Fundamental questions of mankind, whose answers are not found in the Bible. The messages from the All give answer.

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TheMessagefrom theAll

The Prophecy of God Today –Not the Word of the Bible

Volume 1


The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

1st Edition, 2009

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Original German Title: “Die Botschaft aus dem AllDie Gottesprophetie heute nicht das Bibelwort”ISBN 978-1-890841-36-2 (English Printed Edition)

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Through His mission, Jesus of Nazareth has called into being an inner religion. However, the growing externalization of Christianity has again caused a growing rigidity of religious life, isolating itself from the true Original Christian stream, which now has reached its lowest point – 2000 years after the Christ of God’s journey over the earth. Moreover, the cyclical irradiation from the central cosmic primordial star, the Primordial Central Sun, has indicated the repatriation of the fallen ones. And so, a great prophet has once again come to mankind by order of the Eternal One.

It is now a female being, a woman, Gabriele, the teaching prophetess and messenger of God for this our time – a time in which a mighty radical change and spiritual departure are imminent, the greatest turn of time within living memory.

By way of the instrument of God, the cherub of divine Wisdom, called Brother Emanuel for us human beings, said the following in a revelation at the Table of the Lord in 1998:

It is high time for mankind to understand that in this mighty turn of time the eternal Spirit, GOD, opened the heavens very wide and sent a prophet, a prophetess, who brought to the people the eternal word of love, of truth and of peace.

Verily, I say to you: Jesus, the Christ, was the greatest prophet. But after Jesus, the Christ, the instrument through which I am speaking is the greatest prophet. Never before was heaven so wide open as during this earthly time ...

The All-Spirit, God, the Spirit of the Christ of God, gave and gives to us human beings His mighty word through Gabriele. Our physical ears may hear what our spiritual ears are no longer able to perceive: God’s message to us.

In countless revelations, God-Father, Christ and other spirit beings give us an understanding of what we need to again recognize ourselves as those who we have been from the very beginning, so that we are able to grasp our personal situation as well as the state of mankind and of the planet Earth and – with the redeeming, liberating and guiding power of Christ, who took up dwelling in every heart – are able to set out again on the way home to the inner Kingdom of God.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth said: I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. (Jo. 16:12) This has been taking place through Gabriele. In the prophetic word, she passes on the all-encompassing language of light of the eternal Spirit in our human language, in a depth, clarity, conciseness and richness that is unique in the history of mankind. Since Gabriele’s spiritual consciousness is fully developed, that is, since she lives in the consciousness of God, she draws directly from the eternal stream and offers us human beings the whole truth.

The fourteen great divine revelations selected for this volume – revelations given by God-Father and by the Christ of God from the years 1987 to 1998 – and thus published in written form for the first time, were broadcast in worldwide transmissions and by way of radio in the series The All-Spirit, GOD, Speaks Directly into Our Time through His Prophetess . He Does Not Speak the Word of the Bible.

These revelations are a gift from God, the All-Spirit, to all people who accept Him in His word and who want to allow what is given in it to become effective in their life.

God gives, and gives in fullness. God offers us His truth, His light, His strength, His explanations and guidance, His love. He does not want us to suffer and vegetate in misery and affliction. But we – every single one of us – are free to decide for ourselves whether we want to accept or not that which flows from His caring heart for us. Here, too, His word holds true: May the one who can grasp it, grasp it. May the one who wants to leave it, leave it.

I AM,and You Are in Me, Infinitely Eternal – and You Return Through Christ

God-Father Revelation, 1990


Infinite eternity – Infinite eternity streams through the universe, through space and time. Infinite eternity is the law of eternal love, the I Am from eternity to eternity.

Infinite eternity – so it streams through you, too, My child. Infinite eternity is the spirit of love and of life, Am I, the All-stream – for you, for all Being.

Oh see, out of Myself, the All-stream, I manifested Myself and became your Father – for out of one and the same stream, which I Am, I created you, too. I also manifested you by way of spiritual procreation, through the life that I Am.

My child, you are now in an earthly garment – but what is the mere external manifestation, the outer shell, when your inner being is in the light of truth?

My child, do you stand in the light of truth? Then, the Redeemer-spark has become one with Me, the Primordial Light, and you are again consciously the son and the daughter of Mine, of your Father. But as long as you live in the illusory images of matter, you turn away again and again from the inner light, from Me. This is why many a person cannot grasp that I, the Eternal, speak to My own.

My child, whether you are doubtful or unbelieving – I speak! For I Am the speaking God deep in your soul. I Am the speaking God in all suns and stars; I Am the speaking God in every plant, in every stone, in every animal. I Am the speaking God in every drop of water, in every radiation of the stars. I Am infinity, the cosmos – and you, My child, bear as essence in you the whole of infinity, all Being, in the very depths of your soul.

My child, recognize the depths of your inner life, and feel Me in you! Become aware that you are never lonely and alone! The primordial power and the Christ-power are active in you and irradiate you untiringly. Know, My child, that you are embedded in the mighty All that is your eternal homeland – for you are a child of infinity, a child of the All.

See, when I envisioned you, created you – and placed you in the heavenly planes as a being of light – I also breathed freedom into you. To be free means to live the law of love, the All-law. Whoever lives the law of love, the All-law, also has absolute freedom of movement in all of infinity. Nothing is unfamiliar to a pure being. A pure being can make use of every radiation of infinity, because every radiation is active in him, and therefore perfect.

Through the Fall, through the burdening of the soul, the spirit being limited itself more and more; its radiation decreased and it turned to self-will, wanting to be more than God – to be equal to Him, in order to then be above Him.

In this way, the burdened souls created their own law; you call it the law of sowing and reaping. Whoever lives under this law of sowing and reaping is sinful; and the more he sins, the more he turns away from the eternal law, from the All-law of love – and thus, from Me, his Father.

The Father, who I Am, then becomes foreign to him. It is a remote God, possibly even a God of punishment and chastisement – for your own causes become active and you attribute them to Me. Because of this, fear, hatred, discord and much more came into being.

Many of My children sinned more and more. They wove themselves more and more into the law of sowing and reaping. They fell further and further and turned away from the inner light. The love, which I Am, went after them through the prophets. I spoke at all times through the mouths of prophets, because many of My own, who had woven themselves into the law of sowing and reaping, could no longer understand or even hear Me.

It is similar at this earthly time, in your generation. If My own would walk the path to the inner light, if they would become aware of their origin, they would then recognize and feel Me, their eternal Father, and would live consciously in the All-law of love and life.

Oh recognize: As long as people continue to turn away from Me, I will call them – and My Son, who became your Redeemer, will also do this. Yes, He became your Redeemer! Are you aware of this? Are you aware of what Jesus of Nazareth took on Himself? You simply say: “The sins of this world” – He took on Himself the disobedience of many people, the disobedience of the lineage of David, and the disobedience of other lineages, the disobedience of the Jews. For many who were in the earthly garment with Him had made a promise in the eternal Jerusalem, and made an avowal of unity and brotherhood with Him for all the earth, for all the world.

My Son came; but sin lay over His own and blinded their eyes. They looked only at the deception, at illusion and trivialities and did not recognize the simplicity of the great Spirit in Jesus of Nazareth. So that His own might awaken to the great task of Redemption in the Spirit of love, He enveloped Himself with several unlawful forces, primarily, a part of the guilt of the lineage of David. In this way, He became visible for the darkness. They took Him captive, led Him before the court and accused Him of sin. But I say to you: My Son was without flaw. He served only the law of love and His neighbor.

And, in a similar way He served on Calvary, too. He served while they nailed Him to the cross and raised Him high. He served the people; He served the lineage of David which promised to become active for the great totality. He served the Jews, among whom were many from other tribes, who were also a part of the mission. He served so that they recognize their causes more quickly, in order to clear them up and then be available for the great plan of leading all back, of leading all home to the eternal Father-house.

My children, what happened? Through the blindness of many people, Jesus of Nazareth has been derided and mocked right up until the present generation. What does the cross mean to you? For some people, does it represent the downfall of Jesus of Nazareth? Then they worship the corpus. Does it represent the resurrection for you? In this case, you look only to the cross of redemption – without the corpus. For the cross of redemption is the cross of victory – in Christ, for Christ and with Christ. Whoever looks up to the corpus, to the crucified One on the cross, has eyes that have been dulled by sin and thus pays homage to the darkness, which has placed the body on its banner symbolizing the downfall of the Nazarene.

Oh recognize, the earthly body was taken down from the cross, because the “It is finished” had been spoken; the Redeemer-spark entered the souls – but the wholly spiritualized earthly body was brought into even more vibration by Me and transformed into higher substances.

My children, not a single speck of dust from His earthly body remains on this earth – everything was transformed into the primordial substance, because the “It is finished” was spoken from the purity of His body.

But what did the darkness do? Again it made use of sinful people who were – and are – blinded by vain illusion, who took the cross with the corpus and continue to set it up again and again. Thus, they want to symbolize that Jesus was defeated by His sins and that the power of darkness prevails.

Verily, I say to you: When you worship the corpus on the cross in this way and beseech Jesus on the cross, then you are giving part of the power of your prayer to the darkness – for the corpus on the cross is the banner of the darkness. In this way, My Son was and is derided and mocked; and the blind who live in sin and maintain and increase their sins do not recognize the difference between the cross with the corpus, the dead body, and the cross without the corpus.

The cross is the sign of redemption; it is the sign of the resurrection. And when My children resurrect in Christ, they carry the cross of victory over themselves, for the cross without the corpus is the cross of redemption and the cross of resurrection.

Have you resurrected, My child? You have redemption in you. Have you resurrected in Christ, by endeavoring to follow Him every day, to keep the laws of inner life and of selfless love? If not, then you are suppressing the light of redemption, reducing it to a tiny glow, and you continue to pay homage to sinfulness – and to all those who are in sin.

Christ was and is derided and mocked. Many mourn before the cross with the corpus. It would be better if they would mourn for themselves and in their mourning recognize their sins, with which they daily crucify Christ, the inner life. In the end, they thus impose upon themselves the burden of the cross with the corpus, for they do not pay homage to the risen Christ, but to the dead one.

My children, how long do you want to live with these illusions? How long will you continue to be kept prisoner by sin, your eyes dulled? How long do you want to carry on under the slavery of your own ego – how long? Christ, the inner life, your Redeemer, is spanned before your political parties like a horse before a wagon, and its purpose is to draw in and win over those who blindly listen to them, simply because the word “Christ” or “Christian” is standing at the front of the wagon.

How long do you want to remain blind and crucify your brother and Redeemer? How long? And it is said: “You will be saved through faith alone.” If this were so, the world would be whole, and all people would be saved. Faith is the first step toward the inner light – trust is the next step. And it is a tremendous step when you entrust yourself to Christ, your Redeemer – in that you strive to sin less and less, in that you strive to keep peace with your neighbor, in that you strive to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, and to sin no more.

Then you experience the resurrection in yourself, because the Redeemer-light in your soul becomes ever greater. Your consciousness expands; sin falls from your eyes; and you see more clearly and see, too, how Christ is derided and mocked. You will not become a seeing person through faith alone! The law of love enables you to see – and whosoever truly wants to see shall fulfill the law of love, and he will then enter the inner life.

Oh recognize, My children, the Spirit will continue to speak to you until you are largely free from sin, so that you may then turn into the stream, the infinite eternity, so that you may speak with Me face to face, just as you spoke when you were with Me in the Sanctum as pure children of love.

Christ leads you back again – Christ alone, My Son, the Co-Regent of the heavens! And even though you follow ever so many ostensible christs – no matter whether they are spanned before a wagon or whether they belong to denominations – I say to you: The Christ of the inner being is the true Christ, and no human being can lead you to Me – other than the Christ who is in you. He announced the laws of salvation to you as Jesus of Nazareth; He announces the laws of inner life to you once again. The one who accepts them finds his way to the inner Christ, and attains the resurrection in Christ, and in Me, his Father.

My child, how long do you still want to pay tribute to sin? How long do you want to walk over this earth – blind, suffering, ill and infirm? How long? How long will you continue to seek in the outer world for people who might possibly be able to show you the path to Christ? Oh see, people can walk the path to Christ and, from their actualization, pass on to you what they have explored and experienced, and still experience, in the very depths of their soul. But you have to start with yourself, and the help is Christ in you, the redeeming power.

My child, how long do you want to pay homage to the Demons’ State, by sinning more and more? How long will you continue to live in the illusion that faith alone is supposed to save you? Believe in the inner power; entrust yourself to Christ, and walk the path of spiritualization by recognizing your sins, surrendering them to Christ and sinning no more. This is the path – and there is no other way! No matter how many paths are offered on this earth, no matter what is read from your Bibles – a person who does not actualize it is a fool and remains a sinner who is kept blind, blindly doing what others tell him to.

My children, I do not bind you to My word, either. I have spoken to you and will continue to speak. I Am your Father and, in the stream of life, I Am the Father-Mother-God, who envelops you and leads you through Christ. Whether you want to believe it or not is a matter for your own judgment. I, the pure life, do not influence My children, but many of My children are under the influence of the darkness and allow all that is against Me to flow into them.

Receive the sign of Redemption into yourself! In the midst of this place, the radiating cross comes down. My Son stands in your midst. Through the radiating cross without the corpus, He symbolizes the resurrection and the life. In your midst, He raises His arms, opens them wide, calling out: “Oh come all of you to Me, all those who are weary and heavy-laden – and I will quicken you!”

Where shall you go? Solely within! For there, deep in your inner being, in your soul, yes, in every cell of your body, is the power of liberation, the redemption; it is Christ, the light.

Go within and feel in every cell of your body the radiating cross, the cross of redemption and resurrection. And if you are consciously resurrected ones, you see the mighty radiating cross in your midst. And if you can perceive it in your inner being, you will be touched by some of its rays.

What do you want to do with your Redeemer? He is calling: “Come all of you to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden – and I will quicken you.” Yes, He left the eternal Being, became human and returned as a pure being. However, He left His power, His light, the Redemption, with you, in you, in each and every soul. But how deceptive are all outer forms, dogmas and rites – all external splendor and glitter! You will continue to need all of this until you have become the inner radiance again. However, when you look only at outer trivia, how can you attain inner radiance, the light of salvation, peace, love, your infinite, eternal heritage, because you are immortal?

My child, whether you believe it or not: Salvation is in you, and only in you! Everything external, all rituals and forms, all kinds of showy splendor, are not a part of your nature. In you is the light, and when you have become the light of love, then you will recognize that the heavens within you are open, and that the radiance of the heavens is your true being, the intensity of your radiation. If a soul has lost this inner radiance, then it seeks external baubles, outer brightness, and hangs on to honors and titles and holds on to means and money, because, deep within, it is impoverished.

My child! You are My child; become aware of this and take the radiating cross into your consciousness. Absorb the words and grasp the meaning of “Christ”: “Come here, My child! No matter what you bear, be it sin or light – I love you. Come here; I want to help you; I want to edify and quicken you! Come here!” This is what Christ is saying every moment in you, My child; for His striving is to lead you to Me – home, home into the eternal, boundless infinity. Home through Christ. Home, in that you, My child, open up the inner kingdom, in that you cause your soul to shine, so that it may feel the breath of infinity and bear the radiating crown of inner love – the law of infinity.

My child, come home! You are not lost. When sad or bleak hours come, then remember: Christ is calling in you. When joyful hours come, do not forget the inner love! Give thanks for the joyful hours and days, give thanks – then joy will also flow from your heart and you will see what resurrection means. Then your prayers will become selfless, because you yourself become ever more selfless. Then your inner being will become filled with light and power and will unite more and more with the stream of inner life, that I Am.

And so, what do you want to do with Christ? What do you want to do with your earthly life? What do you want to do with your five senses? Do you want to refine them, or do you want them to continue being kept blind?

My child, the love, which I Am in Christ, is always present. And the one who prays from his heart and fulfills his prayers, who clears up every single day what the day brings him, attains resurrection already in the earthly body, and the union, the becoming and being one, with Me, the primordial light.

My child, Christ wants to guide you out of the bleak hours, yes, also out of the bleak days and years that this earth, this world, will experience. This is why He speaks untiringly, also through the prophetic word, so that your external ears can hear Him, for He wants to make you free from sin, free from compulsion and conceptions. He wants to make you seeing, so that you see the blind leaders of the blind, who lead people astray in the name of the cross, and in the name of Christ.

I say to you: Listen only to the law of love! It is given to you in the commandments; it is given to you through the Inner Path; it is given to you in the many words and explanations. You, do not cling to the word that you have read or heard! What you can accept – this, My child, you should actualize! Then your consciousness will expand and you will recognize that the guidance takes place from within, from your Redeemer, Christ. Then there will no longer be a need for outer leaders; you will see through them, the blind leaders of the blind. And the cross of redemption will change – and in you, your being will show itself pure, noble and beautiful. The redemption is completed; you are resurrected in Christ. Christ will then consciously be your brother, and the messengers of heaven will consciously be your brothers and sisters. Your eyes will see all people and beings – and in them you will likewise recognize your brothers and sisters, because you bear them within you. This is the life of unity. In the life of unity there is no above and below, no in front and behind, no right and no left. Nor is there the woman as a woman, the man as a man; both are one in Christ, as brother and sister, and live in purity and beget in purity and receive, in turn, the life, in purity.

This is the path of inner life; this is your path. As long as you separate, you do not experience what unity means; you do not experience what peace and love mean; you speak about it – and do not experience it. As long as there is no peace in your marriages – also called families and partnerships – you are against the law of All-harmony; you are against the law of duality. For what is in heaven shall also be on earth: two people, woman and man, united in love for neighbor; woman and man in the great family of God – One for all and all for One. As long as this is not so, you are blind and against the inner life, because you are against your neighbor.