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The dark night of soul” is the continuation of “The seer”. The main character returned to a mountain in search of answers for a troubled period of its life, moments who forgot of God, of its principles, losing itself in sins. In the mountain, “The seer” had contact with two “great beings”, who guided him to knowledge.This book is a passage full of dangers, pirates, a great adventure in the sea, bringing us reflections and questionings, for which we wonder: Would be possible that a criminal recovers, and, really would find the peace for its crimes? He would find forgiveness in itself? He would find the happiness? Or would be only an illusion?PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

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The Dark Night

Of theSoul






Aldivan Teixeira Torres










The Dark Night of The Soul


By:Aldivan Teixeira Torres

©2017-Aldivan Teixeira Torres

All the rights reserved.

Aldivan Teixeira Torres


This book, including all its parts, is protected by copyright and don’t can to be reproduced without Autor’s permission, resold or transfered.

Academic Qualifications: Degree in Mathematics with specialization in the same area.


Short Biography: Aldivan Teixeira Torres, was born in Arcoverde- PE, created the series the seer, the series sons of the light, poetry and screenplays. His literary career started at the end of 2011 with the publication of his first romance work Opposing forces – the mystery of the cave. For whatever reason, he stopped writing only resuming his career in the second half of 2013. Since then he never stopped. He hopes that his writing will contribute to the Pernambuco and Brazilian culture, arousing the pleasure of reading in those that do not yet have the habit. His motto is “For literature, equality, fraternity, justice, dignity and the human being honour for ever”.




“The dark night of soul” is the continuation of “The seer”. The main character returned to a mountain in search of answers for a troubled period of its life, moments who forgot of God, of its principles, losing itself in sins. In the mountain, “The seer” had contact with two “great beings”, who guided him to knowledge. This book is a passage full of dangers, pirates, a great adventure in the sea, bringing us reflections and questionings, for which we wonder: Would be possible that a criminal recovers, and, really would find the peace for its crimes? He would find forgiveness in itself? He would find the happiness? Or would be only an illusion?”












I dedicate this second book of the series “The seer” (o vidente) to all those people, who directly or indirectly have encouraged me to the realization of my dreams, especially the publication of my first book entitled “Opposed Forces: The mystery of the cave”. Apart from those, I must remember the creator who gave me the gifts and my family that although did not encourage me in the beginning of my career were always there by my side at the good and bad times. Let us embark in a new adventure together!













The two sons


There was a man who had two sons; the younger one said to his father:

“Father, give me my share of the estate”

So, he divided the property between them. Not long after that, the young son got together all he had and set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need. So, he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. He longed to fill his stomach with the pods the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything. When he came to his senses, he said:

“How many of my father’s hired servants had food to spare, and here I am starving to death! I will set out and will go back to my father and say to him:

Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me one of your hired servants”. So, he got up and went to his father.

But he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

The son said to him, Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.

But the father said to his servants, Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened cow and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and he is found. So, they began to celebrate.

Lucas 15,11-24















The Dark Night

Of theSoul


The two sons



The taxi

The path to the mountain

The first day at the mountain

The dark night of the soul

The first meeting with the guardian lady

Waiting for the challenge


Another day


Reflections about the challenge


Back to the cabin

Meeting the Hindu



Learning about anger


Learning about envy

Important reflections

Gluttony and sloth

Farewell to the Hindu

The journey

The first day of the journey

Captain’s stories

The mermaids

The discovery

The tempest

The clash

A day without hope

Finally, light

The island

The palace


The theft

The rape

The terrorism

The Eldorado

The prison

The wedding

The first day after the wedding

Inspirational dream

The routine and the lottery

Back to normality

The lottery result and the decision

Travelling and arriving at Pesqueira

The auction

The meeting

The answer

The beginning of the tomato cultivation

The first friendships

Plenty of rain and sun

The pregnancy period

The birth

Important decision

Fifteen years later

The party and the disagreement

The revelation


A few months later

A new phase

Trip to Recife

The preparatory course

A day at the beach

The party

The next day

New meeting

The park

The theatre

The period of a year

The entrance exam

Failure and victory

The abandonment

Life on the street

The crimes continue

Tentative of homicide

The meeting

The favela

The involvement

A decisive fact

The promotion

Living the “dark night”

A new important fact

A new adaptation

The psychologist

The shelter

The first session

Reflections of life

The second session

The detachment from material things

The third session

The discovery of a new love

The prison

The conviction

Thirty years of reclusion

The end of the vision

The exit from the island

The return trip


Meeting the guardian lady and the Hindu again







The “Dark night of the soul” can be defined as a critical look at a very difficult phase which all of us sooner or later will go through. It is about a period favorable to condemnation or, incredible it may seem to an unusual salvation of the person.

      To achieve the latter, it is necessary to pinpoint the exact moment to take action in face of the crisis to enable us to free ourselves from the darkness and definitely enter the bosom of goodness. Along this book it will be shown the key elements to do that and be successful. Apart from these characteristics, the text will also show how to coexist with the two existing forces of the Universe and being able to control them adequately.

I would like also to highlight that the book is aimed at all the people that of one reason or another still have not found their way in life, but have not lost hope of changing and who knows maybe obtain the desired peace that we all search for. Further with this book, I hope to contribute to the moral and spiritual evolution of the human being. Enjoy a good reading and until next time, God willing.







Hi there, reader, how long has it been! It is about a one year since I have entered the cave of despair and have fulfilled my dream of starting my career as a writer and by default became a seer, a super gifted being. Now, I feel ready to pursue my dreams. Before that, though, I will in short tell what has happened to me in the period post-cave. Sometime after climbing Ororubá Mountain, meeting the guardian, the youth and the little boy and still facing the ghost and the challenges, I returned to my parents’ home, confident, victorious, happy and willing to resume the past life. That was exactly what I did and with dedication in the work and studies I finished university and got new ideas to continue my career. This was a necessary and important moment, which gave me immense satisfaction, because my efforts were rewarded. However, I was still not completely fulfilled, because I still haven’t reached the realization of the bigger dream: To see my series “The seer” at the top of the literature world. Maybe I am being very pretentious, but this is the way I feel, in the end, I am a seer transformed by the miraculous powers of the cave of despair, the most dangerous cave in the world. Well, let destiny decide it.

With the success of the first task that was to reunite the “Opposing Forces”, to control them and helping somebody to find itself, I can say that I feel ready for the next adventure. Thinking about that, I made the following decision: To return to the sacred ground of the mountain of Orobubá and meet the guardian so that she may help me with the greatest objective of this book, which is to understand the dangerous and mysterious “Dark night of the soul”.

The decision made, I start to pack my suitcases, separating the most needed objects: Some clothes, my crucifix, my Bible, my pocket watch, a notebook, essential toiletries and books to keep me busy during and after the journey. After organizing all that, I go to the kitchen with the intention of saying goodbye to the family. Finding my mother, I hug her and begin the difficult dialogue:

—Dear mother, I came to tell you that I have decide to return to the village of Mimoso with the aim to achieve the second stage of my critical, spiritual, moral and human improvement. It is a strictly necessary journey so that I can finally understand what has happened to me some time ago, my dark night of the soul, and this is a common situation with all the mortals.

—Another trip to Mimoso? Could it be that you cannot see how crazy this is, my son? Your place is by my side. Why is this dark night so important to the point of you wanting to abandon me?

— I am going to Mimoso searching for my dreams. The first stage was accomplished, but it is in the past and now I am looking for new challenges. I believe that the answer lies in the mountains and therefore I am going there. Mama try to understand, you have raised me for the world and not for you. Remember that I am the seer, the sole human being that survived the cave of despair, and I have my responsibilities to the readers and the world. Instead of trying to convince me not to go, you should encourage me, because I have made up my mind. In any way I wanted to find you to give you a hug.

Having said that, I went up to my mother and we hugged each other. This gesture, tender and vigorous, has recuperated my energies, and it was exactly what I needed to face the next challenges, including this one. After hugging her, I finally say farewell to my mother and walk to the doors with tears in my eyes. In the meantime, I mentally analyse my plans for the trip. What will it be awaiting me? I didn’t have the faintest idea. I was only sure that they would be revitalizing and instigating experiences. Reader, let’s carry on together.


The taxi


After a while, I finally leave the house. Immediately I start looking for a comfortable means of transport, quiet and economical to get to Mimoso. I analyse all the possibilities and end up deciding that the most viable was a taxi, because the distance wasn’t so far (24 Km). The decision taken, I make use of my resources to catch the first one passing by. After some attempts, I finally caught one. The car stops, I get in, close the door and make myself comfortable. At this moment, I sense that I am being scrutinised by the driver, even before he asks me:

—Where to, sir?

I look at him and simply answer:

—We are going to Mimoso, a place near the Ororuba Mountain, a sacred mountain.

Having said this, he looked at me with disdain, saying:

—Well, I know very well where Mimoso is, let’s go. However, I didn’t know that the mountain of Ororuba was sacred. Tell me straight away about this story.

Without wanting to lose too much time at that stage, I promise:      

—It is along story. I will tell it during the trip. Can we go? I am anxious to arrive at my destination.

He agrees with me, although not happy, and then the car leaves at a medium speed. In the meantime, now and again, the driver looks at me. What will he think of me? I think for a while and come to the conclusion that his reaction is natural, after all few know about the secret of the cave. However, I am not any fool so that he can treat me in such a way. As a result, I decide to tell the truth.

—Driver, I am ready to explain. What is your name?

— My name is Aurelio and yours?

—My name is Aldivan, but you can call me the seer or son of God. I am going to elaborate so that you can believe in the statement I made a while ago.

—I am ready. You can tell me.

—Approximately a century ago the Xukuru tribes were at war because of the ruses of a sorcerer called Kualopu. For a long time, there were many battles fought and thus the Xukuru nation was in danger of disappear. Thinking about it a kind sorcerer decide to intervene. He made a pact with the forces of the Universe, offering his life in exchange for the end of the war. After that pact a miracle occurred. The sorcerer was killed and the war ended. The sorcerer paid the price and peace was restored. From that day on the mountain of Ororuba became sacred and the cave of despair, located on its top, received miraculous powers capable of turning any dream into reality, provided the dreams are not selfish. It is the second time I have got the pleasure to live on the mountain.

—Very interesting. You say that this is the second time you go there. How was the first time?

— It was a year ago. I was a poor dreamer in search of knowing and controlling my “Opposing forces”. With that objective I climbed the mountain, reached the top, met the guardian (a miraculous being knowing profound mysteries), accomplished challenges, met the ghost, the youth and the little boy, and finally I entered the cave. This last experience changed my life completely, because I became the seer, a being able to surmount the time and space barriers and omniscient through its visions. With my new powers, I could understand the most profound feelings and intentions of other people. Meanwhile, I still cannot say that I am ready. Life is an eternal learning in which the cave was only a stage. Now I am ready for new challenges and therefore my life is back. This time I want to understand my dark night of the soul, the significance of everything I have lived two years ago. I believe I will find answers in the mountain or at least I will begin a new journey.

—Your story is really impressive. I believe you, because I could feel your sincerity. I only did not understand one thing, what is the meaning of this expression, dark night of the soul?

—At this moment, I myself don’t know the complete meaning of dark night. But I can give a basic notion, it is the moment we detach ourselves from Universe benign forces to only think of our vanities. This moment is critical, being able to destroy or to save a human being’s soul, depending of the case.

—I think I understand. I have already passed through the dark night when I was unfaithful to my wife with ladies of the night. When she left me, I realized the true value, I repented and we were able make up. From then on, I was a new man.

—What happened to you I can guarantee it was a lapse. Indeed, the dark night is more profound than we can imagine. I hope to find the answers that I so much need.

—Good luck with your search. I can see you an educated lad, intelligent and determined. Determined people always reach their objectives.

—Thank you. Now I need to meditate and have a rest. Don’t wake me up until we have reached our destination.

Aurelio reassures me and then I concentrate on my inner, forgetting all the preoccupations. Gradually, the body relaxes and the extra-sensorial senses are awakened. Soon I start seeing distorted and confusing images. A while later, rocked by the strength of the thoughts, I see myself in an enormous plain by all sides. I am exactly in the middle of this place. From the right side emerges a scorching and strong sun. It cleanses all my impurities and gives me a sensation of peace and freedom. At the same time, from the left side appears a thick and dark cloud, bringing a heavy atmosphere, full of negative feelings and thoughts. This force is capable of condemning all those nearby, those absorbed by its shadow. Next to it I feel guilty, even without having had a fair judgement. The two forces are getting near all the time, producing in me the meeting of the two “Opposing forces”, that some time ago it seemed I had controlled. Soon after, between the two forces, an angel appears and it carries on the face the mark of the word choice. I invoke it, and the shock between the two opposing forces stops, at least temporarily, leaving me a little more relaxed. Even so, I am not free of the possible interactions of the dark night, which it seems to be part of any and every individual. After the invocation, the angel, the sun, the dark cloud, the scenery, everything disappear and gradually I am becoming conscientious. Finally, I wake up. I feel I am in the same place, inside of a taxi in motion. What will all this mean? In order to find answers, I look out of the window and I see that I am almost at my destination. I am happy, I am closer to get some answers.

The path to the mountain


Finally, the car arrives at the destination and stops. Immediately, I grab my suitcase and I get out with conviction. Leaving, I start to imagine all the aspects of the village center. At first sight, it seems very quiet and cosy just like the last time. I start going forward and some known people come to meet me, trying to help. I thank them and straight away we start chatting. After a short while, I say goodbye, using as an excuse important and urgent business at the mountain. The walk restarts, carrying the heavy suitcase and the undesirable preoccupations. What will await me after climbing the mountain for the second time? How would the dear guardian lady be? Those were some the questions filling my brain.

       I carry on walking and for the first time I feel tired. The circumstances make me stop for a while and again an anguish invades my being completely. What was happening to me? Where was the spirit, the faith and the energy of the adventurer, who started his dream a year ago? At that moment, everything made me believe that I was no longer the same person. Before total despair, I decide to analyse impartially the situation. In a short and intense period post-cave, situations quite adverse have occurred, which made me rethink about who I was. However, at that moment I conclude that it was necessary to return to myself, the dreamer. Without it, I would certainly not be able to face all the obstacles that perhaps separated me from fully understanding the dark night of the soul. Thinking about that, I inhale and exhale deeply searching for the energy capable of guiding me, and when I believe I have reached it, I walk again. At this moment, I feel already more relaxed and comforted, although I am only at the foot of the mountain.

I walk a little away from the bottom and the voices of the mountain are starting to act. I feel confused and dizzy, because they are really strong. Like the other time, they try to persuade me to give up. Apart from the voices, my sixth sense is submitted to a sequence of images. In them, I see fire, pain, inhumane actions, betrayals, the meeting of the opposing forces and the dark night of the soul. For a moment, I lost conscience and I see myself in the Brazil colonial times. I see the beginning, the middle and end of everything. In this retrospective vision, I see the first contact of the innocent owners of Brazil, the Indians, with the foreigners that behind their amicable appearance hide their second intentions. They are welcomed, and without the hosts suspecting, they try in every way to find the riches. In their first attempt, they don’t find what they are looking for and withdraw. Later on, they come back and brutally enslave the Indians, explore their natural resources and this causes one the greatest ethnic massacres of all times. This represents the fire of the dark night of the soul, a fire that destroyed lives, dreams and hopes.

       At other moment I see myself in Nazis concentration camps, in the Second World War. In this vision, it is very well clear the aspect of the oppressors’ dark night, because they act with falsehood, cunning, cold and evil without limits. I am subjected to very strong scenes of violation of the human rights and this makes me burst into tears. How can there human beings, image of the Creator, be capable of such atrocities and with such hate? People like that, nationalists and prejudiced, that make Satan look like an angel indeed. This represents the pain of the dark night of the soul and is a path without return.

      A moment later, I am carried away to an explosion of vegetation, more precisely the amazon forest. I fly over the area and at a certain time I see a large clearing in the forest. I decide to land to investigate. With little surprise, I meet men with various type of tools, aiming at felling the greatest amount of trees possible, in an area which ought to be for environment conservation. The situation makes me cry again and I curse the source of power and wealth which are the cause of all this. In another place, not too far away, the dark night is completed with the indiscriminate killing of the fauna. I got enraged with the situation and ask myself: What right does mankind have to act in this way? We are not the owners of this world, but only passing guests that should respect it and preserve it. At this rate, we will not even have a future for the next generations. This represents the inhumane actions of the dark night.

A little while later I see myself in Jerusalem, the holy city. I see a simple man, son of a carpenter, teaching, admonishing, exalting, conducting healings and miracles and opening the doors of heaven for all the sinners. At the same time, I see the envy of a powerful minority planning a trap for the master. To achieve their aim, they join the enemy, Satan, personified in Judas. With his help they are able to arrest the master and taking advantage of the situation to torture him, to humiliate him and finally killing him. However, not even death can defeat or destroy the one that with his father have created life. After three days, he has resurrected glorious from the tomb whilst the traitor is dead and given to the torments provided by the dark night. After the resurrection, Jesus appears to his followers and makes some recommendations. Amongst them, he is very clear not to give rise to prejudice, whatever it may be. Everyone without exception, has the right to a full life and the salvation from the dark night of the soul is possible for those who believe in him. This represents the betrayal of the dark night of the soul and whom betrays it.

      In another moment I see myself in the struggle that is the opposing forces and the emergence of the doubts relating to the dark night of the soul. The final battle of the previous book has showed me how powerful goodness is and how it can change lives. The only condition for such thing to happen is that we free ourselves of any and all feelings which are evil, such as hate, envy, stinginess, egoism, selfishness amongst others. After seeing all those situations, the whirlwind of images in my mind starts to disappear gradually. A while later I become conscious and I feel well. I decide immediately to walk again, because the summit is still far way. The voices from the mountain stop and so I start climbing the mountain more relaxed. The fear, the shame and the restlessness were left behind. I think of the visions that I was subjected to and it renews my desire to explore. What is awaiting me? Honestly, I did not know. Whatever it may be I am already prepared to face and overcome the challenges. After all I was the seer, a super-gifted being who was the only man to face the cave of despair and conquer it.

With the objective of finding answers to my profound anxieties, I carry on and I manage to complete a third of the walk. At that precise moment, again I stop to rest. I take the chance to rehydrate my body and mind. Soon, it comes to my mind the struggle of the previous climbing and how I felt alone and unexperienced at the end of the world. I was only a dreamer searching for the last string of hope to realize my dreams through a miraculous cave and that managed to survive a steep climbing. After climbing, I recall the moments that I have spent there, including the guardian, the ghost, the youth, little Renato, the challenges and entry into the most dangerous cave of the world. I had partially realised my dreams with the victory that I have achieved, but the actual situation is totally different. I am now the seer searching for the second evolution stage. The first has been accomplished, I have reunited the opposing forces and helped someone to find himself. I was at the second one which was to discover the dark night of the soul, that same night that the guardian lady had mentioned at our last meeting. A night that was able to save or condemn the individual. I start to walk again slowly, intent in saving energy, because it was still morning and I had all the time in the world to prepare myself to meet again the guardian lady, that strange lady who I still did not know well. Who was she? Not even I myself knew, despite having lived with her for more than seven days. All I was certain of was that she had been a great help for me to understand my opposing forces and bring them together like I did. This time, I didn’t believe that it was going to be different and I felt ready for the new challenges and revelations, even if I had to make sacrifices. In the end knowledge has got its price and I was prepared to pay for it in full.

I carry on walking at a slow but steady pace, having passed half of the distance. Suddenly, I looked down and there it was my dear village called Mimoso. Looking at it and analysing it I reach the conclusion that it is very important to me, because it was exactly at that place that I had my first adventure: Travelling through time, I have corrected injustice, put together the opposing forces and I have helped someone to find himself. The moments that I have spent there were moments of critical growth, human and spiritual that I will never forget. I remember all the past facts, and I think that I was just better prepared on account of that. After some time of ecstasy, I begin again concentrating in my objective, staring at the way that gives access to the top of the mountain. At this moment, the stones move as if wanting to say something. Will it be that I was heading to the downfall? Will it be that this dark night is not too dangerous? Well, that what I was trying to find out and I was quite near to it, because I have already exceeded ¾ of the way. This made me happy and this was a conquest of my last adventure, because exactly at the cave I was faced with three doors representing happiness, failure and fear. Thinking about that I recall that my knowledge was decisive in choosing the door of happiness disregarding the others. This time I hope that I have the same inspiration.

      I walk again and after a few steps I am close to the top, this same welcoming top where last time I accomplished challenges. There were three in total, and they evaluated my capacity and competence. Only after passing life tests I could enter the holy cave and start an adventure culminating in bringing together the opposing forces. This time, I believe that it is not going to be different, but I have got no idea of what awaits me. In the end, I know very little about the subject in question.

I gather my remaining energies to carry on walking and try to discover the unimaginable. A few more steps and finally I reach the top. Arriving there, I feel the sun shining brighter, a gentle breeze blows, and I can listen clearly to the altered voices. What they reveal it is an absolute secret which I cannot reveal. To access its understanding and content it is necessary to climb the sacred mountain like I did.

A new challenge is launched. Let’s continue together, reader.






The first day at the mountain


      I have just arrived and this makes me more relaxed. I look at the pocket watch and realise the lunch time is near and straight way I open the case to get something to eat. Among the several paths available, I chose the same one of the last adventure which I already know and thus I don’t take the risk of getting lost in the expansive and enigmatic summit. A few minutes later, I manage to have a glimpse of a banana tree and a coconut tree. I am safe, at least for the moment.

      I get closer and when I arrive exactly to the place, I climb the banana and the coconut trees with the same faith and claws that I got up the mountain; I harvest the fruits, climb down, eat and rest a little. In meanwhile, I don’t lose too much time, because I still have to find the timber to build my cabin. This was strictly necessary for protecting myself from the wild animals. Having got what I needed, I come back.

On my return, I start to build my abode, but the time goes by and there is no sign of the guardian lady. What could have happened to her? Will it be that she does not exist anymore? Well, if this was the case I would be really lost, because I still believe that she is the key or at the least arrow that points me to the desired way of the dark night of the soul. I try not think about the worst and carry on building my temporary roof and as I already have experience it will be quite strong for my safety during the night. With lots of dedication from my side, finally my roof is ready. I decide to rest a little, because it was almost night time.

A while later, a cold wind blows and I have a bad feeling. What is about to happen? I scan the surroundings and it gives me more signs that the mountain is about to react to my presence. It was expected, in the end, I was walking on the sacred ground, without even asking for permission. With all buts and ifs, I decide to lock myself in the cabin and wait for the next day, the night was already falling. Good night, readers. Till the next chapter.


The dark night of the soul


I am happy and relaxed at the top of the sacred mountain which facilitated my objectives. The weather is good, I am alone, but it doesn’t make me afraid, because I have learnt how to control this weakness in opposing forces. All of a sudden, the appearance of the mountain begins to change sharply: The ground disappears from under my feet, I begin to float in the air, dark clouds in the sky are approaching and every minute a mysterious anguish is suffocating my chest. Simultaneously, from the north side, a group of Indians led by Kualopu appears, the sorcerer of the darkness. As they approach, the dark clouds in the sky gather even stronger, completely covering the sun, leaving the day looking like night. Watching the scenery, I hear Kualopu pronouncing unintelligible words, as trying to expel his occult forces. When he does that, the dark clouds moving rapidly envelop all of my body. At the same time, a circle of light surrounds me, holding me hopelessly. The next moment, the gravitational forces are shaken and a kind of time tunnel is formed. Immediately I am pushed against the tunnel, and when touching it I am subjected to a sequence of visions. In them I travel to the world of spirits, more exactly for a meeting between the most developed spirits. At the said meeting, they are sited, they talk democratically, specifically about the partition of the opposing forces. In the end, it is agreed the performance of each one and the choice aspects in relation to the dark night of the soul. It is necessary to point out that nothing is very clear, because those mysteries are not given to the human being. After the meeting ending, a baby crying was heard and life began.

The childhood is a period of discovery and finding the self. In this period, the family has got a primordial role in the formation of each individual. The parents have the duty of being the moral foundation necessary to make just and good persons. Still talking about the childhood, it is also at this stage that the extra-sensory phenomena are at their sharpest. Particularly, my visions reveal some of those moments: The vampire of the haunted house, the woman that rises from the ground to frighten, the dead person asking for help to find so desired light, amongst other moments. In each of those situations appears the despair of the unexplainable and the questions that seem never stopping. Are we alone in the Universe? The door between the two worlds is it really closed? Who had the answers to these questions could write marvellous books.

Yet the adolescence and adult phase are the most adequate times for solidifying the concepts acquired in childhood. In my case, it is also the phase of doubts and hope, in general and particular. A dream appears: Aiming to be a writer. It starts with a simple collection of biblical passages of the books of Ecclesiastes, knowledge and proverbs. Sometime later, the crisis come and the vision of a medium appears. Soon after, came unemployment and the start of the dark night of the soul. At this moment, the circle breaks up and I come in contact with all that was bad for me and that made me believe that I was not a worthy being. The shadows of the dark night got stronger and the voices convict me of something I did not have control of and it was absolutely not my fault. I rebel and shout loudly: I am also son of God! With this attitude, the vision of the dark night disappear and I feel better.

Then I begin to see my trajectory that drives me to this day. I leave home, happy with the last string of hope to see my dream come true. Searching for the dream, I arrive at Mimoso, climb the mountain Ororuba and reach the top, meet the guardian lady, the ghost, the youth and the little boy; I accomplish challenges and finally I enter the dangerous cave of despair, the cave capable of realizing the deepest dreams. Inside it, avoiding traps and passing the scenes, I finally arrive, with great effort at a secret room, where I became the seer, a special and super-gifted being, able to understand the most troubled hearts. Almost ready, I leave the cave and there it starts an unimaginable adventure on the timeline. My objective in the journey was to put right injustices, help someone to find himself and getting together the opposing forces. The result of all that is a book with the same name. After having seen all that, the sequence of the visions breaks down and again the dark night gets closer, and with that, the circle of light reappears in me and leads me to run through the future without seeing it clearly. Quickly, I get to the end of the line, I die, go to judgement, and the dark night remains around me. In the audience, the night lays claim to possess me in account of all my past actions. The judge listen to the arguments and I remain in expectation. A moment later, an abyss open under my feet and I am sucked fiercely into it. I begin to fall very fast in a time interval that seems an eternity. When I am almost at the bottom, I am caught by strong hands and arms. I quickly look to the being that saved me, and it is an angel with beautiful wings. On its face it is written: Repentance. We go back the same way and the dark night no longer has any power over me. A while later I arrive in Heaven and I am going to live in the company of the most evolved beings of the Universe, working with them to maintain the miracle of life. And so, a new phase begins.


The first meeting with the guardian lady


A new day appears: the birds sing, the sun appears and the morning breeze envelops all my body and awakes me in this mystic atmosphere that is the sacred mountain. At this exact moment, I think of the night before, concluding that it was a night to forget, because did not bring back good memories, due to the fact that the ground was hard and the unusual dream that I had. What did the mountain expect from me? I think that it is a relentless will to win on a subject that I proposed to learn more about it and thus evolve. Trying to gather the necessary strength for that, I get up, have a stretch, have breakfast and see nothing more nothing less than the mountain’s guardian lady. Our eyes meet and in a quick assessment I realize that she looks younger than the last time we met each other. I then decide to start a conversation.

— Guardian lady?! Is it really you my lady? I was desperately looking for you.

— I knew, but I don’t know the reason. To what honour do I owe the dreamer’s visit, son of God, whom I haven’t seen for so long?

Even before I tried to answer, we immediate embrace, and this leaves me more relaxed and confident. At that moment I was absolutely certain that I could count on her help to unravel the mysteries and answer my most profound anxieties. After the moment of euphoria, we separate from each other, we sat facing each other and we restarted the conversation.

—I came searching for answers about the dark night of the soul, a moment that I already lived about two years ago, but that still leaves me with many doubts and anxieties. Then I had reflect for a while and got to the conclusion that the mountain brought me so much happiness in the past it might be the resumption of a new journey, fiery and dangerous.

— I understand. But could you give me an idea to what you call the dark night of the soul?

—Well, despite of the fact that I have not evolved sufficiently, I can give you a basic idea. Dark night is exactly that moment when we disconnect ourselves from the sacred, from God, and only think about our own vanities. It is a moment where the darkness is intense and this may condemn or even save a person.

—An appropriate definition, but incomplete. Learn young one, the dark night is much more profound that what we imagine and only the more evolved spirits are really able to control it and understand it. Are you ready to risk once more? If you are, I think I can help you in your journey. However, I must warn you that you are not going to find exactly here all the answers that you need. It is going to be necessary a lot of courage and determination from your side to face new and unforeseen challenges.

—I will do everything the mistress orders me. You can believe that I am prepared to go right to the bottom of the issue, even if I have to make difficult and complicated sacrifices. Well, what will it be the first step this time?

—Firstly, you will have to know deeply the seven cardinal sins, because normally they open the curtains of darkness. With me you will have three challenges, and if you pass them you will go to the second phase. In total there are three phases before somebody is finally able to understand the meaning of the dark night. Be prepared, because it is not going to be easy. Besides, I must let you know that those who walk this way face so many risks that many have already lost their lives in it. Do you still want to carry on? If you say yes, be aware that your first challenge is scheduled for tonight.

—Yes. I am prepared to pay the price for the arduous knowledge. I am ready.

—Spend the day well. I will be back tonight.

With those words, the guardian lady said fondly farewell. I begin to get ready for the night. What will it be awaiting me? Let’s continue together, reader.

Waiting for the challenge


I continue to get ready, without noticing time passes and it is midday. From then on, I concentrate on the lunch, because I was already feeling hungry. I take the food that I brought from the bush and start to get it ready. In the beginning, for a short while, a slight worry disturbs my feelings, and I ask myself: What did the guardian lady meant with the expression “Many have already lost their lives searching for the answers”? Could it be that its meaning is totally literal? Well, in any way I was perfectly prepared to run the necessary risks to reach such arduous knowledge and the respective success in the adventure. Thinking about that, I conclude that since the first time that I arrived at the mountain I had demonstrated sufficient courage, strength and faith to accomplish the challenges and face the obstacles until finally get permission to enter into the sacred cave of despair that was, at that moment, my last hope of success. Analysing better this part of my objective, I end up concluding that I really had a chance of achieving success. In the end, I have had become the seer, a super-gifted being, capable of transcending time and distance in search for the objectives.

After the short analysis, I decide to focus only on the lunch and getting fed. Straight after, I decide to lie on the improvised bed that I made, because I needed some time to recover and gather energy for the night challenge. After a while, I get sleepy and a refreshing slumber takes over me completely. During my rest, I had revealing, but undecipherable dreams. After the turmoil of one of them, I wake up, and looking at my pocket watch I realize that is almost night time. Hurriedly I get up with the objective of observing the night and wait to be contacted by the guardian lady.



      Going out, the night fall makes me more anxious and nervous. What would I be facing? What would the first challenge consist of? Those were some of the questions floating in my worried mind. A while later, I try to control myself and reaffirm my decision to myself, that I would face all the obstacles, whatever they may be. The strategy seems right, and I feel more confident and with great determination, with that adventurous scouting instinct from the previous mission. I am happy and I promise myself that I would be discovering all the fascinating facets of the dark night of the soul, so dangerous and gloomy. So, I decide to enter the kitchen of the cabin intent in preparing a dinner fit for the guardian lady, despite all the difficulties. I remember her tastes and I decide to make a soup like the last time that we met. It is necessary not to take risks.

After a few minutes, finally the soup is ready, and tasting it, I am happy, because it was delicious, as far as it was possible. Despite being hungry I don’t eat, go out again looking for clues in that starry sky, fascinated by the look of the stars, and for a moment they twinkle even brighter, as if wanting to tell me something. What could it be? I imagine several situations, until I feel a gentle touch on my shoulders. Looking behind, I come across the guardian lady more radiant and vivid than ever. In anticipation she start the conversation.

—Dreamer, are you ready? Today you will have the opportunity of knowing the beginning of everything, the creation of the dark night of the soul. Be aware than this is a special moment and reserved only to a few.

— I believe I am prepared, but before that I would like to invite you to have some soup with me.

—Yes, of course. I will take the opportunity to give you the instructions needed so that you can face the challenge with the possibility of success.

After the guardian lady said yes, we straight away enter the humble abode, and on the way, a perturbing silence remained, seeming to foresee the dangers that I would be facing. What would happen to me this time? I asked myself that, because I was starting to tread a total unknown and unforeseeable path. Thinking about my case, I try to reignite my confidence, since it was important to achieve success. I recall that I am a seer, that I have nothing to fear about, despite everything, and carry on walking by the side of the guardian lady. Our regular and sure steps take us to our objective, the small and improvised kitchen of the wooden hut. Upon arrival, I offer the guardian lady the only stool available and begin to serve her. We sit in front of each other and I reopen the conversation interrupted a while ago. I decide to go straight to the point.

—Well, guardian lady, how exactly is this challenge going to be?

— In a short while you will have to leave the cabin and roam over cave’s top searching for a clue. When the moment arrives, you will have four options: The pure light, the passivity, the repentance and the dark night of the soul. If you chose the most appropriate path, you will then obtain the necessary answers to the complete understanding of the appearance of the dark night of the soul. That knowledge is very important for your development as a seer and as a person. However, you should stay alert, as if by chance you choose the wrong path, you will find madness, suffering or even death. Be wise as you have always been and choose to uncover the veil of the most profound mysteries of the Universe. Know that few have had access to this knowledge.

— How should I prepare to overcome this first challenge?

—Firstly, pray a lot to obtain the celestial protection. After that, use your good-sense and knowledge, as when you faced the choice of path on the previous adventure. On that time, there were two options: The path on the right, the path of light, which is also the most difficult by representing renunciation and difficult choices. In this respective path, the individual faces many difficulties, but can rely on the celestial protection and certainly this is the most suitable path in the direction of evolution, which the final aim is to reach to the Father. However, the path on the left, that of the darkness, is the easiest path, wide, and belongs to all of those who rebel against the Father’s call, against his mission. It is also a path for learning, which must be known, but not practised. The other time, you made the right choice and managed to control the opposing forces and that can help you this time. Know that those who are able to control the opposing forces are able to make miracles.

—I understand. In case I choose the wrong path, could the consequences really hit me?

—Don’t worry. Probably nothing is going to happen if you adequately follow my directions. However, you must be very careful, because the majority of the people prefer to ignore the existence of the dark night at that moment, and assume a false ego, perfect and unreachable. In general people that act this way believe they are better than the others, they wrongly think that they are closer to God and don’t have the good sense of self-criticism and try to become better human beings. Know that the dark night of this kind of person is the most dangerous of them all. There are still others that tread the dark night without being aware of it and without caring about the consequences. For each mistake made, they get further away from the light and unless someone helps them, they end up finally falling into perdition. These are all those that get drugged in the vices of the flesh and the spirit. There is still a third type that tread the dark night for a certain period of time, until something transforms their lives. This fact can be an advice, a reflection or a casual happening of destiny. The fact bring the repentance that is one of the keys to save yourself from such dangerous night. Apart from these, there are other types of dark night, but that are not predominant. Have patience and take care to be able to surpass your limitations, and to go forward on the path of knowledge and not falling into destiny’s pitfalls.

—Thank you. After that explanation I can conclude that my dark night was of the third type. In it I was subjected to several experiences beyond my comprehension. It is because of this that I came back here wanting to obtain the knowledge that will make me able to understand and analyse the various dark nights of the soul. This is absolutely necessary for my personal development and my career.

— Well, only it remains for me now wish you luck in your path. You are a dedicate lad and deserve to be successful. Know that many hearts are going to learn from you the secrets of being better and happier people. Certainly, your contribution will be important and immense.

After having said that, the guardian lady finishes eating, looks outside and turns round to me.

—It is time for the challenge. I am on my way and don’t forget about my recommendations.

Immediately, she gets up and disappears in the night, leaving me alone with my anxieties. At this moment, I look at my pocket watch, realizing that it was late night and a light sleep start to appear. I think for a while and decide to make a sacrifice in favour of my objectives. Making this decision, I grab a torch from my case and go out of cabin. Leaving, I realise that its light is not enough to give me safety at the top of the sacred and dangerous mountain. Despite that, I don’t give up and believe in my capabilities. I take a few steps and make another decision: I would be starting to walk on the top’s west side, where the majestic cave is located. I did that, because I had an inner suspicion.

Determined, I go to the nearest path. Half way I start hearing noises from wild animals. And now? How was I going to protect myself? Afraid, I begin to repeat a silent praying and the noises abate immediately as if by miracle. I feel more relaxed and carry on walking, concentrating on the challenge. Again, the doubts appears incessantly and I ask: Will it be possible for me to overcome this so difficult first challenge? Well, from my side I would be making every effort to do my best to start to accomplish my objectives: The search for the answers about the dark night and my desire for knowledge.

I carry on walking, and with the intense cri-cri of the insects I lose concentration. As an alternative, I decide to gamble with my instincts and experience so that I don’t get lost on the path. After some time, with my steady and quick steps I get closer to the cave of despair, place where I became the seer of the books. By walking forward and standing in front of it, the memories from the last time I was here came back to me. I remember all the details, including that I was only a dreamer who had climbed the mountain in search of an unknown destiny. By climbing it completely, I had the pleasure of knowing the guardian lady, a miraculous spirit capable of understanding the most profound mysteries of the human being. With her help, I accomplished three challenges, one more difficult than the other. Still on the mountain, I have faced the ghost and the youth with the objective of asserting what I wanted for myself. After all those stages, finally I could enter the cave of despair, the cave that was capable of making the impossible possible. Going in, overcoming all the obstacles, went through scenes until I got to the secret chamber. There, my natural gifts were strengthened and ended up becoming the seer, a being capable of making miracles in time and space. With everything realized I left the cave, and travel through time, I corrected injustices, helped someone to find himself and finally I gathered my opposing forces as well as the ones from the last time. I have succeeded in my mission and now I felt prepared for a new adventure, penetrate the dense dark night of the soul, something that no one ever did. Full of enthusiasm, I walk further, stand at the entrance to the cave waiting for a sign from the supernatural, but nothing happened. As time went by, I had convinced myself that the cave had nothing to do with the actual challenge and I went away from it and looked for another path, towards the north side of the mountain. I find it straight away, helped by the torch’s light and carry on walking.

Picking up a new path, I feel my faith and hopes renewed, because I believe that I am going to accomplish the plans and find the so desired success. Assured and following the developed instincts of seer, at a certain point, I decide to leave the path and enter the thicket. Even facing difficulties, like the thorns that hurt me, I carry on walking in the same direction, because I had an inner assurance. I continue at this pace for about ten minutes, until out of nowhere a clearing appeared. In front of me there were four distinct paths and I have to choose one of them. Under pressure, I begin to analyse all the possibilities. In this case it is not just luck or fate, simply knowledge. Among the paths there is the path of light, the path of passivity, that of repentance and the path of the dark night of the soul. The first one belongs to all those that give themselves to the call of the Father, his mission. Certainly, this is the most difficult path, because requires renunciations and choices that the majority are not prepared to make. However, the second, the passivity path, represents all of those that persist with their mistakes without concern for the consequences, such as the others’ pain. In the case I choose this path I may even reach madness. In relation to the path of repentance, this one belongs to all and any human being that is prepared to change life, to forgive and try to understand the other side. However most people cannot tread it for very long, mainly because of pride, exactly the cardinal sin that I will try to understand to the bottom in this particular challenge. In the instance of me opting for this path, I will observe and feel a lot of suffering. At last, there is the path of the dark night of the soul that represents the knowledge and mystical experience of the darkness that everybody goes through at certain point in life. After pondering for a while, I end up deciding that the path of the dark night of the soul is the most appropriate to follow at that moment. Before continuing the journey, however, I recall my past challenges specifically when I had to choose, at the last adventure, between the two opposing forces. In that instance, the path on the right was the most correct one, because it represented the path of light, whilst the one on the left represented the path of darkness. Now the situation was different, because there were four paths and only one was the most appropriate choice. I ponder for a while longer, I decide to invert the roles and denominate the path to the extreme left the one of the pure light and the one next to it the one of the repentance. So, the path on the extreme right, I denominate it as one of the dark night of the soul and the one next to it the one of passivity. In order to confirm my hunches, I create an aura round the paths and this plan gives me the desired result. Then I follow the path on the extreme right searching for the truth that few know. After walking for a while longer, my steady pace takes me to a flat place, exuberant and enormous, with a lake in the middle. On its banks, a woman is waving to me, calling me. By curiosity, I answer her call and get closer. As I reach her, I start the conversation:

— Are you the owner of the mystery of the origin of the dark night of the soul?

—No, my dear. But I can help.