A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, Volume 3 - James Savage - ebook

A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, Volume 3 ebook

James Savage



A genealogical dictionary of our early colonists. Every volume shows three generations of those who came before 1692. Although more than a century has elapsed since the publication of this monumental work, it remains the standard to our day. We do not mean that new information has not been unearthed or that the work is free from errors, but Savage had just the peculiar qualifications necessary. He was so persistent in gathering data and so conservative in his use of them, that a statement made on his authority bears great weight. This work has the whole of New England for its field. This is volume 1, covering the surnames K - R.

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A Genealogical

Dictionary of the

First Settlers of

New England


Volume 3





A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, Volume 3, J. Savage

Jazzybee Verlag Jürgen Beck

86450 Altenmünster, Loschberg 9



ISBN: 9783849648893



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The text of this book is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 Unported. Details of this licence can be found under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/. The text is based on the content of the WeRelate project, where it can be found and used under the a.m. licence (http://www.werelate.org/wiki/Transcript:Savage%2C_James._Genealogical_Dictionary_of_the_First_Settlers_of_New_England).








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KATES. See Cates.


KATHERICK. See Carthrick.


KEAIS, SAMUEL, New Hampsh. m. 4 Feb. 1696, Mary, wid. of John Hoddy, had Samuel, b. 11 Apr. 1697; and William, 27 Aug. 1699.


KEATS, RICHARD, Boston 1677, bricklayer.


KEAYNE, BENJAMIN, Boston 1638, only s. of Robert, b. in London, came with his f. when his age was rat. perhaps two or more yrs. too low, freem. 6 Sept. 1639, ar. co. 1638, m. bef. 9 June 1639, Sarah, d. of Gov. Thomas Dudley, had only ch. Ann; liv. some short time at Lynn, was a maj. went home, in disgust with his w. a 1645, and repud. her; d. 1668. She had been disciplin. Nov. 1646 for irreg. prophesy. and was excom. in Oct. 1647, and sadly degrad. but was made the w. of one Pacey. Ann, wh. was well provid. for in will of gr.f. K. mak. the chief gent. here to assist his w. "to dispose of her for her future educ. unto some such wise and godly mistress or fam. where she may have her carnal disposition most of all subdu. and reform. by strict discipline; and also that they would show like care and assist. in seasona. time to provide some fit and godly match, proportiona. to her est. and condit. that she may live comforta. and be fit to do good in her place, and not to suffer her to be circumvent. or to cast away hers. upon some swagger. gent. or other, that will look more after the enjoy. what she hath, than live in the fear of God, and true love to her," m. 11 Dec. 1657, Edward Lane, a merch. from London, and, next, to Nicholas Paige; but she seems ill to have repaid the pious care of her gr.f. and a. 30 June 1704. Her gr.f. took care, that her mo. "Sarah Dudley, now Sarah Pacey, may have no part" of the prop. thus giv. to the d. The unhappy w. of K. d. Nov. 1659. See Winthrop I. 314 and II. 4. JOHN, Hingham, d. 14 Jan. 1650, of wh. no more is kn. but that his name appears sometimes Cane. ROBERT, Boston, merch. of the Merch. Taylors' comp. of London, came in the Defence, 1635, aged 40, with w. Ann, 38; and s. Benjamin, 16; perhaps, however, some of these yrs. are designedly wrong. In 1624 he had been one of the Undertakers, wh. encourag. the Plymouth Pilgrims, and of his pub. spirit no doubt can be felt by any wh. reads his will, begun 1 Aug. 1653, and for some yrs. extend. of h. a very short abstr. is seen in Geneal. Reg. VI. 89 and 152. He was freem. 25 May 1636, rep. 1638 and 9, one of the found. of ar. co. hav. been "train. up in milit. discip. from his younger yrs." in London Artill.; d. 23 Mar. 1656, and his wid. m. 16 Oct. 1660, Samuel Cole. WILLIAM, Boston, had w. Agnes, wh. join. the ch. 31 May 1646.


KEBY, or KEBBY. See Kibby.


KEDALL, KEDELL, or KEEDELL, is a strange name of two maids that m. very reput. at Watertown, viz. Mary, 11 Jan. 1655, Thomas Whitney; and Bethia, 3 Nov. 1666, Theophilus Phillips; and long and large inq. has been foil. as to their origin.


KEDEN, BENJAMIN, Boston 1661, serv. of Rice Jones.


KEELER, JOHN, Norwalk, s. of Ralph, m. 18 June 1678, Mehitable, d. of John Rockwell, had Elizabeth b. 19 Mar. 1679; John, 26 Dec. 1682; and, perhaps, others; was rep. 1698. RALPH, Hartford, had a lot in 1640, tho. not orig. propr. there had Rebecca, b. 9 Feb. 1651; and Elizabeth wh. may have been b. at Norwalk; beside an elder d. wh. m. Thomas Moorhouse, wh. was not nam. in the will of 20 Aug. 1672, when he calls his age 59 yrs. and the Ct. of pro. correct. the oversight in her favor. With the first sett. of Norwalk he plant. there, was freem. 1668, had John, Ralph, Samuel, and Jonah, wh. d. 1676; and d. 1672, betw. 20 Aug. and 10 Sept. He had m. Sarah, wid. of Henry Whelpley. RALPH, Norwalk, perhaps the eldest 8. of the preced. freem. 1675, had Sarah, wh. m. 7 Dec. 1702, Nathan Olmstead, as may be guess. from Hall, 194. Prob. he had other ch. SAMUEL, Norwalk, br. of the preced. was in the gr. Narragansett fight, 19 Dec. 1675, m. 10 Mar. 1682, Sarah, d. of Mark Sension, or St. John, had Samuel; and prob. more; was rep. 1701. WALTER, Norwalk 1651, perhaps a nonentity.


KEELEY, or KEILEY, EDWARD, New Haven, a propr. in 1685, may be he, wh. came from London, 1635, in the Hopewell, Capt. Bundocke, aged 14. In his will, of 27 Sept. 1690, is nam. no w. nor ch. but legacies of his small prop. are seen to Nathan Andrews and two others.


KEEN, or KEAN, ARTHUR, Boston, d. Mar. or Apr. 1687, his will being of 21 Mar. in that yr. pro. 14 Apr. foll. It ment. w. Jane, to wh. he gave all his est. for her life; s. John and d. Sarah Pierce, wh. was w. of William, m. 13 July 1666, equal sh. of remainder. JAMES, Braintree 1645, was capt. JOHN, Boston 1662, mariner, and in few yrs. innholder, may be that passeng. in the Confidence from Southampton, 1638, aged 17, with Martha, 60, wh. may have been his mo. Elizabeth Martha, Josias, and Sarah, prob. his br. and sis. JOSIAH, Duxbury, m. Hannah, d. of John Dingley, had John, b. 1661; Josiah; Matthew; and Hannah. The last m. 1695, Isaac Oldham of Scituate. WILLIAM, Salem 1638, of wh. Felt says, he had in that yr. a gr. of ld. and nobody else tells any thing.


KEENY, KENY, or KEENEY, ALEXANDER, Wethersfield, freem. 1667, d. 1680, leav. Alexander, 18; Thomas, and Sarah, tw. 16; Joseph, 14; Lydia, 11; Ebenezer, 8; and Richard, 6. His wid. Alice d. 1683. JOHN, New London, s. of William, freem. 1670, m. Oct. 1661, Sarah, d. of William Douglas, had Susanna, b. Sept. 1662; John, William, and Hannah. WILLIAM, Gloucester, by w. Agnes had Susanna; Mary; and John, b. a 1640; rem. to New London a. 1651; in 1662 was aged a. 61, and his w. 63; he d. 1675. Susanna m. Ralph Parker; and Mary m. Samuel Beebe. This name is not bec. Kinne.


KEEP, JOHN, Springfield 1660, freem. 1669, m. 31 Dec. 1663, Sarah Leonard, had Sarah, b. 1666; Elizabeth 1668, d. young; Samuel, 1670; Hannah, 1673; and Jabez, wh. was, with his mo. tak. by the Ind. 20 Mar. 1676, when the £ was k. as were the mo. and ch. soon after. The Commander of the forces on Conn. riv. Maj. Savage, in despatch of 28 Mar. tells the story. SAMUEL, Springfield, s. of the preced. m. 1696, Sarah Colton, had twelve ch.

KEESE, JOHN, Portsmouth, R. I. m. 18 Sept. 1682, Ann, d. of Shadrach Manton, had Alice, b. Aug. 1683; William, 26 Oct. 1685; Patience, 27 June 1690; John, 14 Mar. 1693; Shadrach, 5 Oct. 1695; Ann, 26 Oct. 1698; and he d. 10 Dec. 1700.


KERT, FRANCIS, Northampton, had come from the E. part of the Col. on serv. in Philip's war, was at the Falls fight, 19 May 1676; m. Hannah, d. of John French, had Francis, John, and, perhaps, Thomas.


KEETCH, JOHN, Boston, by w. Hannah had Mary, wh. d. 1 Jan. 1656, says the rec.


KEISAR. See Keysar.


KEITH, JAMES, first min. of Bridgewater, bred at one of the coll. in Aberdeen, came a. 1662, was ord. early in 1664, when he was under 21 yrs. a. 23 July 1719, in 76th yr. In the solemn induct. a part was born by Rev. Increase Mather, perhaps the youngest min. in the assemb.; yet in the Magn. III. 4, with heedlessness, strange even in Cotton Mather, his third classis, "of such MIN. as came over to N. E. after the reestabl. of the Episc. ch. gov." in Eng. among all the veterans is crowd. in our Keith; wh. might be less, could not be more than 18 yrs. Ever honor. should be his name for oppos. to the design of putting to d. the child of king Philip. His first w. was Susanna, prob. d. of deac. Samuel Edson, and his sec. 1707, was Mary Williams of Taunton, wid. of Thomas; and all his ch. were by the first. Of one d. as I presume, the m. is found at Taunton in the rec. of Jonathan Howard and Susanna K. 8 Jan. 1689. Progeny of his s. James, Joseph, Samuel, Timothy, John, and Josiah, is scatt. thro. most of the U. S. At Bridgewater alone in 1810, this name count. 200. Of his ds. Margaret m. a Hunt; and Mary m. Ephraim Howard. JAMES, Bridgewater, s. of the preced. by w. Mary had James, b. 1696; Mary, 1698; Gershom, 1701; Israel, 1703; Faithful, 1704; Esther, 1707; Jane, 1709; and Simeon, 1712; rem. to Mendon 1719. JOHN, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. 1711, Hannah, d. of Samuel Washburn, had John, b. 1712; James, 1716; Israel, 1719; Hannah, 1721; Kezia, 172.3; Daniel, 1725; Susanna, 1727; Zephaniah, 1730; Joseph; and Mary; and d. 1761. His wid. d. 1766. JOSEPH, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of Edward Fobes, had Ann, b. 1695; Susanna, 1697; Joseph, 1699; Jemima, 1701; Eleazer, 1703; Abigail, 1705; Ephraim, 1707; Ichabod, 1709; Martha, 1711; Mary, 1713; and Elizabeth 1716; was rep. 1726, and made his will 1730; and his wid. made hers 1759. JOSIAH, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. 1703, Mary, d. of Samuel Lothrop, had Margaret, b. 1704; Joseph, 1706; William, 1708; Mark, 1710; Sarah, 1712; Mary, 1714; Daniel, 1716; Jane; Silence; and Phebe; and rem.to Easton. SAMUEL, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. 1703, Bethia, d. of Edward Fobes, had Constant, b. 1703; Amos, 1705; Samuel, 1707; Bethia, 1710; Susanna, 1714; Ebenezer, 1716; Robert, 1718; Jane, 1720; and Benjamin, 1723, and d. 1750. TIMOTHY, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. 1710, Hannah, d. of Edward Fobes, had Timothy, b. 1711; Abiah, 1712; Nathan, 1714; and Hannah, 1718. His w. d. 1765; and he d. 1767, in 83d yr. says Mitchell, from whose work all of this fam. is tak. Four at Harv. and three at the other N. E. coll. had been gr. in 1829.


KELLEN, KILLIN, or KELLING, JAMES, Charlestown, m. 12 Dec. 1679, Hannah Trarice, perhaps d. of John, had James, b. 10 May foll. Samuel, 1 Oct. 1682; and Margaret, 25 Oct. 1684.


KELLOGG, DANIEL, Norwalk 1655, by first w. wh. is unkn. to us, bad Mary, b. 1663, wh. m. 1680, Joseph Platt of Milford; and Rachel, Feb. 1664, wh. m. Dec. 1684, Abraham Nichols; and he m. 1665, Bridget, d. of John Bouton, as sec. w. had Sarah, Feb. 1666, wh. m. not, as oft. said Daniel Brinsmead, but Caleb Nichols the sec.; Elizabeth Aug. 1668 (but I find confus. in Hall, 187), wh. d. young; Daniel, 7 May 1671; Samuel, Feb. 1674; Lydia, Apr.1676; Benjamin and Joseph, tw. Mar. 1678, of wh. Benjamin d. bef. Nov. 1703; was rep. 1670, and six of seven yrs. aft.; and d. 1688. DANIEL, Norwalk, eldest s. of the preced. had Daniel, b. 7 Mar. 1691; John, a 1701; Benjamin, 1704; Joanna, 1706; and Eliasaph, July 1709; and the f. d. that yr. Whetlier he had more than one w. or wh. was mo. of his ch. I find not. JOSEPH, Farmington, weaver, freem. 1654, had Elizabeth b. 3 Mar. 1651; Joseph, 11 Aug. 1653; Nathaniel, bapt. 29 Oct. 1654; wh. all d. young; John, bapt. 28, not. as print. in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 126, mak. it Monday, 29 Dec. 1656; and Martin; rem. 1659 to Boston, had Edward, b. 1 Oct. 1660, but next yr. sold his prop. in B. and went to Hadley; where his first w. Joanna d. 14 Sept. 1666, and he m. 9 May foll. Abigail, d. of Stephen Terry. Beside these ch. he had Samuel, 28 Sept. 1662; Joanna, 8 Dec. 1664, wh. m. 29 Nov. 1683, John Smith of H.; and Sarah, 27 Aug. 1666; all by first; and by sec. w. had Stephen, 9 Apr. 1668; Nathaniel, 8 Oct. 1669; Abigail, 9 Oct. 1671; Elizabeth Oct. 1673; Prudence, 14 Oct. 1675; Ebenezer, 22 Nov. 1677; Jonathan, 25 Dec. 1679; Daniel, 23 Mar. 1682, d. in 2 yrs.; Joseph, 12 May 1684; Daniel, again, 10 June 1686 and Ephraim, 1687, d. young. All the ds. were m. In the Falls fight he was a lieut. and command. the men of H. He d. 1707, then hav. of the twenty, fourteen adult ch. As they scatt. so much, I give the places of resid. of most of the eleven s. John, wh. had ten ch. by two ws. liv. at Hadley; Martin was at Hatfield, and Deerfield; Edward had nine ch. b. at Hadley, and then rem. to Brookfield; Samuel, sett. at Hartford, had nine ch.; Stephen, in Westfield, had eleven ch.; Nathaniel, at Hadley and Amherst, had eight or nine ch.; Ebenezer, and Jonathan sett. at Colchester; Joseph, wh. had no ch. and d. 9 Sept. 1724, was at Hatfield. Ano. JOSEPH, call. jr. was at Hadley in 1678, old eno. to take o. of fidel. in Feb. 1679. JOSEPH, Norwalk, s. of the first Daniel, m. 25 Nov. 1702, Sarah, d. of John Plum of Milford, had Elizabeth b. 5 Oct. 1703; Sarah, 5 Apr. 1706; Joseph, 26 Sept. 1707; Rachel, 15 July 1710; Hannah, 1 Aug. 1712; and his w. d. 17 Aug. foll. but the same page of Hall, in the next line, says he m. Mary, wid. of Andrew Lyon, on 17 Aug. 1712, nh. must be a mistake for; 10 Oct. and this was less than eight wks. aft. d. of first w.; and had David, 28 Sept. 1715; and Benjamin, 26 Sept. 1717; and d. a. 1721. MARTIN, Hatfield, s. of the first Joseph, m. 10 Dec. 1684, Ann, d. of Samuel Hinsdale, had Martin, b. 26 Oct. 1686; and Ann, 14 July 1689; by sec. w. Sarah, d. of the first John Dickinson of Hadley, wid. of Samuel Lane, had Joseph, 8 Nov. 1691; Joanna, 8 Feb. 1693; Rebecca, 22 Dec. 1695; and Jonathan, 17 Dec. 1698. He, with ch. Martin, Joseph, Joanna, and Rebecca, were tak. 29 Feb. 1704, by the Fr. and Ind. when they destroy. Deerfield (where he had liv. some yrs.) and carr. to Canada, and long kept. prison. but all came back, exc. Joanna, wh. m. an Lnd. ch. and bore him childr. NATHANIEL, Farmington 1653, prob. br. of Joseph, had been one of the sett. at Hartford 1640, tho. not orig. propr. had, w. Elizabeth but no ch. and d. aft. short resid. at F. From his will of 4 June 1657, giv. all his ho. and lds. at F. to w. for life, and aft. to his br. John K. and two m. sis. all dwel. in O. E. and order, that br. and sis. shall pay cous. i. e. neph. Joseph╒s three ch. £6. &c. my corresp. infer. as most sound. he might, that the fam. had an Eng. origin, rather than a Scotch one. This would correct the suggest. in Geneal. Reg. XII. 199, repeat. in XIV. 126. Even without inq. as to first com. we kn. that within the bounds of N. E. at the date of that will there could not be one Scottish family in two thousand. However, in the same Vol. XIV. 377, a more reasona. tradit. is offer. that the fam. was from Isle of Wight.  NATHANIEL, Hadley, s. of Joseph of the same, m. 28 June 1692, Sarah, d. of Samuel Boltwood, had Nathaniel, b. 22 Sept. 1693; Eleazer, 31 May 1695; Ezekiel, 15 Apr. 1697; Samuel, 4 Apr. 1699; Sarah, 12 Mar. 1701; Abigail, 19 Mar. 1703; Mary, 9 Mar. 1706; Ephraim, 2 Aug. 1709; and perhaps Experience; rem. to Amherst, and d. 30 Oct. 1750. SAMUEL, Hatfield, perhaps br. of first Joseph, m. 24 Nov. 1664, Sarah, wid. of Nathaniel Guno, a. of Robert Day, had Samuel, b. 1669; Nathaniel, 1671; Ebenezer, 1674; and Joseph, 1676, wh. was k. with his mo. 19 Sept. 1677 by the Ind. wh. carr. young Samuel off to Canada, whence he came back. He m. 1679, Sarah Root of Westfield, had John, b. 1680; and Thomas, 1681; nh. both d. at H. unm. over 70 yrs. of age; and Sarah, 1684. The elder s. Nathaniel, and Ebenezer sett. at Colchester, and perhaps, Samuel too. SAMUEL, Hartford, s. perhaps, of Joseph the first, m. 22 Sept. 1687, Sarah, d. of John Merrill, had Samuel, b. 1688; Margaret, Jan. 1690; Abraham, 1692; John, 16 Dec. 1694; Isaac, Jan. 1697; Jacob, 17 Apr. 1699; Benjamin, 1 Jan. 1702; Joseph, 13 Apr. 1703; and Daniel, Apr. 1706; was deac. and d. 1717. SAMUEL, Norwalk, s. of the first Daniel, m. 6 Sept. 1704, Sarah, d. of John Platt, had Sarah, b. 26 Sept. 1705; Samuel, 23 Dec. 1706; Mary, 29 Jan. or June 1709; Martin, 23 Mar. 1711; Abigail, 19 Jan. 1713; Lydia, 30 Oct. 1715; Gideon, 5 Dec. 1717; and Epenetus, 26 June 1719. STEPHEN, Westfield, s. of Joseph of Hadley, by w. Lydia had Lydia, b. 24 Jan. 1697; Moses, 26 Oct. 1700, d. young; Abigail, 27 Dec. 1702; Daniel, 16 Dec. 1704; Ephraim, 2 July 1707; Mercy, 30 Oct. 1709; Noah, 13 Feb. 1712; Silas, 7 Apr. 1714; Amos, 13 Sept. 1716; and d. 5 June 1722. Twenty of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at the N. E. coll. Large acco. of the descend. of Silas, fifth s. of Stephen bef. ment. wh. was the fifth s. of Joseph the first, may be seen in Geneal. Reg. XII. 202-6.


KELLOND, THOMAS, Boston, merch. recent. from Eng. had warrant, in May 1661, from our Gov. Endicot, for pursuit that was fruitless of the regicides, Whalley and Goffe; m. Abigail, d. of Capt. Thomas Hawkins, wid. of Samuel Moore, had Susanna, b. 21 Oct. 1665; John, 2 June 1667, d. young; John, again, 13 Feb. 1669, d. young; Thomas, 18 July 1670, d. young; Samuel, 11 Sept. 1671; Elizabeth 14 Aug. 1673; Thomas, again, 29 Aug. 1674; John, again, 15 June 1678; and Richard, 26 Sept. 1681; d. 12 July 1686, and his wid. m. third h. Hon. John Foster, wh. she outliv. 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 68,105 ; Hutch. 1. 243, 330; and Hutch. Coll. 334, where is the very curious docum. call. their return. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 6 Aug. 1687, d. soon; Elizabeth again, 5 Dec. 1689; Mary, 4 July 1697; and Thomas, 4 Mar. 1699.


KELLY, ABEL; Salem, freem. 2 June 1641, rem. to where I kn. not. BENJAMIN, a freem. of Mass. 1669, I can assign to no town with confid. DAVID, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had David, b. 18 Dec. 1647; and Samuel, 1653, and ano. Samuel, 9 Oct. 1657. He d. 1662, and his wid. Elizabeth had admin. the childr. being refer. to. She m. 4 Aug. 1663, Robert Smith. DAVID, Portsmouth, and Newbury, mariner, was, prob. s. of the preced. HENRY, Lancaster, was freem. 1668, if the printer have not mistak. the name, that, perhaps, was intend. for Kerley. JOHN, Newbury, among the first sett. came, says Coffin, from Newbury in Berks, 1635, had Sarah, b. 12 Feb. 1641; and John, 2 July 1642, d. 28 Dec. 1644. JOHN, Newbury, only s. of the preced. m. 25 May 1663, Sarah, d. of Richard Knight, had Richard, b. 28 Feb. 1666; John, 17 June 1668; Sarah, 1 Sept. 1670; Abiel, 12 Dec. 1672; Rebecca, 15 May 1675; Mary, 24 May 1678; Jonathan, 20 Mar. 1681; Joseph, 1 Dec. 1683; and Hannah, 17 Nov. 1686. He was freem. 1669, and d. 21 Mar. 1718. His s. John by his sec. w. Elizabeth Emery, beside seven other ch. had John, b. 8 Oct. 1697, liv. at Atkinson, d. 27 Apr. 1783, wh. was f. of Col. Moses, wh. d. 2 Aug. 1824, aged 86, and of Rev. William, H. C. 1767, first min. of Warner, and f. of John, the assid. secr. of the N. H. Hist. Soc. and Reg. of Prob. for Rockingham. A John K. was adm. freem. of Conn. 1658; but of his resid. I learn not. RENALD, or REGINALD, Pemaquid, took o. of fidel. 1674. ROGER, Isle of Shoals 1668, m. at Exeter, 29 Sept. 1681, Mary, d. of William Holdridge of Salisbury, was rep. at the first gen. Ct. in Boston says Farmer, under the new chart. 1692. Twelve of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at the N. E. coll.


KELSEY, DANIEL, s. of William, went to L. I. where the fam. name has spread. JOHN, Hartford, s. of William, freem. 1668, m. Phebe, d. of Nicholas Disbrow, rem. to Killingworth; was lieut. d. 1709, leav. w. Hannah, ch. John, Joseph, Josiah, and three ds. ws. of Joseph Wilcoxson, Nathaniel Parmelee, and John Lane. MARK, Windsor, not br. of the preced. m. 8 Mar. 1659, Rebecca Hoskins, had Rebecca, b. 2 Jan. foll. and John, wh. d. young. His w. d. 28 Aug. 1683, and within four mos. he took sec. w. Abigail Atwood, wh. d. 28 Mar. 1713. STEPHEN, Hartford, s. of William, m. 15 Nov. 1672, Hannah, eldest d. of John Ingersoll, first of Westfield, not "Higginson of Wethersfield," as Hinman, p. 151, says, and repeats, 261; had Hannah, b. 1675; Stephen, 20 Sept. 1677; John, 20 Jan. 1680; Daniel, 14 Sept. 1682; William, 19 Feb. 1685; James, 21 Aug. 1687; and Charles, 15 June 1692; and d. 30 Nov. 1710. WILLIAM, Cambridge 1632, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. to Hartford, thence, a. 1663, to Killingworth, but at H. the only ch. b. were Abigail, in Apr. 1645; Stephen, 7 Nov. 1647; and Daniel, Feb. 1650; but, no doubt, others were omit. in the rec. or were earlier b. at C. was rep. in 1671, when the rec. is Callsey, but oft it is Kelse, Kelso, Kelsea, Kelsa, or Kelsy. Ano. WILLIAM, of Hartford, by w. Abigail had Abigail, b. 1694; Jonathan, 1696; Ruth, 1698; and he d. that yr.




KEMBLE, or KEMBALL. See Kimball.


KEMPE, EDWARD, Dedham, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, prob. was of Wen- ham 1651, and aft. a blacksmith, and d. 17 Dec. 1668, at Chelmsford, to wh. he rem. 1655. His will of 27 Dec. preced. names only d. Esther, w. of Samuel Foster, and her s. Samuel, and his own kinsm. Samuel of Groton. ROBERT, Dedham 1639, adm. with w. of the ch. that yr. as was Esther on 6 Mar. 1646. SAMUEL, Billerica 1659, aft. prob. at Andover, and at Groton, where the fam. widely extend. by w. Sarah had Jonathan, b. 6 Apr. 1668; Mehitable, 4 Jan. 1673; and Bethia, 9 July 1683. WILLIAM, Duxbury, is call. in the custom ho. certif. from Southampton, Apr. 1635, a serv. passeng. in the James, arr. at Boston, 3 June foll. But I presume there is intentional carelessness in the number of passeng. and as Thomas Thacher is not nam. this man's name may be miscall.; had William; and d. Sept. 1641, leav. wid. Elizabeth admix. WILLIAM, Dover 1664, of wh. no more is kn. WILLIAM, Duxbury, s. of the first William, m. Patience, d. of Rev. Thomas Thacher.


KEMPSTER, DANIEL, Cambridge, freem. 1647. Abigail, perhaps his a. more prob. his w. d. 22 Oct. 1657. His will, of 27 Sept. 1665, pro. 2 Apr. 1667, names no w. nor ch.


KEMPTHORNE, DANIEL, Cambridge, is in the list of credit. of James Astwood "for keeping his sons," 1653. SIMON, Charlestown, perhaps s. of Daniel, m. Mary, d. of Robert Long, had Sarah, b. 1656, wh. d. 21 Oct. 1671. Early in July 1656 he brot. from Barbados, as master of the ship Swallow, two women, the first Quakers in this Col. for wh. he was blam. by the Court-of Assist. and he d. a. 1657. His wid. d. 14 Jan. 1675.


KEMPTON, EPHRAIM, Scituate, perhaps br. of Manasseh, is includ. in the list of those able to bear arms, 1643, with Ephraim jr. but his name is eras. bec. no doubt, he was too old or infirm, and he d. a May 1645. We kn. not when he came, but it was after 1627, as may clearly be infer. for he is not ment. in the div. of cattle that yr. EPHRAIM, Scituate, prob. s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 28 Jan. 1646, Joanna Rawlins, d. of Thomas, had Joanna, b. 29 Sept. 1647; Patience, 2 Oct. 1648, d. soon; Ephraim, 1 Oct. 1649; Manasseh, 1 Jan. 1652; and d. 1655. His wid. d. 31 Mar. next yr. Deane, 299, is deficient in dates. EPHRAIM, Boston, gunsmith, prob. s. of the preced., had rem. bef. 1677 to Salem, but, perhaps, aft. hav. there, by w. Mary, d. of John Reeves of S., Ephraim, b. 14 Nov. 1674; Kempton (if we can believe Essex Inst. II. 25) but I suppose his name was John, 1 Feb. 1676; and Samuel, 4 Mar. 1681; went to Plymouth late in life, and his s. of the same name m. 2 June 1702, Patience, d. of famous Elder Faunce; and his wid. is one of the instances, well authentica. (as very few are) of much exceed. 100 yrs. of age. Her memory was accurate, if not happy, for she saw the head of Philip, the gr. Ind. king, upon a pole at Plymouth, where it remain. over twenty yrs. from his fall, and said, that a wren used to make her nest in the skull, where she hatch. her young every yr. MANASSEH, Plymouth, one of the "old comers," prob. in the Ann, 1623, tho. the name in the div. of lds. is print. Faunce, stand. next to John F. but the infreq. bapt. name encourages this conject. and in the div. of cattle, 1627, he had sh. with Julian, his w. sis. of Gov. Bradford, wid. of George Morton; was rep. 1639, at the first assemb. in the Col. and for nine yrs. more; was one of the first purch. with Gov. B. of Dartmouth, and d. 14 Jan. 1663; and the rec. adds: "He did much good in his place, the time God lent him." His wid. d. 19 Feb. 1665, in 81st yr. See Russell's Guide to Plymouth, appx. XI.


KEN, ROBERT, Reading, among early sett.


KENDALL, FRANCIS, Woburn 1640, m. 24 Dec. 1644, Mary Tidd, had John, b. 2 July 1646; Thomas, 10 Jan. 1649; Mary, 20 Jan. 1651; Elizabeth 15 Jan. 1653; Hannah, 26 Jan. 1655; Rebecca, 2 Mar. 1657; Samuel, 8 Mar. 1659; Jacob, 25 Jan. 1661; and Abigail, 6 Apr. 1666; was freem. 1647; in 1700 sw. he was a. fourscore yrs. old. His w. d. 1705, and his will was pro. soon aft. his d. 1708. Mary m. Israel Read; Elizabeth m. James Pierce; Hannah m. William Green, as his sec. w.; Rebecca m. Joshua Eaton; and Abigail m. 24 May 1656, William Read. JACOB, Woburn, s. of the preced. m. 2 Jan. 1684, Persis Hayward, had Persis, b. 24 Aug. 1685; Jacob, 12 Jan. 1687; Joseph, 17 Dec. 1688; Jonathan, 2 Nov. 1690, d. very soon; Daniel, 23 Oct. 1691. His w. d. 19 Oct. 1694; and he m. 10 Jan. foll. Alice Temple, had Ebenezer, 9 Nov. 1695; John, 19 Jan. 1697; Sarah, 18 July 1698; Esther, 20 Nov. 1699; Hezekiah, 26 May 1701; Nathan, 12 Dec. 1702; Susanna, 27 Oct. 1704; Phebe, 19 Dec. 1706; David, 28 Sept. 1708; Ebenezer, again, 5 Apr. 1710; Alice, 31 Jan. 1712; Abraham, 26 Apr. 1712, accord. to the strange rec.; and Jacob, 22 Apr. 1714. JOHN, Cambridge 1647, d. 21 Mar. 1661. His d. Elizabeth m. 26 June 1647, Morris Somes of Gloucester. JOHN, Woburn, eldest ch. of Francis, m. 29 Jan. 1668, Hannah, d. of Thomas Bartlett, had Mary, b. 1 Sept. 1671; Lydia, 23 Apr. 1674; Francis, 4 Dec. 1678, d. soon. By sec. w. Elizabeth Comey, prob. d. of David, rh. 29 Mar. 1681, had Francis, again, 11 Apr. 1682; John, 7 Oct. 1684; David, 14 Nov. 1686; Elizabeth 23 Feb. 1689; Jonathan, 28 Nov. 1690; and Rebecca, 22 Mar. 1693; and he had third w. Eunice, wid. of Samuel Carter, d. of John Brooks. He was freem. 1678. ROBERT, Mass. 1640. Felt. SAMUEL, Woburn, s. of Francis, m. 13 Nov. 1683, Rebecca. d. of Isaac Mixer, had Samuel, b. 13 Aug. 1684; Isaac, 13 Sept. 1686; Joshua, 14 Mar. 1689; Rebecca, 6 July 1691, d. soon; and his w. d. 25 Oct. foll. He m. 30 Mar 1692, Mary, d. of William Locke, had Mary, b. 3 Feb. 1693; Rebecca, 26 Jan. 1693; Abigail, 31 Mar. 1697; Ebenezer, 16 May 1700; Ruth, 23 Apr. 1703; and Tabitha, 22 Jan. 1707; rem. to Lancaster, and his will, says Barry, was pro. 1749. THOMAS, Lynn, br. of Francis, freem. 1648, had one s. wh. d. young and ano. d. beside the eight foll.: Elizabeth b. 17 Feb. 1643; Rebecca, 10 Feb. 1645; Mary, 24 Dec. 1647; Hannah, 29 Jan. 1650; rem. to Reading, had Sarah, 22 June 1653; Abigail, 30 Nov. 1655; Susanna, 27 June 1658; and Tabitha, 5 Nov. 1660; was deac. and d. 22 July 1681. His wid. Rebecca d. 17 July 1703, aged 85. Rebecca m. 1665, James Boutell of R.; Mary m. Abraham Bryant; Hannah m. 13 Nov. 1667, a serg. whose name is lost to me; and Tabitha m. John Person. THOMAS, Woburn, s. of Francis, by w. Ruth, m. 1673, had Ruth, b. 17 Feb. 1675; Thomas, 19 May 1677; Mary, 27 Feb. 1680; Samuel, 29 Oct. 1682, f. of Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1731, of New Salem; Ralph, 4 May 1685; Eliezer, 16 Nov. 1687; Jabez, and Jane, tw. 10 Sept. 1692; and a s. d. at b. 16 Dec. 1695, and the w. d. two days aft. He m. sec. w. 30 Mar. 1696, Abigail Broughton, wh. d. 31 Dec. 1716, and he d. 25 May 1730. One of this name suffer. d. at Cambridge for the suppos. crime of witchcraft, acc. Hale, 18 and 19. In 1828 eight of this name had been gr. at Harv. and three at other N. E. coll.


KENNARD, JOHN, Haddam, a. 1674, m. Rebecca, d. of Jared Spencer of the same, and d. Feb. 1689, leav. John, 6 yrs. old; and Elizabeth 2. His wid. m. John Tanner.


KENNEDY, ALEXANDER, Plymouth, by w. Elizabeth had Hannah, b. 1678; Elizabeth 1682; Joanna, 1685; William, 1689; Sarah, 1693; Annable, 1698; and John, 1703. Descend. are at Middleborough.


KENNET, RICHARD, Boston, d. 1 Apr. 1693. His wid. Susanna had admin. I suppose he was an apothecary.


KENNICUT, ROGER, Malden, m. Nov. 1661, Joanna Sheperson, had Joanna, b. Jan.1664; Lydia, Jan. 1667; and John, Oct. 1669; was freem. 1670, but sold his est. 30 Jan. 1679, he and his w. then call. of Swanzey.


KENNISTON, or KINISTON, ALLEN, Salem 1638, or earlier, for Dorothy E. his w. is by Felt ment. 1636, but in 1638 a gr. of ld. was made to him, was freem. 18 May 1642, and d. 1648; his will, made 10 Nov. of that yr. was pro. in the mo. foll. CHRISTOPHER, Portsmouth, m. at Exeter, 4 Dec. 1677, Mary Mushamore. Perhaps he was s. of William. JOHN, Dover 1663, Greenland 1675, was k. by the Ind. and his ho. burn. 16 Apr. 1677. Belkn. I. 81. WILLIAM, Dover 1646-71.


KENNY, or KENNEY, ANDREW, Malden, by w. Elizabeth had Samuel, b. 28 Oct. 1690. DANIEL, Salem, s. of Thomas, b. w. Mary had Daniel, b. 19 Oct. 1705; HENRY, Salem, by w. Ann had John, b. Jan. 1651, bapt. Sept. 1654; Thomas, 1 Mar. 1655; Hannah, 2 Mar. 1657; Mary, b. May, bapt. 3 July 1659; Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1661, bapt. 29 June 1662; Elizabeth b. Dec. 1662; Lydia, Apr. 1666; and Henry, 1 May 1669. HENRY, Salem, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 14 May 1691, Priscilla Lewis, had Jemima, b. 14 Feb. 1693; Priscilla, 29 Oct. 1696; Dinah, 9 Dec. 1698; and Mary, 5 Apr. 1701. JOHN, Salem, had Hannah, bapt. 8 Mar. 1657, wh. prob. d. young, as his will names only w. Sarah; and he d. 1670, says Felt. JOHN, Salem, s. of Henry, m. 17 June 1675, Elizabeth Look, perhaps d. of Thomas, had John, b. 25 Mar. foll.; and Elizabeth 6 Feb. 1678; but by ano. w. perhaps, had John, 15 Aug. 1689; and Samuel, 26 Oct. 1691. RICHARD, New Hampsh. 1680. THOMAS, Salem, s. of Henry, m. 23 May 1677, Elizabeth Knight, possib. d. of Philip, had Thomas, b. 27 July 1678; Joseph, 7 Sept. 1680; Daniel, 23 July 1682; and Jonathan, 27 May 1686. WILLIAM, Gloucester, had rem. bef. 1652, to New London. Gloucester 1664. Gibbs.


KENRICK, KENERICK, oft. KENDRICK, CALEB, Boston 1652. ELIJAH, Cambridge, s. of John, m. Hannah, d. of deac. John Jackson of the same, had Margaret, b. 29 Jan. 1669; Hannah, 5 Aug. 1670; Ann, 3 July 1672; John, 7 July 1675; Elijah, 11 May 1678; and Ebenezer, 12 Feb. 1680; and d. 24 Dec. foll. His wid. m. 20 Jan. 1683, John Hyde. GEORGE, Scituate 1634, freem. 1635, join. the ch. with w. 9 Apr. 1637, had Deborah, bapt. 25 Nov. 1638, d. in few wks.; Joseph, b. Feb. 1640; was rep. 1642 and 4, rem. to Rehoboth 1645, says Deane, but more prob. to Boston, where is rec. the b. by w. Jane of Joseph; and Deborah, 16 Aug. 1646. His s. Isaac d. 13 Jan. 1676. JOHN, Boston 1639, adm. 11 Aug. of that yr. into the ch. so that he had come, prob. the former yr. if not earlier, and there is no slight reason to think he came with Mather in the James from Bristol, 1630; by w. Ann, sis. prob. of Robert Smith, from London, had Hannah, bapt. 9 Feb. 1640, wh. d. soon; John, 3 Oct. 1641; Elijah, 21 Jan. 1644, then six days old, d. soon; Elijah, again, or Elisha, as the false rec. has it, 18, bapt. 19 Oct. 1645; and Hannah, again, 20 Mar. 1652, wh. m. 10 Apr. 1674, Jonathan Metcalf. He liv. after 1652, when she sold his est. in Boston proper, in that part of B. call. Muddy riv. now Brookline, where his w. d. 15 Nov. 1656; but rem. 1658 to Cambridge vill. now Newton, there d. 29 Aug. 1686, aged 80, if we may reckon from his will of 21 Jan. 1684, call. hims. a. 78. His wid. Judith d. says Roxbury rec. 23 Aug. 1687. JOHN, Ipswich, or Rowley, m. 12 Nov. 1657, Lydia Cheny. JOHN, Newton, s. of John of Boston, by w. Esther had Mercy, b. 1 July 1673; Grace, 10 Sept. 1674; Maria, 28 Jan. 1676; Esther, 25 Sept. 1677; Sarah, 26 Feb. 1679; Hannah, 15 Dec. 1680; Ann, 4 Nov 1682; Abigail, 12 Nov. 1684; Mary; John, 6 Jan. 1690; Elizabeth 9 Feb. 1693; Caleb, 8 Mar. 1695; and Margaret, 15 Jan. 1697; of wh. all but Abigail and John are nam. with gr.s. John Lyon, in his will, made the yr. of his d. He serr. as selectman nine yrs. was freem. 1690, d. 30 Sept. 1721; and his wid. d. 1723, in 70th yr. He was ancest. of late John K. Esq. THOMAS, Rehoboth, m. 17 June 1681, Mary Perry, had Jehiel, b. 23 Mar. 1682; and Mary, 2 Jan. 1684. Some descend. make the first syl. end with d.


KENT, JAMES, Newbury, br. of Richard jr. freem. 1669, had only s. John, b. 1641, possib. in Eng. d. 12 Dec. 1681. JOHN, Dedham 1652, freem. 1654, but of wh. no more is learn. JOHN, Charlestown, by w. Hannah Grissell, wh. d. 9 Jan. 1696, had Hannah, b. 2 July 1667; Mary, 3 Feb. 1670; Joshua, 15 June, bapt. 7 July 1672, d. soon; Joshua, again, 5, bapt. 6 July 1673; Joseph, 13, bapt. 17 Oct. 1675; Samuel, 23 Mar. 1678, d. at 25 yrs.; Ebenezer, b. 18 Aug. 1680; and Lydia, 16 July 1683. JOHN, Newbury, s. of James, freem. 1669, m. 24 Feb. 1663, Mary Hobbs, had John, b. 8 Apr. 1665, d. soon; Sarah, 1 Aug. 1666, m. June 1696, Jacob Tappan; Mary, 10 Sept. 1668, wh. d. 17 Mar. 1703; Richard, 25 June 1670; Jane, wh. Mr. Coffin says, m. James Smith a. 1696; but I kn. not wh.. he was; John, 16 July 1675, d. under 28 yrs.; James, 3 Sept. 1679; and William, 31 July 1682, wh. d. at 20 yrs.; and he d. 30 Jan. 1718; in 77th yr. JOHN, Newbury, perhaps s. of Richard the first, m. 13 Mar. 1666, Sarah Woodman, had Sarah, b. 30 Aug. 1667; John, 23 Nov. 1668; Richard, 17 Jan. 1673; Mary, 24 Oct. 1674; Emma, 20 Apr. 1677; Hannah, 10 Sept. 1679; Judith; Rebecca, 20 Feb. 1685; and James, 5 Mar. 1687. Coffin says, Emma K. a wid. but of wh. is unkn. d. 10 Jan. 1677. JOHN, Suffield, s. of Samuel, m. 9 May 1686, Abigail, d. of William Dudley, had Mary, b. 26 Jan. 1686, d. in few wks.; John, 26 Jan. 1688; Abigail, 28 Sept. 1690; Deborah, 22 Aug. 1693; Dudley, 23 Oct. 1695; Mary, again, 29 Oct. 1697, d. soon; Daniel, 14 Dec. 1698; Abner, 7 June 1701; Elisha, 3 July 1704; and by sec. w. Abigail Wenchell, had Joseph, 26 Feb. 1710; Noah, 28 Apr. 1714; and Experience, 4 Mar. 1717; and d. 11 Apr. 1721, leav. wid. with those ten ch. of wh. Elisha, Y. C. 1729, was a min. whose s. Moses, Y. C. 1752, was f. of the Hon. James, LL. D. the disting. jurist, late Chancellor of N. Y. JOSEPH, Dedham, br. of John, as I guess from the equal bequests in the will of Elizabeth Hardier. See Geneal. Reg. XIII. 12. JOSEPH, Charlestown, s. of John, d. 30 May 1753, in 79th yr. as the gr.stone asserts, when he was prob. under 78. JOSHUA, Dedham 1643, prob. br. of first John, adm. of the ch. Nov. 1644, went home, and came again, 1645, bring. two brs. it is said, but, perhaps, only one; freem. 1646; by w. Mary had Lydia, b. 17, bapt. 28 Feb. 1647; went, with w. again to Eng. that yr. his reasons not well satisfy. his friends in the ch. but came, again, in Oct. 1648, prob. dishearten. by the convuls. of his nat. ld.; that yr. had Sarah, b. 27 Mar. bapt. 7 Apr. 1650; and Mary, bapt. 14 Dec. 1651. JOSEPH, New Hampsh. 1689. OLIVER, Dover 1648, d. a. 1670, leav. wid. Dorothy. RICHARD, Ipswich 1634, came that yr. with ano. of the same chr. and surname, perhaps a cous. in the Mary and John, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. with first sett. to Newbury 1635, left in Eng. Sarah, and other ds. of wh. one, Rebecca, had m. in Eng. Samuel Scallard, and aft. his d. she came, and, perhaps, brot. d. Mary, wh. m. 4 Dec. 1666, John Rolfe; and the mo. m. Oct. 1647, John Bishop; but here, says Coffin, he had John, b. 20 July 1645; and he d. 11 June 1654. RICHARD, Newbury 1635, came the yr. bef. in the Mary and John, br. of James, had w. Jane, wh. d. 26 June 1674, and he m. 6 Jan. 1675, Joanna, wid. of Nicholas Davison of Charlestown, and d. 25 Nov. 1689, without ch. but gave his est. to his neph. John. SAMUEL, Gloucester, perhaps s. of Thomas of the same, b. prob. in Eng. by w. Frances Woodall, as Babson gives the name, m. 17 Jan. 1655, had Sarah, b. 14 Aug. 1657; Mary, 19 Dec. 1658; Samuel, 26 Oct. 1661; and John, 28 Apr. 1664; was prob. of Brookfield 1673-5, Suffield 1678, and back again to G. freem. 1681; but the same yr. of Suffield then pt. of Springfield, there his w. d. 10 Aug. 1683, and he d. 2 Feb. 1691. SAMUEL, Suffield, s. of the preced. m. 1 Nov. 1683, Priscilla, d. of William Hunter, had Samuel, b. 8 Dec. 1685; Thomas, 3 Apr. 1688; John, 24 Aug. 1690, d. young; and Josiah, 1692; he m. 1696, sec. w. Martha, had Martha, wh. d. soon; as did her mo. and he m. 1700, third w. wid. Esther Phelps, had Martha, 1703; Daniel, and Mary, tw. 1704; beside two, Benjamin, and Priscilla, of whose date we hear not. He d. 1740, in his will of 1737 names the five surv. s. and three ds. STEPHEN, Newbury, br. of the first Richard, came, says Coffin, 1635; but if so, he went home, and came again 1638, in the Confidence from Southampton, with w. Margery, and four or five serv. In his case is observa. how readily the officers of the custom-ho. acquiesc. in false statem. to avoid the arbitra. orders of the Lords of Traae and Planta. for his age is mark. 17, that of his w. 16, and George March, serv. 16; beside Hugh March, 20; Anthony Sadler, 9; Nicholas Wallington, a poor boy, without any yrs.; and Rebecca Kent, 16, call. serv. perhaps to increase the delus. He was older, prob. for he was sw. a freem. 22 May 1639; had Elizabeth b. 1 Mar. 1642, d. at 11 yrs.; Hannah, 20 Mar. 1644; Stephen, 6 Mar. 1648; Rebecca, 3 Aug. 1650; David, 26 May 1657; and Mary. He had three ws. Ann, the sec. d. 3 May 1660; and he m. 9 May 1662, Eleanor, wid. of William Scadlock of Saco; and rem. to Haverhill, thence to Woodbridge, N. J. Hannah m. 19 Sept. 1669, Isaac Toppan, and d. 10 Dec. 1688; Rebecca m. 12 Aug. 1667, John Farnham the first of Andover. THOMAS, Gloucester 1643, d. 1 Apr. 1658; and his wid. d. 6 or 16 Oct. 1671. THOMAS, Gloucester, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 28 Mar. 1659, Joan, d. of Thomas Penny, had Thomas, b. 31 Mar. 1660; Mary, 22 Jan. 1662; Mercy, and Joan, tw. 24 Feb. 1665, d. both in 6 days; Joan, again, 5 Aug. 1666; and John, 2 Jan. 1677; was of Brookfield 1671, freem. 1690. WILLIAM, Boston 1662, m. Mary, wid. of John Mears; of ar. co. 1667, its ensign 1673, d. 9 July 1691. Seven of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and nine at other N. E. coll.


KERLEY, CARSLEY, or CARLSLY, EDMUND, of Ashmore, Co. Dorset, near Shaftsbury, husbandman, emb. in the Confidence, 24 Apr. 1638 aged 22, at Southampton; but we kn. no more of him. HENRY, Lancaster, s. of William, b. a. 1632, brot. prob. by his f. to Hingham, m. 2 Nov. 1654, Elizabeth d. of John White, had Henry, b. 1658; William, 1659; Joseph, 1669; and prob. other ch. freem. 1668; but in 1676, aft. his w. (a sis. of famous Mary Rowlandson, the w. of the min.) with the two last nam. ch. were k. by the Ind. 10 Feb. at the assault (in wh. Mrs. R. as she has relat. was tak.) he m. 18 Apr. 1676, Elizabeth how at Charlestown, went to Marlborough, and there spent the rest of his days, was a capt. and his depon. against Andros, 27 Dec. 1689, with Thomas How, is giv. in Revo. in N. E. Justif. 35. See Willard's Hist. of Lancaster, 27, 8, and 38. WILLIAM, Hingham 1637, of Sudbury a. 1641, rem. to Lancaster, freem. 1647; in his old age m. sec. w. 16 May 1664, Rebecca, wid. of Thomas Josselyn, and d. 14 July 1670, leav. William, and Henry, bef. ment. His will of 26 July 1669 adds nothing to our acquaint. with his fam. WILLIAM, Sudbury, eldest s. prob. of the preced. by wh. he was, perhaps, left in Eng. came in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, call. of Ashmore, with Edmund, bef. ment. wh. may have been uncle or br. rem. to Marlborough, freem. 1666; by w. Jane had Mary, b. at S. 4 May 1667; Sarah, 23 Jan. 1669; and Hannah, 8 Jan. 1671; was an ens. d. at Marlborough, 4 Jan. 1684. I suppose the name is mispr. Kerby in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 241.


KESKEYS, HENRY, Boston, by w. Ruth had Henry, b. 3 May 1656.


KETCHAM, EDWARD, Ipswich 1635, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, may reasona. be thot. progenit. of all of the name, in our country and therefore I regret the more that we are ign. of the circumstances of his migrat. and subseq. resid. By conject. it seems to me, that EDWARD of Stratford, wh. d. bef. 1678, was his s. whose d. Rebecca m. 14 Feb. 1678, Thomas Taylor of Norwalk. An Edward E. m. Mary, d. of Richard Harcutt, but prob. he was of L. I. yet may have been the Stratford man, wh. in his will of June 1655 names three ds. Mary, Hannah, and Esther. HENRY, Ipswich 1638, perhaps s. of the preced. JOHN, Ipswich 1648, prob. s. of Edward, rem. to that pt. of L. I. call. Setauket, now Brookhaven, constable, stood up for the jurisdict. of Conn. was honor. 1662, with a commiss. to make his neighb. swear, and rep. 1664. In 1668 he rem. to Newtown, there was a man of influence to his d. 1697. Riker, 89. JOSEPH, Norwalk 1672, possib. s. of the preced. or gr.s. of Edward, m. 3 Apr. 1679, Mercy, d. of deac. Henry Lindall of New Haven, had Nathaniel, b. 23 Jan. 1680; and Sarah, 19 Feb. 1672; was in town serv. 1701. SAMUEL, Newtown, L. I. 1655, prob. br. of John, was of Setauket, freem. of Conn. 1664, and with Edward, wh. may, also, have been br. at Huntington, 1672.


KETTLE, JAMES, Salem, s. of the first John, by w. Elizabeth had John, and Nathaniel, tw. b. 9 Dec. 1689, of wh. John, prob. d. soon; James, 27 Dec. 1691; Elizabeth 19 Jan. 1694; and John, again, 3 July 1696; JOHN, Gloucester, was in 1641, then a minor, charg. for breach of Sabbath & c.; by w. Elizabeth d. of the first William Allen of Salem, had John, b. 1654; William, 1656; Elizabeth b. 15 Feb. 1658; Mary, 5 Mar. 1660; Samuel, 2 Apr. 1662; and James, 20 Mar. 1665. He rem. and d. at Salem 12 Oct. 1685. Prob. from him is deriv. the name Kettle Cove at the adjoin. town of Manchester. JOHN, Charlestown, eldest s. of Richard of the same, was, perhaps, of Portsmouth 1663. He m. first, Sarah, d. of Edmund Goodenow, had John (wh. m. 11 Sept. 1688, Abigail, d. of Richard Austin, and d. at C. 17 Mar. 1691, aged 30); Sarah, b. in Sudbury, 8 Mar. 1663; and Joseph. He had a sec. w. Mr. Wyman says, Elizabeth d. of Samuel Ward the sec. wh. was carr. away from Lancaster in 1676, says Frothingham, 82; and by her had only Jonathan, b. at L. 24 Nov. 1670. JONATHAN, Charlestown 1677, youngest br. of the preced. m. 30 Mar. 1676, Abigail, d. of James Convers, wh. d. 25 Jan. 1691, aged 33, had Jonathan, b. 1677, wh. d. soon, and he d. 18 Dec. 1720. His other ch. Ann, b. 1679; Jonathan. 1681; and Abigail, 1684, were bapt. 29 Mar. 1685, when he join. to the ch.; and he had aft. James, 1686; and David, 1689, d. the same yr. JOSEPH, Charlestown, elder br. of the preced. freem. 1670, m. 5 July 1665, Hannah, d. of William Frothingham, had Hannah, wh. d. 26 June 1666; Hannah, again, d. 5 Sept. 1669; Richard, bapt. 1 May 1670; Esther, 29 Jan. 1671, d. 25 May 1678; Hannah, 27 Oct. 1672, d. young; Joseph, 31 Jan. 1675; Elizabeth 18 Mar. 1677, Esther, again, 13 Feb. 1679; William, 6 Feb. 1681; Mary, 25 Mar. 1683; Benjamin, 7 Sept. 1684; Rebecca, 7 Jan. 1687; and Hannah, again, 7 July 1689. His s. Richard d. 7 Dec. 1690; and his w. d. 15 Sept. 1693; he was chos. deac. 1695; m. for sec. w. Dorothy, wid. of Thomas Hett, wh. d. 11 Dec. 1710, in her 60th yr. and he d. 5 Apr. 1711. NATHANIEL, Charlestown, br. of the preced. by first w. Hannah, m. 13 June 1669, wh. d. 19 Nov. 1670, had only Nathaniel; m. 30 Oct. 1672, Hannah, d. of James Eidder, both unit. with the ch. 22 Mar. 1686, and on 29 of same had bapt. Nathaniel, James, Samuel, Hannah, and Sarah; Rebecca, 30 Jan. 1687; Rachel, b. 10,bapt. 14 Apr. 1689; Union, 15 Mar. 1691; and Richard, 10 Dec. 1693. He had three others, wh. d. bef. bapt. was one of the constables, 1690, and d. 1723. PETER, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 10, from London; but who can tell, whether he grew to manhood, where he liv. wh. he m. or when he d. ? RICHARD, Charlestown 1633, butcher, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, by w. Esther, d. of Samuel Ward, had Hannah, bapt. 29 Oct. 1637, m. 21 Jan. 1657, John Call; John, b. 6, bapt.8 Dec. 1639; Joseph, 15, bapt. 21 Feb. 1641; Samuel, 19 Nov. 1642; Nathaniel, 11 Oct. 1644; Jonathan, 1646. Perhaps we may doubt the ch. rec. of Budington, 247, of the date, 25 July 1633, giv. the. adm. of "Richard Kettle and Esther his w." as a modern interpolat. in its latter clause, bec. the Boston ch. rec. of 26 Jan. 1634 has this entry, "Esther Ward, our br. Atherton Hough's maid serv." for evid. of her adm. and the dism. on 17 July 1642 reads, "Our sis. Esther Ward, now w. to Richard Kettle of Charlestown hath letter of recommenda. gr. unto her to the ch. at C." Possib. he had two ws. nam. Esther, hut it is less prob. than that the Charlestown ch. rec. was enrich. with a postlimin. addit. It must always be rememb. that we have not orig. ch. rec. of early yrs. in either Boston or Charlestown ch. but only copies, made prob. betw. 1650 and 1670, of both. He was usually call. serg. and d. 28 June 1681, aged 71. Esther, his w. d. 2 or 5 July 1679. ROBERT, Gloucester 1653, perhaps br. of John, wh. was three yrs. older. SAMUEL, Charlestown, s. of Richard, m. 11 July 1665, Mercy Hayden, d. of James, wh. d. 19 Oct. 1692, aged 45; and he m. 3 May 1694, Mary, wid. of Nathaniel Frothingham, d. of Thomas Hett; and by the first had Mary, bapt. 1 May 1670, tho. b. 8 Oct. 1666; and Mercy, 18 May 1679; freem. 1670, was one of the tythingmen 1680, d. 20 Dec. 1694. His wid. d. 5 June 1710, aged 62 yrs.


KEY, JOHN, Dover, had James, tak. a. 1690 by the Ind. and soon k. Magn. VII. 69. But he and ano. John, call. jr. perhaps his s. were prison. from Piscataqua, at Quebec, 1695.


KEYES, ELIAS, Sudbury, s. of Robert, m. 11 Sept. 1665, Sarah, d. of John Blandford, had Elias, b. 15 Nov. 1666; James, 13 Sept. 1670; Sarah, 11 Apr. 1673; and Thomas, 8 Feb. 1675; perhaps, also, John. PETER, Sudbury, perhaps s. of Robert, by w. Elizabeth had, prob. John, b. 1664, wh. was one of the fanned. of the ch. at Shrewsbury; and, perhaps. others, bef. or aft. Esther, 12 Feb. 1668. ROBERT, Watertown 1633, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 26 May 1633; Rebecca, 17 Mar. 1638; Mary, 17 June 1639, d. soon; Mary, again, Feb. 1642, d. soon; Elias, 20 May 1643, bef. ment. rem. to Newbury, there had Mary, again, 16 June 1645, may have ret. to Watertown, perhaps had Peter, and others; and he d. 16 July 1647. His wid. m. Nov. 1658, John Gage; Mary m. 16 Feb. 1664, Benjamin Cady of Andover. SOLOMON, Newbury, m. 2 Oct. 1653, Frances Grant, had Hannah, b. 12 Sept. 1654; Sarah, 24 Aug. 1656; Mary, 26 Sept. 1658; Jane, 20 Oct. 1650; and Judith, 16 Sept. 1662; rem. to Chelmsford, there he had Solomon, bapt. 25 June 1665; and was tythingman 1679. His d. Jane m. 17 May 1680, Samuel Cleveland. His gr.s. Solomon was disting. by personal courage, as is seen at Lovewell's fight, in Hoyt's Antiq. Researches, 218, 274; and he was k. 8 Sept. 1755, when the Fr. and Ind. under Baron Dieskau were defeat. Five of this name had, in 1826, been gr. at Dart. Sometimes it was writ. as sound. Kies.


KEYSAN, or KEZAN, JOHN, Haverhill, m. Hannah, a. of John Davis of Dover, but date, or other partic. is unkn.


KEYSER, KEAZER, or KEASUR, ELIZUR, Lynn, s. of George, m. 9 Dec. 1679, Mary Collins, had Sarah, b. 6 Dec. 1686. GEORGE, Lynn, a tanner, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, rem. to Salem, m. Elizabeth d. of Edward Holyoke, had Elizur; George, b. May 1657; and Edward, 20 June 1659. His w. d. 24 June 1659, and the last ch. foll. in Nov. aft.; and he d. 1676, or by ano. acco. Sept. 1690, aged 73. Elizur foll. the same trade. JOHN, Haverhill 1682, a tanner, s. of George, took o. of fidel. 28 Nov. 1677, had s. John,George, and Timothy. THOMAS, Lynn 1638, perhaps br. of George, by w. Mary, had Rebecca, b. Nov. 1640; and Thomas, both bapt. 15 June 1645, in her own right, when the girl is call. a. 4 yrs. and 7 mos. and the boy 2 yrs. and 5 wks.; Timothy, bapt. 15 Feb. 1646, a. 5 days old, at Boston, where he was merch. and shipmaster, act. that yr. in both capacit. on the detesta. voyage to Africa for steal. nat. See Winthrop II. 243, 379.


KIRBY, KIRBE, or KIRBEE, ARTHUR, Salem, fisherman, or mariner, by w. Abigail, d. of William Ager of the same, had Abigail, b. 4 Jan. 1659; Arthur, 6 Jan. 1661; William, wh. d. 14 Sept. 1661; and, perhaps, tw. Mary; tho. she is not on town rec. yet the rec. of ch. has "Mary, William, Abigail, wh. d. 3 Oct. 1662, and Arthur, childr. of Abigail Kippins, bapt. 13 Apr. 1662;" but, perhaps, the name of this last ch. may be on the town rec. Elizabeth Other ch. were Elizabeth 12 May 1662, Joseph, also on both rec. the town for b. mark. 23 Feb. but not the yr. and the ch. for bapt. giv. 23 May 1666; and the same has Hannah, 23 Aug. 1668, while that of the town has among b. Hannah, 28 June 1669; Sarah, 31 May 1670; and Jerusha, 19 Apr. 1672. Errors are easi. found in rec. of the elder days; but it is not necessary in this case to charge wrong on either town or ch. He prob. d. early in 1685, for his inv. is of 29 June. EDWARD, Boston 1645, a sawyer, liv. at Muddy riv. had Reuben, bapt. 30 June 1653; and Elizabeth b. 27 Jan. bapt. 4 Mar. 1655, both at Roxbury, in right of their mo. Mary, a sis. of the ch. at B. wh. she join. 29 Nov. 1645, says the rec. and had bapt. on 30th James, a. 32 yrs. old, and Elisha, a. 10 mos. 10 days. Morse adds to these four more, as, prob. Joshua; Rebecca, 1 May 1657; Edward; and, perhaps, Hannah. His wid. Grizzle had admin. 15 Aug. 1661. One Rachel K. d. at Dorchester 16 July 1657. ELISHA, Salem, m. 12 Dec. 1667, Rachel Cook, had John, b. 1 Feb. 1668; Edward, 2 Feb. 1670; Elisha, 28 Mar. 1673, d. young; and James, 27 Dec. 1675; rem. to Enfield 1682, then pt. of Springfield, had Isaac, the first male ch. in E. b. 21 Mar. 1683; and Rachel, 17 Apr. 1688; and he may have had others bef. He d. 3 Apr. 1735, and tradit. with its aptness to exagger. made him 97; but, in 1693, he calls hims. a. "48 yrs." Perhaps he was s. of the preced. or of the foll. HENRY, Dorchester, tailor, freem. 18 May 1642, ar. co. 1644, d. 10 July or Aug. 1661. JAMES, Dorchester, s. of Edward, rem. to Cambridge, by w. Hannah had Mary, b. 1668; Ann, 1670; James, 1674; and Elizabeth b. 13, bapt. 14 Aug. 1681. But this last was by sec. w. Sarah, d. of Andrew Stephenson, m. 23 Oct. 1679 as wid. of John Lowden. JOSEPH, Salem, m. Abigail, d. of William Anger. JOSHUA, Sherborn, by Morse, the autocrat of S. regard. as s. of Edward, m. 24 May 1688, at Woburn, Mary Comy, d. of David, had Edward; Sarah, b. 1708; and Joshua, 2 June 1712. His w. d. 9 July foll. and he d. 1731. WILLIAM, Hull 1642.


KIDBY, JOHN, Duxbury 1640. LEWIS, Boston 1640, fisherman.


KIDD, JAMES, Dover 1657, took o. of fidel. 30 Nov. 1677; was of Exeter 1688.