How the positive, pure divine forces strengthen soul and body and stimulate health, which takes place from within to without.

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God Heals


The Universal Spirit Is the Teaching of the Love for God and Neighbor Toward Man, Animals and Nature

3rd Edition, 2005

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God HealsHealing through the Spirit of Godwithout the use of medicines or herbal substances


In this word vibrates so much of what man associates with it and has associated with it at all times.


How much longing, how much hope of the human heart resounds in the word healing!

Healing is balm, comfort and deliverance; it is peace where there is or was a disorder. The word “healing” means the process of healing, of becoming “whole,” not the condition of being healed.

Which person does not need healing?

Does not almost every one of us have a smaller or larger health problem to deplore, from which we would like to be freed?

The one whose heart still can feel deeply also has an inkling that healing, becoming “whole” and finally being healed are all related to a fundamental order of the inner person. Healing in its most profound meaning concerns the areas of the soul which are man’s very origin, areas in which his true life rests.

How can we open ourselves to the source of healing power?

The central force in man’s inner being is spirit.

Spirit is the primordial power of all Being.

This divine All-Spirit is the life in every form of life, also of matter.

It breathes life into man’s soul and into each cell of his body. The spirit is thus the life, the life force, the healing force. If we wish to achieve healing through the spirit, we have to “vivify” healing and everything connected with becoming healed, that is, we have to imbue our thoughts and words with life.

How often do people say, “I have to become healthy. Yes, I want to become healthy,” while deep down they doubt whether they will become healthy? This means that they may very well say “healing,” and “becoming whole”: “I want to become healthy,” without being aware that at the same time, deep within themselves, with their thoughts and feelings, they question whether they will become healthy. By so doing, they counteract the positive words of “healing” or “becoming whole” with their pessimistic and doubt-ridden thoughts and feelings. This means that the positive powers in the words “healing” or “becoming whole” are hindered. Thus, we ourselves destroy the very things that we long for. We fail to give life to the words we are speaking.

Every person has a soul and every life form is given life by the one power, God.

Only when we establish trust in the One who is both the salvation and the healing, God, and vivify our words with our trust, only when we let our world of sensations, feelings and thoughts vibrate into the words “healing” and “becoming whole” as a vivifying power, will those words have energy and have their effect in our soul and in every cell of our body. Only then will the words have a healing effect and ease our suffering.

God is spirit. God is energy. The human body, like all other coarse-material forms of life, is transformed-down energy, compressed spirit. It lives on the material level of vibration that corresponds to it. The Spirit, God, however, vivifies life and thus every one of us.

If we open ourselves to God, the Spirit, by raising our world of thoughts and feelings to a higher vibration, that is, by striving to think noble, pure and good thoughts and by speaking what we can affirm with our feelings and thoughts, then we find our way to the origin of life, to the Spirit. Then we open ourselves for the eternal source of strength and attain relief and healing.

And so, it is solely up to us whether we open ourselves and whether we let the power of the Spirit flow into the words “healing” and “becoming whole” through our feelings and thoughts. Our feelings and thoughts act as transformers for the divine power, which then vivify the words and allow them to become effective in a positive way in and around us.

If, however, our feelings and thoughts are not positive and we say, “I want health and strength,” then these words have no power, because the transformer is not consciously oriented to the healing energy, salvation, the power, God. We feel and think differently than we speak. As a result, we automatically switch off the vivifying power that wants to give life to our feelings, thoughts and words.

Thus, we should expect neither healing, recovery, nor relief when we merely think or speak the word “healing,” but react quite differently in our world of feelings and sensations, because feelings, sensations and thoughts are the transformers of the power.

We can think and say the words “healing” and “health” for days, but it will not happen in us if we fail to add vivifying power to our thoughts and words, if we do not give life to them with our sensations, feelings and thoughts and do not give power to our wishes. We will remain ill and continue to be subject to our troubles and cares and our blows of fate.

Man can outgrow illness, troubles and blows of fate if he thinks about his origin, which is spirit, and by striving to attain a higher level of spiritual development through his efforts to actualize the spiritual-divine laws. The highest and all-encompassing law is love.

A far-reaching and lasting healing is possible only through and in the Spirit, for all power, all life and all salvation is concluded in the Spirit.

I merely want to give you advice and guidance for opening up the power of healing and life. However, this advice and guidance can never be exhaustive and complete, for the correlations are as complex and the aspects as varied and subtle as life itself.

The nuclear age – The Age of Aquarius – The effects of cosmic forces – The world is falling apart – Where is there a firm hold?

We have to see life on Earth in our era in relation to the cosmos.

We stand before a great turn of time. Cosmic powers are increasingly affecting our present life.

Because of irrefutable laws, which we are unable to comprehend in detail, these energies have an effect both on and within the Earth. They also affect the whole solar system and bring about changes everywhere. Because of this, the illnesses and blows of fate that lie latent in our soul and in our physical body are awakened. They are the causes from earlier lives. The cosmic energy brings to light all those things that have not yet been atoned for.

The Earth revolves around its axis in the alternation of day and night. In accordance with other cosmic, prescribed laws, it circles around the sun, the life-giver of material substance, in the sequence of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In accordance with still other prescribed laws, mighty spiritual and cosmic eras come and go. Each era contains more spirituality and awakens man to higher spiritual insight. And so, many of us realize that our true life is cosmic, that is, eternal, and that we are tied to our earthly bodies and bound to the planet Earth for only a short while, a brief existence.

Our true, our eternal, being is a child of the cosmos, the All, a child of the eternal Father. We cannot avoid orienting ourselves to this cosmic power, to God, for we are children of the cosmos, heirs to eternity.

We live in the nuclear age and at the same time, from a spiritual viewpoint, in the Age of Aquarius, which guides us further and stimulates us to lead a life of spiritual values and to go within.

More and more people no longer find any value or stability in the material world. The eternal truth impels many to start seeking higher ideals and values. They strive to go within in order to find salvation and life there.

More and more people fall ill, and many are afraid. They live in constant fear: When will illness strike and confine me to bed? Will I fall victim to nuclear radiation and become a suffering person? The more one’s fears mount, the more intensively the individual seeks salvation, security, hope and confidence.

In these turbulent times, in which people are no longer safe from nuclear radiation, disease and chronic illness, since they no longer know which foods are still good and which are already contaminated, many begin to seek salvation within themselves.

The eternal Spirit, the giver of life and salvation, God, the love, does not forsake mankind. The greater man’s needs, the more powerfully the Spirit works in this world. He teaches His children and provides relief and healing.

However, the prerequisite is that man affirm the Spirit, the life, God, and within himself can acknowledge Him as the source of all strength. This is the first step toward inner salvation. Secondly, one has to endeavor to have peace with his neighbor and to be pure in feelings and thoughts. Thus, the person begins to love his fellow man, who also suffers as he does. He gains understanding for his neighbor, and goes to him; then he goes toward God, the Inner Physician and Healer in Christ, our Redeemer.