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Ailie Baumann



The picture of God as a loving father may for some be a puzzle especially given that religion has painted God as a diety similar to Zeus waiting on the edge of his seat to raid a shower of lightning bolts to put us in our place.Or, we want to believe that God is indeed an incredible God of love yet, we wonder if he really loves us or sees us as worthy. However, God even in his majesty and might is a God of lavish love whose heart is turned towards you in devotion.For this purpose, I created 31 Days of Psalms - Revealing God's Heart. I wanted to draw you, the reader, into a deeper understanding of God's lavish love towards you, and the truth that he is intricately involved in the everyday moments of your life.Here you will find thirty-one Psalms and verses to meditate on and include in your daily time with God. In many ways, it is akin to a devotional book. Join me and a variety of other passionate Jesus writers as we explore the book of Psalms together.

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Ailie Baumann

31 Days of Psalms

Revealing God's Heart

This book is dedicated to all who are looking to dive deeper into God's heart and experience the depths of his love for them. A special thanks to all the writers who joined me in making this ebook a reality. Thank you for your hard work and time spent praying and writing with me. BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich



31 Days of Psalms

Revealing the Heart of God



Ailie Baumann

And a variety of Jesus loving writers





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This book is dedicated to all who are longing to know the heart of God as a loving and good Father. May you find yourself encountering more of his heart and goodness each day of your life.





Contents 5

Introduction 7

Day 1: He is an accessible Father – Psalm 84 10

Day 2: Strength and Peace to You - Psalm 29 13

Day 3: God is our refuge and city - Psalm 46 16

Day 4: You are seen and known – Psalm 139 20

Day 5: Confidence is found in God - Psalm 18 23

Day 6: Fashioned Heart - God Gave You One - Psalm 33 26

Day 7: Moments to breathe and just be - Psalm 131:1-2 29

Day 8: 5 Prayers to Add to Your Daily Prayer Life - Psalm 51 34

Day 9: Taste and See God's Goodness - Psalm 34 37

Day 10: Broken Fragrant Offering - Psalm 66 40

Day 11: A Promise to Those Who Wait – Psalm 40 43

Day 12: Social Media: A Biblical View - Psalm 73 47

Day 13: Favor is a gift from God - Psalm 75 52

Day 14: The good shepherd is with you even when you just want to run away - Psalm 23 56

Day 15: Family goes beyond the biological - Psalm 68 61

Day 16: Help me, God! I'm drowning - Psalm 121 64

Day 17: Steadfast heart - Daddy God you steady my heart – Psalm 57 68

Day 18: Angry God or a God of Love - Psalm 144 71

Day 19: Twin Oaks - Psalm 1 74

Day 20: Trust is the application of faith - Psalm 28 76

Day 21: God is my protector and shield - Psalm 91 79

Day 22: God is in the waiting - Psalm 27 82

Day 23: Is God Enough For You - Psalm 16 85

Day 24: God is so mindful of us - Psalm 8 88

Day 25: The King is enthralled by your beauty - Psalm 45 92

Day 26: All-sufficiency of God - Psalm 104 94

Day 27: Finding God through prayer - Psalm 61 97

Day 28: Inheritance not fear - Psalm 112 100

Day 29: Testimony invites God to do it again - Psalm 105 103


Day 30: You are the temple of God – Psalm 132 106

Day 31: Praise Him - Psalm 150 109

Annexure – Take your love for Psalms further 112

Conclusion 115






The heart of God remains a mystery to be explored for all who know him and love him. The unending waves of his love continue to wash over his people, turning them into the Bride of Christ with not a single spot or blemish. He washes us white as snow. He peels away the layers around our hearts that have been formed over the years due to circumstances, hurts, and wounds.


His love and heart bring us into an encounter with the Heart of a Father who is love, mercy, grace, and goodness. To know him is to know him is to know love.


Many of us encounter his Father’s heart at least once in our lives and perhaps life gets in the way of us living aware of his heart. At times we lose sight of his heart before he draws us back again. Yes, he draws us back. He always has and always will.


Regardless of where we come from, what we have done, or what we have gone through, God is the one who fully accepts us and loves us no matter what. He loves our imperfections, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. They make us unique. They make us who we are.


Religion dictates to us the importance of striving to be perfect thus earning God’s love. Yet, this is furthest from the Father’s truth. His love is a gift given to you to be unwrapped.


How do you enjoy a gift if you don’t unwrap it? In the unwrapping, a mess is made. Think of how you tore through the wrapping paper around your presents when you were a kid. In blissful glee, you tore through that paper in the excitement of seeing what was hidden inside. The joy of finding your heart’s wishes and desires met or seeing how the giver knew what you liked and wanted filled your heart with thrills. "Look what I got" you may have shouted excitedly to whoever was around to hear and see.


God’s heart and love are the same for us. A gift worth unwrapping no matter the pieces of paper and chaos around us. He wants us to dive deep into his heart and love so we can find ourselves in him and our heart's desires met.


For this purpose, God laid on my heart to create a series called 31 Days of Psalms - Revealing the Heart of God. I wanted to dive into Psalms to give you a glimpse into his heart from a variety of perspectives. I wanted to give you a small collection of Psalms that you could read in those moments when you need reassurance, encouragement, hope, and strength.


In order to do this, I asked other passionate Jesus writers if they could collaborate with me in writing this series of blog posts to be later made into this ebook. I was blessed by the variety of different voices the Lord brought into my life and together we formed the content you are about to read.


My prayer is that you would encounter more of God’s heart and love towards you and other areas of your life. Considering this series ran in the month of December, you will find a couple of the Psalms are laced with a Christmas undertone. However, you can still experience God through this book and these Psalms at any time of the year.


Without any further delay, I invite you to join me in reading 31 Days of Psalms – Revealing the Heart of God.



Ailie Baumann



Day 1: He is an accessible Father – Psalm 84


Psalm 84 has got to be my all-time favorite Psalm. I want to highlight one of the best verses in this Psalm:


For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.Psalm 84: 11


He sees the small things


I have never been great at asking for things or voicing my needs. I can think of a few reasons to justify myself and am sure that if you were to hear them you may agree with me. Still, that’s not the point. The point is that I don’t struggle to voice myself and my heart to the Lord, I struggle to receive from him, and I doubt that he really hears me or will answer.


When life throws one curveball after the other, it easily begins to emphasize the view that God is not on my side or he is withholding from me. In my head, I know the truth, but, for some reason, truth hasn’t penetrated into the very essence of who I am.


That was until one day when I was talking to God and sharing my heart with him. I had a vision where I could see these letters falling out of the sky and forming a book just before they landed in my lap. When I asked God what this meant, he replied “They are my love letters to you. I know that you desire love letters so I am giving you some to read anytime you want to.”


A lump of emotion rose in my throat as I fought back tears. God saw. He knew, and he replied. My heavenly daddy answered something so simple yet so important in a beautiful way. It didn't matter that the letters were a vision.


He is a good father


God withholds no good thing from us. Jesus has made us blameless in God's eyes. We get to live in the finished work of the cross. Thus, we are the beneficiaries of our heavenly Father’s protection, favor, honor and lavish provision.


It’s unconditional love poured out every moment of every single day whether we are asleep or awake. God is saturating us in his presence. We get to walk in his favor and honor. He opens each door in our lives at the right timing, ushering us deeper into his plans and purposes for our lives. Our interactions with others are laced with favor and honor because he has given it to us.


God may have given me love letters that day but the rest of my days since then have been laced with his favor, honor, love, provision, and protection. God is for us. He does more than meet our basic needs, he allows us to have every good thing.


This will look different for each of us. For you, it may be making a new friend who shares your heart and values. It may be protection during an awkward situation which turned out better than you hoped. Or, it may be God opening an unexpected door for much-needed finances.


Through it all, he doesn’t withhold himself from you. He doesn’t withhold his love, acceptance, affirmation, appreciation, etc from you. You can access him today right where you are.


What are some of the ways that God has shown you how much he provides for you?




Day 2: Strength and Peace to You - Psalm 29


The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.Psalm 29:11


I love a good thunderstorm. The sound of thunder echoing overhead, the flashes of lightning, and wind sweeping my curtains in systematic rhythm. Sometimes, thunderstorms carry with them an intense presence of God, and I am acutely aware of what is happening in the supernatural realm. My heart leaps with excitement. Other times, a peace stills my heart as I lay in my bed or on my sofa snuggled under a warm blanket.


The seasons of life


Life can often mimic the rainy seasons. We have times in our lives where things seem to be sunshine and roses until the thunderclouds roll in, and the sun seems to all but fade into oblivion. We begin to wonder where the silver lining is as circumstances threaten to be greater than the very God that we serve.


In these moments, I find myself nestled in the presence of God as though he is wrapping me up in a blanket. Peace floods my heart while His strength begins to pulse through my veins like currents of electricity charging me up with a supernatural strength to persevere and push through to my breakthrough.


He is a powerful and majestic God


Psalm 29 talks about the power and majesty of God. It reminds us that God is bigger than any storm we could face whether it’s a physical thunderstorm or a spiritual storm. God is bigger. He promises us strength and peace. This is our portion, our inheritance.


The storms of life are not permitted to rob us of our strength or peace. No, we hold onto them with every fiber of our being while waving boldly at the face of our storm in an act of faith and defiance. An act that boldly proclaims “my God is greater and my breakthrough is coming”.


In the midst of the storms, our testimony rises as we allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen us daily. His strength and peace see us through as we hold onto the truth of who he claims to be.


We hold steadfast to all the evidence in our lives that prove him to be a faithful God. He never forsakes his people. As their advocate, champion-defender, and shield, he swoops in with all wisdom and might.


Our God is always on our side. He is for us, not against us. He lowers the mountains and raises the valleys to make our paths straight.


Strength and peace to you


Today, no matter your storm, God is giving you a new strength and a greater peace. A deeper level of effectiveness is resting on your prayers and praise.


Engage with your storm in obedience to the Lord’s guidance and prompting. Rest and peace bring a greater level of authority.


I will leave you with this thought. Only a third of the angels fell, the rest of heaven is on your side. We are cheered on by the remaining two-thirds of the angels, God, and the cloud of witnesses. You are not alone.



Day 3: God is our refuge and city - Psalm 46


A few weeks ago my daughter was sick to her stomach and crying from the pain. There is nothing like watching your child experience any sort of pain to make you feel helpless. As a mother, I hated seeing my child in pain knowing there was nothing I could do to help her or to take that pain away. I felt so useless.