MIXtipp Favorite Gifts (american english) - Andrea Tomicek - ebook

MIXtipp Favorite Gifts (american english) ebook

Andrea Tomicek



ARE YOU ALREADY INTO THERMOMIXING? "Small gifts maintain friendship!" This proverb is absolutely true: whether at Christmas, for a birthday party, a garden party or a short visit with great-aunt Dorothy - a gift will warm hearts and make friendships. But do you have a hard time coming up with a unique idea for a perfect gift most of the time? Well, never fear, Team mixtipp is here! With this book we have created a compilation of the best DIY products of our author Andrea Tomicek. Here, you will find original and fancy gift ideas that all can be made at home with your Thermomix in no time at all. Starting from fruity Orange Oil, Tomato Relish or Cakes in the Jar to Rose Liqueur or even wellness products like Coffee Scrub - we have it all. And with all these wonderful homemade creations you will surely impress and wow your friends, family, and colleagues. Just as it is with all our books: all these products can be made with a TM 5. So, have fun trying our recipes and making people happy!

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Wild Garlic Oil

Orange Oil

Garlic & Chilli Oil

Coffee Oil

Warm Dressing

Asia Dressing

Fresh Frankfurt Dressing

Caribbean Rub

Spice Mix for Home Fries

Asia Rub

Indian Ginger Rub

Coffee and Chilli Rub


Sweet Lilac Butter

Garden Cress Butter

Asparagus Butter

Homemade Margarine

Apricot Paste

Curry and Mango Spread

Wild Garlic and Herbs Cream

Parmesan Cheese Cream

Chestnut Spread


Almond Gremolata

Pumpkin Seed Spread

Beet and Cranberry Spread (vegan)


Cranberry Chutney

Plum Chutney

Hot Mango Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Tomato Relish

Rhubarb Chutney

Honey Mustard

Physalis Mustard

Port Wine and Fig Mustard

Fig Mustard


Cake in a Jar (Basic Recipe)

After Eight Cake

Delicate Chocolate Cake

Oreo® Cake

Carrot Cake


Elderflower Sugar

Lilac Sugar

Hibiscus Sugar

Rum Rock Candy


Pomegranate Syrup

Lemon Syrup

Rhubarb Syrup

Ginger Syrup

Cold Brew Coffee

Amaretto and Chocolate Liqueur

Ginger Liqueur

Mon Chérie Liqueur

Poppy Seed Liqueur

Strawberry and Cream Liqueur


Rose Water

Rose Syrup

Rose Liqueur


Body Lotion “Hawaii”

Grandma’s Conditioner

Body Scrub

Coffee Scrub for Cellulite



I am sure that most of us know that feeling pretty well: Christmas, Granddad’s significant birthday or the invitation to the neighbors - all these events arrive sooner than expected and there’s almost no time left for buying a decent gift.

But what about your Thermomix then? Yes, I am serious: this wonderful kitchen machine will not only help you with the cooking but with making presents also. So, create your own DIY gifts in no time at all with your Thermomix.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wow your friends and family with a homemade thank you gift for body and soul? We, as the mixtipp-Team, were pretty keen on Andrea Tomicek’s latest creations. With her gifts out of the Thermomix it never gets boring - she offers a great variety of oils, chutneys, mustards, liqueurs, syrups, seasonings, sugars or even scrubs and a lotion.

Impress your guests with your homemade Sweet Lilac Butter at the next brunch, with Rum Rock Candy at the next English teatime, and be sure your neighbor will invite you even more often after trying out your homemade Hawaiian Body Lotion. With your gifts and presents out of the Thermomix you will please friends and family in a very individual way. And nicely wrapped, they will not only become an eye catcher under the Christmas tree, but find the way to the heart immediately.

So, go for it! The next birthday is coming up soon. We of the mixtipp-Team wish you to have fun trying out our recipes and making people happy with your personal gifts!

Publisher, Edition Lempertz

The Thermomix

What would your great-grandmother and your grandmother have said about the Thermomix? They probably would have called it witchcraft, don’t you think? I was convinced of the Thermomix right away as soon as I had one. But I must admit that I changed my mind. Before I went to a Thermomix presentation I was sure that I would never need such a thing since I was a passionate cook.

And I still am. But with the Thermomix, cooking and making presents are a lot more convenient, beautiful, relaxing, creative and way faster and more personal. I have plenty of ideas for gifts in my mind and I just need the time to prepare and make them.

Besides the gift itself, its presentation is important to me as well. Therefore, I am always looking out for nice jars or bottles, be it in shops or be it at flea markets or garage sales. To me, DIY-labels, nice ribbons, colorful cords, written recipes or even added pastry cutters, flowers, or other decorative items are part of the present itself.

The occasions

There are plenty of occasions for making a present all year round. Have you ever thought about giving away a memory? As a host(ess) of a party you may make little gifts for your guests like homemade butter. So every time, they taste it at home afterwards, they will think of your party and the wonderful time they’ve had with you there. But a gift can be so much more: a small cheer up or a token of appreciation or a thank-you gift for a BBQ or a brunch.

Besides that, why don’t you make yourself a gift? Indulge yourself with a wonderful hair conditioner and take a break from stressful routine with a cake in a jar.