

Pastor Kay Tolman, Restoration Gateway Ministries: “I’m very excited to review this material. Congratulations on completing it.”

Christine Pruitt, King of Glory Ministries International (Kevin Basconi): “Praise the Lord for this manual!”

Seer Justin Abraham, Company of Burning Hearts: “Very well done with your school. You did a very good job pulling all the information together.”

Seer Kathy Madden, Creative Blue Light Beings: “This manual contains many everlasting fruitful blessings for the reader.”

Commentary of a participant of the “School of Angels” in Portland, OR, USA in September 2016: “The September School of Angels by Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl was astounding. With great revelatory style, Gunter detailed the various types and functions of angels and encouraged us to look for them everywhere.”

A German Messianic leader/publisher: “The author has invested a lot of time to put together all the material about angels of YHWH Echad, which even I don’t know in detail. For persons not solid in English language, I can say, as soon as the book is available in German language, I would directly purchase and read it.”

A Personal note from the author: „Shortly before the submission of both books to the publisher my computer started to get problems with the windows and bios system. So through YHWH Echad‘s mercy and grace it was possible for me to backup up everything on my computer, before a computer specialist must delete all files on my harddrive so that my computer could run again with a new installed windows and bios system. I‘m so thankful to YHWH Echad that nothing of the material in both books was lost, so the body of the Mashiach can purchase, read and judge it.“

Proofreading of the manuscript: Manfred and Janet Meyer, Glory World Media, 46509 Xanten, Germany

Bible Versions

All Bible scripture used in this publication is mainly from the online King James Version of the Bible (2012), but I compared the Bible passages cited in this book with translations from other Bible versions, listed below. I used all the different Bible versions, the Bible Dictionary, or Hebrew and Greek Concordances by permission from the publishers.

My Bible on-line program with Bible versions: © 2012. By

King James Version, KJV with Apocrypha

Elberfelder 1905 with Strong’s Concordance

Schlachter 2000

Luther, new translation

Strong’s Concordance Hebrew © 1890. By James Strong, Madison, NJ.

Strong’s Concordance Greek © 1890. By James Strong, Madison, NJ.

Eastons Bible Dictionary © 1897. Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson.

Complete Jewish Bible © 1998. David H. Stern.

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Interlinear Bible for Old and New Testament © 2011. Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart.

Septuagint Bible in English © 1851. Samuel Bagster & Sons, Ltd., London.

Luther Bible with Apocrypha, new translation © 1999. Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart.

New International Version © 2011. Zondervan, USA

New Living Translation © 2016. Tyndale House Publishers, USA

Contents (Boot camp)




Basic understanding

Events in the history of the Ekklesia/Edah influencing the interaction with angels

Biblical Interaction with angels

Order in the army

The heavenly


first estate of angels

Minstry of angels vs


ministry of the Ruach HaKodesh

Angels vs



Characteristics of angels

Five ways to cultivate a discerning spirit


and prayers to receive freedom from deception

Statements about angels

Angels and men at community of Quram


a prototype for a NT ekklesia/edah

Angels and men co-laboring

Things that make angels angry or ground them



their functions and ranks

Ministry of angels (


functions all angels can do)

Comparison of angels and five fold ministry

Angels of




9 and five fold ministry

Activating angels, loosing them

The Angels of the


around YHWH Echad and Why are





The battle order of Israel and angels around YHWH Echad

Ten Orders of the Angels


Jewish Hierarchy


and The seven prophecies of


to Ezra

Twelve Orders of the Angels




Twelve Orders of the Angels

The two missing Orders of the Angels

Angels in the

Book of Gad the Seer

Angels in

The Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs

Angels in the

Apocalypse of Paul

Angels in the

Revelation of John


Prayers to activate angels


from Dead Sea scroll

War rules of Israel


Prayer to interact with angels and Prayer to recieve the gift of salvation

The Priestly Blessing


Are Angels real, do they exist today, are they minister to humans? In this book you find answers you never dared to asked other believers. I, Gunter, was in interaction with angels all the days of my life, often I didn‘t know it, praise YHWH Echad for his mercy and grace.

During my journey into Yeshua‘s freedom, YHWH Echad has developed in me the gift of discernment for His glory so I can discern different fallen angels and demons.

Last year I felt in my heart, that the Ruach HaKodesh spoke to me, to teach a school of angels in my ekklesia/edah and so I started to collect informations and got revelations by YHWH Echad and put them all together in the book, you hold in your hands now, and in book 2 of this series. During my hunger and thirst for deeper revelations about the angels of Yeshua, I realized, that I found more and more angels with specific names and functions, mentioned in the Bible or other jewish scriptures, including the apocryphal texts, not included in most of the “classical Bible versions.”

Now I think with this gift of discernment in me I have listed and described over 300 different angels in book 1 and 2 of this series, compared to the two or three normally known by believers, e. g. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. By the way, there are myriads of angels and archangels ministering under the rule and dominon of YHWH Echad, so even the number 300+ is only a small description of the whole angelic realm. But it is most important to discern angels correctly, as angels of the Lord or not, together with all the different functions angels of the Lord will help the believers in their walk of faith. The reason I believe that our God revealed the understanding of the angelic realm to me was my love, prayer and support for our roots, the good olive tree, the nation of Israel and my openness to trust the Ruach HaKodesh to lead me to apocryphal scriptures, where, like it is recommended for prophecies, you must test everything and to take hold of the good. My special thanks goes to Apostle Dale M. Sides for encouraging me to read apocryphal scripture. The angels of YHWH normally speak Hebrew language, but praise God, you can speak to them with your native language and they understand you, because in the training school of angels in heaven, they are taught the 70 languages of the first nations of the earth and so they can understand also dialects of these 70 languages.

Dear reader, as I learned to grow into the understanding of the angelic realm, I trust YHWH Echad, that you also grow into the discernment of them. So I hope you enjoy this book and apply everything you learn therein by the Ruach HaKodesh for YHWH‘s glory. “And don‘t forget, now is the season of the angels of YHWH Echad (Perry Stone, This Season of Angels, 2018).”

Shalom! Dr. Gunter Rappl, Apostle Ekklesia Consuming Fire & GFC Cologne, Germany.

School of Angelic Ministry (Boot camp)

Illustration: The Angel of the Lord (“Malakh Elohim,” e.g. here Chamuel [Pers. Rev. GR]) wrestling with Jacob (Gen. 32:24-25), by Gustave Dore. Dore’s English Bible, public domain.

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to them who shall be heirs of salvation? (Heb. 1:14).”


This teaching establishes a biblical foundation for the evidence for and ministry of angels:

Topics include:

Shadow type style: Rabbinic belief, Jewish Messianic belief, and book “Legends of the Jews.”


Names of God(YHWH Echad):

In this book the original hebrew names of the God of Israel (YHWH Echad) are used: Elohim Avinu as God the Father, Yeshua HaMashiach as the Son of the Living God, and Ruach HaKodesh as the Spirit/Breath of God.

Angels: Basic understanding




” [Gr.], “


” [Heb.]): “


,” “

one going



are mentioned in 17 OT and 17 NT books,

in total over 250 times in the Bible


The most reliable information about angels is found in the Bible


the most detailed information on them in the Apocrypha




Book of Jubilees


Books of Ezra


Gospel of Bartholomew


Revelation of Peter


Apocalypse of Paul


Book of Jashar

, etc.). The books of the


were written in the



temple period

and in

early Edah time

until 400 A.D.. Messianic bible teacher



Michael Heiser



2016 a great


(available as PDF download from his website)


that the


of the

NT knew OT Apocrypha


Legends of the Jews

: “Angels are generally divided (according to their assignments) into,

ministering angels


Malakhei Ha-Sharet

,” [Heb.]) and the

angels of praise





,” [Heb.]).”



there is an

angel assigned

: “For every


, for every


, for every




, for every


, for every


and for every

tectonic plate

(Proph. Ian Clayton, Realms of the Kingdom Vol. 2, 2016).” There is

a hierarchy


order among the angels

. “YHWH Echad commanded that all the angels should assemble in His presence,

each in his order

,” (

Apoc. Moses


Familiar angels

” are “




bloodline of one believer of


family line is cleansed

by the blood of Yeshua. Then,

familiar angels



Ruach HaKodesh

, so that

all other family members

, if they are

not saved yet


get saved

(see Acts 16:31).

Familiar angels

interact with YHWH Echad

of their

own initiative


petition Him for other angels to be dispatched



to the

family line


Why do we need to understand the ministry of Angels?



mankind should work together in the army of the Lord


2 Chron







[the angel


was sent by YHWH Echad as help for Israel, {GR}],

War Rules XII

, Dead Sea scrolls [instructions for Israel to go to battle]);

men is in hierarchy over angels


lower than God

, [Heb.] “


”) (see Ps. 8:5) (more about the hierarchy of mankind in relation to YHWH Echad and angels see “

order in the army


page 8


Two sides of interaction with angels


Satanic trap: Todd Bentley and “Emma O angel” at Lakeland revival 2006. Todd didn’t recognize fallen angel “of Japan mythology” (even mentioned in Wikipedia as goddess) masquerading as an angel of light at Lakeland revival 2006 (for angel of light see 2 Cor. 11:14, Apoc. Moses 17:2). The result was that Satan robbed a lot of the good godly fruits of this revival which had drawn worldwide attention because of unusual signs, wonders and miracles performed by the hand of YHWH Echad. Additionally Todd Bentley‘s ministry had to be restored by YHWH Echad after Lakeland revival of all things which went wrong there. (How to guard and deliver yourself against/from deception see page 16).

Ref.: Greg Crawford, Angels Helping Us Contend, 2013; Douglas Connelly, Angels Around Us, 1994

Events in the history of the Ekklesia/Edah influencing interaction with angels (I)

At the Council of Niceae around

300 A




Emperor Constantin set in order

state religion




not pastors

) (founded in


). He



structure of Ekklesia



and the “

five fold ministry

” and


t allowed some books

of Jewish origin, some are even mentioned in the Bible (like





to be considered inspired word of God

. Especially the three books of


teach a lot about angels and their ministry.

At 590 A



. Pope Gregory the great

banished the original

Solfeggio tones

” given by

YHWH Echad

to the

nation of Israel

, at the

times of David


for temple worship

, because “the intervals (the frequencies) were too Holy for the ears of man.” By the

year 1050 A






admitted to

losing 152

of the

original Solfeggios


by the early Edah

prior to Pope Gregory (Michael S. Tyrell, Wholetones: The Sound of Healing, 2014).

The worship angels (Zamarim) in heaven compose worship music with this “Solfeggio tones” (there are 12 main “Solfeggio frequencies”). The worship angelsplaying instruments, often made out of Cedar wood, like David made instruments of Cedar wood, which emit very warm and beautiful tones, sounding as well as delightfully aromatic. In addition there are 12 specific colors associated with the 12 main “Solfeggio tones,” supporting the effects of the worship music on the hearer/worshipper. The 12 main “Solfeggio tones” and their associated 12 colors are linked to the 12 tribes of Israel (Pers. Rev. GR, for more details see book 2). The archangel and his angel army which was comissioned by YHWH Echad to protect and guard a specific tribe of Israel is associated/ “drawn” with/ to the specific color and the specific “Solfeggio frequency” of the tribe (Pers. Rev. GR, for more details about angels and “Solfeggio frequencies”see book 2).

The “Solfeggio frequencies” are correlated with the numerical values of the hebrew letters of the furniture for the Tabernacle of YHWH and they are found in Numbers 7:12-83, Genesis (in the first chapters), the Psalms of David (Ps. 120-134, some say also in Ps. 135) and Joshua ch. 6 (Shir Le, Tabernacle Prayer Frequencies of Power, 2015; Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, 1999). YHWH Echad released through this worship music deliverance, restoration and healing into the hearers/worshippers because deliverance angels, angels of healing or angels of restoration (for more details about these angel groups see book 2 of this series) of YHWH Echad were activated by the music. Read for the scriptural proof of this statement in 1 Sam. 16:23: “When David played, the evil spirit left King Saul and his peace returned” (only angels of YHWH Echad can defeat evil spirits, [GR]). David’s playing was so effective that King Saul asked David’s father, Jesse, if David could stay in his service. It is written in the Bible that whenever an evil spirit tormented King Saul, David would play and the spirit would leave (because of angelic ministry of angels of HaShem El Israel, [GR]).

Tammy Sorenson published 2018 an instrumental CD with “Solfeggio frequencies” bringing specific healing to trauma. The “Solfeggio frequencies” which she used under inspiration of the Ruach HaKodesh are 396 Hz, 444 Hz, 528 Hz, and 741 Hz. These “Solfeggio frequencies” specifically activateSeraphim, Benai Elohim, Cherubim and Irim angels (Pers. Rev. GR).

Pers. Rev. GR

Events in the history of the Ekklesia/Edah influencing interaction with angels (II)

These four angel groups are especially responsible for bringing deliverance, healing and restoration to saints in body, soul, and spirit (Pers. Rev. GR). Praise YHWH Echad for the worldwide restoration of the usage of “Solfeggio frequencies” in the Edah of Yeshua (GR).