Believe, trust, hope and endure! What do these mean and how can we apply them on our way to God? How do we turn belief into an active faith? How do we develop trust? Hope is expressed in setting goals that are carried out with confidence. What does it mean to endure in the divine sense? Experience the Inner Path in condensed form. Simple, clear words, given to all people who long for God and a fulfilled, happy life in freedom. A gift from God to all His human children.

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The Wordof the CHRIST OF GODto Mankind,Before this World Passes Away

Nearer to Godin You


The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

1st Edition, 2007

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Original German Title: „Das Wort des CHRISTUS GOTTES an die Menschheit, bevor diese Welt vergeht. Näher zu Gott in dir“.

ISBN 978-1-890841-45-4 (English Printed Edition)

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The word of God at this time is the greatest gift of heaven to mankind. Directly in the prophetic word and through Gabriele, His prophetess and spiritual ambassador, God, the Eternal, tells us everything that is important for us human beings to know. He tells us what we need in order to understand the great spiritual correlations and to recognize everything that is taking place in the world in its background, in its enigmatic depths and in its deceitfulness. He also explains how every person can walk the path back into the eternal homeland through the true teachings of Jesus, the Christ, through the active application of the divine commandments and of the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus in daily life.

In August of 2005, the Christ of God gave us an encompassing revelation, which He Himself titled with the following words:

The Word of the Christ of Godto Mankind, Before this World Passes AwayNearer to God in You

An Original Christian outlined its contents in the following way:

“In a mighty revelation, the Christ of God directed His word to mankind, before this world passes away. To show the caste of priests their cruel deeds, He held up a mirror, which today gives a similar picture as 2000 years ago:

The priests of today are descendants of descendants of descendants, who persecuted and still persecute the true prophets, who incited and still incite the people who had Jesus crucified, who twisted and still twist the word of God and who preached and still preach the doctrine of idolatry to the people. He raised the accusation that they steal from people and nations, piling up their wealth while looking on, unmoved, as whole nations die of hunger, illness and disease. He held up to them how hypocritically, as counterfeiters and idolaters, they raise themselves above the people in gold-embellished robes, abusing the one God for their cult of idols. He prophesied the end of the blind leaders of the blind and their subjects and lemmings, and announced the victory of truth.

Through a woman whom He made His prophetess, He, the Spirit of truth, gave the word of truth in this mighty turn of time, having taught and still teaching people about the near God.

After settling accounts with the descendants of descendants of descendants of the caste of priests and their dependents, the Spirit of the Christ of God again spoke of His simple and ingenious teaching – a summary, so to speak, of the Inner Path, which during our time in recent years, He has brought close to us in all detail. This summary of the Inner Path spans a great bow which is upheld by the divine rule of life: Do not do to others what you do not want to have done to you.

Whoever accepts and receives this summary of the Inner Path from our Redeemer, Jesus, the Christ, fulfilling it in his daily life, no longer needs the loud hullabaloo that leads people to without, covering His work and life as Jesus of Nazareth with rites, dogmas and ceremonies. His words lead us out of the dark enclosures of the churches and cathedrals, and toward the light that shines in the very basis of our soul, in the innermost recesses of every person.”

In His revelation, Christ said that on this short Inner Path, He is “giving instructions for a higher life.”

The word of the Lord, of the Christ of God, comes alive in the hearts, in the consciousness, of those who strive to follow Him. They know that the unending power and light of God is effective in His word for the people who accept and receive it. The divine energy flows to every willing person who strives to apply His instructions in his daily life, in his thinking, speaking and doing, thus letting them become fruitful.

A small group of Original Christians in Universal Life came together with Gabriele to talk with each other about the words of the Christ of God in His revelation. The content of this conversation is recorded in this small book, so that everyone who wants to can attain a higher life, a life in the Spirit of God, led and guided by Christ.


Following are the words of the Christ of God, from His great revelation of August 2005, on the topic “Nearer to God in You.”

... As Jesus of Nazareth, I taught that the word of God should be done, that is, fulfilled. I essentially said: The one who hears My words and acts accordingly is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. When now a cloudburst came and the floods rose and the winds blew and beat upon that house, it did not collapse, because it had been built on rock. But everyone who hears My words and does not act accordingly is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. When now a cloudburst came and the floods rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, it collapsed and was totally destroyed.

The caste of priests teaches that faith alone is enough. However, the soul of a human being is on earth to recognize the burdens it has inflicted upon itself, to repent of them and to clear them up. And if the person no longer commits the same mistakes, his soul fills with light. The path of the soul in a human being is: Learn, in order to become divine again. The path into the eternal Father-house begins with faith and the step-by-step fulfillment of the divine rule of life.

Faith alone, without the fulfillment of the commandments of God and the teachings that I, as Jesus of Nazareth, proclaimed is like a hollow fruit. This hollow faith is a blind faith that keeps those who cling to it blind, inviting them to continue to sin. This is agreeable to the caste of priests, because they, who lead the people astray, are the greatest sinners.

What is true faith?

True faith is the active faith, the step-by-step fulfillment of My teachings. If you, O human being, want to learn to believe, then keep the following rule of life, which leads you into the details of the commandments of God and into the essence of the Sermon on the Mount. The rule of life that includes the commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount is the following: Do to others as you would have them do to you. Or said differently: Do not do to others what you do not want to have done to you.

As Jesus of Nazareth I taught the people who wanted to follow Me to go into a quiet chamber, which means to seek out a quiet place where the person is alone with himself and with God, his eternal Father. This quiet place is now more necessary than ever, because this world has become ever louder, ever more hectic and brutal. Nature also offers stillness and reflection to a person who wants to turn within to the Spirit of the Christ of God, who I Am in the Father. In nature, away from the loud hustle and bustle and din of the human ego, to be alone with God, with His creation, the person striving toward God experiences the pulsating life, the Spirit of infinity.

When you pray, O human being, be it in your quiet chamber or in nature, then remember My words: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Or said differently: “Do not do to others what you do not want to have done to you.” You will soon recognize that this all-encompassing divine law of inner life applies not only to people, but also to nature, to the animals, to everything that lives on, in and above the earth. If you remember this all-encompassing rule of life over and over again, your prayers will become more deeply heartfelt, because you are following the divine advice: nearer to God in you.

Very gradually, the desire to fulfill your prayers more and more in daily life will rise out of the depths of your being. If you follow this desire, you will experience the inner guidance to a fulfilled life.

In the modest contentment that the true, the inner, life brings with it, another desire will ripen very gradually. This, too, flows out of the depths of your awakened soul and, after you have prepared for the day, stimulates you to link with Me, the Spirit of love in you, in the very basis of your soul, so that you begin the day with Me, the Spirit of truth. If you also fulfill this desire of your soul, you will think ever more often during the day of the rule of life: “Do not do to others what you do not want to have done to you” – above all when difficulties with your fellowmen arise or when serious problems come up at work, for instance, when something is demanded of you that you reject because of personal ideas or ambitions and the like.

The day brings many hints to every person, often of a very painful kind. But every hint – be it an ever-so-great turning point in the day or even in your whole life – has a message or answer for the one concerned. If the emotions of the one concerned come into turmoil, then he cannot fathom right away what message this situation or that difficulty wants to convey. Later, when he has calmed down, perhaps in the evening, those things the day reflected to him may then become apparent.

To close the day becomes a necessity for the one who applies active faith and the rule of life, so that he may correctly sort through in his consciousness the disagreeable situations, but also what was agreeable. Through this, he can become calm again, which for every person is the key to the inner stillness that the Christ of God is in the very basis of each soul – the I Am, the Spirit, which speaks to the people through the prophetic word and is giving instructions in this text for a higher life. The place of stillness, which the one striving toward God has arranged in a room or in nature, becomes a necessity for the one who follows the desire of his soul, which has awakened in the awareness of the Eternal One. Particularly in the evening, when your work is done, when you linger in a quiet place in your earthly home, then light a candle, if you want to. The light of the candle symbolizes the inner light, the Spirit in your soul, to whom you are praying.

Why do I use the words of freedom – “if you want to” – over and over again? Know that the rule of life contains absolute freedom, which you also find in the commandments of God and in My teachings that I gave 2000 years ago as Jesus of Nazareth, and in My word today, the prophetic word. A human being is absolutely free to do or not do, as he prefers. From the mighty Creator, the human being received a conscience and a mind as a scale for weighing his thinking and doing. In addition, he also received the guidelines for weighing and measuring, the commandments of God and the divine wisdoms of life that I, the Christ of God, taught and still teach. These point out that the human being is himself responsible for what he does or does not do.

On your life’s path to God, our eternal Father, you should know that no person can take away the “for and against” of another person. Nor can a pastor or priest take away from you what you have voluntarily inflicted upon yourself, for they are likewise sinners, and, as sinners, can forgive only those who have sinned against them.

Now I come back again to the closing of the day and to the prayer for the night.