LIOBANI helps young people find freedom in God and take their life into their hands: How do I find out what my type is and what my abilities are? What is the right occupation for me? Love at first sight? … and much more.

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I Explain – Will You Join Me?


The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

1st Edition, 2010

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Do you choose the pathof joy and cheerinto old age?


Then accept the spiritual teachingsand guidancefor young peoplefrom twelve to eighteen years of age


revealed by Liobani,an angel of the Lord,through our sister Gabriele,the prophetess and messenger of God


The divine world is very close to those people who daily strive to fulfill the will of God.

This revelation was given for all young people from twelve to eighteen years of age.

Adults who want to keep learning will also find what brings them closer to God in their lives. These truths will also help parents gain more understanding for their growing children – no matter whether they are still in school or have already entered a profession.

The children of this earth grow up; they become young people and adults. Children, the youth and adults should become more and more aware of the fact that they are merely guests on this earth. Every guest on earth should behave as the host – who is God, our Father – wishes from His human children.

God, the law of love, urges a person to think and live as the law, God, the host of love, wishes from His human children – so that they may again enter their heritage of infinity. This heritage is the entire pure cosmic radiation of infinity. Every spirit being is the essence of it. All pure Being is pure cosmic radiation, the law of eternally selfless love.

There is a spiritual body in every person that – as long as it is in a material body – is called a soul. The pure spiritual body comes from the pure Being, from God.

Each soul is burdened, that is, shadowed, differently. Thus, the soul in the person is a guest on this earth. It returns to God, its origin, when its burdens, its sins, have been cleared up. Once it is purified, that is, pure again, the pure spiritual body returns to God in the eternal cosmic radiation.

A human being consists of three differently vibrating energies which form a tri-unity. It consists of the incorruptible spirit, God, the law of love, of the soul and of the physical body.

The incorruptible core of Being, the Spirit, God, is enveloped by the spiritual body, the ether body, which with its enveloping garments is called soul. The physical body, that is, the human organism, therefore envelops the soul body. This is why the human being consists of spirit, soul and physical body.

And so, during its journey over this earth, the soul is in a human body. Both soul and person have the task during their journey over this earth – where they are merely guests – to actualize the eternal divine laws and to lead a life that is pleasing to God.

If the guest on earth, the human being, endeavors to fulfill the divine laws, the soul will become pure again and the spirit body will again be the universal Being, that is, the law of love itself. The spirit being, the pure ether body, is again consciously the child, the son or daughter of God.

The one who strives to unfold the laws of God in himself, this means, who lets his spiritual being, the spirit body, shine again, is also surrounded by light-filled, divine forces.

A person’s soul can be compared to a great magnet. The soul, the magnet, attracts whatever the person feels, thinks and says. The person’s actions are also registered by it, as well as his behavior patterns.

This means that the soul in a human being is the book of life. It registers both the positive and the negative. Thus, everything that goes out from a person will enter him again, that is, his soul. And so, all the human aspects that we felt, thought, spoke and did on our journey on earth, and thus, everything that is not forgiven and therefore not erased, remains registered in the soul.

Through good, selfless feelings, thoughts, words and actions, the soul becomes bright. The soul receives light and strength – and the person, the shell of the soul, becomes healthy, happy and glad.

The positive forces shape and mold the person as do the negative forces. The positive forces give rise to a finer physical structure. The person’s senses are refined; his whole radiation becomes purer and more beautiful. Even when the physical body withers, its radiation remains youthful because the soul is imbued with light and strength. Although the physical body withers with age – the person retains his youthful freshness.

Whatever is in the soul, light or shadow, radiates through the person’s organism and imprints him. External signs of a mature soul, permeated by the light of God, are harmonious gestures, an upright gait, a free and bright face, a balanced manner of speech, in which love and peace vibrate. What and how a person eats, what and how he drinks or the way he dresses – all this indicates whether he is imbued by the light or lives in the shadow of his wrong conduct.

The true life is within a person and not outside him. Therefore, from his childhood on, a person should be taught and brought up accordingly, in order to develop this inner life.

Already in earliest childhood, parents should impart to their child why it is on earth and that it consists of the tri-unity: of spirit, soul and body. The child should know the law of sowing and reaping – and know that fate doesn’t fall upon us from without, but comes from our very own burdened soul, and that external things merely trigger it. The child should also know about the law of reincarnation; it should know that the soul will continue to enter the flesh until it has dissolved its ties to matter, its wishes and desires. The child should also be taught about the effect of causes not atoned for: The soul will continue to be tied to another soul and can be led together with it until both have cleared up what lay as a burden in their souls – by forgiving, asking for forgiveness, and making amends.

The parents have a large responsibility toward God and their children. It is their duty not only to bring up their children according to the divine laws and to teach them what God, our heavenly Father, wants of them, but both also bear the responsibility – each parent on his own – of being living examples for their children, not only teachers of theory! It is only when the parents themselves have actualized what they teach their children that the latter are willing to accept and to follow their parent’s advice.

A person who instructs and guides his children out of his own actualization is kind and responsible. He always senses the right moment to tell his child what is essential, wholesome and good for it right then. Parents who direct and guide their children from the treasury of their own actualization are also aware when their child closes its mind to an instruction. And they know how to instruct their child, so that their advice falls into their child’s heart, and can be accepted and followed by it.

From the eternal, divine kingdom I, Liobani, now convey the eternal laws, the message of selfless love, and the law of sowing and reaping. For my human brothers and sisters, I call myself Liobani. I am a heavenly sister and convey the eternal truth to all willing people striving toward God, especially the young brothers and sisters from the ages of twelve to eighteen years. However, for people who are older in terms of the laws of nature, the eternal truth can be a deep enrichment for their life on earth.

In Universal Life, Christ’s Redeemer-work for all people, the school of Inner Life is taught. It encompasses all seven steps of evolution until perfection, the primordial source, God. Many adults already follow the Inner Path of love to God.

Many an adult finds it very difficult to change his or her way of thinking, to leave the old, beaten tracks, to cast off the old patterns of their human ego and instead to feel, think, speak and act in a lawful way.

We can compare a human being to a so-called computer. When the data, and thus, the programs, have been stored in an elderly person for a long time, it may take quite a lot of time and effort to delete an old program. But for a young person, it is much easier. Although his soul may very well have brought light and shadow into his life on earth, his brain cells are not yet programmed with human patterns of thinking, with old habits and desires.

The young person is like a young tree. He can still bend easily. An elderly person is like an old tree that has been firmly rooted in its place for decades and can no longer be bent; he follows his beaten track that he can leave only with difficulty. This means that in many aspects he finds it very hard to change his way of thinking, to counter his old human patterns with divine thoughts, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

However, the love and grace of our heavenly Father in Christ make it possible for every human child to break old restrictions and patterns, to give up old habits, to find its way out of human stereotypical thinking patterns and to actualize the divine laws. The Lord of Life can do anything if the person is willing to change his way of thinking. Then he finds his way from human, self-centered thinking to universal thinking – to love, peace and harmony. Then he also finds the good in every person; for in every unlawfulness, there is a good core.

Dear brother, dear sister, who are still young in earthly years, I give a revelation through a person whom our eternal Lord calls his prophetess and messenger. Through her, He conveys the divine truth, the eternal law, to you.

Please note: I merely convey to you the eternal truth and explain how you can attain it. For you should know that God pours His eternal law, the eternal truth, into matter. But, He respects the free will of His children. For this reason, it is up to you whether you accept my explanations and strive to actualize them or whether you reject them.

But if along with many others you walk the selfless path of love, that is, if you join in, all of heaven rejoices. Christ, your Redeemer, is the Good Shepherd. He rejoices over every sheep that finds its way to His flock. And we divine beings rejoice with Him.


a sister from the light

The spiritual body of the children of God – The spiritual atoms of the soul – Every energy has its own color – The field of light of the soul, the aura of a human being

Dear brother, dear sister. It is my wish to be allowed to address you as my brother or my sister.

I am glad that you are happy to accept this term as a greeting from heaven.

In the Spirit of God you are my brother or my sister. In the Kingdom of God we all are brothers and sisters, since we belong to one heavenly Father, who is also our Mother. It is the Father-Mother-God, who beheld and created our spiritual body.

We are brothers and sisters – whether you are in the earthly garment, or I am in the spirit garment, that is, not incarnated. In God, we are one. Whether we can or cannot see each other is unimportant. Through the power of God, we are connected, brother and sister.

You must know that for as long as the soul, the spiritual body, is in an earthly garment, it looks through the eyes of the person and often sees only what the person is able to see.

You will wonder about this statement: The soul sees only what the human being is able to see. I would like to explain it more to you:

The spiritual body that is active in your physical body is surrounded by fine, ethereal garments. We also call these garments the aura of a person.

In your spiritual body, your soul, everything that you ever felt, thought or said during your former lives on earth and in your present earthly existence is registered. All your actions are registered in your soul. Whatever human aspect you have not yet cleared up radiates now from your soul into your physical body. The person is marked by this; it also has an effect on his senses. Your soul will continue to register everything you feel and think, speak and do for as long as you live on earth as a human being.

The eyes of the soul see light or dark. It totally depends on what light or shadow the person has registered in his soul. The soul looks out through the person; it registers only as much as the person’s eyes are able to see and his other senses are able to grasp.

A person’s senses are either guided by the light of his soul or controlled by its burdens. A person sees only according to his light or shadowed sides, according to his thoughts, words and his actions. A kind person finds the good in everything. A negatively polarized person seeks the negative in all things.

Surely you are interested in knowing how the soul is put together and in which way the human body has come into being. You must know that the physical body consists of compact energy. It forms the cells, bones, sinews, muscles, ligaments, glands, vessels and everything that the organism consists of. Compared to the spirit body, the physical body is solid, firm and inflexible.

On the other hand, the spiritual body is a fully flexible structure, having neither bones nor sinews or muscles; nor has it glands or vessels, nor blood or other substances. The spiritual body consists totally of spiritual particles. You can imagine the spiritual particles as being like a honeycomb or the scales of a fish. Layer upon layer, the particles are joined to each other and overlap like the scales of a fish.

I repeat: The spiritual particles are arranged like fish scales. They are positioned in layers. Each layer of particles – also called particle field, particle unit or particle area – contains within itself one great sphere of consciousness of infinity: for example, the sphere of consciousness of the minerals, the plants, the animals, the nature beings, the four spiritual elements of fire, water, earth and air, and finally the entire cosmic event in creation and in the countless pathways of radiation of the eternal homeland. This, all in all, is the law of God.

And so, the particles of the whole spirit body contain all spheres of consciousness of infinity. Each particle field is consciousness of infinity. The whole spirit body thus consists of all the spheres of consciousness of the pure Being, the universal life.

The Spirit of the Father-Mother-God is flowing energy. It is comparable to the air you breathe. It contains many components required by your body. In a similar way, the spirit being is permeated and respirated by the spirit energy, God – and it breathes the breath of God, the flowing energy, God. Your body is sustained by air and food, your spirit body by the energy, God.

Therefore, God’s energy breathes throughout the spirit being; it lives on the eternally flowing energy of God, which maintains everything with power and light. On the other hand, on earth everything is maintained by solid matter, for example, by the fruits of the fields and the woods.

The energy, God, the life of the whole, is also called the flowing divine ether. The spirit being does not require coarse-material food like the human body does. It lives on the energy of God, the universal ether, which flows throughout all particles and nourishes them.

Let me summarize: For as long as you are a human being, you need the earthly food, the fruits of the fields. The spiritual body, however, is sustained by the universal ether, God.

Now you will wonder what is in the spiritual particles of your spirit body and what these particles are made of.

The spiritual particles themselves and their content consist of countless spiritual atoms. The spiritual world consists of spiritual, fine-material energy, of spiritual atoms – just as matter consists of coarse-material energy, of material atoms. All of infinity, all Being, is based on the well-ordered five spiritual types of atoms.

In the spiritual atoms, the creation principle is also active. They are the four elementary forces, Order, Will, Wisdom and Earnestness, the creation and creating energies.

In the center of these cosmic-atomic creation and creating energies, is a mighty energy of pulsation; we could also say an atom in an atom. This mighty energy of pulsation – also called the atom of pulsation – consists of the three forces of filiation. They are Love, the strongest power in infinity and in the children of God, and further, the forces of gentleness, also called Patience, and Mercy, also called kindness and humility.

Those five spiritual types of atoms, which you have heard about, are individually, the atoms of pulsation, the atoms of fertility, the carrier atoms, the atoms of creation and the atoms of development. All of infinity is made up of these five spiritual types of atoms. In the spirit, as well, everything consists of an atomic structure.

Each spiritual atom in every single particle of the spirit body, as well as in all of infinity, is aligned with the central star of infinity, the Primordial Central Sun, and with its prism suns, which split the light of the Primordial Central Sun into the lights of the spectrum and radiate into infinity.

The Primordial Central Sun is the Father-Mother-Spirit-Principle, the giving and the receiving principle. Through seven prism suns – also called secondary primordial suns – the Father-Mother-Principle nourishes all of infinity.

And so, material life, too, can exist only through the light of God. All forms of life, for instance, stones, minerals, plants and animals, are forms of consciousness. They receive light and power from the Creator-Spirit according to their state of consciousness.

The state of consciousness can be compared to a bowl. It can hold only according to its size. And so, every single form of life receives light and power only according to its spiritual development, its spiritual size.

The spiritual body of the children of God, which includes your own spiritual body, too, is a mature, that is, a fully developed, spiritual form. Every matured form, that is, every child of God, is in possession of all cosmic powers. These countless fields or powers of consciousness are united as a whole in the spirit child. This means that the child of God, the perfect being, is the divine law.

The spiritual body, and thus, your spiritual being, formed itself via the minerals, plants, animals and nature beings. This did not happen in the material world, but in the spheres of development of God, in the heavens.

Surely, you have read in the revelation “I Give Advice – Will You Accept?” for children from six to twelve years, that a fully mature nature being is raised to the filiation of God and that the maturing child of God gradually fully develops the three attributes of filiation which are Patience, Love and Mercy, also known as gentleness, love and humility, thus attaining full maturity, that is, it becomes the law of God itself.

And so, when the spirit child is fully developed, then it is respirated by and imbued with the entire primordial energy. All five spiritual types of atoms are fully developed and fully in action. The spiritual particles thus breathe the breath of God.

Once a spirit being is fully developed, then the Father-Mother- Principle is also fully matured in it. It is the spiritual procreative force that comes from the three attributes of filiation.

The four creation powers Order, Will, Wisdom and Earnestness also contain the Father-Mother-Principle, because each spiritual atom contains Patience, Love and Mercy as pulsation energy. However, it is only when the spiritual child has attained full maturity, that is, has become the law of God, that these three powers are fully active.

When in the heavenly worlds a matured nature being is raised to the filiation of God by spiritual procreation, then the Father-Mother-Powers are activated and perfected in it. The matured spirit being can apply all the powers of infinity and create and form from them.

The five spiritual types of atoms are fully active in the matured spirit being and aligned with the primordial power. Therefore, the spirit being radiates all seven basic powers of infinity and can apply them accordingly. Not only does it behold the eternal laws and know the things and events in infinity – it can also move them according to the eternal law, because it has become the law, itself.

The regard of a pure being is not clouded by so-called soul garments, that is, by burdens. It lives in the Absolute and gives from the Absolute, from the eternal law.

How is it with human beings? If in his former lives, which means in the soul’s earlier incarnations, and in his present earthly existence a person has violated the divine law and not yet cleared this up, the spiritual atoms of the soul have turned away from the law of God, the primordial power.

Recognize that each sensation, each thought, each word, and each action of the person, positive and therefore lawful, as well as negative and therefore unlawful, causes a reaction in the soul.

So you are quite right to say: Every action – be it positive or negative – is followed by the corresponding reaction.

When a person lives in accordance with the divine law, the spiritual atoms of his soul are aligned with the primordial power. Then the person’s soul as well as his body receives much life energy. Then the person beholds things and events as they really are, and not as they appear in the material world.

He also sees right through his fellowmen and knows what they feel and think. And so, he sees how they are, and not how they pretend to be. He sees nature and himself as a whole. He sees every form of life as a part that lives in God and knows that he, too, lives in God as a drop in the ocean, God, the unity.

However, if his thinking and behavior are negative, then the person violates the laws of God. He is then no longer for his fellowman, but is against all those whom he finds disagreeable or who do not comply with his will. Through this, he disparages his neighbors; he judges, passes sentence on them and condemns them – thus rejecting them.

But the one who is against his fellowmen, who rejects them, is thus also against God and commits a sin. Through this, the soul’s spiritual atoms turn away from the primordial power, the light and the power of God, and turn toward the world. The soul and the person grow poorer in light and strength.

Every burden, that is, every sin, is a violation of the eternal law. This takes effect in the spiritual atoms, which then gradually turn away from the primordial power. The spiritual particles of the soul become shadowed, accordingly – they diminish in light – because they absorb the causes sown by the person.

Your science has recognized that everything is energy and that no energy is lost. So, in feeling, thinking, speaking and acting, a person likewise sets free energies.

If he feels, thinks and speaks selflessly, if he meets his neighbor in a kind and peaceful manner, he develops positive, lawful powers. They strengthen his soul and his body: Soul and person then increasingly receive God’s light and power, because the spiritual atoms turn toward the primordial energy. His lawful actions are supported by the eternal law so that whatever the light-filled person carries out in the name of God is successful.

You have heard of the light spectrums that come from God’s prism suns. These pure primordial lights are the fine life energies for minerals, plants, animals, nature beings, spirit beings – and for the human being, as well. For him, they are light, power, health and help in every situation. When the person turns away from these pure and fine light spectrums, he burdens himself; the further consequence of this is that he suffers, in the end.

With his wrong behavior, the person creates his own energies, which have their corresponding colors. All sensations, thoughts, words and actions have their specific colors.

Negative sensations, thoughts, words and actions darken the soul particles; thus, these absorb the color of the energies, the vibration, sent out by the person. Light-filled, selfless sensations, thoughts, words and actions of the person brighten the soul particles. The spiritual atoms then turn more and more toward the primordial light, the Primordial Central Sun.

Both, the light as well as the shadow, have an effect on the person’s body. Whatever is unlawful not only shadows the soul’s particles, but also radiates its color intensity throughout the body. Whatever is registered in the soul’s particles, light or shadow, will radiate, in turn, throughout the person and around him.

And so, what a person has sown into the soul particles radiates out; this is then the soul’s field of light, the person’s aura. It is an ever moving and pulsating energy that radiates various colors.

The law of God consists of the seven basic powers: Order, Will, Wisdom, Earnestness, Patience, Love and Mercy. Since each power is contained in the others, there are seven times seven energetic powers that form the law of God.

If the person has violated this law of God, this will have an effect on his soul and also on his body, for each cause radiates. Through this, as you have already read, the soul’s field of light is formed, the person’s aura.

Therefore, every person is within that particular sphere of light that he has created and is creating himself: Either he stands in the light of God, if he keeps his soul clean for the most part or purifies it by being kind-hearted, loving and understanding, asking forgiveness for all his human aspects and by forgiving, or his aura, his soul’s field of light, is dark, from dark red to dark green, dark purple, from gray right down to black.

It is the soul’s task to become pure while in the human body, to reduce, with Christ, its Redeemer, its burdens and to lead a peaceable life. Then the soul garments that formed through the violations of the divine law will dissolve and God’s life and power will again radiate directly through the soul into and through the person’s body. Then the person is beautiful from within, even when the physical body withers. He is attuned to the divine and refined. His language is harmony, and his gestures are noble.

But when the soul garments affect the person’s body, then the person also shows himself accordingly. He is envious, spiteful, nagging and quarrelsome. He judges and condemns, is dishonest and self-centered. He constantly expects something from his neighbor; however, he is himself quite reluctant to contribute selflessly.

The soul garments affect all five senses. The person sees and hears only what is in his soul garments, what he is able to see and hear through them. He smells and tastes only what is in his soul garments and what he is able to smell and taste through them. He touches and thus feels only what his soul garments dictate to him.

In this way, people are controlled by their own thought patterns, desires and passions. The person sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches only what lies in himself, what is active in him and takes place in himself. Therefore, how you think, how you behave, that is who you are, yourself:

How do you react when you see something disagreeable?

How do you react when you hear something disagreeable?

How do you react when you smell or taste something disagreeable?

How do you react when you touch something that is disagreeable to you?

I repeat: What you think and how you behave as a consequence of this, that is who you are!

Recognize that selfless, positive thoughts and behavior patterns come from the deep, light-filled areas of your soul. Negative emotions and thoughts and the resulting movements of the body come from the burdened soul, from the shadowed soul particles.

The direct and the indirect guidance of God on the various levels of consciousness – Indirect guidance via events, people, blows of fate and the energy of the day

God is spirit and dwells deep within your soul. The Spirit of God is the incorruptible part of your soul. We also call it the core of Being of the soul.

God can directly guide only that person who turns to him in time. What does it mean to turn to God?

When you notice that you are beginning to get upset, that rage is welling up, that you want to grumble, scold, quarrel and even lash out, then turn to God in time: Talk to Him! Tell Him that you feel anger rising in you, or also tell Him that you can hardly control yourself because of your anger.

Speak to Him, and then imagine that warmth and love are radiating from inside you. Let these rays also work in you. Think: “God envelops me. God will clear up what I wanted to get upset about.”

Let these warming rays go on working in you. Imagine the sun. You are lying in the sun. The sun is warming you. Its radiance calms you. It illuminates the darkness and everything is bright. You are calm and quiet. The light will bring everything to light.

Trust that God will bring everything to light, and, with God, tackle the task set by the day for you. Then you can also forgive your neighbor and ask forgiveness for your unkind thoughts.

What radiates from the depth of the soul, from the incorruptible core of Being, from God, is the direct power: God. From it comes the direct guidance through God.

Time and again, ask God for His direct guidance. You will then be reminded in time when anger, rage, aggression, envy, fear, strife, jealousy or other negative things arise. God calls you into your inner being in time to help you and to be able to guide you better and better, that is, more directly. Then you purify your soul much more quickly, and God radiates ever more strongly through the pure areas of your soul that are expanding.

There is also the indirect guidance of God. It is the guidance by means of the law of sowing and reaping. This says that whatever a person sows, he will reap, unless he clears up in time what he has caused. What a person has negatively sown and whatever part of it is active has an effect on his body.

Indirect guidance means that God radiates into your soul. However, He cannot irradiate you directly; instead, He irradiates your burdens, your causes, either so that you clear them up, or so that they can be cleared up through blows of fate and illness, so that God is then able to irradiate you directly again.

You have learned that you need not bear the effects of your causes as illnesses or blows of fate, if you listen to your conscience in time. It admonishes you and gives you hints, before irritation, anger, rage, hatred, envy and the like come up, if you seek out God in you and talk to Him, if you imagine Him as the sun of love and warmth, which warms you and takes everything that is dark from you.

When God can guide you directly, then He radiates through the four predominantly cleansed and now refined and light-filled soul garments or through the three fine memory garments – if you have already discarded the first four soul garments and stand in the light of fulfillment.

The three fine memory garments are the powers of preparation for the absolute life in God. These light-filled garments have the vibration of the three planes of preparation, of the three planes of light before the gate to heaven. As I already revealed to you, there, you learn to apply the Absolute Law until you are absolute again. This is already possible for you as a human being, if you turn to God in time and let yourself be enveloped, permeated and guided by His radiation of love and warmth.

If you entrust yourself to God again and again and have confidence in Him in every situation, then, via the three fine planes of light, He radiates into your world of thoughts and prepares you more and more for the absolute life in Him.