Graffiti School - Ganter Chris - książka

Graffiti School książka papierowa

Ganter Chris


Dostawa: od 6,99 zł (darmowa dostawa z abonamentem Legimi)

Czas wysyłki: 1-2 dni robocze + czas dostawy


Students . . .
Do you want to learn to write graffiti? This is the book you need

‘The step-by-step demonstrations of techniques are surprisingly comprehensive, making this a perfect birthday or Christmas present for a teenage relative with a creative streak’ – Artists & Illustrators

Find out how to:
• design your own letter style
• use effects to create a unique tag
• create throw-ups
• include fills and motifs
• paint wildstyle, bubblestyle and blockbusters
• build up large burners
• handle a spray can
• get your work up safely and legally

Liczba stron: 176

Format (wymiary): 21.0x29.5cm

ISBN: 9780500290972