Journey to Creating Harmony Within - Heather McCabe - ebook

Journey to Creating Harmony Within ebook

Heather McCabe

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This book is a journey of my discovery of finding me..... through opening up spiritually and identifying the tools that we all have within us. The book is written through the chakras, giving you an understanding of each one, how it related to my journey and the beginning of yours. There are meditations to use and messages from the Angels.Find your hidden gifts within and let your light shine

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Journey to Creating Harmony



Journey to Creating Harmony Within

Heather McCabe

Copyright: © 2015 Heather McCabe

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ISBN: 978-3-7375-7141-8

The Flame

In the flame I see light, I feel warmth, I know peace

The flame moves yet I sense stillness

The flame reaches, waves and rests, its alive

Yet in one breath it can be gone

As is life

Too much fuel in life the flame becomes a danger

Too little and it can be lost

Nurtured cared for, it will stay true to life

The flames soothes, calms and is a welcome sight

More so in the darkest of places

Yet still reassuring on a bright day

See this flame as your soul

Recognise it for what it is


Keep connected with your flame

Nurture it and all will be as it should be.

ByCathy Ferguson

This beautiful poem was written by my lovely friend Cathy. It truly captures the essence of our being, of our soul. Life is all about balance, the dark and the light the yin and the yang, the love and fight for our flame, that’s in our heart.<3<3<3

Earth Star Chakra

This chakra is not based on the body, it's about 6-8 inch below the feet. This chakra is an extension of the root chakra expanding your energies deep into Mother Earth, giving you connection and grounding, which I'll explain a little more in the root chakra.

My intent with this book, is to give you an insight into your own healing system within you and all the tools that you already have, that are just buried inside you. To awaken the spirit and soul and to help you enhance your life, as it has done mine.

The inspiration to divide the chapters by chakra was to allow you to work on yourself from the base up. The Angels were very clear on the delivery of this book. Each chakra chapter gives you an insight into the chakra, a little about me and a meditation.

I wanted to share that you don't have to be a guru or have special gifts. It's all inside you waiting to be tapped into.

I'm just an ordinary person with an ordinary life, just like you. I have a family of two teenage boys and I have my own complementary healthcare clinic where I offer a range of therapies.

In discovering more about me, healing and intuition, I've been able to help many people that come to the clinic and friends.

The question you need to ask is, how much time are you prepared to invest in yourself?

I've been investing time in me for around 10 years now and I still continue to grow - it's a never ending cycle of growth.

It becomes away of life, meditating, just being and letting things go, although somethings take longer to let go of than others and that's just being human.

I had always wanted to be a medium and I was truly under the impression that you actually have a conversation with spirit or angels and that you relayed what you've been told, which is not what happens as you will discover. However, I realised I had already been communicating with spirit, Angels and the universe and now my communications grow and so can yours. My journey revealed so much more than I anticipated.

What I realised is that our learning is individual, there is no set way to do something, apart from what works for you. Courses, workshops, reading are all ways to give you ideas in expanding your awareness and tools.

We are all on a journey, it's up to us how easy we want to make it. What lessons we need to learn or want to keep repeating.

I've discovered so much about me and really being the ‘me’ that I want to be. I understand how to have the universe work with me and not against me. It's when I get off track that I realise how much spirituality and the law of creation is a part of me and a part of this world.

I see life very differently now. I'm much more relaxed about life and understand when things are not to be, at that time. The world looks so different when you see things from another perspective and how much we can influence change around the globe starting with yourself. We don't realise the impact our energies have.

I wrote this book from my heart and with love with my only intent that it would spark something inside you and to see life through new eyes, the eyes of the heart.

My angels guided me along the way writing this book, which a big thanks goes to them for their input and their wisdom. Some parts I had to learn and experience before I wrote about them, which made me appreciate so much more about what I've shared with you in this book.

I was a big skeptic in all the spiritual side of life, thinking it was a lot of nonsense, little did I know that it was going to be a huge part of my life. I was worried and stressed all the time, frazzled trying to juggle life. Now I don't. I'm more laid back, stress free and think what will be will be.

I had my first reading when I was 21 and the information I was given was phenomenal. Accuracy of dates and times, how people passed over, descriptions of things blew my mind. At that reading, she told me how my life would change when I was 27/28 and boy was she right. Since that experience, that's when my curiosity grew and brought me to where I am today.

I had other readings from other people but I never got much from them not like my first reading, which has stuck with me due to the accuracy and detail.

As I mention throughout this book, please take from it what resonates within you. We are all different and what works for some might not for others. I've used what I did, what I felt worked for me and things I've tried but maybe didn't work for me. Keep your mind open to possibilities.

As you journey, you will come across more and more like-minded people that resonate with you. Friends will come and friends will go, such is life. When we understand the bigger picture we let go of fear and of judgement, we let go and we experience a peace that's so deep within us.

I've learned so much about love and self-love, we really under estimate it and its power and how we use it.

I hope you get some inspiration from this book and that it will encourage positive changes in your life.

Root Chakra

For those of you who are new to the chakra system, the root chakra is the first chakra of the major seven chakras. Chakras are energy points that run up the centre of our bodies helping to keep us grounded and balanced. When these are out of balance, illnesses and unexplained emotions can occur.

This book is written about my spiritual journey relating to the chakra points. The root is associated to the beginning, the foundations, grounded-ness, survival instincts, vitality and strength and connection to the earth. The root chakra is based at the very bottom of your spine.

So with this in mind, it seemed a good place to start. So we begin.

Like everything in life, there needs to be good foundations. Once you start on a spiritual and holistic journey, a good place to start is with balancing the chakras and balancing your energy. By doing so, you are giving yourself a good foundation to work from.

When you begin to open up to spirit, it’s always a good idea to start the day by grounding yourself. By grounding yourself, you set yourself up for the day feeling calm and centred. This is a simple exercise to do in the morning time. Closing your eyes, taking three deep breaths right down to your abdomen and visualising roots coming out of your feet, down into the soil into mother earth, giving you a solid connection and strength is a good foundation to start the day. When you are not grounded, you may find that you have a spaced out kind of feeling and daydream a lot, which is ok to be in sometimes however if you are in this state too often, it’s hard to differentiate between spirit and the ego.

Protection is the other visualisation to when you are grounding. The best way to do this is to imagine Archangel Michael’s wings embracing you and to ask in your mind for Michael to protect you throughout the day and to keep you safe and protected in his wings. Archangel Michael is the protector and defends people. Michael means “who is like god”. Some people like to imagine a blue light around them too.

These visualisations are to fix the intent of grounding and protecting - it’s the fixing of the intent that’s the most important. Intent is powerful and one of the spiritual laws.

When we balance the chakra energy it helps to provide clarity and in doing so, it allows the spiritual work and inner healing to begin. Having the chakras in balance is important but does not mean that they are cleared at this time as it can take a period of time to bring back the full harmony especially if emotions have built up over a period of time.

It is now putting this together that has made me realise how far I have come on my journey and what has been interesting is the synchronicities that are occurring, reminding me of my progress in teaching what I have learned and the importance of having good foundations - precisely what the root chakra is about.

My Journey Begins

How many of us really love ourselves, not in the egotistic way, but loving towards ourselves and grateful for the bodies we have. Honestly… not many of us, that’s for sure and I was one of those people.

Once I opened up my heart and began to love myself for me a little more, the more I attracted love to me. Loving people was easy for me as I don’t judge people and see the beauty in all. My learning was to begin to accept love and not push it away as I had done with family and friends, opening up spiritually is how I was able to do this.

Divorce is where my journey truly began. Oddly, divorce is what saved me and led me on a magical path of discovery, discovery of true love, discovery of spirit and the angels, discovery of the true me.

Looking back, I realise I already had a link to spiritual realms and the angels. My first memory being when my father passed away when I was sixteen years old. The week before my father died, my granny visited me (my dad’s mum). She had died some 12 years previous but I could smell the sweet scent of roses and I heard her voice tell me not to worrying that everything will be alright.  I remember feeling confused and thinking what exactly did she mean ‘Everything would be alright’? Did I just imagine what just happened?! I forgot about the incident and never mentioned it to anyone for fear of being ridiculed.

Then the following week on February 16th 1996 at 03.15am, my father collapsed in the bathroom. He had suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. It was strange as I was very much aware of the energy in the house and I knew that he was no longer there - his essence and spirit had gone. The best way to describe it is when you come home from work and the house is empty. You can still feel the essence and spirit of those that live there - they don’t need to physically be there to know they are safe and alive.

I could no longer feel the presence of my father and I knew he had passed away before we were officially told. The hardest part was getting used to the strange feeling he was no longer alive.

A month later I was in my room listening to music, - Robert Myles “Children” to be precise and clear as day, I could hear my father’s voice talk through the music. I remember him saying that he was ok and was at peace. I don’t remember what else he said as the shock of what had happened began to sink in. Thinking back, he was probably telling me to turn my music down!  I tried to reset the music to the start of the track to see if it was on the music or if I really had heard my father’s voice. Needless to say, I never heard the message again when I played it back.

I don’t remember feeling fearful of what happened. I felt privileged that I was able to connect but shocked that it had actually happened to me. I wished too hard for it to happen again and it didn’t until some years later.

As painful as my divorce was, I had the voice of my granny telling me everything would be alright again, which resonated with me as I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. I later realised that the pain I had experienced wasn’t for the loss of my husband (the then love of my life), but pain from the fear of change. For once, I had no control over my situation or destiny and this was the beginning of my learning to trust in the angels and the divine.

I kept hearing in my head ‘This is for the best, the best is yet to come’. At that time, I couldn’t see it. “Who would want me now?” kept playing over in my mind and it was a battle of the ego and the heart.

As the months rolled on, I slowly began to embrace the changes. My home had changed as well as my direction in life. I began to study Complementary Therapies at college, something I had always had an interest in and curiosity of. From the moment I began my studies, I knew I had finally found my life’s purpose and it opened up a whole new journey for me, one I quite hadn’t planned for.

Studying a full time course, working part time and looking after two children and a home was a tall order but somehow I managed it, along with the loving support of my mother.

As I have sat here and written about what I accomplished, it amazes me how I ever managed it. It’s reflecting now that I realised I had the help and support of the angels guiding me through and I am so glad that they did. They wanted to push me on as I have a lot to offer and also help people, which, I now achieve through my Complementary Healthcare Practice.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for when I began my journey in holistic therapies and healing, was looking at myself!! In order to help others, I needed to help myself. In doing so, I hadn’t realised how disconnected from life I was.

Up until then, life was just going through the motions but not actually feeling theEmotions! But once the power was restored to me, I began to experience true emotion and a connection to myself - I began to see my true self-worth.

Modalities like massage, reflexology and Indian head massage were good places to start and looked at the physical aspects of me and helped to bring my body and energy back into a kind of balance. They helped to reduce my stress levels, even though I hadn’t felt stressed and I began to realise that I had been pushing my emotions down, rather than facing them and dealing with them, hence the disconnection.

I then began the reiki healing training and what a life changing event that was. I remember being told reiki finds you, you don't find it. I had previously been told by a lecturer at college that I should do reiki but at that point, I had no interest in it and I thought it was spooky stuff and a bit weird. However after reading an article at university a year later about a nurse that had used reiki during palliative care, it struck a chord deep inside me that I had to go and learn how to do it and then everything fell into place.  A woman at university knew a reiki master who was willing to teach us and took us all through reiki training, up to master level. I recall my teacher saying ‘Remember things will change and things will happen that will surprise you, but in time it will become confirmation’.

That very night on my way home, I heard a voice clear as day in my head telling me to come off the motorway a junction early. I remember having an argument in my head, wondering where the thought had come from and why I had followed the instruction. As I proceeded to come off the motorway a junction early, on the approach to the roundabout the news on the radio came on - the junction that I would have taken had been closed due to an overturned articulated lorry and I would have had a long diversion! The angels had definitely guided me that night and from then on, my curiosity grew I wanted to know more about the angels and spirituality.

So what is Spirituality?

At the start of my journey, I would have answered something along the lines as follows:

Spirituality is about connecting with beings that have passed, angels and being offered guidance in daily life by tuning into the unique energies of a higher vibration.

We are a soul and our spirit is the energy that surrounds us and nourishes our soul. It is the god’s energy within us that is made up of many layers.

But I realised, Spirituality does not have a definitive answer as everyone is different and has a unique journey to follow.

That was then - now spirituality means so much more. Spirituality is you, the unique individuals that we all are. Being spiritual is becoming aware of you, away from the ego of the brain, working from the heart, connecting with our higher self and being completely in the now, where the past can no longer hurt us and the future is full of wonder and delight. There is no fear, only love. By being in the present moment, we instantly vibrate at a higher level and we are able to connect freely with the angels with clarity, as they are drawn to our love. Even when we begin the process of opening up, the angels know the love is there and waiting to come out in bloom to its fullest potential. By awakening the spirit within, you open up to accepting love in an unconditional capacity, love of everyone and most of all love of yourself. Every cell that creates the uniqueness that is you, with the love comes peace, joy and happiness - true happiness. True happiness comes from a state of being within, not from material possessions or the love of another.

In essence, spirituality is about unconditional love, where judgements and fear have no place to dominate our existence.

We become spiritual when we have found our true self, acceptance and bathe in the love of ourselves.

Take some time and ask yourself these questions, be completely honest with you answers as these are for you to evaluate where you are now on your life journey.

What does spirituality mean to you? Do I have fears? Do I recognise when to leave my fears behind? What does love mean? What is real love? Have I experienced real love? Do I judge people? Do I hear voices in my head? Do I follow my gut instinct? How often has your gut instinct been correct?

So what are Angels?

Angels are heavenly beings that link our world with the spirit world. They work on the 5th plane of existence, the place of love and fear, good and bad, the plane that has high vibrational beings, gods and goddesses, angels, guardian angels, arch angels and our higher consciousness. We humans exist on the 3rd plane, a plane of illusion that creates reality.

Once you open up to working with the angels and your higher self, the messages that you get that you previously hadn’t noticed are remarkable. How often has a white feather fallen at your feet or landed beside you? Have you never wondered why it’s only white feathers!

Most birds that fly around my home or place of work are starlings, sparrows, magpies or crows (not many birds with white feathers) and why do they turn up in unexpected places and at times where you are looking for comfort and reassurance. I believe they are angels, letting us know they are there and can hear us.

There is a roundabout that I have to pass through on my way to and from work. Most times when I am at the roundabout, a white feather falls in front of the car but there are no birds flying about above for it to have fallen. It always makes me smile and feel grateful for all that I have in my life.

Angels are around us all the time and give us subtle messages like the feathers or music (when you turn the radio on at a specific song). These are just some of the ways they get your attention.

Anybody can work with the angels as they are only a thought away. Anytime you need help or encouragement, comfort or joy, then just ask them for some help. When you open up and accept the angels, it really is amazing what they can show you when you pay attention.

Ask the Angels simply by saying, Angels please help me with…………………………, thank you or Angels please guide me to…………………………………. Thank you

A friend that was new to working and communicating with the angels had a magical moment when her daughters came in from being outside playing and found a rose pink heart shaped quartz crystal, out in the cul-de-sac near a field where very few people walk. The girls gave her the crystal and this was confirmation to her the angels had provided the answer to what she was looking for at that time. This strengthened her belief in the angels. She also shared her knowledge of the angels with her children and one of her daughters asked her if she could talk to them too, “Of course” she said, “Just ask Archangel Michael to come and look after you”. As her daughter did so, she started to laugh and giggle as she could feel him tickle her ears, how amazing.

The angels are quite humorous too! Sometimes in our wee group, we can be in fits of laughter for no apparent reason! At the beginning of one meditation in particular, I remember bursting into fits of laughter. This had a knock on effect and all of us started to laugh - mainly laughing at me with my outburst - but it was good and it lightened the mood and reminded us all that we don’t need to be serious all the time.

Beliefs are something that will crop up and this is something you need to ask yourself, ‘What do I believe in?’ You do not have to belong to a religious group to enable you to have beliefs, whether it be god, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, angels, the universe, the divine or whatever.

What I discovered is that god is not a person or being, but the god from within, the god that is you, god is love. Finding that god within allows for you to have beliefs of your own and most importantly the strength and the courage to believe in yourself! When you believe in yourself, miracles will happen.

God for me is source of energy, the deep love that's inside us all.

As I connected with my god within, I had the help of the angels guiding me, people, items and situations came into my life at the right time to help teach me and show me what I needed to know. These were not mere coincidences, these were orchestrated from the divine, teaching me to trust and believe.