Bleiki The Viking Mouse And The Conquest Of Highlands - Fabio Pozzoni - ebook

Bleiki The Viking Mouse And The Conquest Of Highlands ebook

Fabio Pozzoni

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Bleiki is the Viking white mouse with real horns that, left behind by his family, is raised by Trolls.
Bleiki is the Viking white mouse with real horns that, left behind by his family, is raised by Trolls. He left his adoptive parents to go to find friends, he is being ostracized, and he begins his adventure with Vikings until colonize Scottish Highlands. It's a fairy tale with Viking original names, and invented names for Trolls. The book is full of images, all of it blazes with actions, and it has historical and geographic references. It's a perfect combination and co-ordination between fantasy and reality. It's indicated for children 6 through 10 years of age.


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Fabio Pozzoni


and the conquest of Highlands

Original title: Bleiki Il Topino Vichingo e la conquista delle highlands

Translated by: Francesca Botti

Publisher: Tektime (

Author: Fabio Pozzoni

Dedicated to my Champion

Briosco – 2014, January

Translated by Francesca Botti

Published by TEKTIME S.r.l.s. (

It was a dark night in the village of Guðvangir, today Gudvangen, in the fjord of Sognefjord, in the western part of Norway. Mama Ingileif had a long birth, but finally six babies were born. They were bright-eyes and bushy-tailed, with a little pink queue.

The Viking village of Guðvangir.

Papa Egill was there for the birth; he looked at his sons and he was surprised when he saw the last one completely white. Perplexed and pensive, he went out the den and he looked at stars confiding in a positive omen of this event. The den was under Knudsen family’s kitchen; the head of that family was the strong Viking Gunnulfr, the head of the village. Only a piece of the moon and some stars were visible that night, when, suddenly, the sky turned completely black. It became cloudy. After a few minutes it started snowing. The year was 972 A.D. Egill interpreted this like a bad omen. Resolute and sorry, he went back into the den. There, sad but determinate, he told his wife: “We can’t keep the white baby!” His wife looked at him white and she started crying. Papa Egill took him by the scruff of the neck, and he brought him into the wood.

Egill walks into the wood with his white baby.

He hardly walked: the night was dark and he couldn’t see clearly. The snow doubled the strain of the road. Tired, he stopped under a big pine tree and, he saw a hollow tree not so far. He went into the tree, and he put the baby inside. “A covered place” he thought to ease the remorse for that abandonment. Then, sad, he went back home.

Egill brings his baby in the hollow tree.

You should know that in Viking folk, if a baby was born deformed, he didn’t grow up with his family, but he was abandoned into the wood. Life was hard and survival wasn’t easy for nobody. Family couldn’t look after who wasn’t in perfect health.

Viking mice learned this use from Vikings men. Moreover, Viking mice had horns that grew out when they were adolescents, as you can see from the picture. Vikings men used to wear an elm with horns, but Viking mice had already real horns on their heads.

The little white mouse started crying because of the cold and from hunger. Screams increased, but the wood was uninhabited. Who could hear him? Instead, shortly after, Grugr the Troll, that was skiing over there, far away from his village, heard these screams. He tried to listen better and came up to the tree. He heard something, but he couldn’t see anybody. So, he smelled with his long nose to understand who was there. Finally, he took off his skis and he saw a little white baby in semi-obscurity; so he put his four fingers hand inside the tree and gently, he grabbed and observed him. He was very astonished when he saw that it was a little white mouse. He put him under his robe, on his chest in order to keep him warm, and he decided to bring him to his village.

Grugr is moving to his village with the little white mouse.