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Philliphe is a victorious man in every aspect of life. Nothing else can wish to be happy until something terrible happens. The new situation provokes a great revolt in your world. Lost, just stumbled onto at  the thought of an innocent young man. His words are so comforting and optimistic that opens a new perspective amid so much pain. Is launched then the following challenge:Be able understand the God`s will and as a consequence decipher your code? PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

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God’s code

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

God’s code


By:Aldivan Teixeira Torres

©2018-Aldivan Teixeira Torres

Translator:Sara Pereira

Review:Aldivan Teixeira Torres

E-mail: [email protected]


This book, including all its parts, is protected by copyright and don’t can to be reproduced without Autor’s permission, resold or transferred.

Academic Qualifications: Degree in Mathematics with specialization in the same area.


Short Biography: Aldivan Teixeira Torres, was born in Arcoverde- PE-Brazil, created the series “The Seer”, the series sons of the light, poetry and screenplays. His literary career started at the end of 2011 with the publication of his first romance work Opposing forces .For whatever reason, he stopped writing only resuming his career in the second half of 2013. Since then he never stopped. He hopes that his writing will contribute to the Pernambuco and Brazilian culture, arousing the pleasure of reading in those that do not yet have the habit. His motto is “For literature, equality, fraternity, justice, dignity and the human being honour for ever”.


I dedicate this work to all the altruists, thinkers, philosophers, writers who contributed to the moral elevation of our society. However, I have noticed that there is much to be done in all aspects and therefore the decision to publish a code directed to the aggrandizement of all.

I also dedicate to the ordinary people of all classes who with a lot of game of waist they can survive in a country of good theory, but not of practice. And especially I recommend reading for those who have not yet found the meaning of life nor the knowledge of the benign forces of the universe that we usually call God.


I thank all lovers of literature and especially those who accompany my personal trajectory and that of my project "The Seer". It would be nothing without you. Nor can I forget about family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, co-workers who are always present in one form or another. You are part of me.

And first of all, I thank the creative father who, from my birth, took care of me and encouraged me in a special way. I owe everything to him. On this path, I walked, tried, tripped, but I leaned harder. It is as the saying goes: "He did not remove the stones so that I could learn from failure and go through the necessary procedures for victory."

Anyway, thanks to all the visible and invisible forces that accompany me.

"A spirit from above will be poured out on us again. Then the desert will become a garden and the garden will be considered a forest. In the wilderness shall the law dwell, and righteousness shall dwell in the garden. The fruit of righteousness will be peace. In fact, the work of justice will result in permanent tranquility and security." (Isaiah 32,15-17).


God's code tells an adventure of friends in the wilderness and its ultimate goal is to lead the reader to a reflection on how to conduct their relationship with God and whether both parties are satisfied.

The central point - The story of Philliphe - places us in front of important questions of our faith such as believing in God even in the crises, pains and tragedies of life.

The unfolding of history, the lived experiences, the actions of Yahweh form an interesting set of elements that aim to give a lesson to all those who like Philliphe lost the way of life leading them to a new stage capable of giving them the necessary strength to continue living and taking advantage of existence in the best possible way.

If what I have written helps, even if it is only one person, I am satisfied with the work done in the making of the book. Good reading.

The author.

Table of Contents

God’s code




Part I- Home


The dense night in Philliphe's life

The book

Twenty days later

The Philliphe Experience

The descent

The trip

The first day

Part II - Familyng

2.1- Values


2.3- Expenses

2.4- Memory

2.5- Behavior

2.6- Values of attention

2.7- Disagreements

2.8- General Conduct

2.9- Inheritance

Part III – Religious

3.1- The various religions

3.2- The concept of God

3.3- Religious and secular festivals

3.4- Idolatry and fanaticism

3.5- Do not mess with God and the unknown

3.6- How to pray

3.7- Transfusions, UTIS, Surgeries

3.8- Circumcision, promises, the Sabbath day

3.9- Seers, letters, spiritual works, etc.

3.10- The destiny of man

3.11- The action of God through men

3.12- The notion of sin

3.13— Miscellaneous topics related to religion

Part IV — On the way to another city

4.1— Prostitution

4.2— Virginity

4.3— Types of union

4.4— Types of relationship

4.5— Sexual taboos

4.6— Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Part V— New Directions

5.1— Types of regime

5.2— Brazilian political history

5.3— Corruption

5.4— Miscellaneous topics

5.5— Resuming the debate

5.6— Confidences

Part VI— Working

6.1— First topics

6.2— Public sector, private, competitions, technical training

6.3— Quality of life, trade union movement and the rights and duties of the Worker

Part VII — Scientific

7.1— The role of the media

7.2— Brazilian energy matrix, the universe

7.3— Environment

Part VIII— SocioeconomicCity

8.1— Some important issues

8.2— Other topics

8.3— Sports and leisure

Part IX— Educulting

9.1— Educational modalities, public school versus the private and remuneration of education professionals

9.2— Illiteracy, role of teachers, formation peoples, cultural heritage

9.3— Programs supporting culture, literature and the challenge of publishing

Part X— Health

Part XI— Sodorra

11.1— The Sermon of the Desert

Part XII — Final


Part I- Home


It was once a simple middle-class family residing in the rural area of the municipality of Arcoverde-Brazil with surname Andrade Correia. The family was made up of five people: Philliphe Andrews, the father, Angelica, the mother, Samantha, Constantine and Bartholomew, their children. For a long time, they lived in peace.

Philliphe was the kind of distant father, very attached to work, who usually only paid more attention to his wife and children on weekends. It was little, but no one complained, for it was a necessary evil.

Everything was going on within normalcy until the fatal day. It was at the end of the school year, when the whole family gathered, packed their bags, got into the car, and set off for the weekend to get away from the monotony of everyday life.

Initially, nothing unusual happened. They were crossing the barriers of the busy BR 232 Highway and arriving near Caruaru, at the end of a curve, they were surprised by another car coming towards them. Result: Front collision, with cars coming off the main lane.

The rescue came fast, all were sent to the hospital in the capital of the harsh with the help of firefighters being treated in a state of emergency when they get there. Initial efforts were made to restore their health and some had to be referred to the ICU.

Within the hospital, two days passed and unfortunately the accident had resulted in fatalities: Four from the Correia Family and another from the Gouveia Family, occupants of the other vehicle. Of the first, the only one left was Philliphe. He still did not know, therefore, his state of health required care.

A little while later, the wounds were healing, and when the doctors realized he was well he was told the bad news that he had lost his entire family in the tragic accident. The reaction swung from the initial shock to revolt. And now? What would he do?

The first thing he did was collaborate in every way for a faster recovery. The goal was to get away from the sad, macabre place of the hospital.

With a week of effort, he was finally released and the first thing he did was to call a cab. He waited another fifteen minutes for the driver to arrive, a blue canopy, and on boarding the same he greeted the driver and indicated his destination: The bus station. At his signal, the car immediately left and faced a heavy traffic arrived in fifteen minutes to the desired location. Philliphe paid for the ticket, said good-bye, and went downstairs. He drove to the booth where he was informed that the next bus to Arcoverde would arrive in an hour. In order to pass the time, he crossed the avenue, took juice with cheese bread in the cafeteria and still had time to spend in a small bookstore where he bought his favorite magazines. After, he crossed the avenue in the opposite direction and returned to the bus station. He bought the ticket and waited some more.

Arriving the bus bound for his beloved Arcoverde, he did not waste time, entering immediately choosing one of the front seats. He waited a little longer and then finally they're off.

This was the beginning of the journey back. During the long journey, he had time to reflect on the present state, he took conversation with the neighbor of armchair and took the opportunity to read the magazines he had bought. When he felt tired, he took a nap.

Three hours later, he woke up with the bumps of the car and realized that he was near his land, the beloved Arcoverde of so many stories. Moments later, he holds the suitcase, knocks on the driver's cabin and asks to stop. The driver obeys the bus stops and finally he descends, towards its place (fifteen meters), near the town of Caribbean. Holding what was left of the suitcases, it takes another fifteen minutes to reach his house, and when he arrives, he falls exhausted on the bed. He would try to sleep to relieve his troubled mind and would only get up the other day to give a fate to his poor life.

The dense night in Philliphe's life

Dawns. Philliphe wakes up, bathes, changes clothe, prepares and eats breakfast (bread with eggs), he brushes his teeth and leaves for the city where he was to perform his public function. His position was fiscal auditor of the state farm, of high hierarchy and remuneration, fruit of his concurrence efforts.

In twenty minutes' drive, using his own car, he arrives at his place of work, the state farmhouse pole in Arcoverde, a large, two-story building. After passing the entrance gate, he passes through a corridor and another door and then he has access to the main hall where the work groups are located. He gently greets his colleagues and is comforted by the fact of the tragedy. He thanks and starts toil. He spent about eight hours on site and outside work with companions and in this turn no abnormality occurred. When he completes his assignments, he says goodbye, does the same course in feeling the opposite, he goes beyond the entrance-exit gate, and goes to the car that is parked in the neighboring street. When he arrived, he would settle into his seat, he turns on the ignition, and then proceed to solve some pending trade and then he leaves. He takes the main avenue of downtown, goes to the good neighborhood and a few moments later he has access to the highway BR 232.

With moderate speed, it takes only fifteen minutes to get home. He keeps the car in the garage, approaches the door, uses the key to open it and inside the house goes to the kitchen and arriving at the place takes the lunch ready. Heat the food in the stove and feed in a hurry so much his hunger. At the end of lunch, he will take care of domestic and site activities for the rest of the day. Early on, he decides to sleep.

On the other following days, the routine is repeated. Despite being completely normal, his life had changed from head to toe after the tragedy. He lived only from work to home, away from friends, from religiosity and from himself. Anyway, he did not believe in anything anymore.

Psychologically, Philliphe was devastated, sunk in an endless desert. At every moment he wondered: What sin had he committed to fall into such misfortune? Why had not God spared his family? What would he do with his life now that he was alone? Were there any possibilities for recovery?

No matter how much time passed, he could find no solution to his problems and the loneliness that beat in his chest ever stronger. He was living in a very dense night where there was only despair.

Forward, warrior, do not give up!

The book

Time advances a little more and Philliphe's mental state is the same: He could not cope with the drastic changes in his life. Even aware that nothing could change, his unconscious was uncontrollable and spoke louder. It was part of his personality and was intrinsically linked to the influences of his Maktub.

It was there that something interesting and unusual occurred: On the date that he had completed six months of the tragedy, searching the internet after dinner he found a website of a publisher and a book that really caught his attention because it specifically dealt with a theme that was a bit the desert life of feelings and hopes that lived in the present moment. The title was "The dark night of the soul" and the author was called Aldivan Teixeira Tôrres. Instigated, he decided to buy the book, making the registration on the website and after all procedures he printed the ticket because it would be a good opportunity to learn and travel a little enriching his knowledge and who knows how to help him wake up a little. That was the bet.

He continued to surf the internet a bit, including social networks, news sites, soccer, chat in chat rooms, listening to music and researching a little to help in his daily life in his profession. However, even when the browsing session was over, the question of the book did not leave his head.

Tired from the day he'd actually been run, he headed for the bedroom to sleep. He approached the bed and before going to bed, he remembered the ticket he had printed. He kept it in his purse so he would not forget to pay it the other day. After the act, he finally relaxed.

The night followed, the dawn arrived, and around six o'clock in the morning, Philliphe finally woke up. As usual, he got up quickly, stretched himself, went to the bathroom, showered, went back to his room, he changed into clean clothes and a brown suede shoe he had bought, he went to the kitchen and got there, made eggs with bacon, stuffed the bread adding curd. Then he ate some fruit and was satisfied.

He brushed his teeth, washed his face, went to the bathroom to defecate, and at the end of the act, he approached the kitchen sink and washed his hands. As he was vain, went to the bedroom and next to the mirror of his wardrobe huge clothes, took care of the last details, which included the treatment of the face with creams, use of fine perfume with fragrance of roses, and finally comb the hair that was a little hissing.

Ready! Now he could go to the garage, pick up his big car, and go to work on his beloved Arcoverde. And that's what he does. Despite his discontent with life, he had always been responsible with his commitments and work was not a choice, but a matter of necessity.

Facing the normal traffic on the BR 232 lane and in the urban area of the city, he finally reaches work after fifteen minutes of effort. With great education, he enters the institution and wish a good day to all his work colleagues. Not all are reciprocal, but it does not matter. He had already done his part.

He starts with his bureaucratic work and when asked, leaves with the team. With great professionalism and competence, stands out in the crowd. He was to be congratulated for its integrity and honor always tested.

At the end of eight o'clock, he hit the point and walk away. As usual he will deal with other personal issues in banks, financial institutions, lottery houses, shops, etc. He pays the ticket for the book and then finally goes home.

This time, he finds a congested traffic, but nevertheless he arrives in time at home to take care of the domestic and site pending. Now he was alone and absolutely everything was on his back.

At night, he still has time to access the internet and check the payment confirmation of the book on the website. Now all that remained was to wait and find out what Aldivan Teixeira Tôrres, the seer, wanted to go through with it.

While dreaming of the arrival of the book, he went to sleep at about 11:00 p.m. One more day fulfilled in a solitude and deep incomprehension.

Twenty days later

A little time is spent within normalcy in Philliphe's solitary life between work, social activities, home life, weekends, and leisure. Completing exactly six months and twenty days after the tragedy, coming from work, he is notified by neighbors that there is something for him waiting to be picked up at the couriers of the Caribbean Village.

Immediately, he will see what it's like walking out of his place. On the short route, it crosses the highway, and climbs on the 1.5 km (one kilometer and a half full of curves) path that separates it from the aforementioned urban agglomeration.

Along the way, in addition to finding several acquaintances and greeting them, he has the opportunity to reflect, analyze and ponder the possibilities. What was waiting for him at the post office? Was it a letter from distant relatives from the South who had not heard for some time? A charge? Or even an unexpected declaration of love? These and other hypotheses filled his mind at that moment.

Enough! Says Philliphe inwardly. Gathering a force never before seen, he recovers the lost tranquility and cleanses his disturbed mind. He decides to hurry up, crosses the last bend, and approaches the first houses. His anxiety was about to end.

With a further three hundred meters, he enters the main street, turns right and over five houses, arrives at the building where the post office worked. Full of education, he excused himself as he entered the room and contacted the official in charge, his Xavier, an old man of about 60 years, white, unshaven, broad-bellied, broad back, black hair drained, wrinkled cheeks, thick and firm arms, green eyes, upright posture, wearing yellow cotton shirt, dark sunglasses, cap, watch bound, jeans, leather belt, black social shoe and brown underwear that showed a little, being very well known in the region. The dialogue is then initiated:

— Good afternoon, Xavier, do you have any correspondence for me?

—Good afternoon, Philliphe. You have an order from São Paulo sent by a publisher. It's a book?

—Oh, I know. It's a book. Let's see.

Philliphe walks closer, signs a two-way form, picks up the package and begins to unwrap it. Despite his poor ability, he loses little time in the operation. Having removed all the paper that involves the merchandise, he does a quick analysis of the product and presents it to the interested party.

—This title book "The Dark Night of the Soul" interested me a lot. Therefore, the synopsis presents a little of the period in which we turn off from God, living in sin and teaches the forms of recovery. I want to learn from him and who knows overcome my bad moment. (Philliphe)

— I understand. Very interesting. Who is the author?

— Aldivan Teixeira Torres, common seer or son of God.

—Can I take a look?

—You can. Make yourself comfortable.

Philliphe handed the book over to Xavier, who examined it quickly. At the end he returned and commented:

—Very good choice. I also want to buy. How can I get it?

—In the internet, on the website of the publisher you saw. A register is made and a ticket is printed. It's worth it!

— Got it. Thank you.

—You're welcome. Now I have to go.

— See you.

— Up until.

Quietly, Philliphe left the post office and returned the same way. Facing a little sun and dust, he overcame the same obstacles as before. With thirty minutes of effort, he completes the total journey, he enters the house, he passes through the room and corridor and he arrives at the room.

He sits on a chair by a small table and patiently begins to leaf through the book, which has more than three hundred pages long. For two hours, he has the opportunity to travel a little and get out of the hard routine and loneliness that life imposed on you. He likes very much and at the end the guard and promises to resume the reading the other day at about the same time.

Afterwards, he prepares his dinner, feeds himself, goes to watch TV, listens to music, surfs a little on the internet and when he gets tired, he finally goes to sleep. The next few days promised.

The Philliphe Experience

Another week passes with Philliphe fulfilling all his obligations involving work in the public sector, on the site, household chores, professional and personal relationships, and leisure activities. His life had been agitated and lonely since losing loved ones in the tragedy.

With the arrival of the weekend, he had more time to complete the pending work and complete the reading of the book that increasingly instigated him. On Sunday he came to an end and concluded that it was very worthwhile to buy it. With it he had learned a little of the light-Dark duality, the deadly sins of the dense part of the dark night, struggles, failures, and conquests of the main characters, the value of forgiveness and the possibility of recovery, and especially was astonished by the sensitivity of the author. How he wanted to meet him and learn from him!

He handles the book with more care and in one of the notes acquires the contact of Renato, companion of adventures of the author of the book. Without thinking much, he decides inwardly to look for him because it was not so far, the Serra do Ororubá in Mimoso-Brazil. The objective was to ask him for help, to know the seer and who knows to get rid of the weights he had always carried and which were aggravated by the tragedy that had occurred.

He was decided! He calls his boss, tells him that he is traveling, and do not know when he'll be back. In response, he has all his understanding and he is released for 15 days. Afterwards, he immediately begins to pack his trousers, shorts, briefs, sandals, shoes, shirts, socks, caps, sunglasses, watches, toiletries and his inseparable photo album. At the end, he takes care of the other details, warns the neighbors that he will leave and asks them to look a little at his place in his absence, he closes the house and the garage and he goes to the edge of the highway Br 232 to get the first stocking course to Pesqueira.

As he lived nearby, he quickly reached the point, he waited about forty minutes, and finally managed to drive. From there it's only eight minutes and the driver kindly leaves him in the center, near the town square. He comes down, pays for the ticket, thanks the driver and says goodbye. He begins to walk.

When he approaches the first person, he asks for guidance on how to get to the Ororubá mountain, specifically in Renato's house. Cordially, the young man who approaches Bernardo gives all the necessary information for the first and even offers to accompany him. Not wanting to abuse his goodwill, Philliphe dismisses it, he shakes hands, and thanks effusively. He preferred to go alone.

Following his directions, he goes ahead a few meters, turns right, crosses the bridge of the canal, walks a little more, entering a particular terrain. He can already see the famous mountain range that many considered sacred. Now it was only to move on to the foot and up its steep paths.

In fifteen minutes, he gets to the bottom and as he was not used, he makes a stop. At the time, the expectation, anxiety and restlessness took gigantic proportions with him distracted all the time shrouded in questions. Some of them were: What awaited him? What would Renato be like? And the guardian? Does he really existed? These and other issues would only be healed with time and it was no use getting hurt.

He decides to resume the walk. He begins to climb the dangerous slopes and at every step he feels more determined and prepared for everything. Towards the future! He thinks. Although his chances of finding them were small, it would be interesting to have an experience with Renato and the author of the book "The Dark Night of the Soul."

A little further on, he completes one third of the ascent, then he stops for five minutes, returning soon to walk with more vigor. At this moment, everything began to weigh a little more, including the suitcase which required a greater effort. Keep going always! He repeats it mentally in order to cheer himself up. The strategy works because at least he feels psychologically calmer. He moves forward more.

Exactly ten minutes later, he completes halfway. Despite the tiredness that was reflected in the sweat poured by his body he does not discourage, maintaining an acceptable pace. He keeps walking, overcoming stones, dust, thorns, facing the scorching sun, disbelief, and running against time. And how he ran!

Ten steps forward he feels the mighty force of the mountain, its voices, acting against itself. Inspired by the experience of the seer, he takes this step, celebrates his victory and continues on the path. At a given moment, he turns back, and sees the urban agglomeration of Mimoso at the bottom of the valley. How beautiful the landscape! It was explained the force, the patriotism and the passion of the pair of the series "The seer" the most interesting that had known in Literature and that still promised a lot.

Philliphe continues walking, a few minutes later enters the dangerous curve despite the nervousness common to those who walk there, he surpasses it. Ready! Now there were only a hundred yards to reach the marvelous top of the Ororubá Mountains. Fate was about to unfold.

The remaining route ends in just five minutes and before taking the last step, the traveler forces one last stop. He was feeling like a football player about to take a penalty or a woman about to go into labor after nine months of waiting. I explain: His life had been a great Ferris wheel, he had been the son of a mason and a maid, and with much effort had completed elementary school. He had been in business for about ten hours a day without being discouraged. Five months later, he had met Angelica, fell in love, and in two years they had been engaged and married. With her wealthy help, he had quit the trade, attended a college, had been involved in contests, and how competent he had been in several, current auditor of the state farm. With the consolidation in the job, he bought a place in the rural area of the city and moved with his wife there because what he liked was pure air and tranquility. From the fruits of the marriage appeared three children. Everything seemed fine until the day of the tragedy. He had fallen from heaven to hell, he had completely lost his faith, revolted, and was now without destiny.

Now he was there, after discovering the wonderful world of a being named Aldivan Teixeira Torres, author of the series the seer, who promised recovery to the most difficult cases. It was this that had motivated him to overcome his limits and believed that Renato, his partner, could help him in his trajectory at least as an arrow. Well, it was at least what I expected.

The expectation increases. Philliphe finally makes a move and when he sets his foot on the mountain, the earth shakes, the weather gets cloudy, he feels shivers, and a cloud of smoke covers the whole top. From within the cloud, a mysterious old woman approaches. With each step of it, the nervousness increases. Who would it be and what did he want?

He was about to find out. Getting close, the stranger tries to introduce himself and start the dialogue:

—Good morning, Philliphe, I am the spirit of the land that inhabits this sacred mountain. You can call me a guardian. How can I help you?

Philliphe became static. Does it mean that he stood before the wise Abigail of the mountain, the first mentor of the seer? He could not believe it was true. Gathering a force never seen before, he can communicate.

—Guardian? Do you really exist? How do you know me?

— Calm. I understand your astonishment. I am myself. I have lived in this place for centuries and have many mysteries. What do you want?

— I want to talk to Renato, your adopted son. Maybe he can help me in solving some problems.

—Of course, anything is possible. Follow me and feel comfortable.

Philliphe obeys the guardian and both begin to walk on the mysterious top of the mountain towards the residence of the last. What did destiny prepare for that brave traveler? Let's keep following.

After twenty minutes at a brisk pace, overtaking the natural obstacles of the woods and turning from side to side, they finally reach the humble, straw-covered hut. As a good hostess, the guardian invites him in, he accepts, and together they enter the little house. Within the single span, they find Renato sitting in the center next to a small table and the strange lady makes her introductions.

— Renato, this is Mr. Philliphe, a traveler who wants to talk to you.

Renato gets up, gets closer and greets the traveler.

—Pleasure, Renato. What specifically do you want?

—I am a reader of the series the seer who at the moment faces serious problems. Would you help me?

— Maybe. What afflicts you?

— Thank you. I'll briefly tell a little of my story. My name is Philliphe Andrews, someone searching for the essence and the truth. From my birth, because of my humble origin, I face prejudices and many professional difficulties. However, I always thought it was possible to win and for this I persisted fighting for my dreams. In this arduous way, I worked in commerce, I found love, I got out of poverty, I got engaged, I married, I had children, I went to college and today I am a high-ranking official. However, a tragedy haunts me and since then I have no peace.

—What a tragedy?

—The loss of my whole family in an accident.

Tears trickle down his Philliphe's already wrinkled face. There was an example of constant suffering and struggle. Renato is moved and hesitant to consult his mother at heart.

—What do you think, Mother?

— His case is very complicated. His heart is still full of bitterness and revulsion for not conforming to his own Maktub. He feels wronged by God and destiny. (Guardian)

— How did you expect me to stay? My wife and kids were good people who deserved better luck. What did they do wrong to deserve this? I was always a follower of God's laws and deserved at least one protection to the height for me and my family.

— Calm down, Philliphe. Do not feel this way. There are things that have no explanation. (Renato)

—You cannot judge God or question him because he is far above you. How can the earthen vessel confront the potter? (Guardian)

—I know. I just wanted to understand why all this in my life. (Philliphe)

—Where do you really want to get? (Asks Renato)

—You know, I had the pleasure of reading the book "The Dark Night of the Soul", I learned a little about the darkness, the possibilities of recovery, about the deadly sins, about the darkest night, and when I finished reading it, grew in me the desire to try, to start over with a more calm and clean mind. I want to understand a little God, my destiny, how to take back happiness and win again. Do you think this is possible?

—My friend, with my long experience gained in my wanderings with the seer, I can say that anything is possible. I just do not know where is the starting point because I also have my doubts beyond the desire to also know God. (Confesses Renato)

—Can I give my opinion? (Intruded the guardian)

—Of course. (Renato and Philliphe)

— Seek the son of God, he is the only one on earth who can find a way out of this case. (She answered)

— Great idea. What do you think, Philliphe? (Renato)

—Approved too. My dream is to meet you in person. (He reinforced)

—Very well. Just wait a moment and I'll pack my bags as a precaution. Probably, we are facing the beginning of a new saga that promises a lot. (Renato)

— It's ok. (Philliphe)

Renato went to look after the suitcases and the last details for the match. What would happen? Another intriguing adventure was drawn between the lines.

The descent

With everything ready, Renato said goodbye to his adoptive mother and together with Philliphe they left the cottage. With a few more steps, they take the shorter path that would take them to the destination. For the moment, the silence reigns between the two fueling the doubts of both that would probably be healed in the promised encounter.

The great crossing begins .. With the two living in completely different moments. While one was pre-adolescent and by nature enthusiastic for adventures, the other was a man made, about forty years old, willing to learn, to recover values and to find a God who confessed not to know or to understand. What connected them was mutual thirst for knowledge and empathy.

Further on, they overtake the great stone and begin their descent. They walk another hundred meters and at the request of the visitor they make a stop to rehydrate. Renato seizes the moment and begins a conversation:

—Where are you from?

—Fifteen-foot yard, near Arcoverde, you know?

— I know. I've been several times in Arcoverde and I've been there. I really like it.

— I also liked it here. This valley is very beautiful with Mimoso in the background. I understand the inspiration of you and your partner in the books.

—Thank you. Our region is special in every corner. And the mountain, did you like?

—You have given me much, and now I am more convinced than I want. Forward always!

— Very well, my friend, good. It is the first step to the desired success and peace. Anything, we're here.

—Thank you very much. Can we continue?

—Of course yes.

They resumed their walk. Keeping a steady rhythm, they descended the steep mountain range, between curves and homesickness’s in the narrow path. In fifteen minutes, they arrive at the imposing Juazeiro already on the flat terrain. They stop one more time. Gently, Philliphe gave some water and food to Renato who forgot his canteen. The forces restored, they walked back the last three hundred meters with the imposing agglomeration of Mimoso very close. Now there was little left.

In the rest of the way, between conversations and jokes, they overcome the last barriers that present themselves. The moment is of construction and it seems that the two realized this because they do not miss an opportunity. Towards the future and success!

The route is completed. In front of the bungalow almost destroyed by time, they clap their hands and from inside it emerges a normal young, thin, medium height, black hair, light tan, slender with features that stand out. Looking surprised, he communicates.

— Renato, you here? How are you? Is that you? What's your name?

— Hi, how are you? I came on an important mission. This is Philliphe, one of your readers.

The seer smiled and approached more politely greeted the two.

— It's all right. Be welcome. Pleasure, Philliphe, you can call me a seer, son of God or even Aldivan.

—The pleasure is mine. I've been your fan since forever.

Philliphe, still disbelieving, gave him a long, hard hug. The emotion took over the presents and the hug ended up being triple. They were as if they were the three musketeers, one for all and all for one without even being aware of it.

As they embraced, they moved away a little and the seer spoke up:

—Sorry for the bad way. Please enter.

The two accept the invitation and together they enter the house. They pass the entrance, realize that it is empty, they go to the living room, praise the furniture and decor, the host thanks, and finally sit on the armchair seats, facing each other. Curious by nature, the seer did not hold back and resume the conversation:

— What brought you here?

— We came to ask for your guidance and help. Philliphe came to me, spoke of his troublesome troubles, and at my mother's suggestion we came to looking for you. (Renato explained)

—Ah, I get it. What's troubling you, Philliphe? (The son of God)

—I lost my whole family in a tragic accident. Now I want to understand why, to find God, to reorganize my history a little. (He answered)

—Interesting. Do you think I can help you? (The Seer)

—I think so. Because of your charisma and talent, you are capable. (Philliphe)

The seer becomes emotional, analyzes the situation coldly and decides to help that poor man suffering because he learned in his worst moments the value of a support and someone who believes in himself. Luck was on!

—Very well. I accept the challenge. What does Renato suggest? (Fortune teller)

—I have no idea. (The boy replied without reaction)

—How do you feel, Philliphe? (The son of God)

—Totally destroyed, revolted, and without faith and hope. I live a dense night. (Philliphe)

—An almost desert existence. (Renato concluded)

— This is it! (The seer shouted)

—What's it? (Philliphe)

—How about we go to the desert and try to find God? (Seer)

— Great idea. (He praised Renato)

—Where would it be? (Philliphe inquired)

— I've heard of an extremely inhospitable place in the municipality of Cabrobó, in the outback of Pernambuco. The village is called Desert Crossing and from there we could leave for our adventure, the desert wild giant of the city. What do you think? (Aldivan)

— For me, I'm ready. What do you think, Philliphe? (Renato)

—I too. What are we waiting for? (Philliphe)

— Well, I'll call my family and tell them I'm leaving. Besides, I have to pack. Can you help me? (Fortune teller)

— Yes. (Both)

The three of them went to the bedroom and together began to pack the suitcase of the seer. While taking care of the details, they take advantage to improve the team's interaction. The climate now is pleasant despite the great challenge that presents itself.

Twenty minutes later, they finish their bags, they leave the message, close the house. The seer leaves the keys with the neighbor and together they depart towards the highway BR 232. There began another saga of the series the seer that already had conquered the heart of many. Keep going always!

The trip

On the way to the highway, travelers are distracted talking to each other, admiring the landscape that was still green as we were in September of the current year of 2014.

The Mimoso region was really beautiful. But they were aware that the world was not only restricted there and that the adventures gave them the conditions to know the most varied places of the immense country that they inhabited. And this was very good. With each new experience, they increased their thirst for knowledge and expanded their culture that was also influenced by each person they encountered along the way. Going ahead, literature and for pleasure! It was one of the team's mottos.

With this thought in mind, they complete the journey of approximately one kilometer without major problems or surprises. They arrive at the edge of the lane and would take the first self-discharge to the nearby bus station, Arcoverde. From there they would take a bus to their final destination, Cabrobó. While they wait, they take the time to listen to the good and lively Brazilian music in the pile radio that Renato had not forgotten to bring. Music helps in the relaxation of everyone. An hour later, finally an autoloading passes: A silver colored beast, wide and spacious. The three enter and luckily have seats for all to be seated, they lie side by side. On the short route, they take advantage of being friendly, they meet new people and have a good chat involving a driver and other passengers. With this, time seems to go very fast. When they least expect it, they arrive in the city. As the bus station was far from the center (St. Kitts) they have to wait for the delivery of the passengers in each of the points until they arrive. The moment that this materializes, they say goodbye, they pay the ticket and they thank the driver. Now the second part of the journey began, much longer and more stressful.

Philliphe and the seer will find out about the bus schedules for Cabrobó while Renato waits to sit on the benches. The clerk informs the two that the next one leaves in two hours. In the reunion with Renato, they decide jointly to go out a little, to look for a restaurant and to make a reinforced snack.

So, they do. They leave the bus station, cross the main avenue and ask for directions. Some people arrive at a restaurant called the sunset located one block to the left. Upon entering the establishment, they are directed to a table with chairs that was still empty and a menu is provided so they could assess what to order.

They spend about fifteen minutes in this exercise and end up, by majority of votes, choosing casserole cooked with beef jerky. They call the waiter, they pass the request and while they wait the conversation begins.

— Very anxious about your first adventure trip, Philliphe? (Inquires the seer)

— A lot. You know, in my whole life nothing has ever happened and after reading your book I dreamed of this moment. (Philliphe)

— I understand perfectly. My first time, I felt that way too. (Reported by Renato)

— The first time is always special, the best of all. Then you become addicted like me. I cannot live standing still in the spiritual and corporeal realms. (The Seer)

—Wonderful. If only I can find a solution to my problem I'm satisfied. I have to understand that I'm have certain age. (He observed Philliphe)

—You consider yourself old? How old are you? (The Seer)

—Around forty but I have suffered so much in my life that I seem to be fifty. (Philliphe)

—With the advances of medicine, it's practically halfway through life. (Seer)

—Besides that, age is something in our heads. For example, I am fifteen years of age and a thirty-year-old mental. (Renato explained)

—Bright, mate! Do you see, Philliphe? Do not worry about it. (Seer)

—Thanks for the strength of the two. It eased my pain a little. (Philliphe)

Philliphe is thrilled to have found two characters so cool and different." "How many millions did not dream of being face to face with the super seer, powerful of the books and who politely declared "The son of God" and how many others did not want to be with Renato, symbol of overcoming, who had been instrumental in all the adventures of the series? As well as having met the miraculous guardian? It was a good thing he had risked, sought his destination at the right time, and that the two had bought their cause.

Tears continue to roll from his face, the seer and Renato worry, comforting him with a hug. Together the three are reassured. A few moments later, finally the chow is ready and delicately is served in the plates of each one.

He begins a pause for the reinforced snack and everyone politely begins to feed in silence. In the meantime, people leave and enter the restaurant, a song in the background begins to be played which touches the sensitive hearts of the three further inciting communication again.

— Do you like Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), son of God? (Question Philliphe)

— I like. I have an eclectic taste for music: I like music that has lyrics, quality and touch to the bottom of my heart. Specifically, I love international music with its main exponents (although I do not understand it), sertanejo, pop, rock, funk, romantic, country, axé, etc. (The Seer)

—And you, Renato? (Philliphe)

—I like music without shame. Kkkkk. (Laughing, Renato)

—What do you mean, kkkk? (In a fit of laughter, Philliphe)

—Two-way, swear words and bold. They mess around with my imagination! (Renato)

— You're ashamed, Renato! You're going to pray that it's better. (Fortune teller)

— Do not tease me. You may be the son of God, but you are not yet holy. Do not force me to speak. (Renato says, angry)

—Charger, kkkk. Peace, Renato! (Fortune teller)

— You two are figures, eh? Really in music there is taste for everything and all styles have to be respected. I, in particular, am of the ancients and I like my small foot of saw as every good sertanejo. When I was with my late beloved Angelica, we enjoyed several happy moments together listening to this kind of music. You know, it's very magical, inexplicable. (Philliphe)

— I get it. I also love music and it awakens me too many different feelings. Actually, I listen to music at all times because it does me a lot of good. (The Seer)

— Like the one that's ringing now? (Philliphe)

—Yes, a great impossible love. (The Seer)

—Not good, mate. We already talked about this. Follow your life. (Renato)

—It's inevitable, Renato. Is there anyone who controls the urge of the heart? (The Seer)

— Do not recriminate him, Renato. You are not old enough for this, but one day you will understand. We need to support him. Count on me always, my friend. (Philliphe)

The seer is one more that is moved. Stop eating, cries until the music fades. His colleagues embrace him and he finally heals quickly. They finish eating, they call the waiter again and this time ask for something to drink: Beer for Philliphe, soda for Renato and a juice of guava for the psychic.

They watch the movement of the establishment. Five minutes later, the drinks are served and then the silence breaks again.

—Well, Philliphe, tell us a little more about yourself. What is your routine like, your day to day life? (The Seer)

— My life now comes down to work involving the public sector, my place, and my home. I've been like this since I lost what was most important in my life, my children and my wife. And yours? (Philliphe)

— My life is hectic. I also work in the public sector, six hours a day, and when I get home I study for competitions and perform my role as a writer. I consider myself homely and when I go out for a walk, usually on weekends, I prefer to do it with someone. (The Seer)

— My activities revolve around my studies and help my mother at home. I like going out with friends on weekends and flirt. (Renato)

—In addition to these activities, which others do you enjoy? (The Seer)

—I like reading and music. It's my relaxation. And you? (Philliphe)

— Many music, movies, football, reading only on the weekends when I'm not too busy. Some things I wanted to change one day was to take time to exercise and dance my weaknesses. (The Seer)

—In my case, dance is my forte because I already participated in several contests with my flirting and won. Studying is also good because it is my future. (Renato)

—Your flirtatious? I'm impressed by this boy's daring at this age, seer. (Philliphe)

— I'm not impressed anymore. He has done more dazzling and secret things. I know everything! (The Seer)

—Like what? (Challenge Renato)

— Never mind. KKkk (laughs). Philliphe, changing the subject and what if we fail? I mean, if we do not find what you want on this unpredictable trip? (Questioned the seer)

— I do not believe. From the little I know of you, you are winners in everything you do. I'm relaxed and let's see in what this madness will result. (Philliphe)

— Very well. Philliphe. Regardless of the outcome, know that we are with you for whatever comes. (Renato)

— This. Friends always. (The seer completed)

The incredible duo of the series the seer got up and hugged the protege. They formed a perfect trio ready to fight for the necessary knowledge and revelation concerning the fourth saga. But what were they really looking for? Was it the knowledge of God, of his lines written at any moment that influenced the two types of destiny? Or maybe just self-knowledge that would heal the wounds of life? Or even the sacred God’s code, something never before revealed in the history of mankind? Or even a junction of the three? What was known at the time was that Philliphe's grief was too great and deserved a joint reflection and a subsequent direction. A new life, so to speak, he sought and deserved after so many particular tragedies.

Ending the hug, they finish the drink, they call the waiter, he brings the bill, they get up, they go to the cashier and they pay. After, with long strides, they leave the restaurant and come back the same way towards the bus station. In ten minutes, they are there, they go to the counter, buy the tickets to Cabrobó and sit in the cement armchairs waiting. It would be more than thirty minutes of anguish until the arrival of the driving.

In this interval, they talk a little more with each other and with other people, they listen to music, buy popcorn and admire the traffic that at the moment is very busy. They take turns in these activities until the arrival of the bus that appears in the expected time. They rise from the cement armchairs, and with steady, wide strides, they approach the drive in the scorching sun, which causes shivers and sweats.

With a few more steps, they get into the car and as usual, they pick up the front seats. They relax, talk to each other and moments later with everyone inside is finally given the start. Toward the fate of the three, in yet another complicated and challenging episode.

It began a long monotonous journey, tiresome and distressing, but inspiring for all. On their part, they were willing to make every effort to achieve success, solve their personal problems, learn a little more. But that alone was not enough to succeed. Unknown forces were still involved in the adventure, the light-dark confrontation was very present, the Maktub hid more and more and involved both types of destiny. It was all a matter of time and they would have to wait. From Arcoverde to Cabrobó it would be approximately 250 km (200 km) that could be covered counting the stops in approximately four to five hours.

The great crossing begins...the three strive to spend time in the most comfortable way possible. While the seer takes advantage to read a good book, Philliphe sleeps next and Renato talks animatedly with a girl on the other bench. Her name is Michelle Lopes. Let's see how our august character comes out in dialogue.

— Hi, my name is Renato and yours?

— Michelle Lopes. From where you?

—I live in the Serra of Ororubá, near the district of Mimoso-Pesqueira-Brazil and you?

—In Arcoverde anyway. How old are you?

—Fifteen and you?

—Eighteen. Beginning the Faculty of Pedagogy. And you? Do you study too?

—Yes. I'm in the first year of high school. Study in the city of Pesqueira in the college Christ King.

— Ah, that's good. Very well! I see it's a good college.

—It is true. But it is as the saying goes, who makes the college is the student.

—I agree. And besides studying, what do you do?

—I support my mother at home, and professionally I am a writer's assistant. I am an adventurer of the celebrated seer.

—Oh! Cool. Congratulations! How is it?

—It's like that. Opportunities, adventures arise and we engage in problem solving. We're already in episode four.

— Wonderful! I was curious. Could you tell me a little about this experience?