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Kerstin Hack



If you are not yourself, who will be? –Henry David Thoreau You are unique and wonderful. But perhaps it is sometimes difficult for you to say "yes" to yourself, because you also see your limits and weaknesses. In this book, you will discover what makes up healthy self-esteem and how you can move step-by-step to more self-acceptance and find enjoyment in yourself. Questions and behavior suggestions help you to practically implement the things you've read. The book inspires and accompanies you in your learning process with four motivations per day: a concise quote, stimulating food for thought, a provocative question and a practical stimulus. Ideal for all those who would like to love themselves more.

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Kerstin Hack

Saying Yes to Myself

Accepting and Treating Myself Well


Kerstin Hack: Saying Yes to Myself. Accepting and Treating Myself Well · Quadro Nr.38

© 2017 Down to Earth · Laubacher Str. 16 II · 14197 Berlin · Germany

English version 2019


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Translation: Alicia Ellis

Copy editing: Janet Mathewson, Ellie Jackson

ISBN: 978-3-86270-789-8

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Saying Yes to Myself

How to use this book

Week 1: Saying Yes to Myself – the Foundation

1.1 Where do You Want to Go?

1.2 You and Others

1.3 To Be Seen

1.4 Healing Old Wounds

1.5 Feeling New Feelings

1.6 Accepting Yourself Already

1.7 Envy Yourself

Week 2: The Facets of Your Life

2.1 Your Colorful Life

2.2 Your Body

2.3 Your Talents

2.4 Your Family and History

2.5 Your Roles

2.6 Your Inner Voices

2.7 Your Beliefs

Week 3: More Ways to Self-Acceptance

3.1 Who Are You Not?

3.2 Pictures for You

3.3 Changing Negative Pictures

3.4 It is Good – For Now

3.5 What is Changeable?

3.6 What You Need

3.7 Your Needs Are Good

Week 4: Go New Ways

4.1 You Are Sometimes

4.2 Choose Your Sentences

4.3 From the Outside In

4.4 Live for Yourself

4.5 Attentive to Yourself

4.6 Developing Potential

4.7 The Power of Blessing

Take up and Take Deeper

Saying Yes to Myself

If I am not me, then who will be?

—Henry David Thoreau

■ “I like being me!” - I woke up with this sentence just a short while ago. And it’s true. At least, most of the time. Of course there are moments when I’m in a bad mood and I can’t stand myself. But most of the time, I am genuinely glad to be me.

This was not always so. I can remember times when I was hard on myself, my limitations and experiences. I also struggled with feeling that something was missing: I didn’t have everything I longed for. I lacked something. It was a long road with many detours before I came to the point where I am today: I like being me - with all the great things that make me me, including my weaknesses and limitations. 

It is very ‘typically me’ to have given a lot of thought to this process and read a great deal about it. I also love passionately sharing what I have discovered with others.

Both these qualities were in me from the beginning, but I have cultivated them further and am now rather fond of them. They are a part of what makes it easy for me to say “yes” to myself today.

People use different expressions to describe this “yes”. Some speak of feelings of worth, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. Each term expresses another aspect of “saying yes to oneself”. It doesn’t matter what you call it, at its core it’s about developing a warm, relaxed, and appreciative relationship towards yourself and treating yourself well in response to that.

In this small book, I would like to take you with me on the journey I went on myself. First, I would like to explain the basics of how that “yes” comes about and why it is that we are so hard on ourselves. Here I will briefly summarize the results of some scientific discoveries in order to lay a solid foundation.

Then, because no one can accept everything about themselves all in one go, I will go into the individual aspects that make up our lives. You will notice here and there parts of yourself that make you think, “I actually really like that”. Other parts will make you feel, “Ugh, I wish that had been different.” This will show you where you can begin.

In the third section, I go into helpful attitudes and behaviors that can strengthen your “yes to yourself”. I will also look at engaging with your own strengths and limits, as well asking what it is you would like to compare yourself with. 

The fourth section of the book addresses self-care and the interplay between behaviors and emotions. People who accept and affirm themselves will also be good to themselves. People who treat themselves well will have an easier time saying “yes” to themselves. For this reason, I will show you many practical steps to caring for yourself and your needs and treating yourself well.

Real self-care is the opposite of egocentric narcissism. Narcissists only revolve around themselves without ever arriving at the heart of who they are and knowing what they really need. In contrast, people who know themselves also know what they need. They can then take care of themselves, become inwardly strong, and be clear and open with other people. Out of this place of inner strength, they are able to see other people, accept them, and give them a “yes to you” in return. 

I hope that as you read and work through this little book, your joy will increase as you discover how unique you are and how wonderful life is. I hope you really enjoy yourself, with yourself. 

With all my heart,

—Kerstin Hack

How to use this book

■ This book is divided into 28 chapters. You can read and put into practice one a day, for four weeks. If a particular section really speaks to you, by all means read it several times.

■ The chapters can be read in order or as standalone passages. Feel free to begin with the theme that interests you the most.