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Cinq leçons sur la psychanalyse ebook

Sigmund Freud

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Opis ebooka Cinq leçons sur la psychanalyse - Sigmund Freud

Cinq leçons sur la psychanalyse est un ouvrage de Sigmund Freud paru pour la premiere fois en 1910, chez Deuticke, sous le titre Über Psychoanalyse. Il s'agit de cinq conférences prononcées par Freud en 1909, a la Clark University, aux États-Unis. Ce livre est le premier de Freud a avoir été traduit en français. Il a été publié aux Editions Payot en 1921 dans une traduction de Yves Le Lay.

Opinie o ebooku Cinq leçons sur la psychanalyse - Sigmund Freud

Fragment ebooka Cinq leçons sur la psychanalyse - Sigmund Freud

A Propos

A Propos Freud:

Sigmund Freud (born Sigismund Schlomo Freud) May 6, 1856 – September 23, 1939; was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who co-founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Freud is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind, especially involving the mechanism of repression; his redefinition of sexual desire as mobile and directed towards a wide variety of objects; and his therapeutic techniques, especially his understanding of transference in the therapeutic relationship and the presumed value of dreams as sources of insight into unconscious desires. He is commonly referred to as "the father of psychoanalysis" and his work has been highly influential-—popularizing such notions as the unconscious, defense mechanisms, Freudian slips and dream symbolism — while also making a long-lasting impact on fields as diverse as literature (Kafka), film, Marxist and feminist theories, literary criticism, philosophy, and psychology. However, his theories remain controversial and widely disputed. Source: Wikipedia

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