Did you know that our animal brothers and sisters take in the odor of our feelings, thoughts and words via scent-pictures – and behave accordingly? And that we can establish direct communication with them via the input of sound-picture messages? Learn more ...

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The Life with Our Animal Brothers and Sisters

You, the Animal –You, the Human Being

Which Has Higher Values?

Liobani,a pure spirit being from the heavens,gives a revelationthrough the prophetess of God in our time,Gabriele – Würzburg

The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

1st Edition, 2003

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Original German Title: “Du, das Tier – Du, der Mensch. Wer hat höhere Werte?Das Leben mit unseren Tiergeschwistern”ISBN 978-1-890841-25-6 (English Printed Edition)

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I Am Everything in All Things

The All-Holy One speaks:

I Am the Eternal One and the Eternal. I Am the Creator, the beginning of creation and the creation itself, which is eternal.

Without Me, the great All-One, there is neither life nor life forms, for I Am the life and the substance of life and the power in all forms of life.

I Am everything in all things.

I Am the Creator of the universes, of all suns and stars.

I Am the Father of all divine beings, of all men and souls.

The Being, the pure, Am I, the Creator, and the Father-Mother-God.

I Am everything in all things.

Whatever has taken and takes on form in the eternal Being is, in turn, Me, the substance and the power—the life.

There is no nothing. Everything is power, life and the substance of life.

I Am the Eternal and the eternity—from eternity to eternity,from eon to eon.

My word is the word of all pure beings, the word of true inspiration

I have already introduced myself with the name Liobani to my human brothers and sisters in the teachings and instructions for life directed toward children and young people.

My brothers and sisters in the earthly garment now receive the holy, eternal word, the Being, in my revelation “You, the Animal—You, the Human. Which Has Higher Values?”

I am a spirit being in the light of eternity. My light-name, which is in the Eternal and which was breathed into me by the Eternal, cannot be conveyed with human words on the Earth, for the light-names of all divine beings and of all spiritual life forms are infinitely eternal, pure cosmic law.

The eternal Being is perfection; it is Absolute Law. All light-names—of the spirit beings, of the minerals, plants, animals and nature beings—are aspects of the Absolute Law, because these life forms are from God and in God, and live and have their existence in the mighty stream of the All.

People with spiritual knowledge also call their divine brothers and sisters angels; many are teaching angels. I, Liobani, also live in the stream of the eternal Being and teach according to my spiritual mentality and my spiritual abilities as a teaching angel in the spiritual planes of development. I instruct the spiritual children, also called angel children, on how to apply the eternal cosmic law in a lawful way.

The emergence of humans and of the Earth: The reversal process from the pure spiritual, the fine material, to the coarse material

The spiritual body which, burdened and incarnated, is called a soul lives on the Earth in an envelopment that we call the human being. Not until the soul has been purified of its burdens, that is, liberated, does it become a pure being again. Then, as the All that has spiritually taken on form, it lives again consciously in the All-stream, God, from which the spiritual divine body, the pure being, went forth.

The All-stream is the eternal divine law that flows through infinity. It flows through all forms of Being, all divine beings, all pure heavens with their planets and divine nature kingdoms. It also flows through the planes of preparation, the planes of unfoldment, which group around the pure Being and on which the purified souls prepare for their return home into the eternal Being. The eternal law also flows through and maintains the purification planes and the souls which live there in order to purify themselves. The eternal law also flows through and maintains part-matter—and matter with its stars and the Earth with its people and nature kingdoms.

All spiritual forms came and come forth from the great All-One.

He is the breath of the All and the All itself. He, the All-One, spoke His almighty word, and the first beings and life forms emerged.

All pure beings and life forms are the All that has taken on form. The All-law flows in them. They are substance and power of the All. Through the Creator, the All-Spirit, who is at the same time the principle of creation, everything is contained in all things.

The Earth with its people has the rhythm of day and night and the hours, minutes, seconds and moments. People call this rhythm “time.” If they do not live consciously in the day, then they are lived by the day and its events; this is why only few pay attention to the eternal laws of God and why they often see themselves as soul-less—as “only human.”

The human body is merely the protective shell for the soul that dwells in it, for the spiritual body. The material of this shell consists of matter. In this materiality, the soul can live on matter, on the Earth, in order to clear up in the brevity of years what it inflicted on itself in previous incarnations—and perhaps even in this incarnation.

The protective shell, the human, emerged very gradually. To the degree to which the emerging human being rebelled against the eternal law, the spiritual body enveloped itself in materiality, in the vibrations that the human being sent out—and which came back to him according to the law of “sowing and reaping.” Over the course of the ages, the material garment, the protective shell, became ever denser, and its vibrations became increasingly coarse. What very gradually crystallized out of this was and is the human being.

The beings that had turned away from God—also called Fall-beings—and burdened themselves more and more, fell into ever deeper zones of the All. With them, parts of pure spiritual planets also fell, which, similar to the Fall-beings, enveloped themselves in coarse matter.

As a result of the Fall-event, the planes of preparation and of purification developed, and the coarse material developed, which, in its state of greatest density, is called matter. In human terms, this reversal process from the fine-material to the coarse-material took countless epochs of time.

As it is in heaven, it is similar on Earth.

The heavenly planets carry the spiritual nature kingdoms—the Earth carries the condensed nature kingdoms.

The spiritual nature kingdoms consist of minerals, plants and animals of all kinds, similar to the nature kingdoms of the Earth; the nature beings, too, are a part of them. The part-planets, which slipped from the eternal Being as a result of the Fall, carried spiritual minerals, spiritual plants and animals, which gradually condensed and became coarse-material, that is, matter.

Everything that vibrates and moves outside the pure Being is enveloped in a corresponding rate of vibration. And so, anything that is not pure primordial substance bears a magnetic shell, which can be called a mantle. A person, too, moves in his self-made magnetic shell. According to the law of sowing and reaping, he attracts what he sends out; for what he sows, that is, what he sends out, is what he reaps, what he receives.

No energy is lost: Whatever negative energy the individual Fall-being sent out fell back onto the Fall-being; it enveloped itself with this. At the same time, it contributed to the envelopment of the spiritual part-planets.

Over the course of becoming human, the shells condensed more and more, through which the material body and the material universe emerged.

Many people are of the opinion that from generation to generation different people come into this world. It only seems this way, however, because the souls appear again and again in different shells—in different physical bodies—that correspond only indirectly to the previously discarded shell. The characteristics that the soul radiates when incarnating again mark the physical garment; with this, the soul forms its shell, the human being. The soul, which is fully incarnated only upon its actual birth, forms itself already in the womb, in the embryonic state, that is, in the already developing human body.

The Soul—The book of life on Earth

The person, the shell, bears in itself the soul and in the soul, the incorruptible core of being, the spark of the Spirit, God. For this reason, the human being consists of spirit, soul and body.

Whatever a person senses, thinks, speaks and how he acts enters his soul, which has become the book of his life on Earth. What the soul has absorbed into its soul-particles radiates out, in turn, via the person. The soul of a person is therefore called the book of his deeds, of his sensing, thinking, speaking and acting. Whatever goes out from a person, both the divine as well as the un-divine, enters him again. This marks his character and his external shell.

And so, both the divine as well as the un-divine is registered by the soul in its spiritual particles and is then radiated out again. With its magnetic radiation, the soul also takes up contact with the radiation of planets and perhaps with the forces that are active there, for example, energy fields or souls that resemble the radiation of the soul and the person.

The spiritual law says: Like attracts like. What the soul radiates via its shell, the human being, is registered by the corresponding planet radiation. After the passing of the physical body, the shell of the soul, the soul is then attracted by that planet which corresponds to its present radiation.

According to its radiation, every soul is registered in the All several times. During its journey to perfection, the soul is attracted over and over again by the radiation of those planets that correspond to its frequency of vibration—in order to meet up with souls that live there and with which it needs to clear up things, as do the souls with it. In the soul realms or as a human being living on Earth, the soul will expiate those causes that are registered in the soul’s particles to the extent to which the corresponding effects come toward the soul or the person according to the law of sowing and reaping.

The soul thus has several options for expiating its guilt: either as a human being in the brevity of years or as a soul in the soul realms—perhaps there in long cycles—or in alternation with further incarnations.

And so, what a person senses, thinks, speaks and how he acts, including his passions and longings, his driving desires, his possessive claims in what he wants to be and to have—all this is registered in the particles of his soul and also in the radiation of the corresponding planets. Everything is vibration. How the individual person acts in relation to the laws of inner life—either for or against God—so is his radiation, so is his vibration. According to this, he is also in communication with the forces of the All.

What the soul or the person has not yet cleared up remains registered in the radiation of the respective planets, until it is paid off—either by the soul in the purification planes or by the human being. Many souls that lived on Earth in previous incarnations, and that live at present as people on Earth again, or that will come back and have not yet cleared up their causes, remain registered in the Fall-planets—until they repent of their negativities, ask for forgiveness, forgive and no longer commit the faults they have recognized.

Every soul, no matter which level it is on, wears the garment—that is, the envelopment—of its deeds. What the soul brings with it into this side of life—its sins from previous incarnations that it has not yet atoned for or light-filled, divine aspects—this is what the soul, in turn, radiates. The soul’s garment corresponds to the frequencies of that planet on which it lives. The same is true for people. The structure of the physical body corresponds to what the soul bears within, light or shadow. According to the spiritual law “like attracts like,” people attract those people who have similar vibrations, who think, speak and act in a similar way. Like-minded people thus always attract like-minded people.

The light or the shadows of the soul form the human body. The way a person radiates, so is his behavior toward his environment, so is his conduct, his gestures and his facial expressions, so is his thinking, speaking and acting. With this, the person and soul identify themselves and give evidence about who they are—whether they are aware of this or not. Every person is thus an open book that a person of sincere heart is able to read.

Every soul is in God—whether it lives without a body on that purification planet that corresponds to its rate of vibration, or whether it lives in a body as a human being on Earth, the place of probation and expiation—because the incorruptible part of the soul, the divine, has its existence in the stream of God. On the other hand, the envelopment of the soul, the person, who is of the Earth, is given back to the Earth after the death of the body.

God calls people to use the power of Christ to clear up those causes that were brought by the soul into the body as well as those causes that the person inflicted upon his soul during the course of his earthly existence. In this way, the soul may purify and ennoble itself and is able to return into the stream of God as a divine being. During the journey of the embodied soul toward the divine, the structure of the person also becomes finer, so that soul and person attain higher rates of vibration, and things go better for the person day by day.

The purpose of a life on Earth is for the soul in a human being to purify itself in the brevity of its existence on Earth, in order to return into God’s light, from where the spirit being went out. Whatever changes in the soul from the negative to the lawful, to the positive, is erased from the stars and planets of the purification planes, which are also called repository planets.

The path of unfoldment of the spiritual life forms, from a spiritual atom via steps of evolution to a perfect spirit being

God is the eternal All-Being, the All-law. God is Father, Mother and Creator. He is the Father and the Mother of His children—and the Creator-God of all life forms, of the minerals, plants, animals and of the nature beings, which are in evolution toward the filiation of God. God is freedom. This is why already at the beginning of the “Let there be,” of the all-encompassing spiritual event of creation, the Eternal breathed free will into the life that was in formation. By constantly breathing the All-law in and out, the Eternal guides all life forms to perfection, all the way to the fully developed spirit being.

Every life form that gradually develops into a nature being starts its journey of becoming as one of the spiritual atoms fertilized by the All-radiation in the developing spiritual particle. God, the Eternal, breathes the evolution toward the filiation of God into a spiritual atom which is intended for spiritual formation.

All predispositions for becoming a spirit being are already contained in the first ray of the “Let there be,” the corresponding mentality and the abilities of the spirit being and its heavenly name as well. Everything is absolute and therefore everything is consistent with each other, the mentality and the abilities. Mentality and abilities are consistent with the spiritual name, and the spiritual name with the abilities and the mentality. What God creates is perfect; it is absolute harmony in sound, color, form and fragrance.

Through the constant breathing in and out of the All-Law, further atoms and spiritual particles are created, which at first take their place in collectives. Out of these, the spiritual body then evolves very gradually.

And so, the spiritual body in formation consists of spiritual particles. When the life form is completed, then it is the spirit being, the All that has taken on form.