The Mysteries of Eden - Petri Luosto - ebook

The Mysteries of Eden ebook

Petri Luosto

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In this book the story which started in Cassandra and the Unknown World, continues. The colonists continue exploring the environment and they make discoveries which will change their lives forever. This book also has an essay on the embryo space colonization in the end of the book.

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Class 1


Cassandra, an astrobiologist, long blond hairs, blue eyes, athletic body

Hera, The Manager of the Colony, dark hair, blue eyes, slim

Penthesilea, a soldier, dark skin, large, dark hair, dark eyes and well trained body

Hippolyta, The Leader of the Soldiers, blond hair and green eyes

Iphito, a soldier, Asiatic appearance

Aegea, a soldier, brown hair and blue eyes

Otrera, a soldier, very blond hair, eyes dark and light brown


Themis, a farmer

Rhea, a farmer

Phoebe, a farmer

Tethys, a farmer

Theia, a farmer

Ariadne, a toxicologist, biochemist, short, thin, dark hair and blue eyes

Erigone, a biochemist

Brizo, a biochemist

Manto, a biochemist

Theonoe, a biochemist

Arachne, an engineer, red hair, blue eyes, short and sturdy

Cyane, a mechanist

Daphne, a mechanist

Dryope, a mechanist

Arge, a mechanist

Aceso, a doctor and a biologist, Asiatic appearance

Artemis, a doctor and a biologist, dark hair, green eyes and pale skin

Gaia, a geographer, dark hair and green eyes


Zeus, The Manager of the Colony, light brown hair, blue eyes, sturdy

Achilles, a soldier, blond hair and blue eyes

Heracles, The Leader of the Soldiers, dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, the strongest person

Theseus, a soldier, amber coloured eyes and brown hair

Hector, a soldier, dark hair, blue eyes

Jason, a soldier, Asiatic appearance

Iapetus, a farmer

Cronus, a farmer

Coeus, a farmer

Oceanus, a farmer

Hyperion, a farmer

Dionysos, a biochemist

Icarius, a biochemist

Laocoon, a biochemist, dark hair, pale skin and dark eyes

Mopsus, a biochemist

Telemus, a biochemist

Daedalus, an engineer

Aristobulus, a mechanist

Philon, a mechanist

Dinocrates, a mechanist

Metagenes, a mechanist

Asclepius, a doctor and a biologist, blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin

Paeon, a doctor and biologist, dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin

Eratosthenes, a geographer, light brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin

Orpheus, a dead astrobiologist

Mr. Silva, a tracked robot for exploration

Class 2


Hebe, an administrator, dark hair and dark eyes, slender

Hypatia, an astrobiologist, medium size, blue eyes, brown hair

Olympia, a soldier

Thessalonica, a soldier

Atalanta, a soldier, red hair and brown eyes, medium size, no sense of humour

Enyo, a soldier

Alexia, a soldier

Artemisia, a farmer

Amaranta, a farmer

Celandine, a farmer

Diantha, a farmer

Klytie, a farmer

Agamede, a biochemist

Melina, a biochemist

Natasa, a biochemist

Oinone, a biochemist

Theodora, a biochemist

Theano, an engineer, red hair, blue eyes, short

Amaltheia, a mechanist

Erika, a mechanist

Kalypso, a mechanist

Zenovia, a mechanist

Agnodike, a doctor

Aspasia, a doctor

Demeter, a geographer and a geologist


Hephaistos, blond hair and blue eyes, an administrator

Pedanius, an astrobiologist, tall, pale skin, red hair, blue eyes

Alexander, a soldier

Cleitus, a soldier

Ptolemaios, a tall soldier with blonde hair

Lysimakhus, a soldier

Seleucus, a soldier

Crysanthos, a farmer

Hyakinthos, a farmer

Pan, a farmer

Georgios, a farmer

Yiorgos, a farmer

Bion, a biochemist

Athamus, a biochemist

Arsenios, a biochemist

Podarge, a biochemist

Kosmos, a biochemist

Epimachus, an engineer, dark hair and green eyes

Diades, a mechanist

Gorgus, a mechanist

Meton, a mechanist

Harpalus, a mechanist

Machaon, a doctor

Pean, a doctor

Strabo, a geographer and a geologist

Vidarr, a fugitive, brown hair and blue eyes, medium size, athletic

Dino, Vidarr´s old mentor

Skanda, the kaptaur Emperor

Raktavija, the Empress Saityr´s cousin

Brynhildr, a tall blonde spearwomen

Afkar, a dark-haired small woman with a bow

Canute, a blonde and muscular swordsman

Kaupi, Afkar´s friend

Borgijid, a nomadic tribe

Todgunj, a nomad female chief, blue eyes, black hair, tall

Dursamj, an old nomad shaman man, white hair

Avarga, a nomad Borgijid, Todgunj s enforcer, blue eyes and black hair

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Vidarr

Chapter 2, Cassandra

Chapter 3, Hebe

Chapter 4, Vidarr

Chapter 5, Cassandra

Chapter 6, Hebe

Chapter 7, Vidarr

Chapter 8, Cassandra

Chapter 9, Hebe

Chapter 10, Vidarr

Chapter 11, Cassandra

Chapter 12, Hebe

Chapter 13, Vidarr

Chapter 14, Cassandra

Chapter 15, Hebe

Chapter 16, Vidarr

Chapter 17, Cassandra

Chapter 18, Hebe

Chapter 19, Vidarr

Chapter 20, Cassandra

Chapter 21, Hebe

Chapter 22, Vidarr

Chapter 23, Cassandra

Chapter 24, Hebe

Chapter 25, Vidarr

Chapter 26, Cassandra

Chapter 27, Hebe

Chapter 28, Vidarr

Chapter 29, Cassandra

Chapter 30, Hebe

An Essay on the Colonizing Distant Planets using the Embryo Space Colonization

1. Detecting a suitable Planet close enough

2. The designing the Spacecraft, building it and the price of the Spacecraft

3. The Journey of the Spacecraft from Earth to the Target Planet

4. Arriving to the Target Planet

5. Possible bottlenecks: Autonomous Robotics

6. Possible Bottlenecks: Artificial Wombs and Raising the Children

7. Possible Bottlenecks: The Computers which can be Operational for Millennia

8. Possible Bottlenecks: The Supply of Energy, Resources and Food

9. Biological Questions

10. Ethical Questions


Chapter 1, Vidarr

Vidarr looked at the silent and dark forest. He was around 30 years old human male, who had brown hair and blue eyes. His height was medium and he had an athletic body. He was trained to move very silently in the forest and avoid any attention. That ability has helped him moving a lot in both forest and in the city.

Vidarr remembered his youth in the large cities ruled by the kaptaurs, quadruped sentient animals who have head of a lizard, two hands and who speak with hissing voice. The kaptaurs rule this world. According to that they can treat people as they see fit. According to the old kaptaur legends humans came there because they were meant to be the servants of the kaptaurs. Humans arrived hundreds of years ago but no one exactly knows how that happened. At that time the world was much more anarchic because small states waged wars against each other.

Somehow during the last 100 years one kaptaur Chieftain, Skanda was able to unify the small kaptaur states in the one massive nation. Skanda is known to have hundreds of descendants and he has a massive harem of kaptaur mares as well. The most unbelievable thing is that Skanda is still alive and he is around 120 years old. At that age one can say that Skanda is the eldest kaptaur ever because the kaptaurs rarely live over 80 years old. No one outside the Imperial Palace really knows about Skanda´s health but it is known that he is still alive.

After his conquest Skanda gave large fiefs to his relatives and offspring. Now his family the most powerful landowner family in the massive Kaptaur Empire. It is known that many relatives are both greedy and ruthless Kaptaurs. If Skanda dies the result will most likely be a brutal civil war between his relatives and offspring.

Vidarr thinks that this is why his relatives in different fiefs exploit both humans and their kaptaur servants. Vidarr knows that Skanda will die sooner or later and then his relatives will decide through military force that who is going to be his successor. There are some legalistic kaptaur sects that are trying to create clear laws of inheritance but powerful kaptaur nobles are trying to block their reforms because that will reduce their power.

Bloody lizards. Vidarr is more interested to fight against the Kaptaur oppression on humans than the internal intrigues of the kaptaur Empire. However, he knows that the political development of the kaptaur Empire will be a reality that he must not ignore because some kaptaur nobles hate humans while other nobles seek to cooperate humans in order to gain from them. Humans do have significant power in many cities as merchants, artisans and moneylenders. According to the kaptaur laws kaptaurs should not lend money from other kaptaurs, but there are no laws that would ban humans lending money.

The economic power that humans have also creates oppression and banditry from the kaptaur citizens. Some kaptaur nobles allow that with impunity while others try to prevent that using harsh measures. The most important issue is how the kaptaur nobles see humans. Using humans as scapegoats is an easy way to pacify the kaptaur rabble but it will also force humans to move at the cities owned by the kaptaur nobles how treat humans better and humans will help to develop those cities.

Humans are the second class citizens in this society and they do not have much rights. Only secret societies defend the rights of the humans and their methods vary a lot. The kaptaur nobility would most likely wipe out those secret societies if they could because they are the only way how humans can defend their rights. There are conspiracy theories among the kaptaurs that inpractice humans run the mighty Kaptaur Empire. If that is true then why would humans allow the oppression on humans inside the Empire, Vidarr thought.

Vidarr knew all of this because he has spent most of this childhood in many kaptaur cities and castles. The kaptaurs often banished his family and other because after they were robbed. The only property that they were allowed to have was that they could carry. Vidarr felt that this was very unfair because humans have worked hard to have that property which was confiscated by the kaptaur nobility.

Skanda´s central government was too weak to prevent the power of the kaptaur nobility. The kaptaur nobles saw their own rights on their fiefs as permanent powers and they didn´t want to yield those powers. It was very likely that any attempt to change those powers would lead to the civil war that Skanda couldn´t win. Even though Skanda was the Emperor among the kaptaur his power on domestic matters was very limited. The kaptaur nobles were forced to give him troops for his wars but otherwise they ruled their fiefs very independently.

According to that it is the kaptaur nobility that runs the Empire in practice, not Skanda. It also means that the members of the kaptaur high nobility are not responsible for anyone. However, the kaptaur religion forbids to kill helpless and innocent and those rules are also applied on humans as well.

In practice, the kaptaur religion is polytheistic and they have 13 main gods and goddesses. In addition to that they have a large number of minor gods and other mythological beings. Usually kaptaurs take their religion very seriously because they think that upsetting the gods would not be very wise. They believe that the gods will reward from good deeds and punish from evil deeds. It is another thing to consider what do kaptaurs mean by good and bad things.

Suddenly Vidarr heard a loud snap in the forest. Someone and some people were nearby. If the approaching person does not make any noise, then it is good reason to assume that the person is hostile. Vidarr quickly took his sword, bow and quiver with 20 arrows. He hid himself quickly and decided to wait. He wonders who was trying to stalk him and he knew that the stalker was most likely hostile. His best bet was to surprise and defeat the stalker.

Vidarr was quickly covered by a bush. Luckily for him, his camouflage cloth made him difficult to see in the dark forest. Vidarr waited patiently inside the bush and he wanted to see what was going to happen. If he was lucky the stalkers won´t notice him and just go past the bush. That would be the best for him but if they get too close then he must surprise them with a sneak attack.

Vidarr assumed that the stalkers are kaptaurs who want to kill him. He expected that there were from 2 to 4 kaptaurs. It seems to be that at least one of them is a kaptaur that can either read tracks on the ground and did smell his presence. The best kaptaurs can do both of those very well. If he does have such a tracker stalking him then he would be in serious troubles because there would also be couple of soldiers covering him.

Another possibility is that kaptaurs do have dogs with them but Vidarr haven´t heard any barking at all. The dogs are better trackers than the best kaptaurs but they cannot move silently. Their barking will attract a lot of attention. Because of that Vidarr was certain that there were no dogs and there was only couple of kaptaurs tracking him. He knew that with a surprise advantage he will be able to kill 3 or 4 kaptaurs because forest isn´t their natural environment. As quadrupled beings with lizard heads, kaptaurs favour open clearings and on the plains they can see possible threats from kilometre away.

The dark forest is completely different environment and it requires time and patience. The experienced kaptaur trackers do have the skill to move in the forests and to forage food from the forest. They often move in the forest with couple other kaptaurs and they can hunt in the forest quite well. That kind of small groups can live from the forest and earn their annual income as well from the forest.

Sometimes these hunter groups may do surprising discoveries. According to one legend, a group of hunters found some metallic monsters far in the north and then these monsters killed most of the hunters. However, one hunter escaped and reached his home village. Soon afterwards the same monsters attacked this village and killed most of local inhabitants. They didn´t neither humans or kaptaurs. The legend said that this incident happened about 20 years ago.

Just couple of humans and kaptaurs escaped that village but people generally were very sceptical on them and that tale. The village was in the very remote location and no one had any interest sending a crew to investigate that area. The terrain was very difficult to travel and it was also considered as a worthless periphery.

Suddenly Vidarr saw the first kaptaur coming in his sight. He wondered if there was three or four kaptaurs. The group of five was probably too much because when the group size increased it was also more likely that the group would make noise. The first kaptaur had a light leather armour which gave little protection for the body and he had a leather helmet on his head with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. That kaptaur carried a bow and a sword as his weapons. Vidarr knew that he could kill this kaptaur if he would hit his head by his bow. It seemed to be that this kaptaur was the tracker of the group and he was quite vigilant. Vidarr thought that it would not be wise to shoot at him when he didn´t know the positions of the other members of that group. If he would shoot and kill the tracker, then it would warn the other members of the group and they would most likely take cover.

Vidarr thought that he should be cautious and allow the whole group to come at the distance of couple of dozen metres when he could use his bow to kill them rapidly. He knew that he should eliminate the whole group as fast as possible and then as fast as he can because there might be another group of kaptaurs nearby. It is possible that the smell of blood might attract local predators as well.

Vidarr noticed that in the behind there were two other kaptaurs. One of them was very large one with a spear and a shield. Another had a bow and a sword. Both of them had also leather armour. Vidarr evaluated that the kaptaurs with bows were the most dangerous enemies because they could shoot back. He knew that he would have the element of surprise and it means that in couple of seconds he could shoot two well aimed arrows which could kill the kaptaurs with bows.

Vidarr took his bow and aimed carefully at the kaptaur he thought was the tracker. He aimed at the kaptaur s head and shot an arrow which hit the kaptaur on his head killing him instantly. In a second Vidarr had another arrow in his hand. At the same time the alive kaptaur with his bow realized where did the arrow come and was shooting his arrow at that direction. Vidarr was faster and he shot another arrow at this kaptaur´s head. However, the kaptaur was able to shoot his arrow and it did hit a tree from 20 centimetres from Vidarr. That was a pretty good shot from a dying kaptaur, Vidarr thought. If he wouldn´t have killed this kaptaur then he would have hit me, Vidarr realized.

Now Vidarr realized that the leader of these kaptaurs was rushing towards him. He had a shield covering his head and he wielded his spear at Vidarr. This kaptaur was too close that Vidarr could shoot at him and Vidarr did quickly wield his sword. Kaptaur ran towards Vidarr aiming to impale him with his spear. However, Vidarr was able to avoid that attack.

Vidarr´s response was to swing his sword at the kaptaur but he blocked the blow with his shield. Then both Vidarr and the kaptaur withdrew a bit and they were ready for new blows and blockings. Both of them stared each other in a bloodthirsty manner ready for the killing blow.

The kaptaur was able to hit first but again Vidarr avoided the blow and this time he was able to cut the spear in two pieces by his sword. The kaptaur tried to hit Vidarr with his shield at the face. However, the blow hit Vidarr at his left arm and it only bruised Vidarr.

This time Vidarr again did swing his sword which, was in his right hand, at the kaptaur and was able to hit at the kaptaur´s stomach. The kaptaur yelled loudly and hissed: “Murderer! You murdered my lord and massshter. I will feed you to the beassshtsssh of this foresssht!”

Kaptaur´s defence was open after Vidarr blow and he was able to hit the kaptaur again. This time he did hit the kaptaur at the neck killing him instantly. Vidarr felt sorry for the kaptaurs but he knew these kaptaurs were good trackers and they made one mistake which was fatal. One of them stepped on the branch and that warned Vidarr. Of course Vidarr killed their master, Raktavija. Raktavija was one of those kaptaur lords who treated humans very badly and did kill them when he saw that necessary.

Vidarr quickly inspected the bodies of the dead kaptaurs. He found a letter from their leader that was written on their own language. Luckily for Vidarr he was able to understand that language very well. The message on the letter was following:

“Dear Radzavara, we have interrogated humans for Raktavija´s murder and we have found out that the person behind this murder was a famous assassin called the “Ghost of Night”. It is likely that he got this mission from the local human secret society which is known as “Sword and Shield”. Raktavija has executed about one hundred rebelling humans and did confiscate their property because they lend him money with interest.

That secret society was pissed off because of those justified executions and they contacted the Ghost of Night to assassinate Raktavija. We have arrested members of that society and we assume that the Ghost of Night is sheltered by Mr. Meili Kenning. He lives outside the city and his house is a good safe house because it is so close to forest.

If the Ghost of Night did live Kenning´s house, then try to find out where did he go and hunt him down using a small group. The most optimal group size would be one very good tracker and two capable warriors. Several small groups like this would be the optimal way to hunt him down and kill him than one larger group because there is so much land to cover. Good hunting! Remember that the Empress Saityr will pay well to eliminate the human who killed her cousin.

Ganusa Vektohara, The Chief of Raktavija´s Personal Guard”

Vidarr was the Ghost of Night. He was a famous assassin who had killed those kaptaurs who have killed humans and confiscated their property. Raktavija´s family have got their castle because Raktavija was a cousin of Emperor Skanda´s favourite wife the Empress Saityr. It was likely that Saityr and her relatives persuaded Skanda to give fiefs to Raktavija and some other Saityr´s relatives.

Vidarr knew Radzavara by name and now he knew that he killed a highly competent hunter. It seems to be that Radzavara and his group underestimated Vidarr and for that mistake they paid the ultimate price. Luckily Vidarr was aware of their presence and realized their potential threat. Vidarr´s quick reactions saved his life.

It was worrying that Radzavara´s group isn´t the only group which hunts Vidarr in the dark forest. This group was able to track down Vidarr for journey of tens of kilometres and it is likely that Kenning gave a pretty good description of Vidarr so that the kaptaurs can look for him, identify him and then kill him.

Vidarr assumed that Saityr, the favourite wife of the Emperor Skanda wants Vidarr to die. The kaptaurs do not know Vidarr´s real name because he didn´t tell that to Kenning. It means that the relatives of Vidarr are safe because they cannot identify him by name. However, it will be difficult for Vidarr to move unnoticed in the kaptaur cities because Saityr´s agents will do everything to catch him and then they will execute him. Vidarr expected that his description will be known throughout the Skanda´s empire and for some time that empire will be too dangerous place for him.

In practice, it means that Vidarr had to forage food from the forest. Luckily for him he does have knowledge and training to do that. He would also need a place to rest and to be safe. Places like that are not near the Kaptaur empire and Vidarr knew that he must to travel further from the Kaptaur empire. The question is to that where should he travel?

Vidarr is north from the Kaptaur empire. There are some scattered villages that are internally independent but they will pay tribute to the nobles of the Kaptaur empire. Some of those nobles hate the Saityr´s upstart family but they hate humans who kill kaptaurs even more. If they could capture Vidarr then they would deliver Vidarr in chains as a gesture of good will towards Skanda. This would mean death to Vidarr because Saityr would want to execute him.

Vidarr had no real chances to stay here. Vidarr knew that if they would identify him then he would be in big trouble. When Vidarr accepted the contract to assassinate Raktavija he assumed that he could kill Raktavija in a way that no one would notice that.

Vidarr found out that Raktavija´s dear hobby was hunting. In addition to that Raktavija usually hunted alone in the forest. Vidarr assumed that Raktavija would again hunt alone. He shot an arrow at Raktavija. Vidarr shot that arrow from cover and surprised Raktavija. The first arrow didn´t kill him and he was able to yell help. Vidarr shot another arrow which killed Raktavija.

Vidarr was in big troubles because Raktavija´s hunting entourage was just couple of hundred metres away. They heard Raktavija´s screams and came to help him. At this point Vidarr was leaving but it was possible that the members entourage could see where Vidarr shot his arrows and where he was going. They could be able to hunt him.

Only couple people knew that Raktavija would hunt in that area. Even fewer on those were humans. Kenning was a servant in the Raktavija´s stables and he did overhear a conversation between kaptaurs regarding Raktavija´s hunting and he told that to Vidarr. It was very unfortunate for Kenning that the kaptaurs later realized that he did overhear the conversation and they sent soldiers to interrogate Kenning. In order to save his wife and children he was forced to give information about Vidarr to Raktavija´s soldiers.

Luckily for Vidarr he wasn´t Kenning´s guest anymore and he was able to leave and he went towards the dark forest. The kaptaurs cannot sent an entire army to hunt down Vidarr. Instead they sent a group of experienced hunters to kill him. It means that there are still at least one or more groups of kaptaur that will try to hunt him and to collect a reward.

Vidarr made a decision that since he is north of the kaptaur empire he should stay somewhere else for couple of years. The most logical option was to travel north. In practice it would mean going deeper in the dark forests but when time goes by the fuss about Raktavija´s death will settle down and the kaptaurs will assume that the murderer is dead. Then Vidarr can come back and continue his fight. As long as the kaptaurs hunt him he cannot be close to them. He knew that now he should be careful and cautious. Usually Vidarr killed lower level kaptaurs and there was nothing more than local problems on that. Vidarr assumed he could kill Raktavija undetected and he knew Raktavija´s family connections to the Emperor Skanda´s favourite wife Saityr. If everything had gone has he planned, then that connection would have been meaningless.

Chapter 2, Cassandra

In the morning Cassandra stood next to the window and watched out to the rainy weather in the spring. She is a blond and athletic 17 years old woman. She was wearing a white coat and her pants had the camouflage option which allowed them to blend in the terrain in the forest. That would prevent seeing her in the long distance but they provide no camouflage in the short distance.

She was on the office at the “Exploring Geography and Biology” building. To be more specific her office was at the spaces of the Astrobiology. During the past months she has explored the nature surrounding the Colony and gathered a lot of information. She was focused on gathering information regarding different kind of threats on humans in this planet because she knew that she is going to live and die in this planet.

She remembered the events during the last year. She recalled how they saw a video clip 359 days ago regarding how humans arrived to this planet. They had sent a seed ship from Earth which did have both frozen egg cells and frozen sperm. When the ship had landed and the Colony founded it was the time to fertilize those egg cells by using machines. All of that happened some 30 light years from Earth and the trip from Earth took about 1000 years.

At this point there are around 49 people on the Colony. There were supposed to be 50 but one of them, Orpheus who was Cassandra´s partner and another astrobiologist died in an accident. The next class will be allowed to leave the ship tomorrow. Because of that this will be the last day for Cassandra´s class to be the undisputed masters of the planet Eden. After tomorrow they will be forced to live with the next class which does have 50 members. It means that at the evening there will be a feast.

There is the next class which will be allowed to leave the ship and then there will be altogether 15 other classes. The only exception is the latest class because some of that class´s members are still in the artificial wombs. The next class which members are 16 years old have gone through an intensive training an education. Cassandra have mostly interacted which the people specialized in biology and she knew that these people should be good at their work.

In her mind she compares the next class to her own class one year ago. She was very enthusiastic to leave the ship after her long education and to start gathering information from the nature. She remembered how dangerous and cruel place the nature can be. One should not underestimate it if one wants to survive. Then she glanced at the edge of the forest and she almost expected that a pack of predators would emerge and attack the local herbivores.

Cassandra remembered the fire-proof cones, the black dives, the dark sabre cats, the ants and the strange village where was remains of both humans and quadruple animals which enslaved humans. Cassandra has spent her time to explore all of those issues because they are the threat to the Colony and the inhabitants of the Colony in one or another way.

The fire-proof cones indicate that even when the forest looks like both dense and intimidating it will burn sooner or later. In this way old forests die and are being replaced by new plants. They have taken numerous samples from the ground and that has revealed layers of ash in the depth couple of meters. It indicates that the local forests will grow fast and they probably burn fast as well. What will start those forest fires? Cassandra does not know the answer to that question. It can be the lightning, a plant or bacteria causing the fire through self-combustion. It would be a good idea to find out how those forests catch fire if they want to prevent forest fires. The forest fire won´t probably threaten the Colony directly but it will threaten the fields surrounding the Colony and all the devices planted in the forest.

The black dives probably aren´t a big threat to the humans. It is known that they are carnivores and they like to dive from the branches of the trees to the backs of the large herbivores and to tear off junks of their flesh. They have been named because they have black feathers and they like to dive on their victims. Humans are too small targets for them and humans usually wear both helmets and armour. Their beaks are not suitable to crack through that kind of equipment.

The ants from this planet can be a very serious threat especially if they can attack people. One ant was able to wound Eratosthenes on his hand a year ago. It took months for him to recover from that wound but now he has recovered completely and he is working on geography and geology to map the natural resources of this planet.

The most amazing thing to find was the village which did have the skeletons of both humans and quadruple beasts. Cassandra did inspect those skeletons and she did find out that their heads were very much like lizard heads. How did those humans end to be the slaves of these lizards? How many lizards there are in this planet if there was one village? It seems to be likely that there are more villages or even towns elsewhere. They were armed with swords, spears, bows and they had different kind of leather armours which indicate that their technological level is pretty low comparable to the Iron Age or the Early Medieval period. It is wise to assume that we will meet them sooner or later, Cassandra thought. The distance to that village is some 160 kilometres and it indicates that the lizards do not enjoy living this much north. Perhaps they prefer warmer climate.

Cassandra has also researched both plant and bacteria samples taken from the forest. Her goal was to find bacteria which can be harmful to the humans so that they can be identified and it would be possible to develop medicine to counter them. So far she has not detected any bacteria which can be harmful to humans. Perhaps this means that the local bacteria haven´t adjusted to the arrival of humans yet. It would be smart to expect that this kind of situation will not endure in the future because bacteria can mutate and new mutated bacteria can be a threat to humans.

Cassandra looked out through the window. Suddenly hands covered her eyes and she heard a familiar voice: “Guess who?”

“I don´t know”, she laughed and she knew the person who was there.

“It is me, Eratosthenes, silly Cassie”, man answered and moved his right hand to pat Cassandra´s belly and his left hand to Cassandra´s left shoulder.

Cassandra grabbed Eratosthenes left hand and looked at it and said: “It seems to be that you have a souvenir from that ant.”

“Please don´t remind me about that. That thing strikes me down”, Eratosthenes replied.

“Perhaps it means that the ant struck you on the ground”, Cassandra laughed and looked at Eratosthenes who had light brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin.

“You killed that ant by using a very tough trick. The combination of a rifle and a bayonet and sticking them to that ant´s head and pulling a trigger surprised all of us. You saved my life”, Eratosthenes replied.

“You are my friend. That was the least that I could have done in that situation”, Cassandra said.

“I am disappointed to be just your friend. I would like to be so much more than that”, Eratosthenes quipped back.

“What have we done during the last months?”, Cassandra teasingly inquired.

At the same time Eratosthenes´ right hand moved to pat Cassandra´s back and Cassandra held his left hand on her right hand. He kissed Cassandra and she didn´t resist at all. On the contrary, she enjoyed being kissed by Eratosthenes.

Cassandra saw that Eratosthenes smiled broadly. She knew from that and from their “meetings” during the last 6 months that Eratosthenes desired her. From her point of view Eratosthenes was a warm and a nice person.

“Who knows that you desire me?”, Cassandra asked quietly.

“Only you and me. I didn´t tell about this to anyone else. This is a secret between us”, Eratothenes whispered back.

“Let´s keep it between us”, Cassandra replied silently.

“If we continue this way then sooner or later someone will find out about us”, Eratosthenes protested.

They both knew that according to the rules of the Colony Eratosthenes was meant to be a husband for another woman, the geographer Gaia. The rules regarding mating the Colony were very strict and people violating those rules were punished both physically and by cutting their privileges.

Both of them remembered a male farmer Coeus had to take a female farmer Phoebe as his partner. Instead Coeus was caught to have an affair with a female mechanist Daphne. Male mechanist Dinocrates was to be Daphne´s partner. The leader of the Colony, Zeus gave them both a verdict that they should have 5 slashes from a whip and then 48 hours of work without any wage. Both of them got no wage of the next 6 days.

That was a very good reason from Cassandra´s point of view to keep her and Eratosthenes´ affair just between two of them. If they would be caught by someone then it would the lives of both of them more difficult.

“What is Gaia´s attitude towards you?”, Cassandra asked.

“She is not interested in me. I suspect that she does have some kind of an affair but with whom I don´t know”, Eratosthenes replied.

“Interesting”, Cassandra said and continued: “Is it possible that she knows about us and is trying to avenge on you?”

“I don´t believe on that”, Eratosthenes replied and then said: “Right now Gaia is collecting ore samples outside the Colony. I contacted her some half hour ago.”

“Good. She is out and will not disturb us”, Cassandra stated and looked pleased.

“How are you going to celebrate our last night out without the next class?”, Eratosthenes inquired and looked at Cassandra.

“I haven´t thought about that”, Cassandra admitted and then said: “I guess that I will participate the general celebration because everyone of us will participate that.”

“You cannot miss that party without a good reason and only the soldiers guarding the Colony will have a good reason to stay out”, Eratosthenes noted and smiled.

“Yes. I know that. I am not very interested about parties like that because they are pretty much vanity events”, Cassandra replied. “I have a surprise for you”, Eratosthenes said and pointed at the box on the table.

“What is inside that box?”, Cassandra asked.

“Open it and then you will see”, Eratosthenes said.

Cassandra walked to the box and started to open it. Suddenly, she breathed very deeply.

“A dress which looks very beautiful”, Cassandra said.

Cassandra took the skirt from the box. The dress was on the hanger. It was almost completely made from white cloth but it did have a dark blue stripe at the waist. That same colour was on the shoulders as well. The dress was so long it did Cassandra´s ankles when she compared the dress to her body.

“This is so beautiful. How many hour units did this cost?”, Cassandra asked.

“Don´t think about the price. It is a gift to you because you saved me from the fangs or tusks of the ants”, Eratosthenes said that grinningly.

“I know that many other members of our class will take much efforts to look beautiful for the party tonight but I didn´t care about that”, Cassandra said.

“I was aware of that for a long time”, Eratosthenes replied laughingly.

“And you made this dress for me in secret for the party?”, Cassandra asked.

“Yes. Do you like it? Does it fit well with your taste?”, Eratosthenes inquired.

“Are you crazy? That dress is fantastic”, Cassandra said and smiled.

“Perhaps you should put it on to see how well it fits on you”, Eratosthenes said.

“That is probably a good idea because there is a chance that the dress might need some changes and there still probably chance to do them”, Cassandra replied.

Cassandra took the dress and went to the next room. She closed the door and then took of her pants and her shirt. Then she did put the dress on. She felt that the dress fitted on her like a glove. She walked back to the room.

“The dress fits you perfectly”, Eratohenes said.

“How did you find my size?”, Cassandra asked.

“I looked at your clothes”, Eratosthenes replied.

There were measures inside the cloths. The reason for this was the fact that these cloths could manufactured if necessary. The simplest approach was to include these measurements with the cloths to know how to manufacture them.

“Good. There is a door with mirror in the office. Look at yourself in that mirror”, Eratosthenes suggested.

Cassandra looked at the mirror on the door. She saw a blonde young woman who was wearing a white dress from her ankles to the throat. There was a dark blue stripe on her waist and on shoulders as well.

“You look so beautiful”, Eratosthenes said.

“Beautiful or more beautiful than ever”, Cassandra asked.

“More beautiful than ever”, Eratosthenes replied.

“The dress looks very good and it fits well”, Cassandra said.

She wanted to move with the dress. The dress didn´t prevent her movements in any way. Cassandra felt that the dress was like the second skin for her.

“I guess that I must wear my normal work clothes”, Cassandra said and continued: “But for the night I shall wear that dress.”

After saying that she walked back to the adjacent room, closed the door, took off the dress and wore her pants and her shirt. She did put the dress to the hanger and walked back with the dress.

“Now it is ready for the night”, Cassandra stated.

“That will be a night to remember. That will be the last night for us without other classes. Now is the time for the next class to become adults”, Eratosthenes said.

“They will have quite the year if it will be like our first year out here”, Cassandra replied.

“Yes. Our first year was so full of events to the point we discovered that village which had both humans and their enslavers, the four legged lizards”, Eratosthenes explained.

“That was a strange discovery. After that it was more quiet time so I used that time to analyse the samples we took from that area. The robots from the Colony destroyed that village some 20 years ago. It seems to be that the hunters or wanderers from that village did find the Colony. Our robots interpreted that as a threat, chased them and destroyed the village”, Cassandra said.

“The distance between the Colony and the village is about 160 kilometres. Is it possible that the robots marked these hunters with the microchips or something? Then allowed them to flee in order to find their home village so that they could destroy them.”, Eratosthenes suggested.

“I thought about that. If the artificial intelligence is smart enough to grow up and to educate the children from birth to their 16th birthday then it would not be too far-fetched to assume that the AI would have programmed to know some tricks of war”, Cassandra said.

“That is a good point. That is quite a difficult trick to implement in practice. That is only our assumption. My guess is that the robots did that to protect the Colony”, Eratosthenes noted.

“In order to prove that we should find that microchip”, Cassandra said and continued: “Then we could analyse how that chip sent messages to the robots.”

“One could assume that a small group of robots followed those hunters with a distance. It is very unlikely that the range of that microchip is about 160 kilometres”, Eratothenes suggested and continued: “The terrain is not flat and it does have a lot of trees. I would assume that the signal would need amplifying stations.”

“The robots couldn´t know where those hunters went so they couldn´t have premade amplifying stations”, Cassandra noted.

“That is why they probably followed him and allowed him to lead them to that village”, Eratosthenes said.

“Now those robots are under control of the soldiers of the Colony. According to them it is possible to control the robots from the limited range. For a longer range the robots can act autonomously”, Cassandra added.

Chapter 3, Hebe

Hebe watched out from the spaceship´s window. She looked at the buildings. Many of those buildings were already completed but the robots were building some of them. Hebe was 16 years old young woman with dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin. She was quite small and her body looked delicate. She has been trained to be an administrator of the Colony together with her partner, Hephaistos.

Hebe saw year older colonists worked outside for the Colony and she knew that she had to spend one more day inside the spaceship. She knew that tomorrow her class was allowed to leave the spaceship and to join the Colony. As a part of her training and education Hebe had observed the members of the Colony and what they were doing. She was very interested about the internal administration of the Colony and the exploration conducted by the Colonists.

Hebe knew that she was a bit jealous towards the first class and she wished that she would have been a year older because then she would have participated the first steps of the Colonization of Eden. She thought that naming this planet as Eden, a paradise was very ironic when considering all the difficulties the Colonists met during the first 360 days. It was a clear miracle that none of the Colonists died during that time. Hebe knew that the geographer Eratosthenes was injured by a giant ant but Cassandra killed that ant and the expedition was able to disengage. Eratosthenes got very good medical treatment and he recovered completely.

Hebe knew that Cassandra killed the ant by using a rifle with fixed a bayonet. She stuck the bayonet to the head of the ant and then pulled the trigger several times killing the ant instantly. It was very difficult to think what Cassandra thought at that moment when she saw that her friend was injured by an ant.

Hebe was a bit jealous towards Cassandra because Cassandra was considered an athletic, a beautiful and a bold woman. Hebe had nothing personal against Cassandra but she thought that worshipping Cassandra was going too far. Cassandra saved a life of her friend and another member of the Colony as she should have done.

Hebe turned her gaze over the forest clearing towards the forest which surrounded the Colony. Even from this distance it looked so frightening. How one can adjust to that forest? What kind of wild animals are there? How will they react to the humans? Are they afraid of humans or are they going to use humans as part of their diet? What kind of sentient life will there be in this planet? Hebe knew that the expedition did have a village which was destroyed by the robots from the Colony earlier.

The inhabitants of that village were lizards with four legs who enslaved humans. These lizards knew how to use swords, spears and bows. They also knew how to wear fur and leather armour which indicates that they did have some kind of intelligence. However, estimating their level of technology based on one village was very difficult task. Also, there was no information about what kind of social structure does their society have.

From the Colony´s point of view it was very good that the Colony was protected by a wall with autocannons to keep the beasts away. The only way to beat that would be a coordinated attack which would mean deaths of many attackers especially if their technological level is low compared to the Colony.

Hebe knew that the only devices which have sent radio signals are from the Colony in one or another way. This does not mean that there are no other parties which can send or receive radio signals but no one has sent any messages to the Colony. Hebe reminded that there seems to be other humans in this planet than the members of their Colony. How did those people get there from Earth? What is their story exactly?

Regarding the Colony there was still so much to do. Many buildings weren´t ready because there was no electricity or water on those buildings. The Colony can produce the wires and the pipes needed but it will take some time. The engineers and the technicians of the Colony are struggling with this issue right now because they need to increase the figures of produced goods, Hebe realized on her mind. At the same time, the Colony was starting to exploit the first mineral deposits.

In order to survive the Colony would need resources that it could use manufacturing the desired goods. There are a lot of minerals relatively near to the Colony and in addition to that there are some resources in the Colony´s storehouses. However, those storehouses will run out of minerals sooner or later. It would be very important to the Colony to be able to create the facilities which would produce new minerals for the Colony to be refined in there.

In practice, there is a shortage of everything in the Colony. There are not enough people. At this point the workforce of the Colony is 49 humans and after tomorrow it will be 99. There are some industrial robots and machines but they can only produce the absolutely most needed goods. It is very difficult and slow to build new machines for production because most of the current machines are producing the necessary goods. Those goods are desperately needed from the Colony´s point of view but is it possible to reduce the consumption and to increase the machines in the production in the Colony, Hebe wondered.

There are very limited numbers of spare parts in the Colony even though the most important spare parts have been standardized. They can be produced when needed but that will take some time. Hebe thought, that it would be smart to have those spare parts, which are in demand, have in storage and ready. The Colony does have the large enough storage spaces when the robots are manufacturing spare parts.

The Colony should be more efficient because it will have very limited resources. If we want to live and to prosper in this planet, then we should use the resources as optimally as possible. The Colony does have very limited workforce and the very limited production capability. It cannot change these facts very quickly.

Hebe heard footsteps and turned around. She saw that it was her companion Hephaistos. He had blue eyes, blonde hair and a normal body. Hephaistos another administrator from this class with Hebe.

“Are you thinking about tomorrow?”, Hephaistos asked.

“Yes. I wonder how much our lives will change when we will leave the ship”, Hebe answered.

“The first class has been out for almost a year and they have managed well”, Hephaistos said.

“Yes. The people who go first have the most difficult part”, Hebe noted.

“True. Luckily for us that we are not trained to move outside the Colony. Our job will be in the Colony administering the whole system”, Hephaistos laughed.

Hebe smiled and said: “Yep, we will not be endangered out there but we cannot see the big picture out there either. There are times when it will be a good idea to go out there and see everything from the grass root level.”

“From the practical point of view, you are correct. However, the Chief Administrators of the Colony, Zeus and Hera have stayed inside the Colony for almost a year. They run to Colony well even though they don´t visit the grass root level”, Hephaistos grinned.

“I would probably be best that we don´t say these words to Hera or Zeus. They might not like them and they are going to be our bosses”, Hebe quipped.

“You are right about that because they maintain quite harsh discipline when necessary. Do you remember when they punished that male farmer and female mechanist?”, Hephaistos asked.

“You mean the farmer Coeus and the mechanist Daphne?”, Hebe replied.

“Yes. I didn´t remember their names”, Hephaistos answered back.

“They both got 5 slashes and 48 hours of work without getting paid. That was quite a harsh punishment”, Hebe evaluated.

Coeus should have stayed with his partner Phoebe. Both he and Daphne by their affair insulted the whole Colony and her inhabitants”, Hephaistos remarked.

“If two people do not get along then should they be together just because the community demands it?”, Hebe asked.

“Those conventions keep our Colony together internally”, Hephaistos remarked and continued: “The Colony would fall to anarchy if everyone could do anything he or wants.”

“What about the free will of people? How much people can make decisions regarding their lives and how much does the Colony dictate to them? The too strict discipline might well lead to the rebellion in the Colony”, Hebe said.

“In order to prevent a rebellion the leaders of the Colony should make sure that the soldiers of the Colony take orders only from them. Ultimately the power is based on the weapons and only the leadership of the Colony does have the monopoly to use legitimate violence”, Hephaistos replied.

“The next question is that if the soldiers are willingto take orders or do they want to rise to the power and give orders to the other members of the Colony. The soldiers will follow the leadership of the Colony if they are satisfied to take orders. If the soldiers have ambitions to rise to the power then they might do that through arms”, Hebe answered.

“That is exactly the problem of the arms in the Colony. The party which has the arms will ultimately control the Colony”, Hephaistos analysed.

“It means that the internal conflicts of the Colony should be resolved without spilling any blood”, Hebe commented and continued: “But what would be the best way to resolve those conflicts according to your opinion?”

“The best way to resolve conflicts would be to talk them publically. The affairs of the male farmer and the female mechanist you mentioned happened in secret. They both should have requested a permission to divorce from the partners and them come together”, Hephaistos suggested.

“As far as I know there have been no divorces in the Colony. I guess there are plenty of reasons for that. First, the leadership of the Colony will not grant divorces easily. Secondly, divorces may create stigmas on the divorcing parties in the small communities”, Hebe answered.

“How then the Colony should grant a divorce? How can one make the process more applicable when needed?”, Hephaistos asked.

“In my opinion there must be good grounds for a divorce and then the leadership of the Colony should evaluate those grounds and decide whether to give a divorce or not”, Hebe replied.

“It would mean a case by case consideration. The good thing would be that every case should be studied carefully with all the relevant details. The bad thing would be that how one would compare different cases with each other”, Hephaistos evaluated aloud.

“Can you come up with better solutions to solve this problems? This is one internal issue and the Colony should find a working solution for that”, Hebe noted.

“I cannot come up with anything right now”, Hephaistos replied and said: “The number of inhabitants will grow gradually and we should consider that maintaining order will probablybe more difficult because of that.”

“You are right. This class does have 50 persons and the following classes will have roughly the same size”, Hebe remarked and continued: “In practice it will mean that we are going to need some kind of police force in the Colony. There should be some kind of written rules how that police force should work in practice.”

“That would require creating new rules and the legislation for the Colony. At this point there are no strict written rules regarding that issue. Creating them would be a good idea and in a long run that might be necessary when the population grows”, Hephaistos replied.

“It seems to be that creating that legislation will be our concern when Zeus and Hera will focus on administrating the Colony in practical issues”, Hebe said.

“Up to this point administrating the practical issue regarding the Colony have been mapping the environment, making sure that the buildings will have both electricity and water and being able to produce the necessary spare parts”, Hephaistos remarked and then proceeded: “The Colony should also consider the needs of the people in here. It is not enough that the Colony will supply food, work and safety. It should also provide free time activities as well.”

“You are right”, Hebe said and asked: “Have you talked about this with Hera or Zeus? They should hear that from you.”

Hebe thought that the colonists will probably need some free time activities. She knew that the colonists generally worked on third of a day and a night, they would sleep another third and the last third would be their free time. If the Colony would provide more free time activities, then it would improve the motivation in work and make the workers to be more committed towards the Colony.

The Hephaistos decided to leave to continue his work. The next class had some much to do before they can leave the ship. Hebe wondered what Cassandra, Hera, Zeus and the others thought a year ago when they left the ship first time and walked to the surface of the planet first time. That was quite a change for anyone who was fertilized, grown up and spent the last 16 years on a spaceship. The robots were in charge of bringing up the colonists. Hebe knew that all the members wanted to leave the ship and walk on the surface of the planet even though there were many questions without answers. How will they survive on the surface of the planet? How will they get along with the members of the elder class of colonists? Are they ready to encounter the planet and all the challenges that the planet will offer?

That task will be challenging one. Even though the Colony has changed a lot during the last year it wasn´t even nearly ready yet. In addition to that the outside resources such as mineral deposits were poorly exploited even though they were known to be near. The reason for that was a simple fact that there just wasn´t equipment to do that yet.