Only the fewest people know who they are, not to mention where they come from and where they are going. Most people live their life in the illusory world of matter, as if it were the sole reality. Here, we learn how everything that we feel, think, say and do as human beings is not only continuously stored in the microcosm man, but is in constant communication with further memory sources in the coarse-material macrocosm and beyond that, in a finer-material macrocosm...

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The Pathof Forgetting

The MicrocosmIn the Macrocosm


The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

2nd Edition, December 2016

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Authorized translation of the German edition byGabriele-Verlag Das Wort GmbH on June 2011The German edition is the work of reference forall questions regarding meaning of contents.

Original German Title: “Der Weg des VergessensDer Mikrokosmos im Makrokosmos”

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We truly are living in a time that has never existed, neither before nor after the time on Earth of Jesus, the Christ. The Spirit of God, who is calling to each of His children, pours out His word of truth in a fullness never before known. Thus, it is possible for every person, for every soul, to take the path back to the Father’s house, which is taught in all detail.

This could only happen because, during this time, a messenger of light in the earthly garment is available to Him and directly conveys the word of God. Beyond that, the messenger of light shows every willing contemporary person the path to freedom, simultaneously pointing out the steps that lead to the expansion of consciousness. It is Gabriele, the great prophetess of God, who, for over 35 years, has untiringly served Him and her fellow people, her brothers and sisters.

In this book by Gabriele, we are given an understanding of the great cosmic correlations from the source of divine love and wisdom – and particularly, the significance of these ironclad principles of the law for the life of each individual person, each individual soul. Anyone who delves into these and grasps the content more and more will certainly treat his life – all life – more cautiously and consciously.

Gabriele Publishing House


In this book, we are introduced in a unique way to the inherent laws of life, which open up a new dimension of existence to us. Universal correlations between the microcosm and the macrocosm are explained in such a way that they encompassingly convey the lawful processes that are at the basis of all life. New recognitions, whose far-reaching significance for how one lives one’s life are of inexpressible value, will open up to the one who not only reads this book, but reflects on it and relates it to all that he, as an individual, encounters at every moment.

We learn how everything that we feel, think, say and do as human beings is not only continuously stored in the microcosm man, but is in constant communication with further memory sources in the coarse-material macrocosm and beyond that, in a finer-material macrocosm.

Modern science is also making use of the knowledge about storage capacities, communication and the law of sending and receiving.

As never before in the history of mankind, modern science avails itself of a resource that is based on a coarse replica, a utilization of cosmic laws that have been turned into their opposite. The Internet offers astral possibilities, which partially open up abysmal depths. In the Internet area, many a user creates artificial worlds for himself, into which he enters, in order to lead a kind of equivocal second life, not belonging to him, in the virtual world of imagination.

In these virtual worlds, people delude themselves with an imaginary, but for them new, personality profile, a new identity, which does not fit with their actual human identity. They fashion and store a desired constellation of traits and characteristics of a virtual personality, through which they then move, through which they communicate and act, as they would in their physical life. All their movements, all their communications, all that is successively built up and constantly expanded upon, is minutely stored in the gigantic storage system of the Internet. Every movement leaves behind traces, which at any time allow inferences about the author, who stored the content in the network.

In this way, a gigantic communication and data network develops, which is connected with each other and in which networks of relationships of virtual persons are formed, who operate, move, communicate and act in it, just as takes place in the material world. As real as it seems to the users, for straightforward thinking people it should be clear that this illusory world is unreal and will sooner or later lead to severe complications, because it has been inverted into what is contrary to the present personal human life. It excludes communication with the identity brought by the soul. Permit me to say: The virtual pattern is the dregs of Satan. Our world is similarly made for those people who do not know themselves.

Only the fewest people know who they are, not to mention where they come from and where they are going. Most people live their life in the illusory world of matter, as if it were the sole reality.

The well-known physics professor Hans-Peter Dürr once said: “Matter is like the dross of the Spirit.” Physics knows that matter is merely an energetic phenomenon; it is energetic structures that are subject to transformation just as we can observe it in all life forms. Matter is not everlasting. A person who assumes it to be the sole reality is passing by his true life.

Just as the virtual world can be called up in the Internet by the astral side, so does that person become a plaything of contrary forces, who takes each day as it comes, who lets himself drift and does not recognize who he himself is.

Do you know, do we know, who we are?

Many a one takes each day as it comes, often not knowing what is going on behind his feelings and thoughts, and thus, with whom he comes into communication and contact. Many people talk, but they do not figure out which feelings and thoughts they are having at the same time. They act, but often do not recognize their deeper motives.

But even though we do not know it – everything is stored and recorded. Where? Among other places, in the stars.

The stars do not accuse. They point out. The truth about each one of us lies in the stars. The stars know each one of us utterly and completely; we are like an open book to them. Do we also know ourselves? Are we an open book for ourselves? If yes, then we don’t need the virtual, the astral, world. The stars see through us! Do we see through ourselves, each one, himself?

We can’t pretend anything to the stars, for instance, when we pretend to be magnanimous or modest, a good donor or a good monarch. We can pretend many things to people. However, the stars reveal our masks and our masquerades to us, for the stars do not lie. It will be bitter for many to someday have to look at themselves, warts and all, be it as human being or as soul. Even though on this side of life we may act ever so patronizing, ever so magnanimously – it is possible that as a soul we’ll arrive in the beyond as an imposter, when the masks come off; for the satanic is an impostor and many a one falls for this.

However, the bookkeeping of the All-consciousness, of the cosmic Being, is precise and just.

Everything that is described in this book is real. Whether we want to accept it or not, whether we think about it or not, whether we push it aside and dismiss it or not – everyone will one day experience it, at the latest, when he closes his physical eyes and recognizes that behind the life on Earth, which seemed so real to him, another reality is at work. At the latest, this reality opens to each soul when, step by step, it recognizes and clears up the inputs, or causes, that its person created, that is, when it surrenders them to cosmic transformation. On the path of forgetting, it thus grows into the inherent laws of life that correspond to the sole reality, the eternal homeland of our true Being.

Martin Kübli

No energy is lost – Where does it go?

The “Path of Forgetting” – an engrossing topic, because no one is excluded, when it is: “The microcosm in the macrocosm.”

A few questions to start with:

Every person has his own personal past. If we think about our past, we realize that we can no longer remember a lot of details. We say so casually, “Well, what’s past is forgotten.” But since no energy is ever lost, where did the energies go? – for example, our feelings, sensations, thoughts, words, all the positive and negative in our life, also our habits, thus, all of our behavior patterns, everything that we categorize as “forgotten” or “over with”?

Often, we shrug off as trifling the question of whether the people we have insulted or even harmed have forgiven us or may still be suffering from it. But what has not been rectified, that is, forgiven, continues to exist, even if we have forgotten such unresolved situations. We people brush aside the factor “energy” all too lightly, but every energy that each one of us emits continues to exist; it is recorded in us, in the microcosm and in the macrocosm.

People who, for example, have a difficult time overcoming a blow of fate, often hear the following adage from acquaintances: “Time heals many wounds!” –

Yes, that’s true, but only when we have left behind no wounds, no debt.

Jesus of Nazareth taught the following to the people of all generations:

Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.

“Or he may hand you over to the judge” – who is the judge? It is always the law of sowing and reaping.